CAIR & Imam Rauf Confront ‘Islamophobia’

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What could motivate an Episcopal Cathedral to host Islamic prayers while also miffing the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center?

The answer is an anti-“Islamophobia” conference, co-sponsored by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and featuring former Ground Zero Mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

Titled “I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Confronting Islamophobia,” the recent event was at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral in Seattle, with support from the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, CAIR, Sabeel North America, Episcopal Bishop Greg Rickel, United Methodist Pacific Northwest Bishop Grant Hagiya, and Bishop Chris Boerger of the Northwest Washington Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

St. Mark’s Cathedral has earned attention before for its Islam-friendly stance.  In 2007, the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding, the cathedral’s director of faith formation, announced she was both an Episcopal priest and a Muslim.  Redding was defrocked in 2009 by her New England bishop, who was skeptical of an “Islamopalian” clergy.

For the recent Islamophobia event, a few demonstrators appeared outside the cathedral.  But otherwise there seems to have been little open objection to the Episcopal-hosted campaign against an America supposedly rife with Islamophobia. Predictably, the chief named culprits were Tea Partiers, Republicans, evangelical Christians, and the “Israel lobby.”

For onsite reporting, I am indebted to my associate Jeff Walton, whose account can be found here.

Emblematic of the Islamophobia fest was Imam Rauf’s declining, when questioned, to criticize a fatwa against Seattle Weekly cartoonist Molly Norris, who was guilty of depicting Muhammad.  At the FBI’s urging, Norris is hiding under a new identity.  Acknowledging the underside of Islamic law might distract the spotlight from the evils of Islamophobia, Imam Rauf no doubt understood.

Rauf innocuously described Muslims as “Unitarians with an Arabic liturgy,” while shari’a merely echoes the Declaration of Independence in seeking “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He complained that controversy over the Ground Zero mosque was a political “wedge issue.”  And he regretted that “Islamist” was an unfair term that tries “to link Islam and terrorism,” though he did not suggest an alternative name for radical Muslims who kill in the name of their faith.  At sunset, Imam led his co-religionists in kneeling on the cathedral’s floor to pray while facing toward Mecca.

The cathedral’s Muslim speakers were verbally restrained compared to the non-Muslim critics of Islamophobia. Freelance journalist Richard Silverstein condemned the “cowardice” of the Southern Poverty Law Center for backing away as an event co-sponsor, supposedly for fear of alienating Jewish donors. “Even liberal Jews get spooked by charges about CAIR,” Silverstein chirped.

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  • Dispozovdaburka

    I'll have to write a letter to Episcopalians.
    They need some enlightnenment.

  • Ghostwriter

    Gee,I wonder why Muslims would think that Americans would be afraid of Islam? Maybe because of all the years of terrorism that gave us or them burning our flag every five minutes while screaming "Death to America!" and "Death to Israel!" Or maybe because we saw many of them rejoicing on 9/11 while three thousand Americans died simply because we didn't worship the same god as they did.

  • Ishmael137

    If only CAIR was as upfront and proactive about confronting arrogance, hatred, bigotry and bias in the Muslim community. Instead, they promote division and only a one-way spirit of tolerance.

  • Peaceful_Living

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  • Peaceful_Living

    FBI's database shows that 6% of terror in America caused by Muslims, and 7% caused by Jews! The rest by other groups. Wow! See their whole database here and form your own opinions: