Jane Fonda: “I Have Never Done Anything to Hurt My Country”

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Last Saturday, actress-turned-fitness guru Jane Fonda was to appear on the shopping TV network QVC to peddle her new lifestyle book Prime Time, until the channel suddenly canceled her appearance. In response, Fonda wrote an angry opinion piece for the showbiz website “The Wrap,” explaining that “The network said they got a lot of calls yesterday criticizing me for my opposition to the Vietnam War and threatening to boycott the show.” (QVC issued a statement that answered Fonda’s comments only by noting that such scheduling changes happen often and unexpectedly on the network).

Fonda was “deeply disappointed that QVC caved to this kind of insane pressure by some well funded and organized political extremist groups.” Perhaps the actress in Fonda can’t resist the melodramatic wording, but a threatened boycott on the part of some QVC viewers does not constitute “insane pressure.” Threats of murder and mayhem from Islamists against Comedy Central’s South Park creators, yes; a boycott against a prominent actress always able to command a megaphone, no. Surely such a successful anti-war activist as Ms. Fonda was in one of her previous lives understands that a boycott is a perfectly fair and reasonable form of protest. It’s curious that she is so irked by one, since she boasts that “threats of boycotts are nothing new for me and have never prevented me from having best-selling books and exercise DVDs, films, and a Broadway play.” If boycotts have no effect on her success, then why the outrage? Perhaps it has less to do with book sales and more to do with what she dismisses as “far right lies.”

She doesn’t name these “well funded and organized political extremist groups” or provide evidence that a concerted effort was behind the phone calls to QVC. Labeling her complainants as “far right” and “extremist” is an attempt to marginalize them. Her suggestion is that she was “astroturfed,” in Nancy Pelosi’s term, by moneyed, extremist organizations, rather than by individual citizens expressing genuine disapproval of Fonda for what many consider to be a traitorous past.

“Bottom line,” Fonda continues, “this has gone on far too long, this spreading of lies about me! None of it is true. NONE OF IT! I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.” Since she doesn’t specify what lies she’s referring to, it’s difficult to refute her claim that none of them is true – which is precisely why she is purposefully vague about them. So let’s recapitulate her own lie instead– that she has “never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.”

As is well-known (though Fonda would prefer not to be judged for it), in the early ‘70s the privileged Hollywood star Jane Fonda preached communism to college students and was a rabid anti-military and anti-war activist, calling the Vietnam War “U.S. imperialism” and “white man’s racist aggression.” In the summer of ’72, while the war still raged, the actress traveled to North Vietnam and played the part of their puppet with Oscar-winning commitment. She posed grinning with our enemy for pictures on an anti-aircraft gun that had been used to shoot down American planes. She volunteered to carry out radio propaganda from Hanoi, telling American pilots that they were war criminals and urging the South Vietnamese soldiers to desert. And, arguably most reprehensibly, she met with tortured American POWs in another scripted propaganda performance, lectured them about carrying out genocide against the Vietnamese, and returned to tell the world that these guests of the Hanoi Hilton were being well-treated and they regretted their warmongering. (The book Aid and Comfort details her shocking lies and actions and how they helped undermine us in the war effort, and it marshals the evidence for indicting Fonda for treason.)

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  • AbsolutelyRight

    Thank you for laying out the factual basis for her obnoxious treasonous behavior. She has no shame and neither do the leftists that support her.

    Youthful actions have consequences – although instead of being prosecuted for Treason like she should have, she'll sell a few less books..boo hoo …poor pampered leftist celebrity

    • Fred Dawes

      I know well over 100 guys who hate her and did time in the military ( 80 percent Army) from 1963-1973 all hate her and thank you for telling the facts about this evil woman.

  • Gary Aminoff

    Mark, thank you for reminding us once again about Jane Fonda's treasonous acts, and the pain that she caused our servicemen serving in Vietnam and especially the prisoners of war being held by the Vietnamese. She is either in denial or lying when she says she never hurt her country. I am surprised she was never charged with treason.

    • http://marktapson.blogspot.com MarkTapson

      Thanks, Gary.

    • davarino

      When she says she never did anything to hurt her country, maybe she didnt mean America.

      Another pathetic hollywood know it all.

    • mlcblog

      They make me sick, those hollyweird liberals. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths.

      Jane would like us to know she is a "good person," wouldn't hurt a fly. Sort like a serial murderer to me!!

  • Fritz Becker

    Ha, Ha, that's why I helped smash a Jane Fonda workout record a few weeks ago, that and it was annoying, and I'm a Canadian, nobody likes a turncoat. Does she not realize that her behavior during the Vietnam era all but ended her acting career. The last movie that I can recall featuring Hanoi Jane was "On Golden Pond" which incidentally, was her dad Henry Fonda's last movie as well, likely the only reason she got the part.

