Immigration Newspeak

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In true Orwellian style, the Religious Left, guided by an ACORN ally, is campaigning to suppress the “I-Word,” i.e. the “illegal” in “illegal immigration.”  Essentially, much of the Religious Left does not believe any immigration should be “illegal,” hence the naughtiness of even saying the word.

The Capitol Hill-based United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race (GCRR) is one leading enthusiast for the “Drop the I-Word” campaign.  It does not want anyone referred to as illegal. And it surmises that anyone who does use the “I” word, or is seriously concerned about illegal immigration, is likely racist.  After all, what other motive could there be for not supporting complete open borders and all of the anarchy that would ensue?

In its “tool kit” for the “Drop the I-Word” struggle, GCRR explains that it wants to “denounce and oppose the rise of xenophobic, racist, and violent reactions against migrants in the United States, and to support all efforts to build relationships between people, instead of building walls, between diverse ethnicities and cultures.”  Key to this crusade is the demand to “eliminate the racially derogatory term, ‘illegal’ as part of the conversation on immigration reform within the church and public discourse and stop using the term ‘illegals’ and its derivatives.”

Revealingly, the GCRR “tool kit” does not specifically emphasize any acceptable alternative language for “illegal” because in fact it does not want any immigration to be illegal.  The mere whisper of border guards, or visas, or regulation of who may enter the country is motivated by hate and must be banished.  Essentially, the “I-Word” is becoming part of unacceptable “hate speech.” But a question and answer section of the GCRR website does reluctantly suggest that “undocumented” might be acceptable for persons euphemistically “out of status,” though surely even this more benign term would eventually become politically incorrect.   Maybe “special guests” would be more welcoming.

Graciously, the GCRR is inviting repentant sinners to sign a pledge of no more “I-Word,” much as remorseful drunks once signed temperance pledge cards.  This modern pledge solemnly warns that the forbidden word “creates an environment of hate by exploiting racial fear and economic anxiety, creating an easy scapegoat for complex issues, and OK-ing violence against those labeled with the word.”  So, malefactors who still mouth this profanity are even facilitating “violence” against immigrants.  Pledge makers commit to “eliminate the racially derogatory term, ‘illegals,’ from use within the church, popular usage and public discourse and for choosing instead to use language that affirms the inherent worth of all people in the eyes of God.”

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  • Ghostwriter

    If I were a legal immigrant,I would find this sort of thing insulting to my intelligence and stupid. But I'm not. I'm a native-born American. But,I still think that this is insulting to my intelligence and stupid.

  • David Miller

    I am dismayed at the leadership of the Methodist church of which I am a member. The BIshops seem so certain that breaking a nations immigration laws is okay. Would they feel the same if a lay person served communion or baptized new believers?

  • Philosopherking

    Actually, the left claims any authority to ban anything they want. It doesn't matter if it is state, religious, moral, personal, or anything they want. They just do it.

  • William Griffith

    The "leadership" of the mainline Protestant churches – UMC, ELCA, Presb., Epescp, UCC – they are ALL Progressives – first. The "socialization of the gospel" is the next priority as that increases their political power and social standing among their elite(non-Christian) peers. Christianity and Biblical teaching from these folks is way – WAY- down the list. Much like BHO views the Constitution as an obstacle – to Progressive "Christians" the Bible is just a dusty old document to be overcome or ignored. So when the Religious Left uses "social justice" as a club to destroy the Constitution and this Republic it is a win- win in their twisted world view.

  • mattogilvie55

    I really resent the phrase "religious left." There is no such thing. Leftwingers are not Christians, it is simply not possible.

  • welldoneson

    Is it true that the "no one is illegal" darlings are only active in Western, English-speaking countries? Is there an active NOII in Germany, Greece, Spain, Russia?

  • L.Davis

    I wish that "there is no leftist Christian, especially churches; but sadly if you look closely at what is happening in these once Christian institutions; it is clear that "progressive" philosphy is being imposed on thousands of parishioners that disagree. They are essentially given the same message Progressive Democrats give: if you don't like it, and don't agree with us, then get the hell out. Hence thousands (even though they are the majority) are being forced to leave churches because they can no longer stand Chrisitan churches that don't believe in Christ or the Bible.

    The Episcopal Church in my small city has given thought to adding the word "Progressive" to their name (Tinity). They no longer actually believe in the Trinity, but somehow feel they have the right to rename and destroy it. It's happening with the Methodist Chruch, the Presbyterian Church and many other Protestant denominations.

    We've ignored the 'conventions', canons, decrees from above in our churches just like we ignore our governments…trusting the people who represent us. That was and is a huge mistake.