Responding to the Mullahs’ Jihad in America

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Manssor Arbabsiar, one of the two men charged in the “international murder-for-hire scheme,”  was a man who lived in Texas for decades. He sold used cars and was part of a community. Further investigations will have to look closely at Iran’s tentacles working in the U.S. Currently, there are hundreds of known former IRGC generals and officers living in this country with green cards and citizenship status, in addition to thousands of their close relatives, many of whom send their children to attend this country’s best universities.  They are the eyes and ears of the Iranian government and in this case the enabler of a convoluted terror plot. The question then arises: Why and how does the U.S. allow these individuals to enter and live in this country when it is well known that the average person currently has trouble getting even a tourist’s visa to come visit family here in the States?

A more recent entanglement that was brought to light is Iran’s presence in South and Central America and more frighteningly, its involvement with some of the world’s most dangerous drug cartels.  An anonymous source has explained that there is a huge network of Iranian intelligence and IRGC forces in Mexico close to the border with the U.S. The job of these networks is to gather intelligence, smuggle agents into the U.S., launder money for the cartels, and even bribe Mexican politicians to affect elections in Mexico.  Aside from the terror cells that we now know exist, we must take into consideration the military implications of having the IRGC present on the U.S./Mexico border.

We are in a situation in which this attempted terror attack can be seen as an act of war. We have tried the path of negotiation with Iran’s government, but that has been rejected numerous times. Over time and by remaining inactive, we have become soft and irrelevant in the eyes of the Iranian regime, which is carrying on with its nuclear program and cracking down on protesters who dare voice their hunger for freedom. We waited and let them corner us, and we allowed them to take the first shot. Remaining idle at this point would set us back farther and will allow Iran to boldly continue with its nuclear and terrorist ambitions.  What the U.S. does right now in retaliation will be crucial in defining the ties between Iran and the U.S.

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  • Flipside

    So according to you, yesterday Eric Holder was a criminal and today he’s a hero? Also, an assassination of a Saudi oil ambassador equals a terror attack on the US? Also, we are in the business of propping up Saudi Arabia? Similar to David Meir-Levi, we have a Jew, living in, born in America, urging American media to go to war with Iran in support of Israel, in this case by waging warfare against their banks. Haven’t we had enough of this garbage?

    • Chiggles

      No, Holder is always a criminal. The regime would ignore this if they could. Yes, assasinating the Saudi ambassador would be an attack on the US if it happened here. Yes, we've had enough of your garbage, you breakdancing wigger.

      • Flipside

        Ha! You’re a racist. How cute. So few of them left.

        • Chiggles

          Wiggers aren't a race, stupid.

          • tagalog

            I thought calling white people names wasn't racist since they constitute the power structure.

          • Flipside

            You are implying there is something wrong with what I do because you associate it with black people. Crybaby.

    • Ted

      Hi Flipside,
      Hell I'm an american urging the American Media to go to war against the mad mullahs, so why can't a jew do the same thing? Your anti-semitism is showing, but then again its pretty obvious that you are a jew hating islamist anyway.

      Whats the matter, don't you want the Iraninan people to be free from these murderous whacko's who drape themselves with a false cloak of religion while they scream "kill the unbelievers" and pass me a pre-pubescent girl please?

      • Flipside

        Actually, I do want Iranians to get rid of their dictatorship. However, the US has at least 50 years of failed policy in that country, and I am right in wanting a stop to it. And it’s not antisemitic to point out that Zionists hypocritically reside in the US and exercise their “staunch support of Israel” using my money and my offspring when they should just strap up and go fight Iran directly.

        • Ted

          Wait a minute…here is a man born and raised in America (just like me) who wants to end an evil in the form of an islamist mullocracy and advocates for that end (again just like me), which if I read your last post right you basically agree with. But you had to call him out for having a jewish sounding name and accuse him of being part being part of your delusional conspiracy of the zionists.
          Do you even proof read what you post. Your bigotry and obvious hatred of the jews is disgusting and illogical. It could only be learned in a madrassa or in an islamic country. Did you happen to attend one or grow up in the other in your youth?

          • Flipside

            Lisa Daftari is a man?

          • Ted

            David Meir-Levi, you tool, follow the string. I know you comment all over the place with snide comments, but come on Flipside, how about justifying them and/or respond to the posts that call out your bigotry and anti-semitism.
            Your credibility is trashed by your own prejudice, which shows through like a beacon in the night! Do you really think its not obvious that you are a muslim brotherhood troll?

