Decision in Denmark

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But perhaps this is to do with the notion that one must not insult minorities whereas minorities are free to insult majorities? If that is the explanation of why I am in court today, it is a peculiar one. In 2002, the imam I have already mentioned explained to his flock that all Muslims in the world – 1,6 billion or whatever the number is – constitute one people, one umma. The same thing is emphasized by the Islamic Conference Organization, OIC, encompassing 57 member countries. In other words, the five million non-Muslim Danes are a microscopic minority but nevertheless a minority whose members stand to be punished if they make statements on cultural norms in the umma.

What does the public prosecutor hope to accomplish by my conviction? He may drag me in front of a court. He may portray me as a racist, a right-wing extremist and a non-human. He may do the same to hundreds and thousands of others who insist on their right of free speech to describe Islam and Muslim culture just like we would deal with any other phenomenon in a free society.

But what will he have gained? Does the public prosecutor believe that people will start talking about Islam and Muslim culture with greater respect and reverence? Perhaps in public because people fear fines and jail. But what will people say to each other when they think that the thought police are not listening?

And what does the public prosecutor imagine people will think of a religion, a political ideology and a culture that need the protection of legislators, police, the public prosecutor and the courts because they cannot defend themselves in a free and open debate?

In 1644, when the English parliament considered the institution of religious censorship, that Christian defender of free speech John Milton wrote: “There is yet behind of what I purpos’d to lay open, the incredible losse, and detriment that this plot of licencing puts us to, more then if som enemy at sea should stop up all our hav’ns and ports, and creeks, it hinders and retards the importation of our richest Marchandize, Truth.”

And further:

“There be who perpetually complain of schisms and sects, and make it such a calamity that any man dissents from their maxims. ‘Tis their own pride and ignorance which causes the disturbing, who neither will hear with meeknes, nor can convince, yet all must be suppresst which is not found in their Syntagma.”

Milton concluded with this exhortation:

“Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.”

In conclusion permit me to mention the true victims in this case. The public prosecutor has not considered the 20,000 women in the Muslim world who every year fall victim to so-called honor killings, or the 50,000 Muslim girls in Germany who the federal police consider threatened with genital mutilation, nor the hundreds of thousands of little girls in Muslim majority societies who have been sold into marriage with much older men and who must therefore live a life of constant rape, while Islamic scholars preach that this is in complete accordance with religious orthodoxy.

I hope that the judge as opposed to the public prosecutor will consider the fate of these unfortunate human beings. Likewise I hope that the judge will realize the absurdity of prosecuting me for statements made within the confines of my own four walls. For ten months the prosecutor has been aware of the conditions under which I spoke. That has not affected him in the slightest. I hope it will affect the judge.

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  • BUTSeriously

    Europe must come to terms with itself, especially its post-W.W.II deeds: the ficticous Islamic regimes were created by Briton and fostered by Europe. There has been 60 years of post-W.W.II Heil Hitler salutes at the UN by the EU against Israel. The Balfour corruption, then calling a 3-state as a 2-state today, the name Palestineans suddenly applicable to Muslims with the emergence of Arafat: this are genocidal deedswith funny masks.

    Now that the Israel experience has come to Europe – made of the same weapons planned for Israel – death by Islamization – there is shock waves. The antitode to save Europe appears far away: the restoring of the Balfour and a re-examination of all illegal, dis-historical Islamic regimes created by Europe for 30 barrels of oil. If this seems a big ask – Jordan is Briton's chum and America's darling special interest – there is no alternative to Eurostan happening. By your own hands what you fully intended for Israel. Its an uncomfortable truth which appears not useful at this time – but its the truth.

  • Paulharveyk

    Eloquent and powerful

  • pennswoods

    Post WW II Danish and European leftist self loathing which infested schools, universities, churches, and governments has brought this problem of Islam invading their homogeneous homelands and making the indegenous peoples and cultures there ashamed to be who they are and proud of the enormous good that Western Civilization has given themselves and the world. Mr. Hedegaard you may be fine man and love your country and European Civilization but it's too late. Where where you twenty years ago?

  • Josh

    So much so for 20 years worth of saying, ' But they're good people!" Generalities are the electric slide to disaster. Political Correctness is a form of mind and speech control instituted by milque toast liberals. We should never have embrassed it. It is like Obama saying we must 'invest' in America instead of saying I want to spend more and more. Baloney. I hope Denmark doesn't flush itself down the self-contorted toilet or selff-flagilation. This whole situation is insane.

  • jasper

    At least we don't have "hate speech" laws in the U.S yet. I can still say that Islam is a bloody and intolerant religion, for instance. I really don't understand why criticizing a group is bad, even if I believe their problems are genetic or cultural or whatever.At least we don't have "hate speech" laws in the U.S yet. I can still say that Islam is a bloody and intolerant religion, for instance. I really don't understand why criticizing a group is bad, even if I believe their problems are genetic or cultural or whatever. If I'm wrong, prove me wrong.

    • Freedom isn't Free

      I'm glad you said "YET". although political correctness is the same thing, It's just one step below what is happening in Europe. Even Canada is closer to this than most people would like to believe. If we don't fight back now, when will we? It won't be too much longer before we are all in the same boat.

