Church Council Gives Hugs to Cuba

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In an apparent bid for seeming impartiality, the NCC delegation also cited the plight of Alan Gross, a U.S. citizen and USAID contractor in a Cuban prison since 2009 for bringing telecommunications equipment to Cuba’s Jewish community.   Kinnamon, who visited the prisoner, carefully cited Gross’ “sense of being unjustly accused” and insisted:  “I am not here to pass judgment but I care about him as a person ― the humanitarian issue.”

Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón urged Kinnamon and the other U.S. ecumenical visitors to “pray” and “beg for a miracle” that the U.S. finally will end its unjust embargo against Cuba.  “It [the embargo] is only trying to turn people against a revolution they support by provoking hunger, suffering and desperation,” he explained.  Alarcón also boasted that his regime is introducing some market reforms “without abandoning the principles of socialism,” no doubt cheering to his visiting Religious Left audience.  Kinnamon hailed Alarcón, who is a communist and an atheist, as an “honorary ecumenist.”

In a sermon to a Cuban seminary, Kinnamon complained of “all of the torture practiced under the Bush administration, including at Guantanamo.”  Of course, he did not mention all of the torture that Cuba’s own regime has routinely practiced across 52 years.   Kinnamon also condemned “Republican presidential candidates” who are “convinced that a huge wall along America’s southern border will keep us safe” and that a “continued blockade against Cuba makes us more secure.” No doubt the Cuban state controlled media were generous in their attention to Kinnamon et al.

More accurately in his Cuban sermon, Kinnamon, who is retiring from the NCC, admitted that U.S. once Mainline denominations that comprise the NCC have suffered steep decline and are no longer influential.  (Although he still inaccurately claimed the NCC represents 50 million church members.)   Citing the Episcopal Church’s recent membership drop to below 2 million, for the first time in over 60 years, Kinnamon confessed:  “When the presiding bishop speaks, few politicians pay any attention.”

The Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop was with Kinnamon on his Cuban trip.  What did she think about his comment?  Perhaps she reminded Kinnamon that in truth, “few politicians pay attention” to him or the NCC either, except for maybe appreciative Cuban communist apparatchiks.

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  • Brujo Blanco

    Is the NCC really a Christian organization or a communist organization? Why are they supporting a regime that does not endorse the free practice of religion?

  • StephenD

    When folks start anchoring old doors to 55 gallon drums to float to Cuba from America, then I'll listen to what the NCC has to say. Until then and while it is exactly the opposite, they can pound sand.

  • aspacia

    My mother routinely give $ to the Episcopal Church. She will not listen to me regarding this institution, but she is tying of terminal cancer and I will her estate executor. Needless to say, the church will not receive a brass farthing from me, but the Salvation Army will.