Bringing Jihad TV to America

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On its website’s “Partners and Friends” page, the group lists Free Press, an organization co-founded by Marxist Robert W. McChesney. McChesney is an activist who wants to eliminate privately owned media outlets such as Fox News. Like many other American academics, McChesney is hostile to Israel.

Another “friend” of Rethink Press is the Center for Media & Democracy which produces TV programs in Burlington, Vermont. A video the group produced last year called “Vermonters Respond to Israel’s Attack on Gaza Flotilla” features Yonatan Shapira, a prominent Israeli “refusenik.”

The former Israeli Air Force pilot is shown saying, “I was a captain in this terrorist army.” Protests of Israel’s actions against the flotilla should serve to recruit people “to stop this criminal activity of the state of Israel,” Shapira says. “If you are just an American citizen that just continue [sic] his or her life as if nothing has happened you are part of the problem.”

Rethink Press bemoans the fact that Al Jazeera English is carried 24 hours a day on cable systems in only four places: Washington, D.C.; Toledo, Ohio; Burlington, Vermont; and Bristol County, Rhode Island.

The channel should be carried more widely in order to improve ignorant Americans’ well-roundedness, it says. “Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of international journalism, especially news that covers North Africa and the Middle East, two places that Al Jazeera English has been reporting in depth from for years.”

Adding insult to injury, Al Jazeera English is subsidized by American taxpayers.

As Cliff Kincaid has reported, in the Washington, D.C. region MHz Networks, a division of Virginia’s Commonwealth Public Broadcasting Corp., takes in more than $2 million a year from federal and state governments. Out of that total, $1.4 million comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which is funded through congressional appropriations.

Kincaid calls the channel “Jihad TV” and “an enemy propaganda organ.”

Broadcaster Jerry Kenney, agrees with Kincaid. He’s livid that WDSC, a public TV station owned by Daytona State College, is airing Al-Jazeera English and Russia Today, a Kremlin-owned channel that never misses an opportunity to attack the U.S.

Kenney filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission, arguing it is improper for a publicly subsidized TV station to air propaganda from a foreign power. He wants the college to drop both channels.

“It’s my responsibility as an American citizen,” he said. “I have a duty to be vigilant.”

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  • The Infidel

    Our multiculti tv station in Australia SBS has the al jizra station hour, the ABC gets nearly all its video news from al jizra. they both toe the jihadi line, but then again its welcome here, by the left for propaganda, for those of us on the right its great to see and hear what the enemy is saying.

    Most in Australia have a good handle on what is good and what is not fortunatly, but we are begining to suffer from the onslaught. BDS got an earfull in Brisbane when they picketed the Chocolate shop, until they got outnumbered 2 to 1 by pro Israeli protesters, including some of our local pollies.

    But again, sometimes its good to know what the enemy is saying, so you have ammo to fight them with their own words.

  • Flipside

    The Lobby should not be allowed to dictate to Americans what we are allowed to watch on television. Yes, it is inconvenient for Zionists to have a channel that gives opposing viewpoint. Too bad. We want to watch it. It’s not like we need Al Jazeera to tell us Israel is a belligerent apartheid state. That’s evident from CNN. That’s what makes Jewish censorship of American television all the funnier. Al Jazeera is pretty tame stuff. Still, who are these clowns to demand that we not be allowed to choose our own news feed?

    • kafir4life

      Hi flipside! I like your posts!! They are quite illuminating. Hey! Did you happen to notice that muslims like to follow this pedophilic warlord maniac called mad momo the pig faced propet? Yeah! And they like to read the terror guide that mad momo shat from his anal orfice following sex with, then later a meal of his favorite porker, that he liked to refer to as "daddy". You ever read that filth? Can you imagine anybody boneheaded enough and ignorant enough to believe that feces? You have yourself a fine ramadamadingdong, and say hi to your mama for us!

      allahu snackbar!!

    • Ghostwriter

      I don't. Unlike you,Flipside,I don't revel in anti-semitic filth all day long like a pig.

      • Flipside

        I voted this comment up. I was amused.

    • aspacia



  • Paula Sue

    Pretty tame stuff? You mean no video of folks getting their throat cut with a box opener? This ignorant American has a question. Why should my tax dollars go to an organization that promots a philosophy calling for the distruction of Judeo/Christian civilization. Just curious.

    • StephenD

      I too would like to hear an answer to Paula's question. I vote NO to my tax dollars supporting any longer, Public Television. They want onto the airwaves, let them pay!

    • Flipside

      They don't really. Your tax dollars go to banker bailouts and the US oil cartel. Your tax dollars can't be all that much money anyway.

  • Dispozadaburka

    How about HBO's Latino channel…….."KORAN FOR LATINOS"

  • Brujo Blanco

    Al Jazerra is a highly politically partisan organization. They support individuals that want to kill (murder) people like me. I do not want to fund this organization with my tax money. News is one thing. Organizations that promote he violent activities of terrorist organizations are something else. It is not free speech. In is tantamount to paying people to yell fire in a crowded theater. The leftists to their everlasting shame are supportive of terrorist organizations.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I keep saying that had GWB been the President instead of HST at the end of WWII he would have declared that Communism is a Totalitarian Ideology of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, and then he would have opened up the floodgates to mass Communists immigration. Of course, at the same time he would have also deployed America's military to pursue fantasy based nation-building missions to win the hearts and minds of Communists.

    Indeed, because of GWB's suicidal premise that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists following 9/11, our federal government today is twice the size, twice as powerful, and twice as incompetent as it was on September 11, 2001, our federal deficits and national debt are many times larger, our military has been senselessly bogged down in two fantasy based nation-building missions that are not only incredibly counterproductive but also completely hopeless for almost 10 years, and Americans heretofore constitutionally protected freedoms of speech and expression and right to privacy have all been usurped.

    In addition, based on that same baseless GWB premise, our federal government and our news medias today routinely conflate jihad with terrorism, which further leads to a whole array of other incorrect premises, as jihad and terrorism are really two mutually exclusive and entirely different things altogether. Indeed, among those incorrect premises is that jihad is terrorism, when it is not, jihadists are terrorists and thus extremists, when jihadists are really mainstream orthodox Muslims, and that jihad which according to them is terrorism is always violent, when the reality is jihad, in stark contrast to terrorism, is both violent an non-violent.

    Thus, because of all the false premises branching off of GWB's original first false premise that Islam is a so-called Religion of Peace™ being hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists, jihad today is conflated with terrorism, and because jihad today is conflated as being terrorism, the non-violent varieties of jihad, which take place astronomically far greater than the violent varieties of jihad, are being employed today completely unacknowledged and unopposed.

    Indeed, Al Jazeera's Jihad TV is an example of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad. Demographic Conquest via mass Muslim immigration to the West and other non-Islamic countries is another form of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad that takes place completely unacknowledged and unopposed. In fact, the Center for American Progress's 130-page report used to silence those courageously exposing the truth about Islam via character assassinations and misinformation is another form of stealth and deceptive non-violent jihad.

  • EVABeliever

    Ask any idiot like flipside to expand on what makes Israel an apartheid state and they scatter back to the dark holes they came from. They don't have an answer because any honest view of Israel reveals the claim of apartheid to be a complete lie. flipside, Arabs, self-hating Jews and anti-Semites all use lies to justify their hate. A clever PR campaign is being employed to try and destroy Israel. Call Israelis nazis, claim Israel to be apartheid and call them the terrorists. Do it loud and often enough and who knows a how many fools will believe what they say. The problem is: we are even arguing with them over stupid and obvious lies. I wonder how many people would bother to argue with a poster that claimed the World is flat. The lies told about Israel are as blatant yet we all respond in Israel's defense. The reason: because the lies find homes in willing and ignorant people. No matter how foolish the lie there are those that WANT to believe Jews are bad and evil. That is why we need to defend Israel against these bald-faced lies.

    • Flipside

      Nobody scatters anywhere.

      1) You have the institutionalized regime of systematic oppression of Palestinians by Israelis.
      2) You have the inhuman acts committed for the purpose of establishing and maintaining domination by one racial group of persons over another.
      3) You have the “apartness” or racial segregation enforced by walls, barbed wire, signs, machine guns, and documents.
      4) You have the second class citizens having to show their identity papers to travel freely to visit relatives in other Bantustans.
      5) You have the denial by one race of the other’s food, utilities, coastlines, and freedom of assembly.
      6) You have preferential citizenship for Jews.
      7) You have preferential laws and a South African style police force for Israelis who squat in the Bantustans.
      8) You have a long and shameful partnership with apartheid South Africa as demonstrated in “The Unspoken Alliance” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky


      • Ghostwriter

        Flipside,you seem to forget that many of the Palestinians have always hated Jews and want them dead. You,like many of the Palestinians,hate Jews and want them dead. Many of them would rip your head off if they got a chance so please,keep talking your idiotic nonsense. I doubt the Palestinians you worship feel the same way.

        • Flipside

          I would imagine that a Palestinian who had his home shelled and his family shot by a 15 year old would probably want all Jews dead. I don’t and it’s asinine of you to say so.

  • UCSPanther

    Next thing they'll want is Iran's state-run propaganda broadcaster. Just wait…

    • trickyblain

      Hey, that would be interesting!

  • Moishe Pupick

    M., 08/29/11 common era

    Phyliss Bennis is a major useful idiot for CAIR. I've heard her on a Berkeley f.m. radio station. She is simply a 21st-century kapo, like George Soros, far estranged from Torah and Mitzvot.

  • Ghostwriter

    Flipside and others like him seem to forget that there is also anti-Americanism on Al-Jazzera and it's English language equivalent so why should I pay to watch people bash my country all day long. I don't want to see it.

    • Flipside

      Last time I watched public television it was a bunch of Jewish people at PBS begging for money. Same as NPR. Al Jazeera is going to have to beg with the rest of them. Probably not though, because Oman, and UAR, and Qatari princes will pay for it. Still, it's a good news station. For one thing, it shows the Muslim side of the news. I pay good money for the US to kill the Muslims and steal their oil. I want to watch their reaction on TV. Sometimes the Al Jazeera and 3rd Intifada iPhone apps are not enough, you know?

      • Ghostwriter

        Please,stop with the anti-semitic tirades,Flipside. They're getting old. Why don't you just read the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and leave this website alone.

        • Flipside

          You tell me. How is one supposed to respond to Radical Semitism?

  • Babs

    A suggestion: If Al-Jazzera is going to be on the tv…then everybody should cancel their cable subscription. If we had millions doing that, wouldn't it make SOMEONE sit up and re think putting Al on the tv?

  • DeShawn

    You jews are just angry that al-Jazzera is gonna break you people's monopoly on the media. But most TRUE Americans who put AMERICA first and not israel will welcome it.

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm a true American and I don't want an anti-American,anti-Jewish channel on my cable system. