Union Seminary Cheerleads Wall Street Occupation

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Already excited about Cornel West’s joining her faculty, New York’s Union Seminary president Serene Jones enthusiastically announced that her campus will continue to cheerlead for the Wall Street Occupiers after their abrupt ouster from Zuccotti Park.

“At Union Theological Seminary, we stand in full solidarity with the protestors,” announced Serene Jones in her Huffington Post column. “Questioning the status quo, as well as defying entrenched authority, is one of The Bible’s most powerful themes, especially as it is revealed through the example of Jesus Christ.”

Union was once one of America’s most prestigious Mainline Protestant seminaries.  Early in the 20th century, if not before, it bracingly sided with liberalism against traditional theology.  John D. Rockefeller, Jr., himself a devout liberal Baptist enthusiast for the Social Gospel, lavished patronage on Union.  Its faculty once hosted nationally renowned thinkers like Reinhold Niebuhr.  But already in the 1930’s a visiting German student, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, found Union’s watered down, social justice Protestantism to be languid.  The future anti-Hitler conspirator looked to Harlem’s black churches for more vibrant faith.

In recent years, as liberal Protestantism has imploded, Union has lost its prestige and struggled with finances.  Capturing religious leftist Cornel West from Princeton University certainly is a coup.  And touting Wall Street occupiers maybe will revivify Union, which like other leftist institutions, has yearned for an energizing cause ever since the Vietnam War.

Union’s president explained in HuffPo that “flying banners is fine” but not sufficient in these dire times.  So Union trained 45 students to act as round the clock “protest chaplains” for Wall Street Occupiers, “be they anarchist, capitalist, or no “ist” at all.”  Student activists were put through an “activist drill” that included a “seminar on non-violent resistance, a course on the legal rights of occupiers, and training on how to be pastoral presence in the midst of chaos.”

Jones noted that “so far” no Union students have been arrested or suffered physical harm.  She wondered if this will change after the November 17 ouster of the Occupation from the Zuccotti Park.  “I’m fearful the protests may turn ugly,” she confessed.  “But my heart also leaps as I envision every student at Union Theological Seminary as a budding Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who will have the fearless spiritual discipline of staying present.”

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  • Ben

    Leftist Christians,leftist rabbis welcome occupiers just as they heil Israel`s distruction.
    These blind pastors helped communists`s and leftists seizure othe power in the past to the peril of believers. Today they play ecumenical games with Islam.This corrupt efforts to keep fliing believers are vainly.

  • Brujo Blanco

    All Christians need to understand that communist, Nazis, Neo-Nazis, and Islamists all want to do away with Christianity completely. They also want to eliminate Jews. If you feed the crocodiles believing they will eat you last believe that they will still eat you.

    • UCSPanther

      True, and Communism has had a long history of being antisemitic…

  • poetcomic1

    Union Seminary's highest degree: Doctor of Useful Idiocy.

  • epaddon

    What I find so amusing about Leftist "Christians" is how a favorite technique of theirs is to denounce conservative Christians as "Pharisees" to give themselves a phony veneer of somehow being truer to the words of Jesus, but if there is any group that better fits the description of "Pharisee" it is this group who strut and preen about their commitment to "social justice" or who in other words are like those rich men who like to boast about how much they give to the poor but who ultimately at their core are spiritually dead. They are the kind of people who would likely condemn Jesus for praising the poor woman who gave her last two copper coins!

  • crypticguise

    Christians are being murdered all over the world. What is Union Theological Seminary supporting? Occupy MOBs. I don't have to say more than it is amusing that the crackpot, faux-intellectual Cornel West has "transitioned" from Princeton. Funny.

  • Hercules

    I doubt that Jesus would aver the creation of a totalitarian government to act as the instrument of God's will in achieving a Marxists Utopia. As with all things, He would base justice on the love of one human being for another, not on Roman or American coercion based on seizing the wealth of some to redistribute it to others. He never said that government should take care of the poor but that people do so in voluntary acts of love. The Left, including Union Theological Seminary, have distorted and perverted the message of Christ to make it conform to Marxist ideology. As Jesus said, 'wolves in sheep's clothing will deceive many' and Union is but one of many wolves in our land today.

  • kohana

    How grateful I am that my mother accepted the scholarship to study in Israel vs. a scholarship to obtain her PhD in theology at Union in 1959. She eventually, as an ordained Christian minister, encouraged me to convert to Judaism. In her last years with Alzheimer's, remembered her Hebrew and recited the Shem'a as she died, in 1998.

  • Lady_dr

    Thank you Kohana. That is really beautiful. Leftest, be they Christian or Jewish, are what is wrong with their own allegiances, and with the world. They make me want to puke.