Israel’s Fate?

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Israel, however, lacks the quaint luxury of French philosophy. Were the Jewish State to follow Camus’ genteel reasoning, the result could be another boundless enlargement of Jewish suffering. Before and during the Holocaust, at least for those who still had an opportunity to flee, Jews were ordered: “Get out of Europe; go to Palestine.” When they complied (those who could), the next order was: “Get out of Palestine.

My own Austrian-Jewish grandparents received “special handling” on the SS-killing grounds at Riga, Latvia. Had they somehow made it to Mandatory Palestine, their sons and grandsons, now Israelis, would likely have died in subsequent genocidal wars begun by Arab forces to get the Jews “out of Palestine.”

Credo quia absurdum.

Cicero understood. Failure to use force against a murderous evil imprints an indelible stain upon all that is good. By declining the right to act as a lawful executioner in its struggle with annihilatory war and terror, Israel would thus be forced by Camus’ tortured reasoning to embrace disappearance.

Why was Camus, who was thinking only in the broadest generic terms, so badly mistaken? The answer lies in the philosopher’s unsupportable presumption of a natural reciprocity among both individual human beings and states in the matter of killing.  We are asked to believe, by Camus, that as greater numbers of people agree not to become executioners, still greater numbers will follow upon the same brotherly course.  In time, the fallacious argument proceeds, the number of those who refuse to accept killing will become so great that there will be fewer and fewer victims.

Camus’ presumed reciprocity does not exist. Indeed, it can never exist, especially in the Jihad-centered Middle East.  Here, the unhidden Islamist desire to kill Jews remains unimpressed by good intentions, or by Israel’s hugely disproportionate contributions to science, industry, medicine and learning. Here, there are no identifiable Iranian or Palestinian plans for any rational coexistence. Their only decipherable “remedies” are for an all-too-familiar Final Solution.

Martin Buber identifies the essence of every living community as “meeting. True community, says Buber, is an authentic “binding,” not merely a “bundling together.” In true community, each one commits his whole being in “God’s dialogue with the world,” and each stands firm and resolute throughout this dialogue.

How should the dialogue be sustained with others who refuse to “bind” in the absence of murder? How can there ever be any conceivable solution to the genocidal enmity of Iran and “Palestine” to Israel so long as this enmity is presumably indispensable to their very lifeblood meanings in the world?   These are not easy questions to answer, and they will never be answered by political leaders in Washington, Jerusalem, or anywhere else on this imperiled planet.

In national self-defense and counter-terrorism, Jewish executioners require an honored place in the government and army of Israel. Without them, evil would triumph again and again.  For Iran and “Palestine,”  murdered Jews are not so much a means to an end as they are a fervently prayed-for end in themselves. In this unheroic Islamist world, where sacrificial killing of Jews by war and terror is presumed to be a religious mandate, and also a coveted path to personal immortality, any Israeli unwillingness to use all necessary defensive force could invite individual and collective Jewish death.

Cicero understood. Legally and morally, killing is sometimes a sacred duty. Faced with undisguised sources of genuine evil, all civilized states sometimes have to rely upon the executioner.  It follows that to deny the Israeli executioner his proper place at this eleventh-hour of danger would make a mockery of “Never Again.”  Just as importantly, it could open the floodgates of several new man-made human catastrophes.

In the best of all possible worlds, Buber’s “binding” would supplant all “bundling.” But we don’t yet live in the best of all possible worlds, and in their present condition, Jews in Israel and elsewhere must remain prepared to fight strenuously and unceasingly for Jewish survival. For us, at least, even when it is absurd, life is always better than death.

Louis René Beres (Ph.D., Princeton, 1971) lectures and publishes widely on issues concerning international relations and international law, especially war and terrorism.  Born in Zürich, Switzerland, on August 31, 1945, he is the author of some of the earliest major books on nuclear war and nuclear terror. In Israel, Professor Beres was Chair of Project Daniel.