          • Flipside

            I don't have to answer for bigotry and antisemitism, because neither am I a bigot and antisemite, nor do I care if I am seen as a bigot and antisemite. You are looking for psychological handles that just don't exist.

          • Beth

            "psychological handles that just don't exist"….for you flip

          • Flipside

            Of course for me. I wasn't speaking for anyone else. It was absolute, not universal.

          • Ted

            A preponderance of evidence would say otherwise.
            I have confronted you at least a dozen times in at least as many posts across several different articles. Every time you have brought in without any real relationship to the point (s) in question, your conspiracy theories of the jews and have expressed through your writings/comments your anti semitic leanings and you have the audacity to deny them here…you sir are a liar and therefore without honor, unless you consider islams version of honor.

          • Flipside

            Yes. I would have to deny being a Jew-Hater. Jew-Hater is such a narcissistic term, implying that all Jews are lovable. They changed it from "anti-semite" because people caught on to the fact that Arabs are Semites and nobody hates an Arab like a Jew does. To accuse someone of hating all Jews because he hates one Jew is just an admission that he cannot fight for himself. But to accuse someone of hating one Jew when you merely find him obnoxious is hyperbole.

            I accuse the Jews on this website of narcissism and hyperbole, of fearmongering and passive aggression. I cynically accuse them of doing it mostly for the money, and in the case of people like Ben Shapiro, for the illusion of credibility.

          • Ted

            Yea right, there are no homosexuals in Iran, and Obama is not an ideologue…your attempt at denial is weak! You then immediately follow up with attempts at justifying your bigotry and anti-semitism like this is the first time you have made these kinds of statements. It is not!
            My comments are based on a fair enough amount of observation and evaluation of you're postings. Until now most of my acerbic comments reagrding you could be considered my opinion. However I did recently accuse you of being a liar and without honor for your denial. I repeat those accusations now!
            You really should get some help for this problem, I see signs of a serious psychosis.

          • Flipside

            All of those statements target self-perception and public image. I am immune there.

  • alexander

    Apparently, fuBAR Ack "will talk" with Iran.
    Whatta wuss… :(

    • sharpsrifle

      He'll probably apoligize for catching the attempted assassins, too.

  • StephenD

    We scarcely should worry as we know the President has this all under control. He'll merely draw a line in the sand and tell Iran, ever so sternly, that they shouldn't continue with their bad behavior. He may even "tsk, tsk" them. Of course, he will go on to apologize to the world acknowledging that he understands if it wasn't for us meddling into the affairs of sovereign states (you know, those avowed to wiping Israel off the face of the earth) and supporting evil Zionist regimes, why, there would be bountiful peace in our day at the benevolence of the "Religion of Peace." We just have to learn our place as not being "exceptional."

    • Asher

      Oh for Certain, Barry will stop any aggressiveness from Iran with more BS from his lips.

  • ApolloSpeaks


    The genocidal terror masters of Islamofacist Iran warned the Saudis that their military intervention in Bahrain ("with the underhanded support of America*") to suppress a massive Shiite led Arab Spring rebellion to topple the Sunni monarchy would have consequences and "boomerang." And this foiled plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US in a Washington mass causality attack at a packed DC restaurant is what Iran likely had in mind?

    Click my name to read the rest..

  • Marty

    It is time to resume targeted assassinations. If the United States can do this in afghanistan and pakistan why not iran? We need to keep eliminating the top leadership to the extent possible and then their successors. After all, these thugs are cowards and at some point will put their sociopathic ideology aside in the interest of self-preservation. If not, it would be immoral and a threat to national security not to keep killing them.

  • Solomon

    To my fellow conservative Jews- if WE want Obama gone we need to start talking about the Federal Reserve and the SELL-OUTs who run it and the big banks. Ron Paul is not even allowed to talk for 5 minutes on TV because they own most of the media. And as soon as Glen Beck talked about them they came against him and Beck, as crazy as he was, was the Tea Party's biggest most powerful voice. That is where Obama's power comes from- the media. If you want Obama gone put the heat on the Fed and Soros etc and its connection to Obama- they will get scared and then they will drop their support, and then JUST MAYBE we can turn around this country. If we dont expose the truth and get this all fixed so it works again, then the US will become aliented from Israel.

