Whoopie Goldberg’s Race Card and Ignorance

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Furthermore, Goldberg intentionally ignored a major fact in the single-parenting argument: President Obama, who was raised by a single mother, declared in his June 15, 2008 Father’s Day message that “more than half of all black children live in single-parent households, a number that has doubled—doubled—since we [older black Americans] were children,” and that black fathers “don’t realize responsibility does not end at conception.” The president added that these men “are acting like boys instead of men.”

President Obama’s remarks are backed by authoritative data disproving Goldberg’s claims.  The United States Census Bureau reports that by 1994, 66% of unwed American mothers were black women, three times as high as the percentage for white women. The Census Bureau further states that black “non-marital births” were 60% of all out-of-wedlock births in 1993. The figures indicate white non-marital births are also on the rise, reasons conservative presidential candidates like Bachmann signed the Marriage Vow: single American women are getting pregnant in rising numbers and raising fatherless children.

As far as single-parent children “turning out okay,” Child Trend Bank reports that children born and raised by unwed mothers “are more likely to grow up in a single-parent household,” and facing “instability in living arrangements, [they] live in poverty, and have socio-emotional problems.” Also, single-parented children are more likely to become criminals.

Goldberg herself may have “turned out okay,” and Obama may have become president of the United States, but data provides evidence that not all single-parented children turn out okay.

This is not a race or anti-single mother issue. Obama’s comments, specifically about the American black family, are correct and further confirmed by the site Politifact, which states that prior to President Obama’s 1960 birth, only 22% of black children were raised in single-parent homes. By 1968, after President Johnson enacted his Utopian Great Society, that figure rose to 31.4%. By 2006, it rose another 56% with “91.4 percent of single parents of black children” being mothers. Even liberal-minded Democratic Senator Patrick J. Moynihan, himself raised by a single mother, wrote in his 1965 Moynihan Report that black out-of-wedlock births rose 23.6% from 1950 to 1963. Moynihan prophetically warned that children raised in single-parent homes were less likely to succeed in life—a warning that went unheeded.

According to economist Walter E. Williams, only about 30% of American black children today live in a two-parent home. Backing up the Marriage Vow’s original statement, Williams wrote:

Historically, from 1870s on up to about 1940s, and depending on the city, 75 to 90 percent of black kids lived in two parent families. [Today, the] illegitimacy rate is 70 percent among blacks where that is unprecedented in our history.

It is about time the Left faced facts: Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty not only gave massive support to single mothers, it encouraged mother-only families by making black male breadwinners irrelevant and their economic roles replaceable by government. Enabled by government programs, this system has destroyed the black American family, wrecking countless American children’s lives.

Michele Bachmann and GOP candidates did not sign an anti-black/anti-single mother document. The document defends simple facts: marriage is a fundamental part of American society and politics, the family is the core of American society, and teaching these values keeps this nation and our future generations stable. Without two-parent households raising children, children risk living dysfunctional lives that lead to poverty and crime.

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  • Sound&Fury

    Ms Goldberg's anger is surpassed only by her ignorance, even as she accuses others of the same. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, Whoopi. Don't you know that?

  • jasonz

    goldbers anger is fuled bythe fact she knows bachman is RIGHT. But she is white and conserv so she cannot be allowed to talk.

  • jaime

    The article states, "But this rant proved Goldberg knows absolutely nothing about Bachmann…." went too far. It should have read, "But this rant proved Goldberg knows absolutely nothing."

    She is hilarious when she does her one woman verbal "flash mob" thing for the world to see. No one takes this seriously deranged empty headed clown seriously. She is the Left's equivalent of a black Archie Bunker. But unlike the Bunker character, Goldberg is sincere in her ignorance.

  • polyspheric

    The elaborate language is not necessary.
    Black children born to single mothers are called “bastards”.

    • Bill

      Amen !!!

  • Supreme_Galooty

    She can take solace in the fact that, because of Sheila J. Lee, she is not the stupidest woman in America. Neither is she as funny. I've enjoyed her acting over the years. She should stick to what she knows instead of loudly (and often) proclaiming what she doesn't know. What an abject embarrassment she is.

  • livefree1200cc

    Now if only Bachmann wasn't already a traitor to the American people for voting to extend the Patriot Act……if not for that……I might defend her….

  • Sue

    Goldberg uses every excuse she can find to unleash her hatred of Whites! This calculated rage…and indeed it was manufactured…had nothing to do with "slavery". She was once again venting her hatred of Whites to a vast audience. She is" SICK of Whites talking about things they know nothing about"? Well, WE are sick of this BLACK who has gotten filthy rich from the money of us 'know-nothing ' whites telling us what trash WE are: trash who are too stupid to understand what hell slavery was! SHE is too ignorant to understand that WHITES, also, were in a form of slavery. She evidently never heard of INDENTURED SERVANTS, who were WHITE people. THEY were treated far worse than most slaves. I think Goldberg should study about different races and the hell THEY suffered, also! Get real, Goldberg…we are getting SICK of YOUR filthy, hate-filled screaming tirades!

  • Bruce Feher

    She is a cancer on all that is good….

  • Bruce Feher

    Oh, I forgot to add, she a world class racist!

    • Bill

      Yes she is….

  • bill

    Whoopie is the biggest blathering idiot with her non stop big mouth and she is stupid to say the least.

  • Millie

    I side with Whoopi. If you have not felt discrimination, been a single mother, een poor you have no, I mean NO idea what you are talking about. And tell me Whitie how did slave families raised their children?

    • ghost

      I dont know but i am a single mom who is poor.

  • Ella

    It is a real shame that we can’t disagree without resorting to calling names. Attack ideas – not people.

  • tevra

    doesn’t matter the subject or who she is talking to …..Hoopi is going to make herself and her side look like morons

  • mlcblog