Suffer the Little Children

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“The test of the morality of a society,” wrote theologian and anti-Nazi activist Dietrich Bonhoeffer, “is what it does for its children.” Or more significantly, what it does to them. For example, just when you think the Taliban couldn’t set the bar of subhumanity any lower, reporter Michael Yon, embedded with American troops in Afghanistan, reports on two instances of shocking Taliban cruelty, directed at children, that have enraged local Afghans themselves.

First, the Taliban kidnapped the son of a man who refused to turn over a police vehicle to them, and tortured the 8-year-old before strangling him to death (not that this is especially atypical of the Taliban; in early June they hanged a 7-year-old Afghan boy accused of being a U.S. spy). Next, an even younger boy was forced to step on an experimental Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to test it. His leg was blown off below the knee. Locals brought the boy to a nearby American base, where he and his father were loaded onto a helicopter to Kandahar Airfield for medical care (because that’s what Americans and Israelis do: instead of torturing and murdering children, we heal them – even the children of our enemies). Yon asked the Taliban spokesman about it, and he predictably dismissed the story as “enemy propaganda.” But Yon has a military report on the incident which includes pictures of the boy’s wounds, and outraged villagers were witnesses.

Elsewhere, al Qaeda has recruited orphans, street children and mentally disabled children as suicide bombers against coalition troops in Iraq. Palestinian summer camps for children give them an “education in terror,” glorifying suicide bombers and training kids how to blow up Israeli buses and settlements. Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini famously sent waves of children to clear Iraqi minefields, and today Iranian children’s TV indoctrinates toddlers to embrace martyrdom against Jews. And then there’s Beslan, where Chechen Islamic militants took over a thousand Russians hostage, three-quarters of them schoolchildren; after brutalizing and murdering hostages for three days, ultimately the ordeal ended with nearly two hundred children dead, some of them shot in the back by the terrorists as they fled. Children, whether their own or those of infidels, are a useful tool in the service of jihad.

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  • mcrobbins

    Caroline Glick, in a past column in the Jerusalem Post, exoriated the Obama administration for negotiating with the "moderate" Taliban. She cataloged the atrocities that this regime directed against women and children. She said that George W. Bush had enough moral fortitude to reject such a notion. Seems like the Obama administration wants an easy exit strategy from that country.

    Iran sent chiildren and teenagers across the mine fields of Iraq to be sacrificed as "martyrs". The Taliban of Afganistan are just psychotic when dealing with children; they glory in their barbarity. The Palestinian Authority indoctrinates impressionable minds with hate.

    Anna Geifman, in her book, Death Orders, thinks that this in the newest strategy of terrorists around the world. She thinks Beslan was a watershed event. Some Youtube subscribers have made heartbreaking videos about the children of Israel that have died at the hands of terrorists.

    God is not going to tolerate the murder of the most innocent and vulnerable members of society.

    • jasonz

      honestly god is tolerating it. and so are we. We need to just face facts and eliminate islam as much as possible. Im tired of reading about this crap. im tired of politicians on both sides preaching that we have to tolerate their murderous ways. we know so much about islam its methods, its philosophy, its end goals, its actions, that the fact that we continue to let anyone claiming to be muslim live and countries that are islam run to survive , is not a testament to our benevolence, but to our stupidity and weakness. I honestly just keep wondering how long and how many have to die and suffer before we admit the truth. ISLAM IS EVIL, IT CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO COEXIST ANYWHERE AND IT MUST BE DESTROYED AND WIPED OFF THE PLANET! Anyone who disagrees prove me wrong..and just cause you dont like it and think im mean, dosent mean i am wrong!

  • waterwillows

    When a culture treats babies and children as sex toys, it is a stone's throw away from total de-humanizing the innocent as worthless for life.
    In their eyes, the children have lost their humanity so they can be 'used' in any horrible way they see fit. It is a world of living nightmare on earth.

  • Watchman

    If you're an islamist then your're dead. NUKE 'EM……NUKE 'EM ALL. Mankind will thank you for it.

  • Lady_Dr

    NUKE'EM is right – before they do more harm. Their lives are a living hell already if they are female or young (or too old) and the men must live in fear constantly of other men (from other families or tribes) who will destroy them if they ever lower their guard. So let's put them out of their misery and save millions, billions of people from the slavery of Islam. They are the gangarene of mankind. If one limb has gangarene you amputate it to save the body – so too must we amputate the gangarene of Islam.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    I am grateful that the child was taken to an American facility for treatment. It is very hard to learn to live with an amputated limb but the child has his young age in his corner. As far as the Taliban goes, what a great big bunch of freedom fighters you are. You need to get a Bible (you're probably using one for TP) and read what Jesus said about harming a child. The Taliban should not be negotiated with but utterly destroyed. I would be glad to meet this big bad warrior in the alley, no weapons just us. It shouldn't be too hard, I only have one leg. (But then again I'm not a child either)

  • al Kidya

    "Peace will come when the Muslims love their children more than they hate us" Golda Meier

    • wsk

      Yes, Golda. How's that working out?

