Katy Perry Stands Up for Israel – Then Sits Down

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Not exactly a controversial political stance, or even unequivocal support for Israel. But this sympathetic gesture, this innocuous wish for peace, triggered an avalanche of disapproval from Palestinian, Muslim, and progressive Twitter followers, who clogged Perry’s Twitter feed with comments ranging from disappointed accusations of ignorance about the Israeli-Palestinian issue, to angry denunciations of her support for Israeli “baby-killers.” Here is a sampling of the venom, complete with the account names of the twitterers:

Umm_Issa: Nice. @katyperry prays for Israel but spits on Gaza and it’s murdered children like little 2 year old Malik killed by a bomb with his dad

Afrooooji: @katyperry You heartless lesbian. Israel has killed THOUSANDS of PALESTINIANS, yet you’re gonna pray for Israel? You shiz.

SmithSofia: @katyperry Are you insane to pray for Israel who are bombing a caged civilian population? Get your head straight and read up on the issue!

I have no idea how informed Perry is on Israel (hopefully she’s more informed about that than her husband, actor-comedian Russell Brand, is about the causes of the recent rioting in his native England: “These young people have no sense of community because they haven’t been given one. They have no stake in society because Cameron’s mentor Margaret Thatcher told us there’s no such thing,” he wrote in a UK Guardian op-ed). But perhaps it’s such hateful and/or clueless commenters as those above who should “read up on the issue,” as one tweeted, and enlighten themselves about who is doing the baby killing. The Sultan Knish’s devastating catalog of murdered Israeli children and pregnant mothers specifically targeted by Muslim butchers would be a good place to start.

Perry’s fans in Israel tweeted their gratitude for her support. But she then tried to pacify the haters by seemingly backtracking on her initial tweet, or perhaps clarifying it: “A kid asked me to pray for him & I did. I don’t support ANY violence in ANY place for ANY reason.” But trying to be the Switzerland of pop stars wasn’t appeasing enough for some, who shot back at her bland neutrality with more vicious retorts:

ZahraN: @katyperry you’re amazing, keep on praying for Israel, keep praying for the people who kill babies and women! Great role model!

AalN3aimi: GO to Hell with ISRAEL B**ch

sim_mmo: @katyperry I hope your private jet crash lands in Palestine so they can stamp on you like the whore you are see if Israel come help you

This isn’t just the shallow stuff of tabloid gossip. A celebrity’s social media soundbites are important in this instance because Katy Perry is at the top of the music industry heap. Five songs thus far from her latest album have reached number one on the music charts, tying the all-time record set by deceased superstar Michael Jackson. She has almost nine and a half million Twitter followers; as of this writing, she sits at number three in the list of most followed Twitter users, above even ubiquitous fame queen Kim Kardashian, and just under Barack Obama himself (Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are first and second, respectively). As with any famous recording artist or movie star, virtually everything Perry wears, says, does and tweets exerts an influence on the many millions who see her as a role model, and it impacts popular culture and the political realm accordingly.

That means if Perry takes a bold stand – say, to side openly with Israel against terrorist assaults, media smears, and peer condemnation – then countless numbers of her followers might be encouraged to reconsider their kneejerk enmity toward Israel, and possibly even to think for themselves. Conversely, if Perry ducks her head to avoid alienating her fans and to remain in that safe zone of political correctness, then the false narrative is perpetuated: Palestinians = victims, Israelis = baby-killers.

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  • Watchman

    I hope Perry is smart enough to know who is and who isn't worth the trouble of explaining anything. Time has passed since this all took place and I hope her husband besides being a comic truly knows what ignorant people are out there and has helped her to know the difference between sane and insane and fans versus fanaticals. She doesn't need these types of people and has more fans who care about Israel and her so there's nothing lost and alot more gained.

  • RosettaStone

    I wasn't a fan of either Miss Perry or her husband, Russell Brand (who I don't find remotely funny in his potty humor). I've had to rethink my opinion of her since this incident, and I hope God strengthens her resolve to simply pray for those in Israel. As for those who flooded her Twitter account with venom, they've displayed their ignorance. I hope she can somehow block incoming messages from every one of them.

    • Questions

      Hey, now wait a minute on Russell Brand. "Get Him to the Greek" was a funny film.

  • BS77

    Thanks to Gene SImmons, Jon Voigt, Rod Stewart…..all who recognize Israel right to exist and protect itself from barbaric terrorist attack. Israel is NOT the problem in the MIddle East…..in fact, Israel is the inspiration for all people who want to see gardens, schools, businesses, modern civilized towns and cities…..not the endless despair and destruction rooted in terrorism.

    • BLq

      Gene Simmons voted for Obama-he is an idiot. Had he done his homework before getting on the Yes We Can bandwagon he would found ( it was available for all to see) that Baraq Obama was anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian…he has surrounded himself with Israel haters and radical pro Palestinian factions and friends for years…but Gene voted for him ANYWAY-NOW he wants to cry about it !

      • alan g

        it wasn’t as apparent, prior to the election what his stance on israel was, unless you believed what fox news and the blogs were revealing. i will give gene simmons a pass on his vote. i wasn’t as sure at the time either.

    • Zozo

      You are stupid. Israel is the only "country" in the Middle East with weapons. Palestine has NO ARMY, NO WEAPONS AND NO FRICKIN' NAVY… Gazans can't even fish a certain distance off the shores of their own land! You people are delusional. I hate Iran but I bloody well support them in blowing Israhell off the map that's for sure! It's not Jews that are the problem, so don't throw anti-Semitism accusations my way, I am a Semite myself, it is the Zionists! Ha… going in to a country that you have no genetic link to (true of most Israelis who are European) and massacring people shortly after your own people were massacred makes you just as bad as the people who massacred your people in the first place! And an insult to those who were killed in the Holocaust. Israel is performing their own slowwwwww Holocaust for the Palestinians! God bless Palestine! I applaud any attack on Israel from now. I used to condemn any attack, but once you see what goes on to these innocent people you can't un-see it! Palestinians react merely with stones, Hamas only react when they have been threatened and I totally see the justification! Forget the Palestine issue for a second, "Israel" is the MOST RACIST country on the planet… have you seen how they treat Africans?! They even treat actual Arab Jews badly also! And THEY HAVE GENETIC LINKS to the land! You people reallyyyyyyyy need to read in to the issue and the things that were before the Aliyahs. Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze all lived together… STOP mindlessly defending Israel!

      • Zozo

        I meant to say Nuclear Weapons****

      • ChirstiansforIslam

        Well said!!! It amazes me how Israelis have the gal to treat American Arabs like dogs when our taxes pay them an $8 million daily allowance…no sh*t the US is broke…we're give all of our money to a bunch of racist genocidal assh*les…stop the occupation…Jesus is coming and he's pissed…

  • gregsolo

    What's wrong with her praying for Israel when a young Israeli asked her to? I mean, yeah I think she should have prayed for everyone in the conflict but I don't think she was taking sides. There's no reason to believe that unless your Michelle Malkin and her typically vicious ongoing assault on celebrities and the Left. People need to relax. The fight is OUT THERE!

    • wsk

      Katie is not intelligent enough to take a position on anything. She was just trying to be nice in a 140 characters or less.

  • http://wwwtwosetsofbooks.blogspot.com patti

    Some powerful voices on the other side…..see these anti-Israel letters to Obama from "pacifists" and religious left… .http://wwwtwosetsofbooks.blogspot.com/2011/08/pacifistsreligious-left-send-letters-to.html

  • tagalog

    Early in the article, it quotes some person referring to the bad human rights record of the Israelis.

    Can anyone give me a thumbnail sketch of that bad human rights record that the Israelis have? I don't need a comprehensive list of their bad acts, just a summary of the worst things. Preferably after the King David Hotel bombing. Please avoid the Rachel Corrie incident as it remains ambiguous, and the story about the Palestinian and his small child caught in the crossfire, as that story contains false elements and the true parts seem quite ambiguous as well. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

    • Common Sense

      Operation Cast Lead.

      • 112

        I suppose stabbing a baby in its crib should go unanswered. When the so called "government" of fraudestine supports it.

  • ichbinarizonan

    Americans who supported the IRA? A few drunks dropping coins in a jar back in Boston/NYC hardly qualifies as Americans supporting the IRA. My grandfather was from Ireland and spoke often of the terror the British visited upon the Irish. Nevertheless, I would've turned in anyone I ran into raising funds for the IRA. As for Russell Brand, I suppose he is good for making a re-make of Forrest Gump. It wouldn't be a stretch for his talents. Conservative Americans support Israel and pray for their future. It mystifies me why liberal Jews in the US support the Palestinians. There is no doubt-If the Palestinians would lay down their arms, there would be peace; if the Israelis laid down their arms, Israel would disappear in a bloodbath.

    • Left left `

      "There is no doubt-If the Palestinians would lay down their arms, there would be peace" say this deluded fake intellectual. Israel is per capita the most armed nation in the world, and the only nuclear power in the middle east and the mediterranean, save France. This is a country that starves 4 million Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank through systematic closure of sea, air and land ports to Gaza. Israel has a government that conducts targeted extra judicial killings of Palestinians wherever, when ever it pleases. Israel treats Palestinian Israelis the way the apparteid regine treated blacks in South Africa 20 years ago. In short, Israel is the little mean monster bully in the Middle east, which wants to be the only to carry arms. Since when do the Palestinians ever had a chance to fight Israeli fair and square with its Apache helicopter gunships, merkhava tanks, drone-carried WMDs, and nuclear weapons/ And this idiot ichibnarizonan advocates that they lay down their weapons? Truly the pronouncemetns of a hallucinzed, delusional hack.

      • Zozo

        Couldn't have put it better myself!

  • effemall

    If contemporary musicians made an effort to learn how to read music and stop pretending to write it and also to learn to read newspapers and, oh God, even books without moving their lips then whatever they undertake in the political world might be worth looking at. In their contemporary stage of mental development, nobody with half a brain gives a hoot about what they are for or against any more than one would listen to the gurgling of a six month old child pronounced retarded.

    • Questions

      Let me guess: You're not a musician.

  • Omar X

    Palis are muzlim dupes. They are the dog s###t of the islamic world. They murder their OWN children and complain that the Israelis protect themselves from such rabid attacks. There are NO Pali's with any honor. Just the mats that other muzzies wipe on. Left hand to the pali's
    Perry is a young woman that is easily afraid. Look at New Mexico and it's politician Heinrich. He openly admits he is afraid of islamic attacks and cannot be in public anymore. He suffers from wet pant disorder.

  • filmklassik

    Has anyone pointed out the bizarre irony of a Palestinian castigating Israel's "human rights record" while ignoring the extreme racism, sexism and homophobia so rampant in the rest of the Middle East?

    Have we all fallen down a rabbit hole or something? What goes on here?

  • ErnestPayne

    Israel is the author of its own misfortune. Once the US can no longer afford to support Israel the apartheid state will go the way of the Crusader Kingdoms. As the Economist said, in 1967, Israel has won the war it remains to be seen if it can win the peace.

    • BLq

      " Win the peace" oh please get your head out of your sorry azz…Israel is surrounded by billions of people who want nothing more then to drive her into the sea. The Koran teaches that " the End Times shall not come until every Muslim kills Jews". That Israel is in the midst of what the Islamists consider " muslim territory " is an affront to Islam and it makes Allah out to be a liar therefore it must be removed. Muslims do not want "peace" with Israel they want it GONE. How is Israel suppose to make "peace" with THAT ? And why should they be required to sign their own death warrant by giving up more land ? People like you are clueless and a tool of the enemy.

