Conservative Christians Demand Action Against Iranian Nukes

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A coalition of primarily evangelical leaders, plus some Roman Catholics, is urging assertive U.S. actions against Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Their concerns contrast with the Religious Left, which seems mostly to prefer quiet acquiescence to a nuclear armed Iran.

The conservative Christians, operating as “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran,” argue “Iran’s nuclear weapons program will destabilize the Middle East, lead to an arms race in a volatile part of the world, and threaten the United States and its allies in Europe.”  These assertions are hardly controversial.  Yet for some reason, it is left to conservative religionists to make these arguments. Shouldn’t religionists on the left, ostensibly so concerned about both theocracy and nukes, also be distressed about nuclear-armed Iranian mullahs?

The Left likes to target the end-times theology that purportedly guides some conservative Christians.  But Iran’s clerics, and its president, have a very detailed, grisly and publicly expressed end-times scenario that nukes could actually help implement.  Shouldn’t resistance to nukes for Iran’s theocracy be religiously broad-based and ecumenical?  Instead, it is religious conservatives who are making the reasoned case.  They are in some ways reminiscent of responsible religious liberals of the mid 20th century, guided by thinkers like Reinhold Neibuhr, who rigorously espoused deterrence of Nazi and Communist aggression.

“Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran” recently sent a letter to U.S. Senators that urged expanding the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, increasing U.S. emphasis on Iran’s enormous human-rights violations, enhancing Voice of America’s Persian News Network’s support for the “pro-freedom movement in Iran,” transferring responsibility for pro-democracy funding in Iran from the State Department to the National Endowment for Democracy, aggressive identifying front companies of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), and applying pressure on firms paying Iran in advance for oil and gas.

The conservative Christian group cited Iran’s most recent refusal to negotiate over its nuclear program, along with Iran’s persistent denial of access to meaningful inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency.  They also cited diplomatic cables from Wikileaks that vividly illustrate the anxiety of Arab governments over a nuclear Iran.  Coalition signers include Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, evangelist James Robison, broadcaster Pat Robertson, mega-church pastor John Hagee, and William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, among others.

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  • kafirman

    The left is correct in that words are indeed the best weapon. Unfortunately, being bereft of both courage and mind, the left has no helpful words to offer.

    Republicans too have precious little to offer. How many weepublicans will openly muse, "By what rationale does the US grant 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status to Islamic institutions which teach the Jizya tax on infidels 'to make them feel oppressed' (Koran 9:29)"?

  • George

    These conservative Christians have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Iran's nuclear program is entirely peaceful, unlike India, Pakistan, Israel, the US, the UK, France and Russia. Iran is the most inspected country in the world. Does anyone from the IAEA ever inspect the nuclear facilities of any of these countries? The US just allocated $75B to upgrade its nuclear arsenal and the US is the only country in history which has actually used nuclear weapons. It is the height of hypocrisy to complain about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program. If someone thinks otherwise, please provide the evidence.

    • MixMChess

      Iran has waged war on its neighbors and made territorial claims to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and other UAE states. Its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has admitted he follows the belief of the 12th Imam, and wants to bring about armageddon so the Mahdi can return. Ahmadinejad has also promised to wipe Israel off the map and has committed countless human rights abuses against his own people (see riots of 2009). The supreme leader mullahs are xenophobic Islamofascits who want to wage worldwide Jihad. It is hypocritical to claim that Iran's nuclear program isn't incredibly dangerous.

      • George

        You are totally ignorant about Iran. You are worse than these conservative Christians, or maybe you are one of them. I ran has made absolutely no claim on any other country. It has also not attacked another country for at least 300 year (longer than the US has been in existence). Where did you get the ridiculous beliefs? Iran has plenty of space (it is three times the size of France), it has enough people (about 75 million) and it is extremely rich in resources. Do you think it need more oil wells like the oil-starved US?

        As far as the 12th Imam is concerned, I'll let Ahmadinejad discuss it with the conservative Christians. I know nothing about it.

        Concerning the claims that Ahmadinejad wants to "wipe out Israel," you have been asleep for at least two years. It was refuted at least that long ago. The whole thing was based on a mistranslation. Check the following:

  • george lover

    george knows whats up

  • adam

    Garbage article on a garbage website for garbage people.