Shock Warning: An Interview With Michael Walsh

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MW: If I did, I couldn’t tell you! Seriously, the CSS makes the CIA look like a leaky vessel about to sink.

MT: Devlin is up against ruthless German billionaire Emanual Skorzeny, who has made it his personal mission to destroy Western civilization as we know it. Dare I assume that your inspiration for this character is Hungarian billionaire George Soros? And how about other characters, like President Jeb Tyler – how much inspiration do you draw from the real political figures that you write about in the Post or National Review?

MW: Re Skorzeny, any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental, but you are free to use your imagination. Jeb Tyler might have John Edwards’ hair, but he’s far cannier. In general, it’s easier and more effective to create entirely fictional characters who are believable than to write some kind of roman-à-clef.

MT: Thriller writers of a conservative bent seem to be getting a foothold in Hollywood: both Vince Flynn and Brad Thor have finally made movie deals to bring their heroes to the big screen. Anything in the offing yet for a Devlin movie?

MW: We are developing a script now and are currently in talks with several major producers. Hope to have an announcement in the next few months.

MT: That’s good news! Let’s switch gears. Through your alter ego David Kahane in Rules for Radical Conservatives, you urged the Right to borrow from the Left’s playbook to wage political warfare. Have you seen that advice being taken to heart more in the last year? Do you think conservatives are “getting it” more and beginning to beat the Left at its own game, or are we still playing by the Marquess of Queensbury rules?

MW: They don’t call the Republicans the Stupid Party for nothing, but those outside the party’s hierarchy are finally starting to get it. “By any means necessary” is the left’s motto. They never stop, they never sleep, they never give up. And unless the right is prepared to engage them on their own terms and with their own weapons, it’s going to continue to lose both the political and the cultural wars.

The irony is that the left is largely a bunch of paper tigers, wearing their bogus cloak of “morality” as a kind of Siegfried’s Tarnhelm, thinking that others can’t see through it. Hit back and they flee – they’re only dangerous when your back is turned. Which is why eternal vigilance, etc…

MT: Besides the further adventures of Devlin and a prolific stream of political commentary, what else is on the horizon from Michael Walsh? How about a followup book from David Kahane?

MW: Kahane has his hands full with his regular National Review column, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to see something new from him before the next election.

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  • mrbean

    I guess according to this article, the only way to beat the left who will try to attain their goals any means possible would be to kill them all. Premptive self defense?

  • Chezwick_mac

    Far from it, Walsh is merely saying that conservatives have to expand the area of political warfare from politics into the culture, into the schools and universities, into local issues, into the legal framework….into virtually every facet of our collective lives. And he's absolutely correct.

    I believe it was the Italian leftist Gramsci who said of conservatives, "They may have won the politics, but we won the textbooks."

    One need look no further than the Presidency of Ronald Reagan to see Gramsci's point: Reagan freed the economy and won the Cold War in the 80s, but the universities and newsrooms became radicalized like never before. It was as if conservatives just magnanimously conceded these institutions as insignificant bones to throw to the defeated opposition.

    The repercussions are still haunting us.

  • Free4500

    America IS in the last throes of utter defeat unless traditional (real) Americans who believe in God and the Constitution mount a full scale counter offensive. Even then America's survival is in doubt. In either case, America will never be the same. We must move into the future and try to bring our values forward. Going back will not work. Conservatives (real Americans) are well behaved Christians. They have forgotten how to fight and don't realize they are facing a true enemy that means to destroy them utterly. This is not politics as usual, not more gentlemanly debate between loyal citizens. This is winner takes all political, cultural and social combat. The enemy is teaching our children!
    Goebells said, "It was easy taking over Germany: just take over the educational system and media".

    • Betsy

      You have hit the nail smack dab on the head. The quote from Goebells is exactly what the left has already accomplished. Frightening………unless we stand and fight!!!

  • Anamah

    America we have a problem…