    • sedoanman

      "On Golden Pond" should have been named "On Commie Pond".

    • Questions

      She was very popular during the Eighties after "On Golden Pond" (1981), starring in "Rollover," "Agnes of God," "The Morning After" and "Stanley and Iris." She's been pretty much in retirement these past two decades, resurfacing in decidedly non-political flicks like "Monster in Law" and "Georgia Rules." Marriage to Ted Turner was first priority for the Nineties.

      To summarize: I don't like her politics either, but she's irrelevant, for God's sakes. Hating Jane is, like, so Seventies. Why should anyone care at this point in time? Her brother, Peter Fonda, by the way, is an avowed Goldwater libertarian. And his daughter, Bridget Fonda, was a top star during the Nineties and isn't very political one way or the other.

      Who cares about Jane Fonda anymore? Now give me 50 jumping jacks.

  • http://jc.does-it.net Gene W.

    Jane never hurt the USA like poison never killed anything.

    She did help the country to become more communistic and a less Constitutional Republic in the battle of Evil versus Righteousness. Satan hates every thing that God loves and established [Judeo-Christians along with Israel and the USA as founded]

  • RB Goon

    I have young children (12ish) that will know about her and Benedict Arnold and nobama !
    No movie or anything else that this by this traitor will ever be in our homes !!!

  • Amused

    Fonda's response is a lie , I remember like it was yesterday , newsreel footage of Jane sitting there with glee , on a N.Vietnames anti-aircraft gun emplacement while we where at war with the N.Vietnamese . That is treason .As bad as that act was , it was a-typical , just like SDS , Weatherman and the vitriol coming from publications like RAMPARTS .Only a very percentage of the overall anti-war sentiment took paths such as those of the above mentioned .You can put all the spin you want in generalizing a whole generation , the overwhelming message back then was STOP the war , and NOT "hate America " , for unlike many of the authors here and subsequent "commenters " , [ who were either not even born yet , or were way too young to even know what was going on .] myself and those who were of age in those times can tell you .

    • pagegl

      Given I was there and participated in several protests I feel I can disagree with you on one point. There was lots of "hate America" going on back when and many of those who fostered that notion are still at it. That is not to say that all who were involved in protests hated (and probably still do hate) America, but much of the anti-war movement was based on hating this country. Don't you remeber the Amerika crap; that wasn't love for country.

      • Amused

        Oh I rember it well , especially after eturning grom Vietnam , at Seattle , but I'll ask you a question : How many kids werte there in the country back then ? And how many actually engaged in hatefull protest . Having been a part of that generation , and seeing things from BOTH sides , I can say with surety that the kids for the most part were a-political .Those who chose the radical path , like the groups I mentioned , those who paticipated in hate amerka rallies ,were a very small percentage . Afterr my discharge fo the Army I spent two years traveling the country , meeting more longhairs "than yo can shake a stick at " and found them to be decent America loving kids . Too many time the broad brush generaqlizations are applied , ansd usually by those who were not there , ot those who chose to isolate themselves for whatever reasons .There is much hype and the media attention then was no different than now . Newsbite history is little better than revisionism . By the same sytandard we hold Fonda to , the same can be applied to the Weatherman , SDS , and numerous anti-Am,erican magazines and publications like Rampart , of which yours truly D.H. was part of .

        • Amused

          And in fairness , if THOSE people can have their "epiphany " , then so can Fonda .I dont like what she did , I'll never approve it , but I'll never curse her eternal soul for it .She knows what she did was wrong , and I believe some years ago,she admitted it . So who would crucify her now ? Thus any and all who were radicals in those days, and have recanted the things they've said and WRITTEN , and their are many right here on this blog , including D.H ., why should I withold forgiveness ?

          • Agreed

            Thank you for your rational comments based on first hand experience, not rabbid hearsay…

          • nina

            How can you compare someone who expressed anti war ideas and even marched in protest, with someone who went to the enemy and expressed loathing for her country at the time when her people were killed by this enemy? You really have a different sense of values. Your mellowness doesn't suit you.

        • mlcblog

          Thanks, everyone. I was there, too, protesting and helping organize protests.

