Behind Obama’s Defense of a Mexican Killer

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Trent reports that as a professor at Northwestern University School of Law, “Ms. Babcock’s research interest is imposing international law on the American justice system, a hobby she practices with her colleague, terrorist-cum-law-professor Bernardine Dohrn.” Dohrn is the Director of Northwestern’s Children and Family Justice Center who, like Babcock, lists “International Human Rights” among her areas of expertise. It’s ironic that “Juvenile Justice” is Dohrn’s other area of expertise, since she and her transnationalist allies haven’t put any effort toward the defense of 16-year-old Adrea Sauceda’s rights.

Dohrn is a lifelong “revolutionary anti-imperialist” who co-founded the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group, which carried out bombings on American soil, and was accused of planting the bomb that killed a San Francisco police sergeant in 1970, a charge she denies. She salivated over the Manson family’s butchery of innocents (whom she referred to as “pigs”), was a principal signatory of a Declaration of War against “AmeriKKKa,” and today links arms with her Code Pink cohorts to stand with Hamas and denounce the imaginary genocide of Palestinians being waged so ineptly by Israeli oppressors. So her concept of “international human rights” seems rather limited.

Dohrn, Babcock, Koh and the other activists from that 2003 conference all share what the National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy calls Obama’s “poorly camouflaged loathing of American power, at least when used to pursue American interests.” They are united in their intent to diminish American sovereignty and superpower status, and to usher in a “post-American” world in which the United States submits itself to the judgment of transnational institutions like the United Nations and the International Court of Justice, packed with representatives who, to put it mildly, do not have America’s best interests at heart.

After Leal’s execution, his relatives who had gathered in Mexico burned a T-shirt with an image of the American flag in protest. His uncle criticized the U.S. justice system and said, “There is a God who makes us all pay.” Indeed, and thanks to Governor Perry’s refusal to cave in to Obama, Dohrn, and others who sought to subvert justice for Adrea Sauceda in order to advance their transnationalist agenda, Leal is no doubt paying for his savagery right now.

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  • Regina

    Repulsive.. I wondered about this. Sad, just more unfolds about Obama and those of like mind – by the day. Thanks though for an informative article-

    • MarkTapson

      You're welcome, Regina, thanks for reading.

  • Jim

    Is he trying to court the Mexican vote

    • Fred Dawes


    • Yellow Rosebuds

      The girl he tortured, raped and murdered was a Mexican American. I read that the whole family of his victim wanted that monster Leal put to death. And rumor down in Texas is that IF he got away with it, JUSTICE would be done the OLD FASHIONED way. Leal was well aware of that as well. He went out the EASY way… the old fashioned way would have ranked right up there with what he did to that young lady.

  • texastig

    What about the human rights for the girl who died?

    • Fred Dawes

      If she was white she would have no rights, if she was hispanic she would have rights so the guy must have murder a hispanic

  • effemall

    Bully for Texas!

    • BS77

      Good riddance to this pile of garbage…seventeen years of seemingly endless appeals and how much money wasted on this vermin? Even defense attorneys could not deny he was guilty as charged.

  • davarino

    More proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Fred Dawes

      savage nation all the way.

  • scum

    How many of the 200 executions were of innocents? Inquiring minds would like to know.

    • Tim

      They were all bad. A jury of their peers said so.

      • scum

        So now you believe in the legal system, after attacking Obama for questioning the legality of the execution?

    • Fred Dawes

      With the system OF LAWS, if one would have been killed AS A Innocent it would be a act of God

    • Pedro

      Scum..You are a scum BAG!!! Answer – ZERO.

      • scum

        Glad to know you've done exhaustive research on ALL the cases. You must have been up all night. In Illinois, a principled Republican governer recognized the inordinate number of innocents on death row, and put a moratorium on the death penalty. Glad to know that Texas got every case right. They must be really objective down there in Houstonville.