    • SoCalMike

      Right. Those darn Israelis dare to express the right to exist and live.
      Note to the historically illiterate and confused, the Jews without a state of their own were slaughtered en masse less than 70 years ago but this time they aren't planning to walk into ovens to satisfy the precious sensibilities of Jew-hatred and Jew haters like you Ernest Payne. Not this.
      Too bad huh? It must irk you the same way it does Jew hating Arabs and Persians.

    • ziontruth

      "Once the US can no longer afford to support…"

      Then you'll see who the REAL supporter of Israel is.

      It is precisely your thinking, that Israel can't hold on without U.S. support, that is the reason why U.S. support for Israel is flagging. Because God doesn't like false attributions.

      • aspacia

        Send what coins you can to Israeli charities folks. None goes to the state, only to help the poor and victims of terror.

    • Channah

      wrong, ernest-Israel supports the Palestinians with their taxpayers money even though they gave their land to them. The Palestinians still cannot show the world they can stand ontheir own. Oh-by the way Ernest, Israel is the irrigation consultant to the state of Nevada, they built 2 factories here to employ almost ten thousand americans, and they supply our fighter planes with the latest technology. Israel has more nuclear advancement than the US and is willing to defend us-no one else is. They were the 2nd country over here to help in 9/11. Didn't see any Arab countries doing anything but celebrating. Read a book instead of eating it before you spout off.

  • Ghostwriter

    Well,at least the Israelis care about Americans far more than anyone else in the Middle East does. Much of the Muslim world danced in the streets and celebrated the deaths of three thousand Americans on 9/11. The Israelis cried and sympathized with the families of the victims which is far more than the Muslim world ever did for us.

  • Kevin Stroup

    What ever happened to telling people who do not like your views to : Blow it out your a@# ?

  • SoCelebrities

    Huge fan of Katy Perry :-) I am finishing a new fan site http://sokatyperry.com real time news, pics, videos, daily email alerts. Check it out, let me know what you think. -SoCelebrities

  • http://time.gov mm

    Voight said somethin stupid about Palestinians being anti-Semites. Beck is nothing more than a male Palin when it comes to blind Protestant Zionism at all costs including a risk for 100 million people to a nuclear winter in an attempt to save 4 million Israeli Euro? Jews.

  • rickpat

    Please stop using the word "progressive" to describe ultra-regressive people.

    • mlcblog

      I feel you, but they call themselves progressive and it's literarily correct. It's an old commie code word for communist, as if they are so helpful to society.

  • Micki1

    I think most of the celebrities and musicians who don't stand with Israel are socialist, just like the 70 U.S. Congress are members. Look it up.

  • gambino

    I fear nothing for Israel. G-d protects Israel. I pity foolish people who ignore G-d. Those who think after 6 million Jews murdered in a holocaust resulted in the rebirth of Israel after 2000 revival of an unspoken language, and within 60 years this little country prevails 6 major wars against it's existence, and now faces increasing global isolation….U r in d'Nile pea pill. Israel is not going away, in likelyhood, Israel is going to be forced to expand double in the next war to create adequate buffer zones. Thank G-d for Israel.

    • mub

      Israel is the reason for problems in Middle east,, no one can deny what happened in the holocaust,, but that doesn't give you the right to kill palestinians just to have your country..

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    If you are neither Jewish nor Muslim you really have to just take a step back and laugh about the psychosis of two groups who will fight like losers over everything on the face of the Earth including Katy Perry. Just let it sink in. Appreciate: Jews and Muslims are fighting over Katy Perry. When you see Jews and Muslims fighting over anything, remember this.

    • Channah

      Ignorant people can only give personal "opinions". Obviously, you never pick up a real book to read.

  • Father_Branigan

    I'm pretty sure that Gene Simmons is not an ex-member of KISS.

    • http://marktapson.blogspot.com MarkTapson

      Actually he is, unless Kiss is still performing, in which case I guess he's still a current member.

  • Father_Branigan

    Yes, they are still performing and they are recording a new album called "Monster".

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  • faheem

    I say the same thing to my country men, Pakistan. A lot of them blame other countries, government for the problems we are facing. No-electricity, corruption, suicide bombers, economic imbalance. But here's the thing why cant we be at fault. The same can be said for the Israel Palestine conflict. Why can't both sides be right and or wrong. If everyone started taking back what was their homeland 3000 years ago then I don't think we would have much of a world left. Most importantly Israelis and Palestinians are the same people, just because your religion differs you don't have to go around killing each other. Here's to peace when ever it comes

    • 112

      Because there are not palestinan people. They are Egyptian, Jordainian, and Iranian butchers, with sign waving anti-Israel demonstrators thrown in for good measure. http://www.masada2000.org See both sides of the story, but not what the Israel hating media says, and you will see, there can be a right and a wrong.

    • 112

      Because there are not palestinan people. They are Egyptian, Jordainian, and Iranian butchers, with sign waving anti-Israel demonstrators thrown in for good measure. http://www.masada2000.org See both sides of the story, but not what the Israel hating media says, and you will see, there can be a right and a wrong.

  • Tom Smith

    I'm not surprised Kate Perry would have affection for Israel.
    She grew up in a famous Pentacostal family, and though I don't know what her parents taught her,
    Pentacostals tend to be heavily aware of and supportive of Israel.
    It's too bad American Jews have so much antipathy for fundamentalist Christians,
    a hatred bordering on irrational and psychotic.

  • jonah

    Wow talk about ZIONIST!!!!! lol

  • Con

    So much hate from people supposedly supporting either side. I support JUSTICE where both Israel and Palestine have their own states and one side is not dominated or feared by the other. We should all be praying for all the Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace, but that won’t happen until Palestine is recognized. To start the peace process Israel needs to lift the blockade of Gaza and the Palestinians should stop their futile rocket attacks.

  • Sun

    Pro-palestine bandwagon?? This isn't a sports team!! This is the oppression of an entire indigenous peoples!

  • Mzsugah

    The terrorists that are attacking people worldwide and are threatening anyone who does not follow their beliefs are MUSLIMS.
    They celebrated 9/ 11 they are glad that Boston was bombed…they have no respect for life!
    Israel promotes love, caring, education, a productive and positive life for everyone….just the very opposite of the goas of those who follow the religious doctrines of the fanatics that are bombing and killing people the world over….

  • Sara

    Bob Dylan is dead… so how would he have been able to perform there “recently”?

    • Cico Cichetti

      Bob Dylan is dead ??? REALLY ???
      Well probably he doesn’t know, ’cause I’ve been to his concert yesterday ! take a look to WIKIPEDIA !!!
      IDIOT !!!

    • Cico Cichetti


  • Anonymous

    Well, way to waste a whole web page on garbage

  • Kira

    Oh dear, are those celebrities being mean to poor (young) ethnic cleansing Israel? How TEEERRIBLE!

    I mean, trying to bring to light Israels racist policies, Israels war crimes, Israels ethnic cleansing of the native population and Israels land stealing and crimes against humanity is a HUGE burden…

    For Israel of course. Nobody else.

    • guest

      Are you speaking from experience Kira? Have you ever even been to Israel?

  • Sarfaraz

    Crap piece – the author is showing screenshots of Palestinians but not of those from Israeli sides.

  • Socratesleague24

    Well this breaks my heart. Palestinian civilians are being murdered on a daily basis, their lands illegally occupied and their culture systematically destroyed. But my goodness, some celebrities are refusing to perform in the state that carries it out?! How dare they! Poor Israel! (Sarcasm)

    ‘Yeah, I studied with the israeli army. I know now 15 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back’.

    – A British Jew.

    • Ira

      Self-loathing Jew!

      • xxx

        Nope, just a muslim POSING as a Jew.

    • Mo

      You got the facts wrong. Israel completely left Gaza (no occupation) for a promised peace and only went back in after the fired thousands of rockets at Israel.
      This is something you should know, especially as a Jew (if you even are one). And you should also realize that these Hamas terrorists would kill you while you stand their defending them because you Jewish (though I have doubts that you are a Jew).
      And keep in mind that while 1.5 million Arabs live in Israel with equal rights, no Jews live in Gaza. Does that not show you who the tolerant ones are???

