Narco-Terrorism’s Latin American Nexus

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I commented that tunnels under our Mexican border have been found that resemble the ones used to funnel weapons into Gaza, and asked if terrorist entities like Hezbollah, al Qaeda and Hamas are actually helping to develop the Mexican drug cartels’ existing drug-trafficking infrastructures. Yes, was her concise reply. And why are the Islamists collaborating with the cartels? “For money – lots of it – and to defeat the ‘Big Satan’ and other infidels.”

That’s not to say that a Hezbollah attack in the United States is necessarily imminent. Other witnesses at last week’s Homeland Security hearing noted that it would take a significant provocation, like an attack on Iran by the U.S. or Israel, to prompt Hezbollah operatives to interrupt their lucrative trade and begin waging attacks in the U.S. But even so, the estimated $20 million per year raised by the group in Latin America is funneled home to Iran, likely strengthening our enemy’s weapons buildup and military activities.

Hugo Chavez hosted leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in a secret summit in Caracas last year. I asked Ehrenfeld if the rabidly anti-American Venezuelan strongman is organizing a drug/terror network of his own. “Chavez,” she replied,

has been actively supporting drug cartels and terrorist organizations, assuming the role of Fidel and Cuba in “the good old days.” While he is not running their operations, his cut is substantial. Moreover, terrorists and criminal gangs offer good deniability and efficient ways to forge documents, launder money, and smuggle everything. An excellent tool in the arsenal of any dictator.

In her CNN piece, Ehrenfeld set forth the basics for a crucial strategy to combat the narco-terrorism nexus:

To stop the funding of al Qaeda, the Taliban, radical Islamic organizations and other terrorist groups, it’s time for the U.S. government to publicly identify and list everyone — individuals, organizations and states — engaged in funding terrorism directly and indirectly, including those who finance the spread of radical Islam. They should also be designated as terrorists, prosecuted whenever possible, and their assets should be frozen.

Asked at her presentation to comment on President Obama and our national security, Ehrenfeld reluctantly replied that she didn’t want to get too political. She merely stressed that many Americans often take their freedom for granted, and suggested that we must take the necessary and perhaps unpleasant steps to protect that freedom against a plague of terrorists and drug traffickers.

Mark Tapson is a Los Angeles-based reporter and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Hororwitz Freedom Center.

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  • Kenneth Olsen

    Obscene profits will accrue to drug traffickers of all political persuasions as long as the obscene drug laws are in effect.

  • StephenD

    We simply must SECURE THE DAMN BORDER. How much less would the problem be if the borders were truly secure? We could stem the flow of narcotics and contraband as well as foreign nationals entering illegally. Further steps needed after securing the border can be discussed after we SECURE THE DAMN BORDER.

    • Fred Dawes

      We have no borders only the enemies of freedom here and now. The N.A.F.T.A Removed the borders.

  • Fred Dawes

    You can't combat it, for one reason 60 milliom hispanic here inside the USA With hate for the white cultural ideals of life over death, you can't stop your enemies with Love and the ideals of peace and freedom BS, Its a fight for life its a fight against the ideals of evil and good its a fight for freedom over the hispanic muslim ideals of total enslavement it is a fight for your ilfe and it is titanic and it is Armageddon here and now.

    listen to savage nation and buy Guns and my kids Frankenstein is here inside your own home and religious ideals of the semitic islam and the hellenism are about to hit each other and death can only come out of this madness.

    Love will not save you but it will get you raped to death.

  • nondhimmicrat

    I wonder if it would help if americans simply stopped buying and using these drugs?

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes who are the so called americans? using drugs 70 percent are in fact hispanic/blacks and others, the white people are about 30 years, with 80 percent of that using weed. See FBI Report. 90 PERCENT OF ALL HATE RACE crininal acts are on black on hispanic hate race crmes once more see FBI Report, its a tool that is being used to take down this nation by race/drugs/ sex.

  • winston

    Big business is why things are the way they are. And it is 'perfect' just as it is. As a society we condemn it then everything is done to insure its growth and propagation. (Look at opium production in Afghanistan after we took over. It is bigger than ever. 500 billion a year work their way into the coffers of the big banks. And drugs are not even the problem. Addiction is the problem. (only 1 in 8 that try narcotics will become an addict/ like sex or shopping or video games. it is the behavior of the person who loses control that is the real issue. The war on drugs has been a miserable failure and this is why; it does not address the real issue. Its only goal is to onrease military and law enforcement spending and in that regard it is a huge success. Drugs are very cheap to make but make so much money because of prohibition. What we need is to secure the borders and eal with addiction with a social and scientific approach.