Islam’s War on Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through Nigeria, not a creature was stirring except for the members of the militant Islamic sect Boko Haram, preparing to bomb Christian churches across the country and setting on fire the cars of worshippers inside a church just outside of Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state.

Christmastime in the United States now brings with it a new tradition that is becoming as familiar as eggnog, mistletoe, and the Macy’s Parade: skirmishes in the ongoing cultural war on Christmas. But as the recent attacks in Nigeria prove, in Muslim lands around the world there is also a very real and very violent war on Christmas, or more specifically on Christians themselves minding their own business in peaceful celebration of the birth of Jesus.

In Iraq, for example, all Christian services and masses were scheduled for daylight hours. Why? “Midnight Christmas Mass has been canceled in Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk as a consequence of the never-ending assassinations of Christians,” bluntly stated Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. In Egypt, where we are witnessing the outright, state-assisted genocide of the dwindling Coptic Christian population, churches were also threatened with violence. Christian prisoners in Pakistan, incarcerated for such crimes as blasphemy against Islam, were refused Christmas Day visits from their families.

America itself has not been exempt in the past from Islamic Grinches determined to dampen Christmas spirits. Recall the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber, for example, and the failed Portland bomber who had hoped to slaughter and maim thousands of families gathered to watch the annual lighting of a community Christmas tree. Racist Islamophobes managed to prevent both those men from carrying out their jihadist obligations against Christmas celebrants. (FrontPage contributor Daniel Greenfield catalogues past Islamic Christmas assaults here).

But on this Christmas Day, Nigeria was the scene of the greatest holiday devastation. A series of coordinated bombings perpetrated by Boko Haram, which seeks to impose sharia across the country, struck three churches during services. Conflicting reports of casualties suggest that 40 or more were killed, at least 27 at a single location, and of course dozens more were wounded.

The New York Times reported that rescue workers faced not only a shortage of ambulances for the dozens wounded in the bombings, but also “an enraged crowd that initially blocked them from entering the church until soldiers arrived to restore order.” The Times didn’t specify what kind of enraged crowd would seek to block rescue workers from attempting to assist the suffering and dying Christians.

Setting off deadly holiday fireworks is becoming an annual tradition for Boko Haram, a sort of African Taliban, who carried out another series of lethal Christmas Eve bombings last year. It is often noted that the group’s name translates to “Western education is sacrilege,” but in fact its more official name in Arabic means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad.” As part of that solemn commitment, Boko Haram has propagated at least 465 killings in Nigeria this year alone while spreading the Religion of Peace. Misunderstanders of Islam, as scholar of Islam Robert Spencer, tongue in cheek, might call them.

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  • Muhammad Hazwady

    Hi, I'm a Muslim of arab descent and first of all I condemn all the inhuman acts of tge Muslim extremist. I personally strongly disagree that wishing Merry Christmas is worse than fornication or murder. I have been studying Islam independently and I never find any scriptural sources that supports the acts mentioned in this article. This people are disgraceful and an embarrassment not only upon my religion but towards the human race as well.

    • BayouCoyote

      You're funny!

    • Mr Sanity

      Try reading 9:5 9:29 2:190 etc etc Even the tafsirs confirm the eternal violence the quran preaches

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,I'm grateful that at least ONE muslim condemns this but where was he on 9/11 and all the other times people have his faith have attacked other people?

    • keith

      Yes Mohammed, they are a disgrace. But where are people like you when the imman screams out "death to non-muslims" as it addresses the brain dead crowd of robots in front of him? People like you know that what is being done by your co-religionists is terribly wrong, and yet you keep silent. If you and other enlightened muslims are not willing to openly change the behaviour of the majority in the islamic community than do not bother posting here – your words are meaningless.

    • curmudgeon

      muhammad hazsady. i hope that isnt your real name. you arent a "moderate muslim". you are an apostate. if your presumed coreligionists find out about your blasphemous non-islamic views, they will murder you. you better shut up, and learn to chant acceptable muslim mantras of hatred, or you are a dead puppy. good luck dude. you belong to a religion of hate, and if you dont learn that real soon, you are dead.

    • intrcptr2

      thank you for trying to offer an olive branch, by condemning the violence and hatred that many Muslims aim toward Christians, Jews, Hindus and others.

      When the other posters call you an apostate, or ask where you have been, please understand they are simply repeating what the Quran, the Hadith, and countless imams have been saying for centuries.

      I do hope, especially in this time of year when Christians the world over celebrate the God's fulfilled promise to the Jews, the birth of His own sin, the Prince of Peace, that He will open your eyes to the truth about Christ, and the truth about that other muhammad.

      The Quran says that the Jews and Christians both have the words of God in their holy books.
      And God is not evil or harsh, but patient and forgiving of our sins. If you truly do seek the truth, He will lead you to it.

      • Infidel

        Not all muslims are evil, but Islam certainly is. Muhammad Hazwady i suggest you look at the history of Islam and actually research its beleifs then come back and tell us how you can still adhere to this totalitarian ideology

  • Amused

    Well my freind you are part of a small and virtually invisible muslim minority.It seems that muslims the world over are "misunderstanding " their Q'uran . But are they really ? You see I have studied the Q'uran , haddiths , Bukari , Muslima etc. for the past 35 years , and I find in those works ALL the incitations, exhortations and suggestions to the violence we see today . The prophet himself , according to the writings of his own Companions , are indicative of this behavior .
    If the world's muslims protested even one hundredth , indeed one thousandth , to this murder and slaughter as they do to any alleged abuse of A BOOK , you might be representative of the Umma . But that is obviously NOT the case .
    Face the truth about your prophet and the result of his "teachings " , and that is muslims can not exist peacefully alongside THEMSELVES , let alone peoples of non muslim beliefs . The PROOF of my statements are literally in your face EVERY day .
    What has occurred in Nigeria is TYPICAL of muslims behavior , WHEREVER their populations have reached significant numbers .

  • Amused

    The muslim CULT is the enemy of all who are not muslim , INDEED the enemy of ALL sane and civilized men .Soon we will have our SHOWDOWN , and this vile ideology called Islam will NOT prevail .

    • StephenD

      Sometimes, you amaze me with your acumen.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And people are still not convinced – not after 1,400 years of conquest, murder, rape, misogyny, intolerance and bigotry, and the fact that we fought them at Vienna – twice, right in the heart of Europe, and that if Charles Martel had lost at Tours, the whole of Western Europe would be theirs.

  • StephenD

    First, How could Jesus be a “prophet” if he equated himself with G_d? How could he be a “Wise Teacher” if he forgave sins? Either he was a raving lunatic, a Charlatan or he was who he said he was.

    Now then, you ask “What is so blasphemous about merely celebrating peace on earth, good will toward men?”

    This is often misquoted. The actual quote makes more sense: Peace to men OF GOOD WILL.

    I do not wish peace for you in your life if you are of ill will. Islam calls for subjugation of all non-believers. THIS is not “of good will.” Therefore, I do not wish them peace.

    • intrcptr2

      Afraid I have to disagree with your alternate translation there, SD. I am curious where you got it.

      The AV has this one pretty well down.
      eudokia is an undeclined noun, so it is not modifying the men (Or literally mankind).

      δοξα εν υψιστοις θεω και επι γης ειρηνη εν ανθρωποις ευδοκια 1894Schrivener
      Glory in the highest to God and upon/over earth peace to man/men/mankind goodwill/approval (My snap translation) They frequently omitted conjunctions, so in this case, peace and goodwill are grammactially and syntactically interchangeable, in both the English and the Greek. The only relevant point is one of idiom or prosody.
      The root verb meaning "to be well pleased".
      In some ways the English actually weakens the power of the Greek idiom; the sheer selflessness of God's love to all men comes out more realizing what the word meant when Matthew used to it quote the angels.
      There is also the simple point that your translation fits very badly with Jesus' discourse with Nicodemus recorded in John 3.

