Chomsky’s Hate Earns Him a Peace Prize

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Leftist guru Noam Chomsky has been awarded the Sydney Peace Prize.

This is yet more proof that we live in an age in which “peace prizes” are worth less than the prizes kids find at the bottom of Cracker Jack boxes.

Look at the case of President Barack Obama. A few months after he was inaugurated, Obama, who is now presiding over three wars on two continents, received a Nobel Peace Prize. His most significant accomplishment when nominations for the prize closed on Feb. 1, 2009, just 12 days into his term of office, had been to throw a Super Bowl party.

The Godfather of Terror, Yasser Arafat, received a Nobel Peace Prize in 1994. Serial liar Rigoberta Menchu, a Communist agent who worked for the same terrorists who later killed members of her own family, somehow hornswoggled her way into one in 1992.

Now, the lesser-known Sydney Peace Prize has been awarded to the Chomsky, who routinely argues that the United States is worse than Hitler’s Germany and consorts with genocidal Jew-hating terrorists. It is unclear which peace Chomsky, a soft-spoken version of Ward Churchill, has actually secured.

“The choice of Noam Chomsky continues a pattern of Sydney Peace Prize recipients who have demonstrated questionable credentials as legitimate peace-makers,” said Vic Alhadeff, CEO of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies. “It does nothing to enhance the standing of either the recipient or the prize itself.”

The Australian honor, awarded in 2003 to Palestinian terrorism apologist Hanan Ashrawi, was bestowed on Chomsky “for inspiring the convictions of millions about a common humanity and for unfailing moral courage.”

Perhaps in the leftist lexicon “moral courage” is the same as shrugging off the murder of innocent Americans. If so, then Professor Chomsky certainly deserves the prize.

Because Chomsky considers America to be “the world’s greatest terrorist state,” he finds it difficult to get around to condemning those who kill Americans for political purposes.

When Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. troops in Pakistan last month, Chomsky was brokenhearted. It’s understandable: a few years ago, the al-Qaeda chieftain followed the lead of Hugo Chavez and praised Chomsky as “one of the most capable” citizens of the United States.

Chomsky repaid bin Laden by defending him with characteristic aplomb.

Sounding like an ACLU lawyer, Chomsky protested the “planned assassination” of bin Laden which he said contravened international law. “There appears to have been no attempt to apprehend the unarmed victim,” he said.

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  • yrd4soundingoff

    An outspoken hater of certain groups who advocates the annihilation of these groups wins a Peace prize. In the down is up, right is wrong world of the leftist this makes sense?
    Yes, this peace prize isn't even worth the toys my kid won at the carnival last week. Sad

  • Steve Chavez

    "Sounding like an ACLU lawyer, Chomsky protested the 'planned assassination' of bin Laden which he said contravened international law."

    I AGREE WITH CHOMSKY? Okay, put up Obama for war crimes and impeach him!

  • BS77

    Chomsky is a parasitical worm….living secure and feeding within the host while he does his damage.

    • sedoanman

      The Branding of the World's Top Intellectual: Noam Chomsky
      by Peter Schweizer

      Note from the Author: Whereas readers of The Prospect found the top public intellectual in Chomsky, I found a poster child for modern-day capitalism and, because of his anti-capitalist views, a complete hypocrite.

  • FBastiat
  • BS77

    when arafat "won" the Nobel Peace Prize, I knew these awards were worthless.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Little does Chomsky know that if he lived in America, he would be allowed to express his views and to publish a new book every Monday and Thursday. What's that? He does live in America?

  • Piece of…

    So the Sydney Peace Prize committee clearly believes that being a radical Leftist who thinks America (and Israel) is the worst country ever and turns a blind eye towards genocidal maniacs (and even justifies their actions) is a reason enough to award you a peace prize.

    I'm waiting for next year posthumous award to be given to Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Jim Jones and all the gazillion suicide bombers out (down?) there.

    (You say the latter are not Leftist – oh you stupid fools, their action were CLEARLY an heroic protest against their Capitalistoc opressors and not due to ANY kind of religious beliefs)

  • bruce


  • smokehouse56

    Never heard of him. But than again I don't live in a liberal cesspool. Oh well.

  • Ghostwriter

    I don't like Chomsky but I'm amazed at those who defend him. I remember one time that on the NewsReal website,I quoted what Bernard Goldberg said about him in one of his books. The next day,I read an attack by someone simply because I criticized Chomsky and had quoted someone who was critical of him. I'm still amazed to this day. I wonder how this guy would feel if I said that Chomsky would be the perfect inspiration for a villain in any comic book,movie,novel,or short story?

