Left Warns Obama of ‘Holy Hell’ over Tar Sands Pipeline

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“Now is the time for the President to show true leadership and help to move the country off of oil,” intoned Robert Redford in his video appeal.  “We have better energy choices.”  Of course, he didn’t list what those “better” choices are.  More expensive oil presumably will not seriously affect Redford’s standard of living.  Labor unions are backing the tar sands pipeline, apparently welcoming even the “poorly paid” jobs that Berger disparaged.

At a previous anti-pipeline rally, Berger somewhat apologetically asked how many demonstrators “talk to God,” and enthused: “Sometimes reading the Bible makes you liberal.”  She added: “And when you start reading what Jesus said, it makes you radical!”  One inspired demonstrator responded by shouting:  “Revolution!”  So Jesus is apparently against the tar sands pipeline.  In the leftist interpretation of Jesus, the world would be better off if it completely reverted to the stinky and far more polluting fuel sources of Jesus’ time:  animal dung and firewood. Indeed, Berger insisted this pipeline is “religiously and morally reprehensible.”  And amid raucous cheers she sternly warned President Obama if he approved it:  “There will be holy hell to pay.”  She described Lutheran bishops potentially “sitting down in front of bulldozers.”  A terrifying scenario indeed.

Leftist religious activists were arrested outside the White House in August, including apparently the head of the chief Catholic Maryknoller lobbyist, who explained:  “We have to learn to live in harmony with this planet, our only home.”  Although an inanimate object, religious leftists like to speak of “the planet” as a living organism perhaps of more value than the mere mortals who dwell upon it.

The religious anti-pipeline zealots imagine a fantastic utopia without oil or industry, where everyone magically lives like Robert Redford on a beautiful ranch in Utah, commuting back to the West coast home in perhaps hot air balloons.  These activists like to cite Jesus.  But He more typically concerned Himself with ordinary people, who in our own time, need oil, affordable energy, industry and jobs.

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  • RobtChas

    The correct name is oilsands – not tarsands. Tar is man made and the term tarsands is used to slander the oilsands by its opponents.

  • TPD

    As a United Methodist Woman, I DON'T appreciate having words put in my mouth. To my knowledge, we members of UMW weren't given a chance to express our thoughts on this matter. tpd-SATX

  • Trish

    I am a United Methodist Woman (UMW) and I am not represented by these women. I recent that they are using their UMW membership for their political gain and stance. As a United Methodist Woman our purpose is mission work helping others through out the world, so in my opinion these woman are misusing and misrepresenting all UMW. pes; San Antonio, TX