      It is the single distinction that truly matters between Islam and Christianity (Judaism resides on the same side of the equation with Christians, sadly, often without realizing it); Allah demands and extracts obedience to his rather violent and capricious whims. God warns us not to continue sinning, and rather to choose life by accepting His love and Jesus' sacrifice.

      There is little question that man can easily solve the "Muslim Question" with weapons and blood. But the God of we Christians seeks a radically different result.

      And thank you for referencing CS Lewis… :)

  • StephenD

    “According to Islam, this is polytheism of the most offensive sort. It is “the most evil of shirk [idolatry] and kufr [disbelief],”

    Yet in Islam, if you stray from the faith (essentially turning away from Allah ~ an insult by anyone’s definition) you are to be given 3 chances to come back into the fold. But if you insult Mohammed, you are to be killed on the spot. Who is venerated as an equal to G_d again? Blasphemy is toward G_d but in Islam it includes their so called “Prophet.” You tell me who is actually practicing “polytheism.”

  • BS77

    One can only hope this hideous ideology will one day be completely forgotten, as a
    relic of the Dark Ages.

    • SpiritOf1683

      If this hideous ideology triumphs, the future will be a return to the Dark Ages. And foolish Western infidels are aiding and abetting the Jihad, and have been actively doing so for 30 years at least.

  • Amused

    Jesus , has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM , there is no connection whatsoever . Just as islam has "mined " the Jewish Scriptures , it also attempts to implicate Jesus [ Issa as they call Him ] in their twisted dogma . Jesus is as far as Christianity goes , is Redeemer of the world , and NOT a prophet .
    Muslims in fact violate His every word .
    But then again muslims think Adam and Eve were muslims .And as for Mohamed ? He prophesized NOTHING , he murdered and was a fornicater , his roving bands were thieves and murderers …how in the hell does anyone compare his life to that of Jesus ????Mohamed wrote NOTHING ,Redeemedc NO ONE ,was quick for revenge ,and vain in character , Jesus never struck or harmed another human being , never picked up a sword….can that be said of "the prophet " ? Wake up muslims , make no mistake Jesus is revered as G_D Incarnate , and is certainly no prophet of Islam .Your behavior and dogma make you unworthy of adopting Him as any part of your cult . All you can do is turn to Him for forgiveness and Redemption .

    • StephenD

      Bravo! Well said.

    • Justice

      Bravisimo !

  • Amused

    You muslims revere your "prophet " as a god , you can not show his image , and no one dare speak a word against him ….this is BLASPHEMY of the highest order , and you make his "book " more valuable than a human life , you worship Idols in the book and at Mecca …this is IDOLATRY . You do not kill you MURDER , you lie as in Taqqiya therefore you BEAR FALSE WITNESS .You take or destroy what is not yours but that of Christians , Hindus and Jews , therefore you STEAL . You show no mercy but e4xpect it at the end of your lives , therefore you are FOOLS .

  • Amused

    Nigeria is A TRUE IMAGE of what you are , and the ultimate end of ideology as it relates to non-muslims .You scream when someone threatens or burns a Q'uran , you riot and kill whomsoever is close to you , within your reach who are infidels , yet you burn christians in NIgeria , you burn their "book " andf therir bodies as well /.