    • WMInfidel

      Hey Libtard, the issue at hand is NOT the death penalty. The issue at hand is the left's war against American soverienty..

      • scum

        Wrong Republicdoodyhardass, the issue is the death penalty in the context of international relations.

    • gueppe barre

      none, jackass – they were tried by a jury of their peers and found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt

      • davidhorowitz

        I didn't ask how many were found guilty, smelly back side.

  • crackerjack

    Its not about the crime. Its about upholding internationally recognized judicial stadards. If the US refuses foreign nationals embassy assistance, the USA emassys abroad will have trouble demanding these rules be applied to US citizens in similar cases.

    Constructing a case against Obama is either ignorant or reckless.

    • Lee

      The animal “foreign national” in question lived in the U.S (probably illegally) since the age of 2. He benefited from American culture,education medical care, social services (including free legal defense for his appaling crime) for over 20 years. Why,now, must we suddenly be sensitive to his foreign roots? I congratulate Gov. Perry for ridding American society of one more piece of human garbage. Oh- and if his surviving family members are here illegally- deport them.

      • Fred Dawes

        he may have killed 19 people.

    • jmahley

      Its all about the crime dumbass.Screw the rest of the world.You Rape and Murder anyone in this country You should die.We have our own judicial system constructed by americans and not by a bunch of anti-american international biggots like yourself.Our citizens dont get due process by all these countries you like so much.They get railroaded straight to prison.International courts should not be recognized because We the People had no say so in who the judges are.When the whole world hates you , How can you trust the world to have your best interest at heart?You Cant.

      • kid bertha

        Exactly Jmahley. It's ALL about the crime. Liberlism is a mental disorder.

      • Fred Dawes

        you are right, thank you.

    • kid bertha

      Crackerjack, you are a moron! Equating National Embassys with illegal immigrants is a total oxymoron. What an idiot!

    • Steve

      Embassy assistance was not refused, they just never asked. After all, this guy has been living in the US since he was two years old. You don't wait until you are convicted and about to be executed before you remember that you are here illegally and then ask for embassy assistance. Use some common sense.

      • crackerjack

        Legal rules are not about common sense.

        The Vienna Convention requires that foreigners detained abroad be told they may contact consular officials.

        The US signed the Vienna Convention and is in the habit of slamming nations such as Russia, China, Iran or Syria for not upholding the rules.

        • Rifleman

          "Legal rules are not about common sense." – They are when properly applied, as they were in this case.

    • boshwan

      I suggest that you GO to Mexico, commit a capital offense, and TRY to get released back to the US because you are a citizen. There are Americans languishing in Mexican prisons for less. For some reason we, as a Nation, are required to play by a set of "International Standards" that are regularly ignored by the self same critics of the US. We – in fact – would send him "home", he would likely be celebrated as having scored against the wicked US.

      It is NOT a level playing field. They know it. And they use it against us.

    • Yellow Rosebuds

      You are not a crackerjack !! Crackerjacks are nice, fun and tasty and you get a little toy or puzzle in the box. What you are IS a "liberal nutter", not nice and certainly YOU CONTAIN NOTHING THAT COULD REMOTELY BE CALLED
      FUN. HA!

    • Fergie


      You wrote: If the US refuses foreign nationals embassy assistance, the USA emassys abroad will have trouble demanding these rules be applied to US citizens in similar cases.

      It is not the issue of the US refusing foreign nationals embassy assistance, it is that every court all the way to the Circuit Court found that this killer was given all assistance due an American citizen, even though he was not – yet, because he literally grew up in America and knew American laws, etc, his situation was unique. Basically, what this whole story amounted to was just another ploy to gain this sick bast*$d a few more years and maybe, with a little luck (push from all the socialist pigs in America) end up with only being deported so he could sneak back into America and start murdering other little girls.