  • Ghostwriter

    I forgot something. For those who gave him the Syndey Peace Prize,I just want to say thanks a lot. You've just cheapened your own award.

  • Bill

    Chomsky is brilliant. You are all brain-washed. Try reading him with an open-mind. You may be surprised by the thoroughness of his arguments. Even when I disagree with his points, I learn something.

    • MixMChess

      Try reading the anti-Chomsky reader with an open mind. His arguments are very thorough but built on outright lies, half-truths and foundations of sand:

    • Taxpayer1234

      I took a course in his "transformational grammar." It was nonsensical hogwash, as is all his polemic tripe.

      Truly brilliant people don't crave the limelight like he does.

      • vladdy

        Tee hee. I had to take that, too. Remember the part where he said no one had to be taught to talk (or animals to make sounds), as it was instinctive? And those horrible diagrams, nothing like the ones from grade school. I used to sit there and pray the prof wouldn't call on me to put one on the board, every day. I thought then that his theories and textbook authorship were horrible, but I did agree with him politically. Oh, the shame!

    • vladdy

      Oh, my. I was a big Chomsky fan in college, but now I am embaressed to even admit it. I outgrew him and thought most people did when they graduated., Guess he's still big with the academic "israel is an apartheid state" crowd.

  • Beauchamp

    The Sydney Peace prize is not taken seriously in Australia it is known as the Sydney Piss Prize.

    To win it one must be all or some of the following

    Anti American
    Anti Israel
    Anti Democracy
    Pro terrorism
    Anti Christian
    Pro Global warming
    You get the message I think

  • john adan

    Why do people always choose ad hominen attacks when it comes to Chomsky, why not try to go after some of his arguments? Is indoctrination that difficult to grow out of?

    "routinely argues that the United States is worse than Hitler’s Germany and consorts with genocidal Jew-hating terrorists" any sources to back up this claim?

  • jll

    I challenge the author to quote ONE sentence where Chomsky clearly states that the United States is worse than Nazi Germany. ONE! Even were the author able to produce one (highly unlikely since chomsky has never said such a thing) the challenge would still remain for the author to prove that Chomsky makes this claim "routinely". This is a lie.

    • mlcblog

      His whole attitude reeks of hatred for the US.

      • jll

        is that supposed to be an answer to my comment? and what does "hatred" for us even mean? He lives here, has repeatedly called the United States the freest country in the world, has decried all legislation and executive acts to curtail these liberties (like the PATRIOT ACT), has detailed the monstrosities of the COINTELPRO years when the government was harassing its own citizens, and has only praised the hard work of ordinary americans to secure those rights (women's rights, civil rights, gay rights, etc..) that's hardly hatred for one's country. From MIT he has revolutionized the cognitive sciences to the extent that he is a internationally revered figure in the field of lingustics and beyond. All this as an AMERICAN intellctual, therefore contributing to the prestige of MIT and America in the sciences. That's hardly hatred for one's country. Hatred for one's country would be praise for the 9/11 attacks and an overt call for the destruction of the united states top to bottom while living in a foreign country. Since he does neither of these but rather everything I quoted above, he does not hate the united states, he is happy to live here, says so repeatedly, and through his work in linguistics and political commentary greatly enhances America's esteem abroad.

        What say you?

        • mlcblog

          …as such, a hater, he is not trustworthy to be listened to in my book.

          We all have to work these things out for ourselves. I was simply stating my impression of the situation.

          I just do not agree with you about Mr. Chompsky (deliberate misspelling, helps me relieve stress).

          Loving to irritate liberals, I sign off.

        • KathleenP

          Personally I don't care whether Chomsky loves his own country or not or whether he's left-wing or not; what I do know is that he hates Israel, loves terrorist -Islamist organizations Hezbollah and Hamas, and is an enthusiastic supporter of Holocaust deniers like the French neo-Nazi nutjob Robert Faurisson, for whose book Chomsky wrote an introduction. He also enthusiastically supported and enodorsed the Khmer Rouge which slaughtered about a million Cambodians. And that's just scratching the surface of his very ugly underside. Chomsky groupies always act like it's such bad form to bring up these less-than-stellar parts of his CV, which is why I take particular pleasure in doing so. He's a clever, charismatic, Nazi-supporting, genocide-excusing piece of garbage. The only positive obseveration one can make is that nature is clearly catching up with him; he's developing a remarkable resemlance to the Mr. Burns character in "The Simpsons." Soon he'll go the way of all flesh and the world will not miss him when he's gone.