    • curmudgeon

      dude. there is no such thing as "murdering" an infidel. infidels are to be slain, for the glory of allay. any crime against an infidel is not a crime, but a heroic support of the true god, and the true prophet. what is hapening in nigeria, and iraq, and all over the muslim world, is the rightful killing of evil enemies of allah, who had the nerve to worship another god, or revere another prophet. when the martyrs of allah achieve a majority in america and europe, which event is guaranteed by arch-traitors pf both parties, all the blaspheming infidels will be murdered by the peaceful muslijms that bill clinton, george w bush, and of course, the muslim-in-chief invited to contaminate our continent.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Unfortunately, Nigeria is the vision of the future for many of us infidels in the West. Nigeria today is France in 2080 – 2100.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Ah like, I am a bit confused. Jesus (assuming he really did exist) was a Jew, not a Christian. Christians are followers of the Cult of Saul or St Paul and so Jesus the Jew cannot be prperly connected to this 'religion'. Muhammad, to judge from the number of Jews he killed and enslaved was no lover of the Jews and their religion. Indeed, if Jesus and Muhammad had lived at the same time, the the peace-loving former would have spoken out against the murdering latter and Jesus would have been turning his other cheek as the henchmen sent by Muhammad stabbed him. I see Jesus say "et tu Muhammad"

    But have no fear. All will be revealed by he of the 99 names in the fullness of time. Remember the mythical Allah kmows best.

    • InRussetShadows

      Well, let's start from the first. You doubt that Jesus existed. Bring your evidence. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John all include multiple eyewitness accounts. The reactions of the Romans to the Christians show that many people had sufficient reason to believe what the NT says is true, because they went to their deaths believing it. The reactions of the Pharisees in creating the Talmud showed that they wanted to stamp out Christianity as well. The NT rises and falls upon the actual existence of Jesus — for if He did not exist, certainly, he could not have been raised from the dead, and if there is no Resurrection, then there is no point in being a Christian.

      Christians are followers of Jesus, whose words are recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. If Paul is contradicting what Jesus Himself said and taught, then you'd better get busy writing a book — it's something people have missed for 2000 years. If you have evidence, bring it. Otherwise, you are simply another sadly misinformed troll spewing spelling-deficient prose.

      • johnnywoods

        Well said.

    • intrcptr2

      Stuart, the divide between Jesus and Paul is an invented fraud.

      To find the "true" Paul, search the Old Testament.
      If you wish to find the "true" Jesus, search the Scriptures.

      Jesus told the Pharisees that their entire Bible spoke of him, because it does, even today.
      When Saul of Tarsus was roaming the Roman empire, he had a Bible like we do today; the TaNaKh. The New Testament writings, and the practical advise the apostles put down there, all flow directly from the Old Testament, and the God of Israel.

      To somehow accept this lie, simply duplicates the Gnostic, antisemitic heresies of the first Century. I would suggest the antidote for your confusion is a healthy dose of the Prophets, with a steady drip of the Psalms.

      Say two Shemas and call me in the morning.

    • infidel

      St Paul was a hardcore jew and active persecuter of Chritianity. While he was on his way to Damascas to stamp out Chritian heresy he was struck blind and converted to Chritianity within the week

  • Amused

    You are a bit confused Parsons . A bit on the dull side also , good luck out there pally .

  • curmudgeon

    fork a bunch of jesus. if jesus was really the son of god, he would have said, render unto caesar the things that are caesars, but kill muslim arch criminals. suffer the children to come unto me, but kill muslim child molesters. turn the other cheek, but if it is a muslim mother forker, stick a knife in his liver before he sticks a knife in your back. do unto others as you would have them do unto you, but kill all muslim arch-criminals before they betray and murder you. the unvarnished and unpredicted evil of islam proves that jesus was not god. he was just another wild eyed kook that just didtn get it. islam proved that.

    • Amused

      Hope that was satire curmudgeon , elser your brain is definiterly fried .

  • ObamaYoMoma

    except for the members of the militant Islamic sect Boko Haram,

    A militant Islamic sect as opposed to what? A moderate Islamic sect? Yeah right Tapson, go fly a kite.

    In the collective mind of Islamic fundamentalists like Boko Haram, it makes perfect sense.

    Uhm…in reality the Islamic group Boko Haram are not Islamic fundamentalists at all, instead they are mainstream orthodox Muslims. Apparently, Tapson here can't quite get over his PC multicultural hangover.