          It has seemed to me in retrospect that there may have been a multipronged attack from the communist organizer, whoever and wherever they are. I know they are real because we used to get orders and directives by word of mouth, or perhaps written. The prongs I observed were: The students, the so-called peace movement, women who "needed" rights, blacks, and anyone else they could muster. I remember observing here in the Bay Area how these groups had come together to protest the war. I thought then, as a deluded idealistic housewife with personal issues and from a subtly leftist family, that this was all just so magic. Now I believe it was orchestrated from on high, Moscow or the higher echelons of the Communist Party USA. I do know one of the people dispatched to help us organize our Port Chicago protest was extensively trained in Moscow, Russia, and was able to implement his training in our setting…innocent Contra Costa County in 1962-3.

          • Amused

            You "got orders " huh ? Sounds like you had better drugs than anyone else , and of course , you had "personal issues " eh ? "Majic " ……yea perhaps you should have sought professional help or counseling . 1962 -3 ?? Communist organizers dispatched fom Moscow ? The peope=le YOU were hooked up with , had nothing to do with the massive anti-war protestrs that were to come frtom REAL AMERICANS /. In the years you mention the Diem brothers and Madame Nhu , murdering Buddhist monks , rampaging their temples , persecuting catholics , blaming it all on the Viet-cong ,and overhall corruption ,from top to bottom . Pressuring or liquidatinbg the Diem Brothers was more of a strategy than anything else .Everyonne informed on the subject KNEW , these things had nothing to do with 'communists " .

          • Amused

            Before U.S. heavy involvement in Vietnam , Kennedy sent two officials to assess the situation …the result , suspending funds ,and a proposed pullout of 1000 US troops .Then came the Gulf of Tonkin resolutionn in 1964 which gave the President Authority to initiate a war without the Declaration of War ….it passed the Senate unanimously with only 2 abstentions .And 50,000 Ameican lives later , that war reached it's ignominious end .The people who protested that war were AMERICANS , not "commie pinko's , as the idiots contend .

          • Maxie

            Spoken like a true dupe and "useful idiot".

    • Fred Dawes

      I was in the Army and you are right she is a total Butt and she is evil.

  • Amused

    Fonda , did not "hurt the country " , nor help steer it towards "communism " , but to her everlasting shame , committed an act of treason . Ramparts and similar publications did more to attempt to sway public opinion , than any act Fonda could have perpetrated . Those who were "pro-war " were too quick to label anyone , with long hair , or peacefully protested that war – as "pinko commies " . No one cheered Fonda's act , if any perhaps those who comprised that very small percentage that I mentioned above , and were by no means , representatrive of a whole generation , which did in FACT , love this country .

    • voted against carter

      Yep,.. You ARE pretty funny doing the old leftist revisionist history dance.

      Sorry to many of us were there and REMEMBER. Hanoi Jane.

      And YES anyone , with long hair , or "peacefully"(SARC) protested that war -WERE "pinko commies ".

      AND you know it.

    • Fred Dawes

      You may want to tell that to about 3 million guys and tell it to 63,000 dead guys she help evil so she is evil.

      • Amused

        Gee Dawes , you said you were in the Army , but were you in Vietnam , and was your stint even in the same era ? She didn't hurt anyone , other than shaming herself and making a fool of herself .If she would have come to on of the shows put on for us by Hope and the others, dressed as Barbarella , we would have forgiven her on the spot .No, she did no harm to us , and as for me and the guys I served with , it was just no big deal , we only had two people to dislike , Charlie [ the VC ] and LBJ . So get over it …we did …a long time ago .

        • Amused

          Hey " voted against carter " , I WAS there , US Army 4th Infantry Division , Camp Enari , Dragon Mountain Plieku . And no , we could care less . Like I said to another , we had only two people to dislike , Charlie [ the VC ] and LBJ . You're an arsehole !

          • chiefjgmac

            Are you talking to me? I am not an arsehole, you are not amusing………but welcome home brother, anyway.

        • chiefjgmac

          That was not really amusing, amused.
          For me when I hear her name three words come to mind. COMMIE PINKO B****.
          And I just can't get over it.

          • Amused

            chiefgmac , – 20th Engr. Bn. 4th Inf.Div Camp Enari 68-70 WELCOME HOME [yes we are brothers ] to you too . Did you forget how to read chiefgmac ? or was it too much ganga in country ? Is your name "voted against carter " ? THAT PERSON is the one I called arsehole . call her what you will , it dont bother me , and it never had . The shmuck I called arsehole , called a whole generation names , I was against the war .The people shooting at me and our lying politicians of that time ,were quite enough to dislike thank you . You shouldn't let it get to you , there's far worse to worry about today . Everyone here worries about their freedom , but so far I've only heard ONE person , who has stated as part of her platform [should she be nominated and elected POTUS ] to erdicate porn ,and that's batshot crazy Bachman . It was 50 years ago soldier .

          • chiefjgmac

            Please accept my apologies.

