Islamism Rising in Malaysia

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{{{*}}}PAS’s newfound moderation is necessary for another reason: Anwar Ibrahim, a cause célèbre of the elite American Left and an enabler of the Muslim Brotherhood, is attempting to cobble together a coalition which will finally be able to topple the UMNO coalition. In order to do so, he has courted the support of Malaysia’s Democratic Action Party (DAP) which draws its primary support from Chinese émigrés who constitute a substantial minority of Malaysia’s population.

In reality, the DAP acts as a quasi-front for the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC)’s interests in Malaysia. It goes without saying that the PRC does not have an interest in joining a governing coalition that will install an Islamist state in Malaysia. The DAP has likewise begun engaging in deceptive and transparent identity politics (by running ethnic Malay candidates instead of the traditional Chinese candidates) in an attempt to garner more votes to topple UMNO.

It is difficult to predict what a governing coalition comprised of radical Islamists, a PRC-backed party, and a Muslim Brotherhood enabler will look like if and when they take power, but one thing is sure: it won’t mean anything good for the United States. But we know how to recognize radicals who purport to embrace moderation for the Western press (or even, in this case, for the votes of their own people) on the one hand, but accept money from and provide comfort to extremist organizations on the other. No one in the United States should be deluded by this most recent example of taqiyya in practice.

Leon Wolf is a Nashville attorney, and contributing editor to, as well as numerous other online publications. He is a veteran of several Republican political campaigns.


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  • Jaladhi

    Malaysia is trying to become Saudi Arabia of the East and they will do all those despicable things recommended in Quran and hadiths. Their behavior in last few years have proven it – such as stealing the corpses of Hindus and other non-Muslims and burying them as Muslims. Could anybody stoop so low as to do stealing of dead bodies? They have and are demolishing ancient Hindu temples at any flimsy and pretexts.

    And they clain they are a "moderate" Muslim nation. With "moderate Muslims" like that who needs radical Muslims!!!

  • Concerned Malaysian

    The author has obviously no clue what he is talking about. DAP as a quasi front for the PRC's interest in Malaysia? On what basis, because the party – let me emphasize, multiracial party here, has a good majority of Malaysian ethnic Chinese members who have lived in Malaysia for several generations and who have little family ties to China?? The tone the article isn't reflective of what is happening on the ground in Malaysia. PAS has on some occasions showed less Islamic zealousness than their counterparts in UMNO.

  • mrbean

    When the more radical Muslims seize control, the so-called moderate Muslims will fall in line out of fear and because they are Muslims. And once, they radicals get control you may will have to kill them all to get them out because they are theocratists who don't believe in democracy.