The Religious Left’s Warped ‘Just Peace’

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How nice.  But did Norwegian churches, which are mostly empty in that increasingly secular country, offer any solution for removing a mass murderer from his clutching perch of over 20 years?  Likely not.  The Religious Left around the world routinely condemns America and its allies, while offering no constructive alternatives for restraining the world’s most sinister predators.   What “security” has the United Nations offered to anyone?

Naturally, in their concluding manifesto, the religious peace activists bemoaned the “continued occupation” in “Palestine,” while extending “solidarity” with the people of “divided countries” such as Korea, without offering any particular sympathy to the specifically suffering people of North Korea.  Always anxious to apologize for the sins of other Christians less virtuous than themselves, the WCC delegates woefully acknowledged that “Christians have often been complicit in systems of violence, injustice, militarism, racism, casteism, intolerance and discrimination.” They expressed hope that all war would become “illegal,” evidently wanting to repeat the failed project of the 1928 Kellogg-Briand pact outlawing war, soon to be followed by the world’s most calamitous war ever.

The WCC delegates cited the “fact” that all “violence is contrary to the will of God and can never resolve conflicts,” hence the need for transition from “just war” to “Just Peace,” while continuing to “struggle with how innocent people can be protected.”   Struggle indeed.  Pacifism requires that permitting the innocent to suffer in homage to non-violence is a brutal but necessary virtue.  And of course, no Religious Left gathering could conclude without warning against the ominous threats of “climate change” and the “neoliberal system” preoccupation with “unfettered economic growth.”

In short, this WCC “peace” convocation would prefer that victims of aggression suffer without rescue, and that billions of poor perpetually remain poor, rather than succumb to “neoliberal” free markets ideas of economic growth or dare to sully the environment.   Hardly a message of hope from purported representatives of the Prince of Peace and Hope.


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