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  • DeShawn

    Man, Israel deserves what's COMING to it. You set up a racist state on someone else's land and it deserves to be dismantled or destroyed. Go somewhere else, you parasites. I hear Antartica is lovely this time of year. :)

    • DeShawn

      Let the "oi veys" commence!

    • Michael

      Ignorant comment, its author oblivious of history indicating a closed mind full of prejudice. Wrong on racist, wrong on parasitical. Be strong Israel in the end your enemies will be defeated. You have many friends in the world.

    • Bert

      In honor of the many DeShawn's that infest the world Israel should stop agonizing and finally nuke its enemies. DeShawn should be thanked for making such a decision entirely logical and justified.

    • posse 101

      you're a absolute moronic Jew Hater. why don't you change your name already to Abdul and be done with it.

    • Monty Lasovsky

      Which planet is a parasite like you from? Do tell!

    • Talons of Judah

      By hating Israel you condemn your own fate. Support for Israel's haters is suicide on your part. Israel haters hate Western, Liberal, Democratic culture which lets us write messages like this back and forth to critique each other. In ALL Arab-Muslim Jew-Hating regimes, this kind of talkback internet thought is FORBIDDEN, YOU JERK. Go move to Syria and then you'll kiss Israel's a___.

    • tagalog

      That "racist state" you're talking about is the so-called "Palestine," right?

      Or is it Syria? Jordan? Egypt? Saudi Arabia? One of the other Arab/Muslim states who have proven their willingness to take their intolerance into racist-religious war on several occasions over the past 60 years?

    • DeShawn

      You people can call me a racist and "anti-semite" till you're blue in teh face. But it's not me who's calling for endless wars in the Middle East and bankrupting America for Israel–it's you neocon jews. It's not me who supports apartheid against the Palestinaisn–it's you neocon jews. It's not me who tries to stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims while sitting back and licking your lips–it's you neocon jews. It's not me who denies my ancestor's role in genocide against white people in the Soviet Union–it's you neocon jews. No, I'm a PACIFIST. I'm against war and violence. So think about that the next time you call me a "hater." I'm just an educated black man who had the misfortune of waking up tot eh TRUTH about jewish control and corruption.

      • gray man

        I don't call you "racist" or "anti-semite" – I call you stupid

      • ziontruth


        "But it's not me who's calling for endless wars in the Middle East…"

        No, you're just indirectly causing endless wars in the Middle East by trying to appease the Muslims on Israel's expense, thereby convincing them jihad pays.

        "…and bankrupting America for Israel–it's you neocon jews."

        You could blame the Obamarxist's insane fiscal policies like any sane person would do, but I guess it's easier to fall back on the age-old custom of blaming the Jews.

        "It's not me who tries to stir up hatred between Christians and Muslims while sitting back and licking your lips…"

        No, you're just encouraging the Muslims to ramp up their jihad against Christians (among all other non-Muslims) by showing them jihad pays (see above).

        "It's not me who denies my ancestor's role in genocide against white people in the Soviet Union … I'm just an educated black man…"

        A black Jew-hater caring about white people? Back to Rev. Jeremiad Wrong's pulpit for you: Black supremacists are supposed to believe both Jews and white people are in a conspiracy together.

        Of course, this is all assuming you're not wearing a mask. A mask that's turning more and more transparent each time.

    • litvaac120

      Just get it through your head: Israel will not be alone. Your anti-Semitic brain is incapable of
      of accepting this, but then your connection with reality is somewhat questionable.

  • Monty Lasovsky

    The Jews are alone in this world and have always been alone. We have to fight our own battles for survival and do what is necessary to survive by what ever means at our disposal. If this means annihilating our enemies, so be it! We must get in first!!

  • Mike

    Monty, the Jews are not alone any longer. There are VAST numbers of evangelical Christians who support Israel and the Jewish people to the end.