      This case is wrapped up in the Amnesty thing – with Obama saying that any illegal born here, is going to school here, or has a baby cannot be deported – backdoor amnesty – but when these people kill, maim or harm an American or naturalized citizen – everyone, including the Liar-in-Thief insists that they be given rights they gave away by living here most if not all of their stupid lives.

      Every American knows that the minute they do some stupid thing, like murdering someone, they hot foot it to their embassy and hook up with a lawyer. There are very few Americans who can claim to be illegally living in a foreign country since the age of two years old. Your argument is not valid and makes no sense in light of this case.

  • Liz

    Why do we have to register to read it all? I'll do it but I don't like it, and the people who need to read it, won't.

    • Fergie

      Hi Liz,
      The reason you need to register to read the whole story is because only those who are serious about these issues will register – the rest of the looky-loos will go on their way and the trolls will be quickly outted.

      You are in luck, Liz! This is one of the greatest sites for truthful and nonpartisan reporting you will ever find on the Internet. David Horowitz is awesome and has some super great people working for him! If you continue to get David’s newsletter, you will learn the truth about things that you thought you knew the truth about, but didn’t.

      If this is what you’re looking for, a place where the Truth REALLY has no agenda – You have picked one of the few websites that continues to tell the truth and continues to present information that we all, as informed citizens of America need to know.

      Welcome to FrontPageMag,


  • Tony B

    Before they dumped the poison in his system they should have used the same mop stick he stuck in the little woman's vagina and shoved it up where the light doesn't ever shine with a banner reading JUSTICE the American way.

    • ajnn


      • Rifleman

        If the punishment truly fit the crime, some might think twice about doing such things to others. I think people that do such things to women and children should be made an example of, and should take whatever they dished.

    • davidhorowitz

      That's the spirit. It's the Ugly American all over again.

  • Questions

    Why do so many people across the political spectrum continue to venerate the idea of poorly-educated and socialized ethnic Aztecs as the Rx for what allegedly ails American society, whether a worker "shortage" or a lack of cultural "vibrancy?" If this ugly and savage tale has a silver lining it is that it further discredits the case for mass immigration from Mexico.

    • Fred Dawes

      I think the way to deal with monkeys like this one should be a rope and a tree at the border, the sad part is we now see so many enemies of freedom here the only way out is to fight or become mexico.

      • scum

        No doubt Fred Dawes' father was tying a few blackies to a tree a few years ago.

    • davidhorowitz

      You don't seem to understand. It's the repopulation of the indigenous people here in America. The walls wont' stop em, learn to get along, bro. Learn some Espanolish.

  • Yetwave

    There was never any doubt as to Leal's commission of this ghastly crime. Those opposed to the justified disposal of this human flotsam maintained that because he did not receive a consultation with the Mexican consulate upon his arrest, his life should have been spared.
    The new twist and greatest danger to this outcry for reprieve from the lame is that the objection to execution came not as a result of a technicality within the American legal system but that it came as a result of the state of Texas ignoring laws that are imposed by a supranational entity.
    Thank you Texas for standing up to the attempted imposition of UN and world court legal fiat and those traitors in our midst who would have us circumvent our legal system in order to impose it.

    • Yellow Rosebuds

      The UN may have just learned DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS and that TEXAS says: "do NOT KILL OUR WOMEN AND GIRLS either !! ".

      • Supreme_Galooty

        The "UN" learns nothing. Texas does indeed send a message here, but it is sadly late in coming. The UN, for its part, should be asked to leave the United States, and the United States should refuse to support it when it leaves. It is a spawn of Satan, and truly DOES resemble the Star Wars bar scene. Good riddance!

  • MaoYing

    What does international law have to do with Texas? I wonder if the international law thing that is mentioned in this article has anything to do with that "One World Order" thing that Obama wants to achieve. As everyone knows, the One World Order thing is about as evil as it gets. No wonder Obama is interested. Imagine getting a speeding ticket in Texas and a judge in Mexico decides the penalty. For me, I wouldn't trust the judge in Mexico to be all that fair. Let your imaginations run wild now. Under a One World Order–I would be willing to bet that none of things you imagined are out of the question. Yes, that's how evil the One World Order is.