  • theleastthreat

    From article: " I love my country. I have never done anything to hurt my country or the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for us.” Since she doesn’t specify what lies she’s referring to,"

    She doesn't specify which country she is refering to either.

    • Amused

      Gee …connect the dots .

  • kafir4life

    Sounds like QVC was just practicing free market principles. Being on the left in the entertainment world, she certainly should not only understand, but agree vehemently. I don't recall her standing up for any conservatives who have trouble finding work or have lost work as a result of their politics, so why is this even a story. Oh right…..man bites dog!! Getting fired is way better than being charged with treaon, Janey. I'm surprised she hasn't gone to her comrade Lurch Kerry for help.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    De Nile aint just a river in Egypt!

    Maybe Obama will give her an award.

  • john

    Fonda is the liar! Why she hasn't been tried for treason and and hung by the neck I don't understand. She at least should be made to go live with her precious friends.People like her make me sick.

  • Tziona

    The problem is that Fonda, like so many leftists in Israel, America and Europe, sincerely believe that by siding with the grievances of the emeny they are helping, not hurting their own country. They really do believe their treacherous actions will bring peace, it's psychological, they have such a over-developed ego they become narcisistic, and when they can't understand another culture, or even individual, it scares them so they project their own assumption about life onto the other to make them 'safe'. Having done that and come to the conclusion that 'they're just like us' and 'everybody want's the same thing, don't they?' They then try to promote peace with the mythical avatars they have created to wrap the enemy in… they so deeply believe the fiction they have created that they can't comprehend that other people can't see it. And in making peace with the myths they are helping, not hurting, their own side. Put simply, they are delusional.

    • tkellybal

      Excellent post.

    • mlcblog

      You have got them nailed to the T.

  • tkellybal

    In another time and era, Fonda would have hanged. Her actions were absolutely treasonous.
    She's been a "has been" for some time now. It's her shameful political acts that stand as her legacy. Her films, whatever humanitarian and charitable work she has done- forgotten. Her treason- keeping her famous.

    • mlcblog

      I pray for her. I sincerely hope she has nightmares that will bring her to true repentance.

  • TK Heekin

    nice post……1st Btn4th Marines, Chu lai, SVN

    • Stephen_Brady

      I'll take up your call:

      Nice post … 2cd Bttn, 501st Regiment, 101st Airborne, Ashau Valley, SVN 1968-69

      • pagegl

        To both of you, thanks for your service.

      • itdontmeanathing

        Me too – 2nd Bttn, 506th, 101st Airborne, Phuoc Vinh, Cu Chi, Dak To, Hue, Eagle, Evans, Ashau – 68/69 – I might forgive but I'll never forget her treason.

        • Stephen_Brady


        • chiefjgmac

          191st MID, 1st Cav Division, Camp Gorvad(Phuoc Vinh), 69-70.
          Welcome home Brothers.

  • Atikva

    Forget about that pea-brain, useful idiot "par excellence" who used her fame to help the red brigades and likes of Pot Pol torture and murder thousands of their people in yet another attempt at creating the communist heaven? No way!

    • chiefjgmac

      Pol Pot

  • mikidiki

    I have often wondered what Henry thought of his daughter .. not too badly since he got her a job with him in On Golden Pond! Poor Jane will be hated up to and even after her demise.

    • Dave Armock

      she got her politics from her father

  • logdon

    The irony!

    Fonda, the Hollywood pundit and public face of unreconstructed anti-west, anti materialist communism now complaining that the most unreconstructed medium of western consumer materialism, a tv channel dedicated entirely to selling stuff no one needs, has blocked her?

    I wonder, does she understand this dichotomy?

    Or has the ordeal of holding two polar opposing positions of thought disordered her mind?

    • Questions

      No contradiction. She likes to make money and she likes to vent her opinions. She's a Leftie (and as of late, a Christian Leftie), but she's a businesswomen. She made far more through her exercise tapes and marrying well (Ted Turner, at least) than she ever did with her films.

      • mlcblog

        We were praying for her. Yes, a Christian who later renounced (or tried. Once you make that deal with Jesus, he remains true to it.) and said she was hoodwinked.

        Unfortunately her politics stayed the same. Alas!! she didn't get deep enough.

    • Boogies Daddy

      See Anne coulter's latest book!

    • mlcblog

      They are used to living in nonreality so opposing viewpoints don't really cross their minds. See Tziona's excellent explanation of their insane mind set.

  • tagalog

    When Jane Fonda says that she never did anything to hurt her country, evidently she's not talking about the U.S.A. If she is talking about the U.S.A., she's lying. She was eager and quite vocal about hurting the U.S.A. in her salad days.