  • USMCSniper

    Watch this outrageous Muslim MP in Great Britain:

  • USMCSniper

    WE have hate crimes laws in the US except for Black on white crimes, of course.

  • Spider

    Europe is headed for war once again to save utself from fascist takeover. This will come about in 30 or 50 years when they wake up to their predicament. The awakening will begin when the Mu-slims begin shutting or burning down their Pubs, Brothels, Theaters, Art Museums and Churches. They will do this by force, threat of violence or sheer political power. Then Europe will revert back to their genocidal selves, take on the Is- lamists and horofic wars will ensue. This is the fate of a culture in denial.

    • Chiggles

      I think way sooner than that.

  • Atlas_Collins

    Muslims are subhuman feral animals that should be euthanized like rabid dogs.

    • collins

      There really are some nice Moslems – I've met a few. If you have a billion(?) people who are Moslem, then some of them have to be nice. Statistically speaking.

      • Freedom isn't Free

        There is only one Islam and one Q'uran. Those you met were either not true Muslims, or they are just fooling you. Remember, the Q'uran says it's okay to lie to non-believers.

        • a muslim

          i hope they are not too many of you in the islamic world . islam never ask any one to lie to a NONE-BELIVERS . islam respected all culturs and relegions if u are a true muslim u would know this truth but am sure u are not . u r full of hate person and ur belive will not help u infront of god as u are provoking others to be non- belivers .

      • Freedom isn't Free

        There is only one Islam and one Q'uran. Those you met were either not true Muslims, or they are just fooling you. Remember, the Q'uran says it's okay to lie to non-believers.

      • Freedom isn't Free

        There is only one Islam and one Q'uran. Those you met were either not true Muslims, or they are just fooling you. Remember, the Q'uran says it's okay to lie to non-believers.

    • Mel M

      Muslims are victims of an evil, totalitarian religion which holds the mind, body and spirit in almost total captivity. It is a form of slavery. And just as we do not hate slaves for being under slavery, we should not hate Muslims for being enslaved by Islam. Instead, we should love them and help them. The loving and civilized thing to do to our fellow human beings who are blinded by the deception and bondage of Islam is to liberate them. And it is the Truth which will set them free.

      • Claude

        Well, that would be how, the truth will only set the people free that hear it, most muslims, can not hear for fear of death. Now which would you hear the best, they have the same problems as other slaves, you run you die. Pakiststan is a prime example, Christians there are converting back to Islam to keep from dieing. Muslims, are not in itself the problem, but the Islamists. Again that presents a problem as you can not be one and not the other.

      • aware

        Theyre in COLLUSION with it. They are not VICTIMS. It is their culture and they are programmed from birth. If a behavior is repeated generation after generation, it becomes a GENETIC pattern. Wake up, the threat is real.

    • pierus

      Du har rätt, ökenråttor är inte kompatibel med västvärlden.

  • minnieiam

    20 years ago, Under Florida hate crimes law, a simple misdemeanor assault case was elevated to an 8 yr .felony sentence for two young men who forcefully removed a black woman from a public pay phone booth after she refused to give up the phone so they could make an emergency call for help. Her claimthat they used the N word was accepted and these boys ended up with a criminal record when she was the one guilty of a hate crime when she refused to help them because they were white.

  • Jane Baer

    when I stated that there were heroin dealers in front of where some Latinos live near my home, two city ocuncilmembers held a press conference in front of my family property and said I and my whole family were racists (becasue they could see through my words to know that I was saying the heroin selling gangsters were Latinos and that is racist) The heroin selling strett gang was and is Latinos here illegally from
    exico with drugs brought across the US/Mexican border.

  • Marty

    The moral hypocrisy of political correctness and fear of islam is driving the destruction of democracy and individual freedom. Europe is actually slowly waking up. The United States should do the same. I'm doing my part by teaching a course entitled "Islam and Terrorism."

  • hijinx60

    So now, if you report a crime and say that the perpetrator was "…a young (black, latino, jewish, transversite, or whatever) punk and I want to kick his/her a$$…" You have committed a hate crime against a criminal?? What is this world coming to? This is BS.

  • theorangeweasel

    CBS News anchor Katie Couric suggested at year's end that a "Muslim version of 'The Cosby Show'" could help end the "seething hatred many people feel toward all Muslims."

    (Read more: Just read, Katie. Don't think

    I think a "Cosby" type TV show with a Muslim family might be popular. A Jewish family would live on one side and a Hindu family on the other, and would bear the brunt of the jokes and insults. Episodes could include wonderful titles like, "Who hid the pork?" "You call that a Hijab?" "To The Jihad and Beyond," "Use Your Left Hand, Dummy," and finally, "No, Not Him. You Have to Marry Your Cousin." Only would it be a comedy or a tragedy?

    Richard S

  • wsk

    Europe's Muslim problem is one of their own making. They have had a zero growth population since WWII. Add that to the cost of their Socialist utopia and they had to import non-Euroeans to provide cheap labor and increase their tax base. (How's that working out?). After all they need their "free" healthcare and 8 weeks of vacation.

  • Carlos Kojima

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