    • xxx

      Whatever you say moHAMMAD (AKA a british Jew).

  • anon

    As usual, “Israelis” playing the ‘innocent card’. Meanwhile, there isn’t a country in the world, in the past or present, that has massacred people as much as “Israel” did in Palestine. “Israel” doesn’t exist and never will.

    • Thunder

      lollllllll ! what about Syria ( 180 000 people killed) , Irak , Mali and so many others? About 7000 palestinians killed in 20 years…. Hum…. What an incredible genocide!!!! You’re just ridiculous and surely antisionist.

    • Ira

      Anon, you Idiot! Israel will be around when the worms are eating your small brain!!!

    • Mo

      Classic ignorance from an anti Israel person. You would be hard pressed to find a country that has killed less people than Israel has. For a country surrounded by millions of people calling for its destruction, it is amazing how few people Israel has killed.
      And if you want to compare Israel with other countries: what country wouldn’t respond with great force to terrorists that repeatedly fire thousands of rockets at them?
      Which country drops leaflets, makes phone calls, and sends text messages warning civilians that they are bombing a building? Name one!
      In the 4,500 airstrikes (not including tanks, etc) that Israel has conducted in Gaza this month, only 1,800 people died; less than half a person per AIRSTRIKE!!! Does that sound genocidal? Considering that Israel could level Gaza in about ten minutes, it’s amazing how much restraint Israel shows.

    • ctmany

      the “there isn’t a country in the world” part is not literally true, i’m pretty sure–but i VERY much agree with the sentiments of what you said here!!!

    • xxx

      LOL, I bet the Christians throughout the Levant and N Africa might disagree with you. Fool. Look at the the beheadings, crucifixions (YES crucifixions), rape and bondage in the thousands and thousands currently being committed by muslims against Christians. Where is your outcry? You are an impotent cowardly loser just like the terrorist arabs.

  • guest

    Every single one of these anti-Israel comments are based on complete and utter lies. Take it from someone who has worked side by side, in Israel, with an Israeli-Arab. I assure you that they would be shocked at those accusations. I’ve had friends in the Israeli military who were commanded to not shoot, even when they’re being attacked, stones thrown at them, taunted, and humiliated, by arabs. The reason I didn’t even specify which type of arab is because ALL arabs want the “Jew Swine” to be pushed into the sea. So enough of this “Israel is the real Nazi” crap, because if you don’t realize it’s crap yet, you were probably fed gasoline as a child instead of breastmilk.

  • belquekiwi

    The boycott against apartheid Israel is gaining momentum it is now du rigueur.
    It’s the same as what happened to Apartheid South Africa,

  • thetruthisharsh

    WOW when will people understand it’s not a nazi/jew/holocaust thing…oh wait except for the fact that ISRAEL IS DOING THE EXACT SAME THING THAT WAS DONE TO JEWS IN THE HOLOCAUST…but of course Israel is innocent? what am I thinking? OF COURSE they are allowed to steal land, make innocent people homeless, arrest people for their own crimes and in the end kill them….how could that possibly be wrong?
    Open your eyes people.

    • Ira

      You Know NOTHING!!! If you compare Israel to Nazis…it simply means your mother never had any Children!!! :)

  • rod

    Dont make it seem like Pro-Palestine is a trend. The majority of Hollywood is Pro israel and newscorp is owned by who again? Hmmm oh yeah Murdoch. Zionist rule the majority of Media.

  • skyflyer

    If that’s the case why are the real rabbi jews against whats happening, they don’t accept zionists as real jews they themself that zionist jews are war criminals and they don’t want an israel state

  • Sarah

    This article is disgusting.

  • drunkstar

    ooh..have you read up on this
    issue ??moron

  • amyfor justice

    The truth is out on Israel. No one cares about your fake good rules. You kill for fun and hate Palestinians for no reason. You will have to answer to your maker. If Palestinians had weapons would they be throwing rocks. You just exposed yourself.