    When she says that she's being bad-mouthed by far-right-wingers, she's mistaken, and is probably lying outright; lots of people of all political stripes dislike her for what she did back in the 1960s.

    When she says that people criticizing her for what she did in the 60s has gone on far too long, she's wrong; it hasn't gone on long enough. Not yet.

    When she says she's never done anything to hurt our fighting men and women, she's lying; her stint with the POWs at the Hanoi Hilton hurt them, and while she didn't actually fire that North Vietnamese AAA cannon, she had a big smile in the photo, and she talked afterward about the heroic North Vietnamese people fighting those nasty Americans. In sum, she's lying about that too.

  • ripp

    I grew up in the 70's and remember the protests. I never understood Jane's popularity I only really knew her father and brother. I read about her acts in VN. And it was disgusting. POW's beaten mortally because of her actions. She should've been held accountable long ago.

    • mlcblog

      She is in total denial about the POWs who were beaten because of her. They trusted her and she turned their names over to the enemy who then beat and tortured them badly. She never batted an eyelash.

      I wish she could read our contributions here now today.

      • wsk

        You assume that she can read

  • http://www.therepublicrevealed.com/ Victor_Laslow

    Jane is a dirt bag who does not rate reading about but this courageous woman is…..

    • mikidiki

      That is a terrific story which I had never seen before. Thanks for putting it out and in so doing putting Hanoi Jane down.

    • Ageofreason

      Thank you for passing on this touching story, and thank you to all of the courageous Vietnam vets who feel unappreciated and forgotten.

    • pagegl

      And she's a better actress…

    • Radix

      Thank you so much! Brought a tears to my eyes!!!

  • BS77

    I am surprised she hasn't retiired and faded away by now.

  • jacob

    Something is fundamentally rotten with this country, if HANOI JANE was allowed to
    come back home and the DOJ then, didn't see fit to jump on her case …
    Fear of leftist actions perhaps ???

    Conversely, one Jonathan Pollard was given life in prison and will most probably
    die there as neither GWB nor BARAK HUSSEIN OBAMA will pardon him, for the
    horrible crime of informing ISRAEL the "forked tongue" duplicity to it, of is "ALLY"
    good old USA…

    Furthermore, it is nothing to wonder about, since BILL AYRES didn't spend one
    minute in jail and the CIA traitor who sold the American agents in Russia and had
    them killed, got the same sentence as Polllard instead of being executed…

    Are we actually looking at "selective justice" …..?????
    Just because the ROSENBERG were executed but this scum remains untouched
    It sure as hell looks like, if HANOI JANE's treason went and stays unpunished….

    Thank GOD people's justice goes above and beyond DOJ's and with the piece
    of work OBAMA made head knocker there, with much more reason

    • mlcblog

      You know, there's quite a few criminals out running around loose, notorious murderers to mention just two, congressmen, some politicians….and I just hope at least some of them have trouble sleeping and are haunted by what they are doing. It could be worse than jail.

    • Bob the Aussie

      When Sarah Palin becomes the new POTUS, she shall for sure pardon Pollard. It will be one of her first moves.

  • mrbean

    Jane Fonda and the anti war movement along with the Democrats in Congress alone bare the responsibility for their 1975 outright betrayal of South Vietnam and Cambodia by cutting off all aid when they knew full well the Chinese Reds and the Russians had rearmed 5 full NVA divisions. The fall of South Vietnam resulted in the mass slaughter of 1.6 million Vietnamese in the purges and reeducation camps by the NVA Communists and of ~ 1.7 million Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge Communists under Pol Pott (Chompky's hero). The anti war left are stilll in denial of their responsibilities for mass slaughter and unchanged in their anti American attitudes in aiding and abetting the enemies of freedom.

    • mlcblog

      Thank you for reminding us. I remember it well, now that you mention it, as well as that trickster, the leftie Walter Cronkite. He had so much media weight that people thought of him as the most honest name in journalism. That's how the leftist media sold him, and he simply announced our loss of the war in Vietnam one night as if it were fact. Because Uncle Walter said it, people believed it.

      • Amused

        HUH…what he forgot was , we facilitated the Khmer Rouge before they went crazy , Democrats AND Republicans kept us in that war , and Nixon's " peace with honor " was nothing more than retreat . Ahh revisionist history ! Does it work for you ? Eisenhower got us started with the first military advisors and Nixon finished it .

        • mlcblog

          According to military men that I trust, we had the war won when WC announced it was all over. That changed everything and cost many lives. Again, the power of a corrupted leftist media prevailed, as I have been observing across the board all my life.