          • jll

            Hates Israel? Do you mean he hates the people of Israel? please show me where he indicates such hatred. He (and many people) hate Israeli Policies, which is fine, only fascists/nationalists brand policy critics as "haters of [country]" and treat them as morally bankrupt.

            He supports the free speech rights of everyone including holocaust deniers, which is also unobjectionable. Chomsky has no sympathies with Nazis, and has often stated his opinion of Nazi Germany.

            I did mention Chomsky's support of the khmer rouge, which was not enthusiastic (you just say that withouth thinking) which I attribute to error, the same way the political leadership here was in error for supporting Saddam Hussein, for supporting Arab dictators, Latin American dictators, Suharto – oh, and allying itself with STALIN even after the Nazi defeat. What do you think of all that? you have no opinion probably because you just turn a deaf ear to all that, as does everyone on this site.

            Genocide supporter?? Please explain how someone who has been spotlighting mass murders , decrying fascist regimes and imperalism since the 1940's is a supporter of genocide, someone who has spoken out against the mass murders committed during WWII, in soviet Russia under Stalin, in south America, in Turkey, in East Timor, in Iraq (under Saddam) The list goes on – what kind of mental gymnastics does it take to consider this person a supporter of Genocide??!!

  • mlcblog

    Just try and read Chomsky's "works" even on Wikipedia. Nonsensical. I know they can say I am too…to understand. I just don't buy it. I think he is a ditz with a bad stomach ache.

  • muchiboy

    For me this man is the ideal Jew.Independent of (and critical in) thought and mind,a bright and shining beacon of rationality,Chomsky deserves to be praised for his service to humanity.I am not saying his views are correct,though I agree with much of his worldview,I just think he serves to inject a modicum of rationality and critical analysis into the arguments.My God,we lost so much of our future in the Death Camps.Imagine the doctors,composers,musicians,Nobel Laureates and advances in knowledge,etc.we may have had.Damn the Nazi's and their inhumanity.muchiboy

    • USMCSniper

      My former non-colleague at MIT, Noam Chompsky is the equivalent of a holocaust denier in his endorsment of Pol Pott and the Khmer Rouge and Nguyễn Sinh Cung and also known as Nguyễn Ái Quốc aka Hồ Chí Minh for their war atrocities, The Americans were in South Vietnam from 1964 to 1973 and there were more civilians killed after 1975 in the killing fields of Cambodia (1.6 million) and in the purges and in the rededucation camps of South Vietnam by the NVA Communists (1.5 to 1.75 million) than in the 9+ years the Americans were there. Read up on the Hue massacre of the intellectuals ordered by Uncle Ho. Chompsky is a grotesque intellectual incompetent who has never done anything worthwhile in his entire life. Giving him a peace prize is genuine travesty.

  • Terry

    This 'peace prize' is a leftist love in sort of award. If you are the dregs of academia, hate Jews, hate Asutralia, hate the west, hate America, despise G-d, but love muslims, you are well placed for the award.

    As an Aussie, and a Jewish one at that, I regard this prize as a badge of dishonour. As for chomsky, I will say little as his characteristics are definitely in the 'leave it to G-d to cast verdict' category. Suffice it to say that if chomsky was drowning in my pool in Sydney, I'd ring the ambulance in Perth (5 hours flying time).

  • Mark

    Let’s start the campaign now for Noam Chomsky to win the Nobel Peace Price. What an absolute legend. It’s also so good to read indoctrinated right wing idiots like Mattew what’s his name again lose it.

  • chomskyisahero

    Matthew Vadum is an award winning idiot who writes libelous garbage and understands nothing of the work of Noam Chomsky. Noam Chomsky has always condemned terrorist acts committed towards Anmericans. But as Americans it is our job to look after our own terrorist acts, because those are the ones we affect the most. And why do these nations hate the US and try to harm people of our nation? It is because we terrorize the middle east for a strategic interest in oil. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world and it’s actions are purely led by domestic business interests. These combinations of facts has led them to become the worldwide leader in terrorism. Which is why to this day we are supporting dictators all accross the middle-east and destroy countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. The asassination of Osama Bin Laden is similar to if Iraqi commandos lande on GW Bush’s mansion, shot him in the head and threw him in the atlantic. The US was afraid to bring Osama to court because there was no proof against him. Anyone who knows these issues well knows this, and especially the US government does.

  • mauricebrandt

    Chomsky served as great inspiration for those who destroyed the WTC. He is the one responsible for that tradegy.