The Strange Story of an Iranian “Defector”

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The Iranian regime is alleging that the United States cozied up to a former Iranian intelligence agent who was sent on a clandestine mission to infiltrate American government agencies. Last week, Iranian State television broadcasted a half hour-long program relating the accounts of Mohammad Madhi, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards and clerical leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s right-hand man, who claims he was sent out on a secret mission by the Iranian government. In the film, Madhi explains in great detail his purported dealings with Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a policy institute based in Washington D.C., with all collaborations leading up to an alleged State Department proposal asking Madhi to lead an opposition group in toppling the Iranian regime and replacing it with a democratic governing body created by the United States.

With in-depth knowledge about the regime and its operations, Madhi claimed he became Washington’s winning ticket on Iran policy while secretly infiltrating and outing the long-established opposition networks abroad, mentioning many of the Iranian-American opposition leaders by name and association in the film.

Madhi left Iran in 2008 and lived in Bangkok, working as a diamond distributor. He passed himself off as a disenchanted defector who would be interested in joining the opposition abroad. That is how he attracted policy makers who approached him, he claimed, and set up these alleged, sensitive meetings with policy makers and politicians.

As a defector, 46-year-old Madhi was quite popular in the expatriate community. His position and knowledge of internal affairs made him a curious target, particularly as he regularly sought publicity over his “rebellion” against the regime.  In his frequent interviews he advocated regime change and spoke out against the clerics.

“The government has already collapsed,” he said earlier this year in an interview with the English-language Thai newspaper Bangkok Post, which ran again in the Los Angeles Times. “There’s going to be big changes very soon. Believe me, it will happen soon.”

His selling point was charming. He said that he had “once headed a committee tasked with keeping the regime in place and that now, as an opponent, he could count on about 20,000 backers in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, army, intelligence services and the religious hierarchy.”

It was his knowledge of the Revolutionary Guards and insider’s perspective that attracted the U.S. policy makers to Madhi in Bangkok, according to his own relations aired in the film called “A Deceptive Diamond.”  It was a courtship that both sides found mutually attractive, at least, so it appeared.

According to Madhi, the U.S. had long been searching for a source from within the Iranian government who was both a socially and religiously viable candidate to lead the people of Iran.  As a successful businessman who had worked as an importer/exporter for years and one who had reached a high rung climbing the Islamic regime’s ladder, he was the perfect defector for the job.

The film shows Madhi in a conference in Paris, gathering the Iranian opposition living abroad, clearly broadcasting the names and alleged affiliations of the panelists, all central and recognized opposition leaders.

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  • StephenD

    Any opposition group outside of Iran can only be in support mode. The real change must come from within Iran itself. I don't think the people of Iran will allow there country to continue down this road toward annihilation because of the lunatics running the place now. Eventually, they'll rise up in force.

    • Gosha

      Why do you guys always think that 'They will rise…' and that good will always win and evil will be seen for what it is? Look at North Korea. Its people will never rise again without help from the outside. And our own liberals actually doing a very good job telling our children in schools that those evil regimes like Iran are actually 'not so bad'. They have been doing it for years and now we have those former 'children' in our own government which openly negotiates with Taliban. Or Taliban does not seem so evil to them too?

  • kafir4life

    Look at Huma of the Ummah, the revert Tony Ds muslima. She is a plant in our state dept, as an employee of our Sack of State Hitlery Clinton, wife of BJ, as well as an "in" to the US Congress via her perverted creep, Tony D.

  • myomy

    PART 1.OF 2.
    OK, it's another botched State Dept. fiasco. This will get many opposition leaders and/or their relatives murdered. The fact is muslims are trained to deceive us and they do a good job of it. The Quran teaches muslims it's their duty to lie and deceive non believers from the time they are young. It's called "taqqiya" and they all do it. We're like naive children when it comes to dealing with muslims. Our stupid leaders keep pretending that we only need to worry about muslims who have been "radicallized" as if the regular muslims are wonderful. GO TO PART 2 NOW

  • myomy

    PART 2. of 3.
    People there is no such thing as moderate Islam. Understand that Islam is radical and the Quran teaches them to be radical and to deceive all non believers. Muslims who seem moderate are just muslims who aren't faithful enough yet. But the vast moderate musim pool is where future terrorists come from. You need to understand whether we like it or not we are in a war with Islam and they have delcared war on us and Israel. Obama is stupid to say "we are not and never will be at war with Islam". Giving Islam the respect and protections of a real religion is to allow our enemy the benefit of a religous trojan horse to hide inside of and come in among us with the blessings of our leaders anytime they want to. Example: None of the 9/11 terrorists had to sneak into our country to attack us, OUR STATE DEPT.. OPENED OUR DOORS TO THEM AND LET THEM COME IN AND TAKE FLYING LESSONS AMONG US.

  • myomy

    PART 3 OF 3.
    DON'T YOU SEE THAT ISLAM IS THE BIGGEST TROJAN HORSE IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD? All a terrorist has to do is say "I hate those radical muslims" and our government welcomes them among us with open arms. Don't you see that Islam itself is their TROJAN HORSE? Islam is the TROJAN HORSE that will bring us down by getting our enemies into our kingdom just like the Trojans got inside the ancient city of Troy with their Trojan horse? ISLAM IS OUR TROJAN HORSE!

  • "gunner"

    obama obviously flunked history, the christian nations of europe have been fighting islamic invaders for centuries, one of the earliest combat actions of the u.s. marine corps was against the pirates of tripoli. islam has been a "religion" of war and conquest from its beginnings, and they have changed, only their tactics. they cannot beat us in battle anymore, except out on the borders of civilization, so now they are trying to infiltrate and conquer by subversion. they may not win, if our people, and particularly our political leaders, will wake up to reality, but right now their chances look fairly good. look at the fall of rome, her conquerers first entered as refugees, begging sanctuary, when they became strong enough they took rome for themselves.