    • amyfor justice

      Free Palestine and may God watch over them.

  • NAna

    She is just another idiot. She should keep her mouth shut and get educated about what’s going on In the world

  • deanna

    Russell Brand!!! What a dangerous uninformed anti semitic creep. I actually had some sort of admiration for someone who kicked his bad habits but this latest rant is so despicable I am dumbfounded. Does he know that Hamas, the madmen who sent children to dig the tunnels to get into Israel to destroy them, are the people to whom he should be directing his venom? His fans, god help them, follow him no matter what he says and he is using this sheep like quality to try to inflame the situation. Don’t try and disguise this ,Russell, as anything other than anti-Semitism of the worst kind. Are you being influenced by your half Jewish anti semitic partner, Jemima Khan, daughter of the unsavioury Jimmy Goldsmith, who will rally support for the opening of an envelope? Well out of it Katy.

  • Reddragoncult17

    Call me an ideological fool, but I think it is about time people in power on both sides within region should realise that the Israelis will not be forced out of their homeland and the Palestinians will be forced out of their homeland, so both groups must just learn to peacefully co-exist! And the cruel, cruel Irony is that fact that many (if not the majority) of people on both sides are only interested in peace and co-operation! Many groups of Jews and Muslims alike along the borders of the countries actively engage in trade and invite each other into their homes! I cannot justify Israeli atrocities like the bombing of Gaza, but they are not the only ones at fault! I cannot justify Hamas using the people of Gaza as human shields either to carry out attacks! The governments and rulers are responsible for this violence, not the innocent people who are suffering on both sides, and I am sure that if the failed peace treaties, extremists, military attacks and violence were removed, the good people of Palestine and Israel would strive for peace!

  • BilboTbaggins

    For the record, spewing vitriolic hate speech directed at Jewish people in general is anti-semitism (I.e that infamous mel Gibson rant). Criticizing the actions of a GOVERNMENT (not a religion, a government!) that targets hospitals and schools with drone strikes, murders unarmed women and children in the thousands and illegally occupies foreign lands is not!!! Crying about ‘anti-semitism’ every time a politician suggests political sanctions against Israel or celebrities protest against bombing in the Gaza Strip is a pathetic, ignorant and quite frankly immature deflection of the issues at hand! As an independent nation recognised by the United Nations, Israel is not exempt from the geneva conventions or any other laws regarding occupying foreign territories or using excessive force against civilians, laws which they have flouted in the face of the global community! I’m sorry guys, regardless of who’s at fault and who started it (I’m aware a large amount of blame falls with Hamas also) we will never be able to help bring peace to the Middle East from the west if people who are willing to speak out are intimidated into silence and branded ‘Jew haters’. If anything, this attitude is damaging to Israel! How are they supposed to make people see their point of view and explain what may be perfectly justified actions if all challenges to them are instantly dismissed as bigotry! It would be like calling someone Anti-Christian for criticizing US foreign policy! Ludicrous!

  • browneyes

    What else can we expect from Americans who supported and fund raised for the IRA thus supplying them with arms allowing them to murder innocents on the mainland because they didnt agree with the British Govt but that's ok.

    All human life is sancrosanct regardless of caste creed or religion.

    as for BP perhaps bam bam and other americans are upset that Amoco is no more perhaps if they had looked after the workers properly strange that building 503 was demolished in 2010 without finding the real cause behind the brain cancer that chemical workers had developed.

    What with an oil spill and an explosion perhaps BP did americans a favor by buying them out.

    Israel was built on terrorism by Mr Menachem Begin who was a Lithuanian terrorist who was the head of Irgun (responsible for the bombing of the royal david hotel where british troops were stationed) which later became intergrated to form the IDF.

    After 9/11 America decided to invade Iraq under the guise of WMD, strange these have never been discovered.

    Time to put the little black book away Uncle Sam hasnt grown a pair big enough to take on Iran or Syria.