    • Edward

      But don't the Jews have to convert to Christianity before Armageddon?

      • Mike

        No Edward, they don't.

    • Monty Lasovsky

      Mike it's nice to know. We need all the help we can get.

    • ziontruth

      Thanks for your support, friends. Any support coming without strings attached is appreciated, by this Israeli Jew for one, and I'd wager by most Israeli Jews.

      Of course, it's good enough when non-Jews are neutral on this local conflict, taking neither side. No enemies for us but those who take our enemies' side. But you are friends and that is worthy of appreciation.

  • Jack Zeller

    Someone else's land DeShawn? Who's, pray tell!! Your is a comment born of ignorance and stupidity. As for the most of us in the States, we wonder WHY Israel has waited for as long and patiently as she has, to snuff those barbarians at her borders…Long live Israel, our ONLY friend and ally in that part of the world…

    • historiography

      Well if you knew any history you would know that Palestine was occupied by people before any Zionists arrived. Roughly speaking there were around 400000 Arabs and 10000 Jews in Palestine in 1890 when the first Zionists started arriving. Before the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 this is what Palestine looked like

      If you're relying on some 2000 year old claim let me first ask where your ancestors were 2000 years ago. In any case, it is clear that the Romans did not clear all Jews out of Palestine but, if anything, removed a few leaders. It then seems likely that modern day Palestinians and the Mizrahi Jews are the descendants of the Jews of 2000 years ago.

  • Stan

    Continuing the Jew-baiting you used to engage in at primary school DeShawn? You obviously haven't progressed much further than those days :)

  • Chezwick_mac

    Fascinating philosophical argument. I couldn't agree more,. which is one reason I reject one of the essential axioms of my Christian roots: I believe there is an inherent immorality in Christ's entreaty to 'turn the other cheek'. Doing so may sound noble in the abstract, but in reality, it perpetuates and legitimizes – through inaction – aggression and, ultimately, evil.

    • elihew

      With all due respect to you, the "Turn the other cheek", as well as the other admonitions from Jesus such as "Love your enemies", when taken in context, refer to personal relationships.
      Thank you.

      • Chezwick_mac

        Even on a personal level, enabling verbal and/or physical violence through passivity is hardly conducive to making a better world.

    • Joe K.

      Christ's commandment is for Christians dedicated to following him. It is not intended for governments. Paul says in Romans 13 that God has given governments the power of the sword to punish evil and protect the innocent. The Sermon on the Mount is not a manual for government, it is a guide for those who believe in Christ. Also, striking someone on the cheek is an expression of contempt. It is not attempted murder. When Paul's life was in danger he took reasonable means to escape.

    • Tim Bus

      Isn't that a gay thing?

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Chez you may be missing the idea of turning the other cheek. First of all it
      gives a person pause to understand they have made a mistake and time
      to repent. Secondly if the next blow comes to the now exposed cheek after
      forberance was shown then the offender gets to realize that this is the
      bigger mistake and the conclusion is one the offender will never forget.

  • AbeBird

    Are you still a "good" Nazi, Mr. DeShawn or just a stupid one, as usual?!

  • tlwinslow

    Israel will be thriving long after the Muslim world wasting its lives on dead Allah is kaput. One day Israel's 300 million Jews will be the center of a thriving Middle East that's a credit to the world, and Muslims will be dinos you have to go to a museum to view.

    The recent discovery of huge shale oil reserves in Israel that rival Saudi Arabia's liquid oil reserves is just another nail in Islam's coffin. Now all the U.S. has to do is help Israel develop it and become their #1 customer so they can drop Saudi Arabia and let it regress back to the camel days so it can't use the oil money to fund propaganda and military-terrorist activities against Israel anymore.

  • Wesley69

    The land of most countires was obtained through wars in the past. The US, Russia, China are certainly examples of that. This is just a fact of history.