  • Ghostwriter

    And it won't be just American citizens who will suffer for this. Legal immigrants and refugees to this country won't get a fair hearing either. Places like China,Venezuela,Cuba,and others like them would love for an international court that would return those who fled to this country for their own safety that would simply overrule an American court's ability to judge who can stay and who can't. They could force this country to return those who fled here for political reasons even if they became American citizens.
    Also,if an illegal immigrant commits a crime against a legal immigrant to this country,the legal immigrant would have to go to the judge of the country where the illegal came from,and he might not be as just to the legal immigrant as an American court might with the same case. This should scare everyone in this country,native-born,legal immigrant or refugee. Not a pretty picture.

  • topperj

    Are there any decent people at the University of Illinois, employer of Bill Ayers, or Northwestern University, that of Bernadette Dohrn who have asked for the release of these two unrepentant anti-American thugs? The disgrace of our colleges and universities is the hiring of these terrorists, like Angela Davis and Ward Churchill, for the purpose of teaching young skulls full of mush Marxist/socialist/progressive anti-American venom.

  • roket

    tell obama and his quacky friends to stop the killing in the third world FIRST!!

  • Steve

    Publish the murder scene pictures, if you really want to win this PR battle.

  • UCSPanther

    Good riddance. I think everyone, even Mexicans should be celebrating the death of this murderer, and shame on Obama and other death penalty abolitionists for trying to save that fiend from his just desserts.

  • TimN

    Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. Remember he's not really an "illegal immigrant" he's an "undocumented immigrant". Fully entitled to all rights here.
    Unless he murders a young girl.
    Suddenly he's not really an undocumented immigrant he's a Mexican national again and the Mexican Government was supposed to give him free legal help.
    Considering the Mexican government (in all its moral superiority) opposes the death penalty (if it's American) then the guy has MORE rights as an illegal alien than a native American.
    I'm missing something somewhere.

    • Eric

      Excellent point! I was shocked at the attorney's intellectual dishonesty here too!

  • 12_Pellet_O-Buck

    Glad that TX KILLED him.

    • gueppe barre

      Texas EXECUTED him – it did not kill him.

      He KILLED the girl.

      There is a difference between execution of the law and illegal killing (aka murder). We need to get it right, even though I know what you're trying to say.

      • Rifleman

        He murdered the girl, and they legally apprehended, tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed him for it, after 16 years of appeals. Both were killings, but the execution was a just and legal killing.

  • palidin 911

    The real but unstated purpose of the outcries on behalf of Leal was to establish the subordination of US law to that the World Court and the UN.

    The involvement of the Jimmy Carter Center, George Soros' Open Society, Amnesty International, and the ACLU in the appeal to halt Leal's execution speaks to the real motivation behind this.

    What is scarey, is that Obama's Justice Department apparently supports international law over US law also.

    • Henach

      Obama seeks to reduce American sovereignty, in favor of turning over as much power as possible to international entities. This was one example. Another example is that he has refused to consult Congress for the war in Libya, as he must according to the War Powers Act. Instead, he consulted the Arab League, and then the U.N. As for Congress, he has contempt for Congress and contempt for the Constitution.

      • palidin 911

        and contempt for we the people.

  • 13Sisters76

    Obama doesn't care about our rule of law. Neither does he care about insignificant victims if there are larger fish to fry.
    I'm hoping Rick Perry runs- I'd say he has a big plus here.

  • sedoanman

    The defense never explained why it didn't raise this issue at trial 20 years ago, but waited until the last minute.

  • scepticalson

    Thank you for writing this detailed, shocking, and disturbing indictment of a brutal killer's defenders and their peculiar notions of justice. One paragraph, above all, illuminates the history and logic of the killer's defenders.
    "Dohrn is a lifelong “revolutionary anti-imperialist” who co-founded the Weather Underground domestic terrorist group, which carried out bombings on American soil, and was accused of planting the bomb that killed a San Francisco police sergeant in 1970, a charge she denies. She salivated over the Manson family’s butchery of innocents (whom she referred to as “pigs”), was a principal signatory of a Declaration of War against “AmeriKKKa,” and today links arms with her Code Pink cohorts to stand with Hamas and denounce the imaginary genocide of Palestinians being waged so ineptly by Israeli oppressors. So her concept of “international human rights” seems rather limited. " Indeed, "concept of 'international human rights' seems rather limited.

    • MarkTapson

      Thanks for reading and commenting, scepticalson.

  • Lightning Jack

    It is the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, not the U.N. or the International Court in the Hague that guarantees and codifies each states right to uphold the Rule of Law and administer justice.

    Unfortunately, we have over 80 percent of the worlds population of lawyers who are engaged at almost any moment in time in the circumvention of the law, the exoneration of criminals, the deconstruction of the letter and spirit of the Constitution, the distortion of objective reality, legal blackmail, the overthrow of the discernible truth, the manipulation of the ignorant masses and the defeat of justice.

    These post modern Hegelian-Marxist are not only anti-American extremist with law degrees, their delusional self-flagellation over the civil liberties of terrorist and common criminals has increased our jeopardy and turned the American justice system into an emotional halfway house.

  • Terry

    There is a thread running through the whole western 'human rights' industry, unbroken. The self proclaimed exponents of human rights simply don't believe them to be universal. If a human rights question harms the west, the US or Israel, they pursue it, even if it is entirely false. If a human rights question harms the bad guys, be they hamas, green commies, or self hating westerners, the human rights industry doesn't want to know.

    That well worn phrase 'social justice' only applies to the betterment of evil. Hence a raped, tortured and murdered 16 year old kid has no human rights. The humanitarians of the left don't care about her because her rights are trumped by the evil bastard who murdered her.

    If international treaties stop evil murderers being executed on a technicality, then western nations should tear up those treaties and bury them with the next rapist who gets fried. I don't like the death penalty, but I like it more than evil bastards who rape, torture and murder with the ful protection of 'human rights' law.

  • Brujo Blanco

    Texas did what needed to be done. My take on this is to overwhelm the Mexican consulates and embassy when one of their illegal alien citizens get arrested. Once they are officially identified as a Mexican citizen officially we use that evidence for deportation. We need to deport all illegals starting with the criminals. Perhaps we cannot deport all illegals but we likely would come close to the mark. We also need to streamline the deportation process and totally ignore such issues as anchor babies. Illegally enter Mexico and get caught you will be totally out of luck and not feared with any compassion at all. Viva Los E.E.U.U.

  • Standfirm

    Woe to those who call evil good and good evil… Isaiah 5:20

    International law as the rule of law in the United States is the ultimate goal of every globalist, and Obama is the poster child for globalism. But there is a greater evil at work here, my friends. Establishing a global system of law, a global government, a global economy, etc. is setting the stage for one man to be the leader of it all. His name is Antichrist. Read the book of Revelation for all the details. All of this WILL come to pass and is already in the works, as clearly seen in world developments. This is not science fiction. It was placed in the pages of scripture for a reason. To forwarn about the future, and to show the way to be saved from the evil to come. Give your life to Jesus Christ and be spared from the horrible days coming to our world under the Beast system of Antichrist.

  • Sheila

    What wasn't mentioned in this article: Just days prior to this garbage being put into the dustbin of history, illegals were welcomed into the United States Senate. We were told that, when brought into this country as toddlers, they were just as American as you and I. Remember?

    This filthy pig was brought into this country illegally as a toddler. His final words were, "Viva Mexico." Tell me, fellow American, would those be your final words?