  • StephenD

    Excellent article sir except I disagree with this portion of it:
    "With her, there will always be a war between the power of memory and the power of forgetting."
    There is no war. She has no problem with the truth only the exposure of it. She is a traitor. Remember how she took from the POW's in line their scrap paper with their ID numbers on them, their hope being she'd let the families know they are alive but they are being tortured? She immediately handed them to the captors as soon as she got the last one in hand. This bitch should stand in front of a firing squad for that.

  • Montana_Libertarian

    She's a washed up has been with no achievements whatsoever. She did indeed commit treason in Hanoi and she caused additional terrible suffering for the POWs held in the Hanoi Hilton. She and her ilk should all be parachuted into North Korea, a regime that practices what they preach.

  • http://www.rebelsfortruth.com Fergie

    This is what happens when you get old – all the mean-spirited things you did for your ideology get in the way of the NEW YOU! I remember my dad sitting in front of the television cussing like only a Marine can as he watched her parade across the screen, in military garb that was altered to show off her “attributes,” (her bottom to be exact). He said as long as that woman remained free all of the men and women killed in Viet Nam died for nothing and the one’s who came home were dishonored by her very existence!

    After all these years – I still see my wonderful Marine dad, his face red with frustration and tears in his eyes as he watched this woman pander to these Communists – I still can’t stand to see her face – I want her to know what the men she betrayed went through as they watched her hand their social security numbers and other personal information over to their torturers and laughed at them for lying to her.

    Where is the justice in her being allowed to remain free and continue to make millions while those she harmed are on Veterans Benefits and missing body parts? Where is the justice? She deserves to go unrewarded for the part she played in the Viet Nam War – the “useful idiot” that she apparently still is.

  • Chezwick_mac

    Perhaps the majority of participants at the anti-war rallies were not anti-American or communists, but the rally organizers typically were…as were a significant minority of the rank-and-file . The proof is in the self-expression of the participants themselves…"NLF" banners were not uncommon at these events…nor were signs labeling America as "imperialist" and "racist".

    Historical revisionism often works both ways.

    • mlcblog

      The antiwar movement was filled with a visceral hatred for and disdain of America. That permeated everything we did.

      I am glad now I was there and can tell what happened.

  • William_Z

    She's old, and maybe a little senile. Her marriage to Ted Turner didn't help either.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I would ike to point out there is not a statute ol limitations on treason …

  • LindaRivera

    Jane Fonda's treason against our country and against our precious military who gave their lives for us, and against our suffering POWs in Vietnam who were PUNISHED even more because of her, will never be forgotten.

    Why traitor, Fonda, was not prosecuted and given a life-time jail sentence or even a death sentence is very strange.

    G-D bless and protect our brave military heroes.

  • Bohemond1096

    When she dies I will take great pleasure in urinating on her grave. She’s a has-been, her career was over after she went to Hanoi. Let her spin it however she wants, the American people have not forgotten her treason. I hope she has to eat her crappy books and exercise videos. The plastic should compliment her ugly ass fake boobs.

  • flyingtiger

    Hollywood did not blacklist her. After she posed on the AAA gun, she had many offers and won both of her oscars. Her film career faded because she was getting old and she liked to star in polical films that didn't make much money, even though the critics liked them. Her very actice political career limited the number of films for her to work in. While hollowood loves anti american lefties, the love actress who bring in an audience much more.

    • Questions

      Actually, there's a better explanation for her relative absence: Older women get fewer roles. By the way, her roles in the Eighties were decidedly not "Leftist."

      • StephenD

        That's why they called it "ACTING." What is your point?

        • Questions

          If Jane Fonda really were as politically-obsessed as some insist, almost all of her films since the early 70s would have been hardcore political. The reality is that during the late 70s and early 80s she made several soft-core Leftie films — "Julia," "Coming Home," "The China Syndrome" and (sort of) "9 to 5" — but has never been a hardcore agitprop type. Her Leftism was mainly an off-camera hobby, highly unpleasant, yes, but no reflection on the movie industry.____THAT'S my point.

    • mikidiki

      Without her father she would not have gotten anywhere in films or show business.
      What was Henry's attitude to her as Hanoi Jane? Anyone know?

      • flyingtiger

        Henry Fonda was against the war in Vietnam. He and Jimmy Steward agreed not to take about the war, for they aregued too much about it. Henry was an old fashion liberal. When Jane won her first oscar, he advised her to leave politics out of her acceptance speech, which she did. Henry probably knew that sitting by the AAA gun was a bad publicity move. Henry was a navy vetern of WW II. He knew the difference between disagreeing with government policy and be ing anti-american, while his daughter did not.
        Henry Fonda was in Grapes of Wrait. You can't get more liberal than that. That movie was more left wing than any of Jane's movies!