    After WWII's genocide of the Jews, the UN saw fit, in 1948, to give them a state, alongside an Arab state created from the British mandate of Palestine. The Arabs rejected this & invaded the newly proclaimed state of Israel. From its beginning, Israel has fought to survive and it has not only survived, but it has thrived.

    That it faces two threats, there is no doubt. Does it have the right of self-defense? It is a country like all others. That war is coming, there is no doubt. Israel, to win this next war, may have to resort to its nuclear weapons against the Muslim capitals & major cities that will attack it. There is no other option. That may be the only way that Israel can convince its enemies that there is a price to be paid for their hostility toward it. Many times, war, not diplomacy, resolve disputes.

    Obama's appeasement will be an effective as Neville Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler, when Britain and France forced Czechoslovakia to give Hitler the Sudetenland. Israel can not afford to put their destiny in Obama's hands. He will act in his interest, not that of Israel's.

    • Edward

      Was it the UN or the US that wanted a new Israel?

      • Wesley69

        Some of the countries involved in the United Nations partition vote of 1948. The US, the USSR, Australia, France in the UN voted for it. China, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey voted against it.

    • historiography

      When was it self defense? Israel was the aggressor in 1948:

      " … we should prepare to go over to the offensive with the aim of
      smashing Lebanon, Trans-jordan and Syria… The weak point in the Arab
      coalition is Lebanon [for] the Moslem regime is artificial and easy to
      undermine. A Christian state should be established… When we smash the [Arab]
      Legions strength and bomb Amman, we will eliminate Transjordan, too, and then
      Syria will fall. If Egypt still dares to fight on, we shall bomb Port Said,
      Alexandria, and Cairo." " David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General
      Staff. From Ben-Gurion, A Biography, by Michael Ben-Zohar, Delacorte, New York

      "The issue of Palestinian refugees resonated with me because I myself was a
      refugee. … We came to the U.S. in August 1944 as part of a token group of
      about 1,000 mostly Jewish refugees … In 1987, when I read Simha Flapan's The
      Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities, I was so shocked and disbelieving that
      it took me a second reading of his book to come to terms with what he wrote at
      the outset: that the 1948 war was as needless and unnecessary for the
      "security" of Israel as was the Israeli invasion of Lebanon of 1982. I learned
      that … the 1948 war was not defensive, but a war to gain more territory than
      the U.N. had allotted for the Jewish state and to "cleanse" the area of
      Palestinian Arabs. I learned that even before the May 15 invasion by Arab
      armies, Jewish forces had succeeded in expelling some 300,000 Palestinians
      from their homes, but another 400,000 Palestinians remained in areas that the
      Jews coveted. Since the Jewish population of Palestine in 1948 was only about
      600,000, the Ben-Gurion leadership required war in order to rid the new Jewish
      state of most of its Arab population." (Ronald Bleier, November 1992)

      The only war that Israel fought that was in self-defense was the one in 1973 when a coalition of Arab countries sought to regain land lost in the Israeli war of aggression in 1967.

  • Choi

    If "DeShawn" is his real name,we have a Black RACIST ANTI-SEMITIC TROLL on our hands on a regular basis.
    Is "DeShawn "a bow-tied Farrakhanite or a follower of Rev. Wright?
    That's the ONLY question.
    Wondering if "De Shawn" ever met his REAL father or if his mama was the neighborhood "HO"?

  • Moshe Pupick

    M., 06/27/11 common era

    The proposed "2-State Solution" would become the "2-State Final Solution 2." Most of the world knows this and, like it did 70 years ago, is either looking the other way or quietly cheering for the Amalekites. Jews are a multi-racial people. The Torah begins with its Creation account to show that G-d could have given the Land to anyone but chose the Jews because we chose Him. That's Rashi's commentary. The Torah Codes lend further credence to this geographical claim.

  • Gene W.

    Satan hates everything that God loves (especially Judeo-Christiand) and established (israel and USA). For an absolute proof that God authored the Bible see

    Pick your side to stand with. God wins … always has and always will !

