WaPo Headlines “Christian Anger in Egypt”

Robert Spencer reports at FrontPageMag:

“An Islamic jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murdered twenty-two people and wounded eighty more at the Coptic Christian Church of the Saints in Alexandria, Egypt on New Year’s Eve.”

But media outlets across the country today are broadcasting the following headline, courtesy of Paul Schemm and his editors at the Associated Press: Bombing opens vein of Christian Anger in Egypt. Perhaps most notably among these is the religion column ‘On Faith‘ at The Washington Post. It appears to me that the ‘vein of anger’ that should be headlined today is of the Islamist brand, but from Washington, D.C., from the White House and across America to Anchorage, it is a “vein of Christian anger” that is getting all the publicity today.

This reality adds overwhelming credence to Mr. Spencer’s report.

Predictably enough, this mass murder has not resulted in any worldwide revulsion against Islamic jihadists, or general recognition of how Islamic supremacists and jihadists are persecuting Christians not only in Egypt, but in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, and elsewhere also. Instead, it has brought only new and imaginative twists on the usual evasion, obfuscation, denial and finger-pointing that generally follow jihad attacks.

To the Leftist, Muslim bombs are not nearly as horrifying as Christian bottle-throwing. In America, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, Egypt, Israel, Sweden, and beyond…the world is at war.

And where is this so-called “empire” Ron Paul speaks of?

The catch-all phrase, “War on Terrorism,” in all honesty, has no more meaning than if one wants to wage a war against criminal gangsterism. It’s deliberately vague and non-definable to justify and permit perpetual war anywhere, and under any circumstances.

“Criminal gangsterism?” “Vague?” “Non-definable”? Christians, Jews, animists, homosexuals, women, Hindus and others across the world beg to differ and can find common ground on the two issues of ‘reason’ and the basics of human dignity. We can all join together and oppose mindless mass slaughter. Those among us who value genuine reason know that Islam is at war with all of us. There is no “empire”, but if we don’t do something reasonable soon, there will be.


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