        • Amused

          lololol…..what's Liberal about the "Grapes of Wrath " , please tell me , 'cause I know this is gonna be a reeeeeal good one !!!

          Damn ! Frank Zappa WAS right , STUPID , not hydrogen IS the buildiong block of the universe !!!

  • Dr. Dave

    Jane Fonda is correct. She never did anything to hurt her country. The only question remaining is this: What is her country? It surely isn't the USA.

  • Fred Dawes

    This woman is evil and hell will know her someday!

  • Lightning Jack

    Of all the rotten anti-American Hollywood progressive elites, Hanoi Jane is the worst.

    What is not mentioned in this article is that, while meeting with American POW's in Hanoi, some of these men covertly slipped Jane Fonda small notes of paper saying they were being tortured…which Fonda then gave to a North Vietnamese colonel in charge of the interview, which caused these men more torturous pain and suffering.

    No Hanoi Jane, there's no forgiving the unforgivable,and it is a travesty of justice that your were never prosecuted for treason, but in your case…G-d sees the truth but waits.

    • Atikva

      If this is true, this is really the ultimate treason. I can't believe she could deliberately act to increase the pain suffered by powerless and mistreated American prisoners who trusted her – no normal human being would do that to enemy prisoners, let alone to fellow-countrymen. This is revolting,

      But if it is true, how the Vietnamese must have despised her, and America that could breed such garbage! She smeared us all – I am really mad now! Please tell me this is just an unverified story.

  • http://mypage.direct.ca/l/lbouchar/ SeaMystic

    Traitors of this ilk in wartime, must be shot at dawn. I'm amazed Jane Fonda is still alive after her treacherous insults to prisonners tortured in Viet Nam.
    In this present War, start by signing the "Ban Islam" petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/MYSTIC/petition.htm

  • roket

    Why hasn't Dirt-bag jane relocated to Vietnam?

  • Mark

    Benedict Arnold was a patriot compared to Hanoi Jane! At least he had the guts to stand up to British bullets in combat!! She is despicable.

  • sydchaden

    The fact that this "lady" has never been charged with treason and locked up is evidence of the extent to which the country suffers from a weakening of the morals and ethics that made it great.

  • Peacemonger 1970

    Hey HJF…. Forget what you did – to the POW's,and all us vets of our country"s wars of REAL Liberation against the murdering Communist dictators of the 50's,the 60's,the70's,the80's,and the ayatollas of the 90's /2000's – ??????!!!!!????? WEELLL …..no / not. I prefer to remind folks just who you are; each time I take my tour groups past the Lafayette Cemetary in the Garden District here in New Orleans,when I show the folks where your hapless brother Peter and Dennis Hopper filmed the drug-soaked graveyard scenes in Easy Rider.But, lets DO give Hanoi Jane F… a shot at a second career – maybe;Oh,I Know – reprising Ashley Judd's role in Double Jeopardy – placing her in that same above ground tomb in Lafayette Cemetary…. only Jane doesn't get the pistol Ashley had to shoot her way out the door. Fitting memorial to one of the Great Hypocrites of my generation.

  • http://wattsupwiththat.com/ a_reader

    One day in my lifetime hopefully, a Vet will be able to piss on her grave.

  • Ghostwriter

    My mother herself protested the Vietnam War but not even she likes what Jane Fonda did. She even married a Vietnam veteran herself. When I told her about what QVC did,she said she wasn't interested in hearing about her. I think what she did was too extreme,even for someone like my mother.

    • http://marktapson.blogspot.com MarkTapson

      Ghostwriter, taking a principled stance against a war, like your mother presumably did, is a legitimate choice that anyone in this country has a right to make. But Fonda actively worked with the enemy to subvert this country and our troops in wartime, and she still supports her friends Code Pink who now do the same thing. Your mother knew where to draw the line.

  • http://regionsbeyond.webs.com Robert McClain

    We all know what Ms. Fonda did back in the day, some of us did the same or worse. My concern for her isn't based on her actions, save one. About a decade ago, Ms. Fonda saw her chauffeur reading his Bible and asked him about it. It was evident by her action that her heart cried out to God. Ms. Fonda received Christ as her Lord and Saviour. As a result, she virtually disappeared from public view, and her decision cost her marriage to Ted Turner. Ms. Fonda, God has a promise for you. He says you don't know the plans He has for you, that He wants to do you good and not harm; He wants to prosper you. (jeremiah 29:11) If you'd like to know more, visit jsm.org or SBN on satellite. Your leftist friends rejected you when you turned to Christ; Converesely, fellow Christians shunned you also. Like Bob Dylan, like Sam Kinison, like Jimmy Swaggart, and like me, "you were shunned by all sides. Don't turn from the One who DOES accept you, Who hasn't judged you, and will never, ever shun you. He wants you back, and He won't give you peace until you return.