  • topperj

    Once I'm-A-Nutta-Job gets his nukes, we are doomed. The man is crazy, but has to be taken at this word. We are going to suffer the consequences of not wiping out Iran's nuclear program while we had the chance. This has been a truly bipartisan effort to ignore the obvious. Thanks, guys, for failing your most important Constitutional charge.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Iran is extremely emboldened today exactly because of the two nation-building missions in Afghanistan and Iraq, which couldn't be more fantasy based and counterproductive, and also because they have been killing American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq with impunity for years as well. In other words, Iran is incredibly emboldened because they view the US government today as being completely incompetent and inept, which is true because it has been hijacked and co-opted by the Left. Because of this Iran also correctly assesses that the USA will not respond with force, because the Iranian Mullahs correctly assess that the American people's will to fight and defend their freedom has been sapped and exhausted by the immense failures in Afghanistan and Iraq. I'm very afraid that Iran's calculations may be correct, as this country is in desperate need of a new leader.

    With respect to sanctions, they are a pipe dream as it will never stop the ruling Mullahs of Iran from acquiring nukes. Now maybe sanctions to weaken the regime, coupled with strengthening and boosting the opposition, and finally the coordinated use of force would work to oust the regime. However, the destruction of the nuclear weapons program must also be part of any such an operation. Nevertheless, it may be too late for even that to stop the Mullahs from getting nukes.

  • tagalog

    Where are the hunter-killer teams surgically removing the Iranian enemies from the world?

    Where are the bomb strikes taking out as much as possible of the Iranian nuclear capability?

    Where are the teams working with the Iranian resistance/revolutionaries to overthrow the regime?

    Where are the police to limit the border access to the United States by warriors allowed by Mexico to remain on the line and cross whenever they can get away with it?

    Why aren't we showing the capability to do anything?

    When we say we want to talk, we are showing our obvious weakness.

    Kill these sonsabitches and wipe out their weapons facilities. Blow up a castle or two. We absolutely NEED to show the Muslim world that we are NOT to be fiddled with.

  • Ben

    The coordinated efforts of leftists in America,EU,Israel and islamists in M E make the result of attack on the whole front of Muslims-West relations and the speed of the offencive is growing. The West`s answer is weak and even the last exchange of Israeli soldier for the thousand of terrorists is the dangerous weakness.

  • Irandissident

    WHY NOW ?
    Great article FPM
    Iranians involved in anti regime political activities in the US, always thought the Iranian regime would activate its extensive network of agents inside the United States, as soon as America attacked Iran on the nuclear issue not before.
    These networks, by the way, are not completely clandestine; many of them are openly active against Iranian dissidents, many have already killed hundreds of Iranian dissidents in Europe and other places where their governments have "normal" relations with Iran. Many culprits are frequently let go because of diplomatic immunity, Iranian hostage taking ( like the 3 Hikers) and sometimes because of deals that go with normal relations. In fact many IRGC affiliated people are operating as openly and freely as they would inside Iran.

    But why now? There is no military action against Iran, nor is one imminent. Why should the IRI give such a huge warning to America (assuming the plot had worked)?
    The only issue big enough for Iran and urgent enough to have justified this great leap forward ( open war with America) is the imminent fall of the biggest Iranian ally, ASSAD of Syria with whom, Iran has a NATO like strategic military agreement and who is as the Iranian leaders say: Iran's front line trench against Israel.
    Why hit the Saudis? because they are the biggest Arab element in the Syrian equation and they are Iran's direct rival in the Persian Gulf in peace as in war.
    Why hit the Israelis? Hell! Why not? Even some flipped out people on this forum would probably justify that !
    Why in the US? To give the Americans ( still the Great Satan) the biggest warning against future anti Assad and anti Iran involvement; and to humiliate the weak American administration, as partisan politics are already tearing this country apart from within.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    What can the American administration hope to do at the UN, who can they draw
    to bring harsh sanctions against Iran……….Remember America and Israel are the
    two Nations who the UN votes against, it may turn out that while Iran has been
    building military bases in South America, training indiginous converts to Islam
    in the art of terror, out defense has had it's eyes closed, allowed open borders
    and still encourages this. Why are we being set up as a sitting duck for attack,
    could it be that Iran and others have extensive plans to end America, end Israel
    and call into submission allmost all Nations who's politicians they have purchased
    long ago with cash and promises of continued elite status and nice new prayer
    rugs. This disclosure is not surprising by Holder but beware of how the timing
    and following actions will do nothing to keep America safe. As OYM has stated
    10,000 times we are at war with Islam, leftism and if I might add the distractions
    enabling ignorance and misinformation. Who can we call our ally with Obama
    as President and an administration of sellouts…………………………William

  • maturin20

    What Iranian terror plot?

  • jessmin

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