ACORN Front Group Destroys Evidence of OWS Ties

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The ACORN-linked United Federation of Teachers has donated meeting and storage space at its headquarters for the occupiers. The labor union has long had ties to ACORN. It paid ACORN $500,000 to manufacture an uprising against New York charter schools.

Outside New York City, other ACORN front groups across America are involved in occupations.

Longtime ACORN organizer Jeff Ordower, now of Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE), gave his blessing to Occupy St. Louis. “People are fed up,” Ordower told local media. Organizers in the Land of Enchantment (OLÉ) participated in Occupy Albuquerque, N.M. “It’s nice to see democracy at its best,” said OLÉ president Mary Lee Ortega.

Action United (Pennsylvania), Organize Now (Florida), Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, and New England United for Justice (Massachusetts) are also involved in various occupations.

The ACORN successor group Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) helped to organize Occupy Los Angeles and has organizers stoking the flames on the front lines of the ongoing rioting in Oakland.

Wade Rathke gushed over the increasingly violent protests in Oakland, the home turf of Van Jones and former congressman Ron Dellums (D-Calif.). “Oakland is the right battleground for Occupy, so let the fight be engaged there on this issue where the support base is potentially among the largest one can imagine for this movement,” he blogged.

California often sets national trends. Radical organizers are counting on that fact.

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  • NotaBene

    I think Mr. Vadum has an inflated sense of his own importance.

    • pagegl

      I think you're confusing Vadum with the ACORN folks.

  • Ezra

    “It’s nice to see democracy at its best,” said OLÉ president Mary Lee Ortega.

    If this is democracy, whoa to America we truly are already dead!!!

  • Morrismajor

    What is Dave now a FOX pr man too?

  • StephenD

    ACORN ~ By any other name is still…plain nuts!

  • Spider

    I only have one thing to say about ACORN and its from groups and affiliates – UP URS COM-MIE PIGS !

  • UCSPanther

    Once again, ACORN showed its hand, and just like with their meddling in the election with Obama, it will backfire on them when the smoke clears.

  • Herman Caintonette

    Let's face it, folks — voter fraud is almost zero because our votes are worth almost zero.

    "You know, comrades," says Stalin, "that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how."

  • Brujo Blanco

    There’s a saying, “If you do not a knowledge a problem then you do not have a problem.”. The left says there is no voter fraud but try to stifle any investigation of alleged voter fraud. If it does not exist then an investigation will verify that. Voter fraud when identified is not generally investigated. There was a big blow up regarding a group of Johns Hopkins student proved that dead people were voting in Maryland. Because of the success they were accused of violating the privacy rights of the privacy rights of the dead. There was substantial voter fraud committed by ACORN. Problem is that when identified the investigations are not thorough and in depth. Every bonifide vote should count. One fraudulent vote cancels out one legal vote.

  • alexander

    remember this black…….. gentleman…. from ACORN?:

  • Herman Caintonette

    Tell the whole truth, Cheezy. The "highest voter fraud rate in the country" is damn near zero. According to the independent and highly-respected League of Women Voters:

    "Myth: Voter fraud is rampant in our elections, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the winner.

    Fact: Actual cases of fraud are rare. There have been many investigations, but few cases have been substantiated. Then-Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer reported that only 14 people out of approximately 2,800,000 voters fraudulently cast ballots during the 2004 election in Minnesota– a fraud rate of .0005 percent."

  • Herman Caintonette

    Says you. I'm more inclined to agree with the League of Women Voters, which says there is not a problem. Compared to the scourge of counting problems, it isn't even a rounding error.

    Think about it. To actually affect an outcome, you'd need a conspiracy of people numbering in the thousands. By contrast, the Bush Administration could well have facilitated 9/11 with a conspiracy of about 20-30 people. If that is unlikely, this is next-to-impossible.

    We all know what this is about: a scheme to disenfranchise those voters who are inclined to vote Democratic.

  • Maxie

    "According to the independent and highly-respected League of Women Voters."

    "independent!!? "highly-respected"?! You and Bill Mahre would make a great Cool Ade drinking comedy team. The Abbot & Costello of Moonbat America. You could call yourselves The Marx Brothers. MARX brothers!? Get it?