  • StephenD

    In a post recently here this was noted:
    "psychologist M. Scott Peck – who observes that there is no creativity to be found in the devil; all he seeks is annihilation."
    It is apparent that Islam is of the Devil and is the inculcation of evil itself.

  • steven l

    These are brain washed people. They have frozen/destroyed brain. They are nothing but guided missiles. They cannot be monsters. They have no will no ability to make decisions. We should stop the BS and act coldly and with determination and as ethically as possible against the perpetrators and commanditors.
    The West does not care what is in being done to Jews or kids of the world.
    The West despises the Jews as much as the Muslims. Let 's not have illusions.

  • mrbean

    Muslim children are often indoctrinated from an early stage to aspire to become martyrs; they have sometimes been used as suicide bombers. Hamas has pioneered the practice of using young children as frontline soldiers during the Palestinian intifada. The Iranian clerical regime have created child-martyrs brigade. The basic human instinct, the civilized human responsibility, is to protect children during conflicts and wars; but the Islamists have reversed this natural human propensity and responsibility for pushing children to the front lines armed with stones, and sometimes explosive belts, to kill and be killed. The shia Muslims mourn the death of Al Imam Al Hussain on ashoura day by going to the streets and start beating their chests. They use tools such as knives and swords to self inflict injuries and cause bloodshed, the scenes of blood and sufferings are not for the weak hearted. Shia children do not only see all this but sometimes they are also made to participate in it. Islam is a sick cult of child abuse.

  • CisscoKidd

    Muslims (that is, arabs) can do whatever they want to their children because their so-called religion says they can. Its all for them allahs and muhammuds, and to take over the world. Consequently, their so-called religion is just a violent political movement. Now, if little muslims (little arabs) were not abused and killed, I wonder what the chances are the little muslims (little arabs) would not be terrorists when they grow up. Yes, what are the chances, is the question. In reality, are they doing us a favor……..I don't know.

    • John of Indonesia

      well, you don't have to wait until they grow up to be a terrorist, they already are.

  • LindaRivera

    Indeed, we cannot afford to lose the war that was declared against all non-Muslims 1,400 years ago.

    Child haters have a deep hate for all innocent humanity and an even deeper hate for the Merciful, Kind, Great, Glorious and Awesome G-D – the Creator who lovingly created the human race.

  • TexExpatriate

    At least the Muslims attack the kids directly. Democrat socialists and fascists attack our children indirectly, infecting their minds and hearts with hatred, envy, and laziness.

  • Ghostwriter

    In all the times I've read this blog,this was one of the most incredible things I've read. It's shocking that people like this walk the earth.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Where are all the 'moderate' Muslims ? Why are they not expressing outrage at the actions of their co-religionists against children ?

    To me the fact that such actions take place, without interference from any omniscient deity, is ample proof that a God does not exist or care.

    • wsk

      No such thing as a "moderate" Muslim.

  • Wesley69

    These people are truly Satan's spawn. When you do this to children, indoctrinate them into being martyrs, you are sick and desperate. You can't win in the arena of ideas. A religion of peace?????? Maybe the brave leadership of the Taliban and Al-Queda should demonstrate their willingness to live and die by their own idealogy by strapping on some explosives themselves.

  • Amused

    The evil that men do ……it goes on everywhere , except in islam it is religiously sanctioned . This is no surprise , nor is it new ,it's been going on for centuries . These few stories are not a-typical , they have caught attention because they occurred on the stage of a widely publicized war . This has been going on in India , Thailand , Iraq , Nigeria , Kashmir , Phillkipines , Indonesia , at the hands of muslims .This is organized , cultish evil .

  • Amused

    It will not end in Afghnaistan until the Afghans themselves ,decide to purge the evil amongst their own co-religionists .

  • Brujo Blanco

    Anyone with any common sense would take a stand against people who murder children. Unfortunately the seeds of antisemitism have been plated all over the world. In the eyes of many it is acceptable to kill Jewish children but a war crime to kill Muslim children. It is not right to murder anyone much less children.

  • Freedom John

    These people are completely bereft of a heart, oh but that's Muslims isn't it. And they want us to all be like them. Demonic.

  • PhillipGaley

    Well, stopping those killings wouldn't be all that difficult; with a missile on his house, Regan silenced Gaddafi for some years—in a word, he put the fear of G0D in him. You would simply have to take these Moslem nations up, on their declared wars against us—begin by turning every Mosque, governmental building, mullah house of residence and Islamic school to ash pits at least 5ft deep. If radio transmission towers were then mis-used, smash those, too.
    The lesser nations existing at the grace and allowance of the greater, I believe that, our guys are simply derilict in their duty, . . .

  • PhillipGaley

    Afterward, tell them why, and that, while they would be free to practice Islam, or, any actual religion, apparently unconected violence and Sharia rulings would be randomly reviewed, and if to the negative, would be dealt with, with a firm hand, in a word, appropriately, . . .

  • wsk

    Just "glass bowl " the Middle East and be done with it. I, too, am sick of this Muslim depravity