    • Amused

      Well said , btw , you're the only TRUE christian I've seen posting on these threads .

    • Amused

      Well said McClain , so far you're the only TRUE christian I 've seen on these threads as of yet .

  • Amused

    Sorry Montana , but Kennedy , McNamara , LBJ , the lieing CIA , and Nixon caused the suffering . Although what Fonda did was UnAmerican and reprehensible , it did nothing to extend the suffering of GI's or POWS . It has been said Kennedy saw the futility , with the Diem brothers , and the French at Diem Bien Fu , but an assasin 's bullet put and end to any early exit or even limited engagement using US Advisors only . Funny how all the Alan Burkes and the Joe Pines of that day , have reversed their roles.

  • Amused

    How ironic life is ….brother Peter has turned into a tool like most of you here .

  • Wesley69

    Tell the families of the young men who died in that war which you opposed and only encouraged the enemy. The only one that can forgive you are those families.

  • Sound&Fury

    OK, so Ms Fonda's pictured sitting on a NV AA gun, but we're the extremists for objecting?

    • Amused

      extremists ? of course not . hypocrites ? absolutely. you call what is being said " objecting "???

  • jrj10

    So Jane Fonda states “I Have Never Done Anything to Hurt My Country”. I remember her actions, and the consequences of them. So if she is telling the truth, I must ask. What country is your country? It is not the United States of America, for she has done damage in the USA and strengthened the enemies of my country, United Sates of America.

    Shame on you Jane.

    • jrj10

      It is righteous to forgive, but that requires admitting the wrongs done and then not to repeat them. Forgiveness is not possible when one denies ones actions. The truth is available in the newspapers, press releases, photographs and magazine interviews Jane was part of, posed for and statements give against the USA, its defenders and support given to the enemies of America starting in the 1960's.

      Obviously not an defender of the United States of America or the freedoms given her, for which she neither earned nor respected. To what country are you loyal Jane?

  • Ozzy432

    Good Job, keep it going!
    124th Sig BN
    4th Inf Div
    Pleiku , SVN

  • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward

    Jane Fonda.

    Liar, Liar…

    Pantsuit on Fire.

  • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward

    Boycott any enterprise JF is involved with.

    I also boycott anything with sean penn, vanessa regrave, michael moore, danny glover, mel gibson, barbara streisand, joe kennedy, harry belafonte, al sharpton, CAIR.

    • Questions

      Wait a minute. Mel's OK. His movies are great and he knows his comments about Jews were wrong.

  • mlcblog

    You know, I am really sad because I thought she was a beautiful and talented actress and then she came to this. Very sad.

  • kafir4life

    Maybe QVC is the Queen of Viet Cong?

  • Amused

    I'm still waiting for an apology from LBJ , Westmorland ,and McNamara ….oooops they;re dead . and so are 50.000 in their graves and 1.5 million wearing their wounds .
    "steadfast and loyal "
    4th Inf. Div.
    Pleiku ,SVN

  • Kendrick1

    Sorry, Jane!

    "The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it."

    Omar Khayyam

  • Amused

    Hows about " how many times must I forgive my brother ? A. " 77 times 7" . Or -"any man who says he loves me , and hates his brother , that man is a liar " ……but enough of poetry and verse , is there anyone here who actually knows what they're talking about , and is ready to call McNamara a traitor for the phony Gulf of Tonkin incident , and what ensued due to that LIE ? How many lives did that cost ?? Well he DID confess , in his 80's , and even I forgave the S.O.B

  • Choi

    She is almost as synonomous with TREASON as .Benedict Arnold.
    She even OFFERED to be Hanoi Hannah's Evil win,ie,Jane Fonda WANTED to be the Tokyo Rose of Vietnam.

  • BILL


  • Ozzy

    Janie needs to hock her wares in the slave state she and her democrat friends like Susan and Billie helped create.

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  • Maggie

    Dear Jane, history speaks for itself. Perhaps you are becoming senile if you do not remember the things said and done by you to our country. You are just damn lucky you were a person of privilege and, therefore, were not tried and executed for treason. There is nothing you have to sale that I will waste my money on. In your delusional arrogance, what makes you think QVC should not listen to the voices of their constituents.? After all, Paula Deen was kicked to the curb for far less than treason!