Dhimmitude in the UK: Muslims Freed after Race Attack

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An unrepentant Ambaro Maxamed exulted over the sentencing, announcing “Happy happy happy!” and “I’m so going out” and “Today has been such a great day” on Twitter. So much for deterrence. Page called the sentence “disgusting”:

It’s no punishment at all and sends out a message that it’s okay to do that to someone.

It says much more than that. It sends the message that different racial and religious groups aren’t held to the same legal standards as the rest of us. This holds particularly true for Muslims, because these days Islamophobia is becoming the new racism, thanks to the relentless efforts of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation, the influential representative of Muslim nations worldwide which calls Islamophobia “the worst form of terrorism” and has made combatting it a number one priority. They know full well that accusations of racism cause undeservedly guilt-ridden Westerners to fold every time. And so Muslims must be given special consideration.

This message stems from the progressive, multicultural mindset which posits that all cultures are equally valid, even when – in fact, especially when – they conflict with our Western values. Since all non-Western cultures are merely victims of our racism, imperialism, greed, and support of Israel, then we must excuse, or at least attempt to sympathize with, the culture-driven transgressions of non-Westerners, like honor killings or suicide bombings. Black Muslims are by definition doubly victimized. So if a group of black Somali immigrants take alcohol or drugs and assault a white slag together, they are excused. We can’t hold them to our standards, because their culture is different and who are we to judge?

England now allows dozens of sharia courts, where Muslim fundamentalists have carved out enclaves in which Islamic law trumps the law of the land. This incident in Londonistan shows that even the Queen’s court will make special concessions for Muslims, and is further evidence of how deeply multiculturalism contributes to their European host culture’s slide into dhimmitude and submission.

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  • Brujo Blanco

    Political correctness run amock. This could happen in the USA. A number of US courts in some cases have given way to such logic. Muslims have become a protected class and their misbehavior is being tolerated.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    It seems that judges there suffer the same mental disorder as many of ours here in America! He should be thrown in jail along with these racist muslims! To stop this they and their entire families should be deported!

  • StephenD

    It doesn't take a 2×4 across the head to learn that if you are ever in trouble with the law just claim you are either an illegal immigrant or a Muslim. Better yet, claim both!

  • garretso

    Holding a group of people to a lower standard is the worst kind of racism.

  • LindaRivera

    Judge Robert Brown is an incredibly EVIL man. The unjust, wicked judge sent a powerful message to every Muslim in Britain:
    As Muslims you have the right and privilege for gangs of you to savagely beat up, even give permanent disabling injuries to HATED non-Muslim infidels. ANY excuse you give for you cruel, violent behavior will be ACCEPTED.
    Be assured, because you are followers of the god, you Muslims call, Allah, you will not be jailed. We apologize that we have to even give you community service. Keep attacking non-Muslims.

  • FriendofGaryCooper

    How long before groups of marauders splinter off from the OWS crowds, and start assaulting people, here in the U.S.?

    • pagegl

      It probably won't be much of an issue in any state that allows concealed carry.

  • pagegl

    Political correctness is nothing less than allowing leftists to be the fascists they really are and want to be.

  • wsk

    Any better example for the necessity of the 2nd amendment. 4 militant black Muslimes- what I call a "target rich" environment.

  • wsk

    Maybe we ought to try the strategy of preemtion. Stop th problem befire it starts…

  • A taxpayer

    The ruling of Judge Brown proves he is not capable of making
    adult decisions. It is obvious he is incapable of practicing law. He should be disbarred
    and committed to a mental hospital for rehabilitation. However, he should never
    be allowed to practice law again. With any luck his family is secure from ISIS.