Time Magazine: We Don’t Need No Stinking Constitution

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As the federal government got bigger over the next 200 years, and assumed responsibilities the Founding Fathers considered the job of individuals, families and communities — or of the separate states — Madison’s position withered. It’s now fighting for its life.

Soon, the 50 percent of voters who pay little or no taxes will march into the polling booth, many pulling levers, pushing buttons and punching chads to vote themselves a raise — at somebody’s else’s expense. If the Supreme Court permits the ObamaCare mandate, anything goes.

Constitution-shredders point not to our bloated federal government, the entitlement mentality or to the desire of politicians on both sides to promise things that the Founders feared would eventually produce an electorate with little or no financial skin in the game. No, the real villain is the dastardly Bush tax cuts! If only they had not been enacted, they tell us!

Why not blame the tax cuts signed by other presidents? President John Kennedy’s plan reduced the top marginal income tax rate from 91 percent to 70 percent. President Ronald Reagan reduced the top marginal tax rate from 70 to 28 percent. President George W. Bush, by contrast, reduced the top rate from 39.6 to 35 percent, making him Scrooge-like in comparison.

The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” says the two Bush tax cuts, in 2001 and 2003, “cost” $2.8 trillion over 10 years (an average of $280 billion per year). In the last two and a half years alone, Obama has presided over the addition of almost $4 trillion in new debt, and this year’s deficit is an estimated $1.6 trillion.

Besides, liberals like the Bush tax cuts — at least for the lower 98 percent of workers. Since most Democrats want to preserve the Bush-era tax rates for all but the top 2 percent, the objectionable “cost” of the cuts becomes even more inconsequential to dealing with budget, deficit and debt problems.

So now what? We drifted away from the Constitution in fits and starts. It is how we must return to it. Voters must remember who talked the talk and walked the walk. This is a time when we change course, when people rediscover American exceptionalism and the wisdom of the Constitution and say, “Enough.”

If not, Greece awaits.

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  • kateyleigh

    We the people….to ensure domestic tranquility….establish this Constitution…Now where in that does it say we establish a Government to ensure domestic tranquility?

  • jasonz

    the constitution and bill of rights are designed and should be viewed under the umbrella of the declaration of independence. the founders knew you cannot be supported and indepenent..it does not work, never had. all thoes who think the govt should not be held to the constitution are the same ones whining about opression when they are not in charge

  • coyote3

    First place the the "preamble" does not confer any power to anyone, or anything period. All powers must be "enumerated and delegated", and the preamble does not do that. FDR, was a lot of things, including a liar. The Constitution does not raise up barriers to do anything. The Constitution may be amended to give the federal government any power and all power whatsoever, or not. In fact there is a specific procedure for it. All the supporters of a particular idea have to do is pass and constitutional amendment, and get it ratified by enough states.

    • coyote2

      First place the "preamble" indeed confers power to all and everything. All powers are not, and have never been enumerated and delegated. I plead and pray that you understand the reasons behind our constitution. It is so, we the people, won't be taxed as much on everything. I ask that you pray for people being hurt in Austrailia. I recently lost a sincere friend of mine. He happened to run over a chicken and a pig while we were in Australia. He stopped to help the animals and the citizens cut his head off from behind. I hope you reconsider the thoughts you conveyed in your post. You have miserable failed at life. My brother, have you forgotten your roots? We must'nt forget our past. Do you not remember why we sold Sadam back to Kenya? Allow me to explain. Nevermind.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    Thanks to the author for recalling this shocking statement of FDR:

    "…. the Constitution … flexible enough to meet any new problem of democracy (!?) ; not the kind … as a barrier to progress (?!!)"

    This is exactly the rhetoric of Polit-bureau USSR – and of the modern "progressives"! Already 70 years ago! If nothing else, this alone illustrates how the death wish and the treason of this Republic and of its own class had infected the ruling elite decades ago:

    Alas, there is almost no "divide" between Repoooblicans and Demicans anymore: for both the Constitution stands on the way of their treasonous transformation of the USA into US of UN. They had been violating the Constitution subtly and not so subtly for decades. So now they uttered their wish openly in Time magazine…

    In particular the Constitution stood on their way when they were paving the road for the not yet surfaced future impostor. Some Congressmen understood and didn't like the Constitution so much, that they have attempted to change it years before Obama/Soetoro had emerged:

  • Jarquol Adam Makhoin


  • Carol Santesteban

    We the people.. should help Obama because he is our friend and if we make an effort to help him he will help the newborn babies to grow up and play sports like their fathers. It's only a matter of time until we have no rights at all. I think everyone should fight this because they could tax and making us pay for the air we breathe. I personally wouldn't budge. I don't make all that much money as an employee at Forever&eva After. So please HELP THE CHILDREN!!