Baptist Pacifists Trash Israel

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For left-wing Baptist pacifists, such paranoid, heated rhetoric must have seemed like revival.  Hall also introduced the documentary Soldiers of Conscience about U.S. military personnel who refused service in the Iraq War, about which Hall remarked:  “We now know was based on lies.”  The audience hissed and laughed when a U.S. Army ethicist in the film asserted:   “You can’t say you support human dignity or human rights if you’re not willing to defend it.”   The aroused crowd later heard from Camilo Mejía, the Nicaraguan-American and son of a former Sandinista songwriter who as a Florida National Guardsmen was convicted of desertion for refusing further service in Iraq.    Inevitably, one of his attorneys was gadfly former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who helped Mejía argue that service in Iraq was immoral because of U.S. war crimes.

Also speaking to the Baptists was Kim Phuc, who was famously photographed when a girl during the Vietnam War as a naked, escaping victim of a U.S. napalm strike.  Her terrifying ordeal iconically portrayed the supposed injustice of U.S. efforts to resist North Vietnamese communist aggression.  Now commendably helping other child victims of war, Kim Phuc was more dignified than most of the Baptists’ featured polemicists.  It’s no fault of hers that her terror 40 years ago was exploited by North Vietnam to expedite its own totalitarian conquest and greater terror.  And she perhaps was unaware of how the Baptist Peace Fellowship would exploit her pleas for peace for its own radical, utopian agenda whose ultimate bitter fruit is greater conflict.

The Baptist Peace Fellowship is concluding their “Peace Camp” with a visit from a homosexual Baptist caucus, which is organizing a prom for ALL as a “way to forgive ourselves for not measuring up in those ‘golden’ day of high school.” Invitees are urged: “Come as you are or as you want to be. Come in drag or come in your PJ’s!”  Traditionally, Baptists don’t even believe in dancing, much less cross dressing.  But the Baptist Peace Fellowship and its allies offer a new and supposedly more bracing future for fellow religionists.

And the Baptist Peace Fellowship, ironically meeting at a rather staid Mennonite school, was able to combine in its own program virtually all the major bugaboos and obsessions of the extreme Religious Left.  Thankfully the vast majority of Baptists will not listen.  Professor Irving Wesley Hall ominously and unhappily portrayed the conservative resurgence in the 16 million member Southern Baptist Convention as a virtual Zionist conquest.  In other words, most Baptists won’t be inviting Professor Hall into their pulpits.

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  • Lillith66

    Jesus must be so proud!!!!

  • kwg1

    …And Satan is laughing!

  • John

    Shame on them… As a middle eastern christian i say ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM!!
    Israel has nothing to do with the world's problems…. Islam is in war with the world since the 7th century, Israel is just an excuse for the them to blame someone.. Those so called Baptists are ignorant who insult our christian history and roots in the middle east, they insult all the christian victims of Islam… They don't have a clue of what they're saying, anyway whoever supports the sons of Satan is satanic himself. As always , the filthiest shoe of the filthiest jew is better and cleaner than muhammad and allah.

  • Daren

    Satan's god – allah al-llahi- the moon god must be smiling upon him !!!

  • Rifleman

    Vietnamese pilots were flying the aircraft that napalmed the girl's village from the Kim Phuc photo.

    It's nice to see they didn't forget us Southern Baptists, I was starting to feel left out, like we weren't doing right or weren't doing enough.

  • montlasky

    What a lovely chap! Did he have a mother????

  • montlasky

    What a lovely chap! Did he have a mother………….??

    • Mike from Brooklyn

      Did he have a mother? That's a knee slapper. Really. I intend to use this line at the appropriate time montlasky. Thanks for an early morning laugh.

  • Rick

    The man is nuts and group is crazy. Anyone who is against Israel is against God Himself.

    • mildheadwound

      Sign me up for that war. At least it would be slightly valid.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Nothing special here.
    Mr. Hall is just another in a long, long line of froth at the mouth, irrational, hate filled anti-Semites.
    They do get boring.

  • BS77

    The truly brainwashed never know it. They have been indoctrinated to end all rational thinking, and just believe in whatever has been drilled into their foolish minds.

  • James Wyatt

    A high school for the 1950s proudly proclaimed that he read THE NEW YORK TIME and the WALL STREET JOURNAL each morning1 OH, JOY! Two among a multitude of "brain washers"!!!

  • Old Maintenance Man

    Even the most glancing look at these people will show that they are not Christians and not true Americans. There is always a kook fringe on the periphery of any large group. Calling themselves Baptists does not make them Baptists. It is a common Liberal device for groups to name themselves after groups they wish to destroy. This group is Baptist the same way Jimmy Carter is Baptist. He also takes up the causes of dictators, Communists, The Palestinians and any other group who wish to maintain a strong USA with it's traditional rights and freedoms.

  • LindaRivera

    Why don't these people give their real name? The devil's servants.

  • Guest

    A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

  • ADam

    Good for him.

    Israel is the root of the problems in the middle east.

    • Old Maintenance Man

      Let's have some proof that Israel is the root of all the problems in the Middle East. It is a matter of recorded history that every war Israel has been involved in since it's founding has been the result of Arab attacks. Doesn't it seem strange that every time Arab countries with 200,000,000 people attack a little nation with 9,000,000 total population they get their bottoms kicked? Common sense would dictate that they are on the wrong side of the fence.

    • Pauline

      Do you really believe that if Israel didn’t exist there would be peace in the Middle East? No! The Arab nations would just war amongst themselves, at the moment Israel is just a convenient scapegoat, just as Jewish people have been for centuries.