    It is, as Daniel Greenfield puts it, “the revival of an ancient religious war written in blood in the pages of the Koran.” And we lose that war at the cost of our civilization’s very soul.

    Sadly, Daniel Greenfield is mistaken, Islam isn't a religion at all. Instead, it is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that masquerades as being a religion to dupe the gullible societies it intends to subjugate into a very draconian form of Islamic totalitarianism via the eventual imposition of Sharia for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme.

    As a matter of fact, what is occurring today in Nigeria is actually the final stages of demographic conquest, as the higher the percentage of Muslims in any given population becomes, the more and more violent jihad will be employed to hasten up the process of demographic conquest by forcing non-Muslim unbelievers to flee.

    Nevertheless, Islam punishes blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death. Thus, what faith-based religions likewise punish blasphemy and apostasy under the pain of death? Of course, the answer is none, proving irrefutably that Islam is not a faith-based religion. Thus, Islam is not protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution.

    Therefore, if we keep falsely mislabeling Islam as being a religion instead of what it really is, which is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology masquerading as being a religion for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme, then it will be impossible in the long run to ever get Islam outlawed in America, and someday we will all end up like the Nigerians sometime in the future.

    In any event, Mr. Tapson – a drastic improvement over your previous articles. You are slowly beginning to get it. Congratulations!

  • Amused

    Muslims use to word "revert " to a conversion to islam . For islam was The Original religion of Adam and Eve . Thus the term REVERT . It is encumbent to ALL muslims to struggle [jihad ] for TWO GOALS – 1) to observe and live by the Five Pillars of islam 2) to attain The Goal of the Prophet – which is world subjugation to islam . Any obstacle which stands in the way of achieving these is considered "Unjust " . Therefore ANY AND ALL means used to remove those obstacles is considered "Justice " .Thus murdering non-muslims , man woman or child is justified because it is allah's will , murdering each other [apostates ] is also permissable and "just " .The horrendous acts of violence , including incidents like Beslan ,Madrid etc. are ultimately acceptable acts within islam . And yes killing san infidel , steasling raping or abusing infidels is acceptable .
    These are the tenets of the CULT called islam .

  • Amused

    If you dont believe the above statement ? Just ask the Berbers , the Sudanese , Egyptian Copts , Iraqi Christians , Phillippino Christians , India's Hindus , the multi -nationality guest woprkers of Saudi Arabia , Thailand's Buddhists , Indonesia's christians , the Bahai's of Iran , Nigeria's christians …the list goes on , and the common pattern of behavior is UNDENIABLE .
    And as usual , the explanation or EXCUSE is always the same ; "a small minority of extremists " , [which happens to be common ] and NEVER ,EVER, and worlwide condemnation by the general body of islam , in fact nowhere near the screaming , rioting murdering and threats which occur when the Q'uran [an inanimate object ] is even suspected of being mishandled or abused !
    Islam is an aberration of humanity , encompassing a fifth of the worlds population, and is anti-thetical to civilisation and natural human nature .

  • John Smith

    Hypocrites. I'm glad you got my heartfelt message. You all nauseate me.

  • eoin

    Pity you didnt starve yourself to death during ramadan utaz you pedophile worshiping pig

  • InRussetShadows

    No link, I see. Are you done making stuff up yet?

  • johnnywoods


  • fgy

    You are a murderer, you miserable musim parasite. Innnocent men, women and children have been murdered by islamic thugs world wide, and you try and justify your violent, psychotic and irrational violence by manufacturing a story. You muslims are pathetic scum – and I agree with Eoin. It is, indeed, a pity that you didnt starve yourself to death.

  • BunnyOlesen

    WHO CARES? That's MY question. The Christians attacked them because muslims have been steadily encroaching on them and murdering them since DAY ONE. I COMMEND THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA WHO FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. Give the muslims exactly what they deserve!