  • Jerry1800

    I am fully confident in the Arab and Iranian self destructive capacities, just watch Libya or Syria

  • WilliamJamesWard

    If the World was to lose Israel, most of it would go back to living in caves. If the
    World loses Israel's enemies, what a great day, how nice to have the shadows
    lifted on mankind, it will be one of the greatest days ever……………….William

    • Anthony

      William, I live for Israel. For the GOD of Israel. I shall also die for my beloved Israelites that are in danger by my enemies. God bless you brother for having the correct discernment and wisdom. Amen

  • bob

    The Zionist entity is on its last legs. It has worn out its welcome and the entire world is against it. I welcome the day when it is no more.

    • Tom W.

      Bob, you're an idiot! Israel is not on it's last legs, Islam is–it's in the final death throes! Ten years ago Islam was just a blip on the radar of the Western world, it has nothing to offer society except hatred, tribalism, abuse of females…and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The only people clinging onto to Islam are fanatics who are fighting to keep society stuck in the 7th century! These people have absolutely nothing to offer the world whereas as in the short period the modern state of Israel has been in existence it has spawn off many medical, scientific and technological advances that the Western nations have adopted! If you hate Israel you're either a Muslim or a Christian who believes in supersessionism (i.e. a Presbyterian) and the establishment of the state of Israel has debunked your religious raison d'être; either way–you're a loser!!

    • ziontruth

      "The Zionist entity is on its last legs."

      Sounds like the Stele of Mesha the Moabite King: "Israel has perished, perished forever." Could make for a nice discussion with the Moabites if there were any still around…

      "It has worn out its welcome…"

      The existence of the Jewish State is not contingent upon the world's welcome.

      "…and the entire world is against it."

      The entire world of evil is against it—Islamic imperialists, Marxist oppressors, tin-pot dictators populating the U.N. council, and you get the gist. We are honored to be hated by such.

  • Candyman

    With Jews, We Lose.

    Jews say Muslims hate democracy, Western culture, etc.

    Look at what Jews do in America with their media power – encourage phony belief in “equality” and “democracy,” encourage race-mixing 24/7, make sure Jews have many/most of the top jobs while making Whites feel guilty about “racism,” etc. etc. etc.

    Look what Jews do with art. Art used to be a discipline – now it’s an excuse for Jews and Africans to sell their mental excrement to us, while Jewish critics praise it to the skies.

    “Democracy” at this point is nothing more than a choice between candidates who will do what AIPAC tells them to do. There is no real choice, no person who can step forward and address the fundamental issues we face without being condemned by the Jewish press.

    If you think Jewish media control is some sort of “conspiracy” I suggest you check out an article by Joel Stein called “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon.” Stein is a Jew and makes some great points.

    Richard Nixon and Billy Graham were right: Jews control the media, and America has gone down the drain.

    “There are VAST numbers of evangelical Christians who support Israel and the Jewish people to the end.”

    The “end” can’t come soon enough.

    My own people make me sick. Most of us would rather our kids become second-rate citizens then be called a “racist!”

    We need a new religion – one based on truth, not Semitic fiction. One based on our DNA.

  • Medion

    White people should start acting like how jews act now, but there is no cohesion. I agree with what Deshawn said. Smart negro.

  • Anthony

    Beloved Monty, YES, we the Evangelical Christians are always with you and will remain with you for all times. FEAR NOT. The LORD our GOD is with us and will do greatly in our favours. Rest assured Israel is in our prayers and on our financial support list.We will have all options open for the needful action. You are certainly not alone. God make HIS face to shine upon you.

  • xexon

    Unless the zionists are overthrown and brought before the world court, Israel's only future will be that of a glassed over depression in the desert.

    These fake semites from Europe are not biblical Jews and have no claim whatsoever to land in Palestine. Israel is no Jewish state. It's a zionist state. From day 1. Jewish nazis with a country all their own.

    You will be crushed just like the nazis in Germany were. Then Israel can be united under a new flag and a new government and become a regular member of the world community instead of this meth baby from hell.


    • MixMChess

      The old Khazar myth again? Countless genetic research studies have proven that modern Jews can trace their DNA back to the Jews of ancient Israel. Ashkenazi Jews genetically share more similarities with Sephardic Jews than they do with Europeans (especially Russians and Polish). In fact genetics can trace all Jews (Ashkenazi, Sephardim and others) back to common ancestors from the land of Israel.

      By the way, while Israel is the Jewish homeland, it is a SECULAR state with no official state religion. Israel scrupulously guarantees the equal rights of all of its citizens – including its minorities. Israel`s non-Jewish minority forms about 20% of the population and is made up of Arab Muslims, Arab Christians, non-Arab Christians, Druze, Bedouins, Circassians, Asians and others.

      Over 80% of Israelis are Jews of different ethnicities and races from Arab countries, Ethiopia, India, Russia, the former Soviet Union republics, Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. Refugees from Arab and Muslim Middle Eastern and North African countries and their descendants make up over half the Jewish population.

    • MixMChess

      "Then Israel can be united under a new flag and a new government and become a regular member of the world community instead of this meth baby from hell."

      There are no legal, historic, geographic or moral grounds on which to advance a one state solution. A single-state solution is not a solution. It is simply a continuation of the 1948 War through demographics instead of militarism-imperial conquest by another means. It would pave the way for Palestinians to dominate demographically and destroy the Jewish character and the purpose of the state itself. No legal or historical precedent justifies imposing one national group upon another in order to eliminate its national movement and character. A one-state solution would be asking Israel, a UN nation state for over 50 years, to eliminate itself.

      A one-state solution would be unjust. It would deny the right of self-determination to both the Palestinian and Jewish national movements. It would result in one of these peoples becoming a minority in the other's nation. This is a recipe for conflict, not for justice or peace. Besides over 75% of Palestinians and Israelis don't want a one-state solution, according to recent polls. Such a solution would have to be imposed against their will, a clear violation of the right to self-determination.

  • xexon

    There are 3 kinds of people who believe Jews are a race linked by genetics. The ignorant. And nazis and zionists. I can forgive the ignorant. The other two are about agenda.

    Case in point:

    Judaism is a religion. That's all it's ever been. Before the religion was born, there were no Jews. They were all called something else. You don't transmit religion through DNA.

    The modern zionist movement IS secular. Atheistic, actually. New World Order nazis. Jewish in name only. And the very same people Helen Thomas called out. They have another agenda, which they hide behind a Jewish persona. These zionists are racist and militant. Israel is the country they founded. As a ZIONIST state. It's not a Jewish state and never will be. It's an affront to true Judaism. It will NEVER represent world Jewry or Judaism. Israel only represents zionists and zionism. The nasty kind.

    Palestine wasn't even their first choice. They were originally going to start a colony in Romania. Atheists don't have any use for a holy land, you know? The ONLY reason they landed in Palestine is because they were so few in number, the movement would have winked out because it was too racist to stand alone, they needed a host body. So they decided on a new Israel to sucker in the religious Jews to build the infrastructure and fill out the population.

    Now even the religious Jews have been turned into snarling dogs. In fact, they now threaten Tel Aviv's "secular" authority. The settlers are especially violent. it's only a matter of time before these two collide with Jew on Jew violence and plunge the country into civil war. Radical Islam is almost beside the point now.

    The problem here is everybody wants to be a Jew or Muslim or Christian first instead of being an Israeli.

    I don't support a two state solution either. The reason being is it would leave the racist, apartheid government of Israel intact. THEY are the problem.

    If you want to help Israel, help overthrow their zio-nazi government before they get everybody over there killed.


  • hen

    how did this idiot escape the cukoo's nest?