  • Fudgepackin Mohamed

    This church is just like BHO's Chicago one. Get a respectful name then teach something completely different. Like the islamic command to lie, cheat, steal and use deciet, these 'so called" Baptists are just smart muslims doing for satan what he commands of them. A white dress does not make a bride a virgin.

    • John P.

      I was going to write a retort but I couldn't do better than Fudgepackin Mohamed did. mUhammad (PBUH – translated is: Puke Be Upon Him) Muslims are really destitute for some kind of a prophet to have one that's a pedophile murdering homosexual.

  • Saltpetre

    "Hall cited 1967 as the pivotal year when America solidified its support for “radically right-wing Jewish fascism.” After all, the U.S. military industrial complex was impressed by Israel’s military prowess in that year’s war."

    Outside moralistic boundaries, Israel is the United States' foothold in the Middle East. We've done the same with Iraq.

    "For left-wing Baptist pacifists, such paranoid, heated rhetoric must have seemed like revival."

    This is a lie. I'm a left wing, I have very realist-pacifist sentiments, but this guy is one of the people on campus who I have to look away from to avoid making a big scene.

    "“You can’t say you support human dignity or human rights if you’re not willing to defend it.”"

    This statement is half-true, at best. Most people aren't ready-and-willing to jump into war. The majority are either forcibly drafted or poor and in need of money because they can't get a job or pay for college.

    >"Like the islamic command to lie, cheat, steal and use deciet, these 'so called" Baptists are just smart muslims doing for satan what he commands of them."
    >"Why don't these people give their real name? The devil's servants."
    >"Even the most glancing look at these people will show that they are not Christians and not true Americans.
    >"The truly brainwashed never know it. They have been indoctrinated to end all rational thinking, and just believe in whatever has been drilled into their foolish minds."

    How can you people bash this guy for saturating his arguments in "heated rhetoric", while doing the same thing?

  • monst0r

    The reich's Jewish population didn't triple during the Holocaust.

  • findalis

    As a Jew I expect this from Christians. They are all the same. Deep down it is the old anti-Semitism. And Baptists claim they are pro-Israel. Just another Christian lie.

    • johnnywoods

      Findalis these people are not Christians so you are incorrect in your statement and I might remind you that Israel has no greater support in the U.S. than Evangelical Christians. We are not anti-Semitic by any stretch of the imagination. I also am a Baptist and I resent your statement. You need to check your facts before you"shoot your mouth off".

      • findalis

        It was good Baptists like you that made my childhood a living hell with the anti-Semitism I experienced at their hands. I have first hand knowledge of the behavior of "Christians" and can actually count on one hand the number of people who truly follow Christ and those who don't.

        As for the facts, where were the Baptists in 1948 when Israel was founded and faced an embargo of arms. The Arabs were sold arms by the US, Great Britain, etc.. Israel couldn't get a crumb. Yet the Baptists (and other Christians) did nothing, said nothing.

        Or where were the Baptists in 1938 when Jews were trying to flee Europe?

        Today you want to stand next to Israel, but when push comes to shove you will turn on Israel and probably the Jews in your neighborhood.

        • johnnywoods

          I am first a Christian and secondly a Baptist. I have never persecuted a Jew or opposed Israel in any way. Most of my Christian friends also support Israel and are NOT anti-Semites. In 1948 I was two years old so not much aware of events in Israel at that time. From the time I was old enough to understand what was going on in the Middle East in 1967 I was pro- Israel and have always been since. I actually studied the history of the region and have seen all the injustices perpetrated against Israel and have NEVER opposed Israel`s actions or military strikes made by them in self-defense. One of the many reasons that I oppose Barack al Obama is because of his opposition to Israel and the way he "dissed" Bibi. No Jews in my neighborhood or my city or State has anything to fear from me or my friends. BTW I have had several Jewish friends and always respected them.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Are these the same Palestinians that took over a church in Bethlehem and used the pages of the Bible to wipe their butts? Are these the same Palestinians that were offered a very, very good treaty (too good in fact) by Israel that they turned down? Are these the same Palestinians who have been given millions and billions of dollars to make life better for their people only to waste it on munitions and rockets to lob into Israel? The Baptists ought to be ashamed of themselves. (And findalis, you should be ashamed of yourself too. Christians are the #1 supporters of the nation of Israel in the world today You have to turn the clock back several hundred years to find Christians (Catholic) that were anti-Jew. You need to catch up on your current events.)

  • Josh

    And so the religious right shall run their mouths on and on and on and on.

  • martel

    The anti-Israel Baptists are not typical of the entire Baptist group. I think they are probably drawn from the snake handling barefoot contingent. Don't worry. When Jesus comes back they are going to be in a world of trouble for giving a hard time to the blood relatives of Joseph and Mary.

  • motorsportsnz

    does Irving Wesley Hall read the bible or is it that he reads those parts he likes..when the God of Israel says in Genesis 12:2-3 (New International Version)
    2 “I will make you into a great nation,
    and I will bless you;
    I will make your name great,
    and you will be a blessing.[a]
    3 I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”[
    Would that seem to be a rather wonderful statement to follow?
    It does say if you bless them you will be blessed.
    I do hope sir you will obey His request

  • CAROLE63

    How can these christians be so ignorant and stupid to be taken in by the propaganda that the islamist adherrants portray?
    They should investigate what`s really happening in Israel and how much the Israelis suffer from the attacks of violence from tha arabs in Gaza!
    This is hardly ever reported and all the good things the jews do for these ungrateful people!

  • Cynthia Cuomo

    I have a relative who is a Baptist- I am Jewish and very pro-Israel-when I pussy footed around-talking about Israel-Libya-he had no other response but- "America should'nt be giving money to any country" Why do so many people feel that America should'nt give Israel money- are they against Israel and the Jews? I know that this is a question-and not a comment-but would appreciate feedback from anyone.