  • Charkes Norrue

    This is nonsense. Mr Magrahi is certainly ill and the advanced treatment he is now getting and wouldn't have got in a Scottish slammer is keeping him alive. Neither the US, UK or Scotland want him back, because all parties know he didn't do it and the US government knows that it carried out the Lockerbie bombing together with the government of Iran to give iRan its one and one only revenge for IR655

  • Questions

    I've begun to re-evaluate my Anglophilia.

  • tyke


    The King David Hotel was the site of the British military command and the British Criminal Investigation Division. The Irgun chose it as a target after British troops invaded the Jewish Agency June 29, 1946, and confiscated large quantities of documents. At about the same time, more than 2,500 Jews from all over Palestine were placed under arrest. The information about Jewish Agency operations, including intelligence activities in Arab countries, was taken to the King David Hotel.

    A week later, news of a massacre of 40 Jews in a pogrom in Poland reminded the Jews of Palestine how Britain's restrictive immigration policy had condemned thousands to death.

    Irgun leader Menachem Begin stressed his desire to avoid civilian casualties. In fact, the plan was to warn the British so they would evacuate the building before it was blown up. Three telephone calls were placed, one to the hotel, another to the French Consulate, and a third to the Palestine Post, warning that explosives in the King David Hotel would soon be detonated.

  • mike

    You Brits are the direct cause for the conflict in the middle east, you slimey limeys. Forget the Balfour Declaration and them the similar promise to the Arabs two years later? I thought so you mass killing inventors of the concentration camp.

  • Guest

    You know what they say about 'brown eyes.'

  • tyke

    On July 22, 1946, the calls were made. The call into the hotel was apparently received and ignored. Begin quotes one British official who supposedly refused to evacuate the building, saying: "We don't take orders from the Jews."42 As a result, when the bombs exploded, the casualty toll was high: a total of 91 killed and 45 injured. Among the casualties were 15 Jews. Few people in the hotel proper were injured by the blast.43

    In contrast to Arab attacks against Jews, which were widely hailed by Arab leaders as heroic actions, the Jewish National Council denounced the bombing of the King David.44

    For decades the British denied they had been warned. In 1979, however, a member of the British Parliament introduced evidence that the Irgun had indeed issued the warning. He offered the testimony of a British officer who heard other officers in the King David Hotel bar joking about a Zionist threat to the headquarters. The officer who overheard the conversation immediately left the hotel and survived.45

  • svendarbuckle

    Thanks for the information, tyke. This is one issue in my support of Israel that has bothered me. I don't know why I didn't bother to research it further myself. Lazy, I guess. I will look up the information that you supplied, just to verify it for myself.

    Thanks again.

  • wsk

    What an idiot!

  • Ghostwriter

    I've got some questions for you. Why would the US government bomb a plane with Americans on board? Why would it work with Iran,an avowed enemy of the US? There is a lot of evidence for Libyan involvement. Magrahi should never have been released. He deserved to die in prison for what he did.

  • mike

    agreed. what do these fools eat for breakfast? stupid pills. i guess.

  • Jill

    Read The Rape of Palestine by William B Ziff 1938 on the what the British did to the jews.
    many of those 2500 Jews in British prisons had not done anything, they were just grabbed off the street. the british acted liike protonazis in Palestine, handicapping and persecuting the Jews any way they could think of. One incredibale example amongst a bunch of nauseating and ioncredible examples is when several hundred Jewish people were attacked by a riot of arabs and fled to TelAviv. the british forbade the then council (or local authority) to use local funds/resources to help these people. They were ONLY allowed to use aid and momney that came from overseas …
    They also forbade, interfered with, and penalised the Jews from developing their own rich natural resources in their own land, in order to usurp much of them for Great Britain.
    Recently rereleased by Martino publishing.
    I got the book from http://www.bookdepository.co.uk

  • Jill

    Excuse typos!! very late here.

  • Joel

    The Jews deserved it. Death to Israel death to all Jews except the Torah Jews. Kill all of the demonic scum.

  • Ghostwriter

    You are a disgusting anti-semite,Joel. You should be ashamed of yourself.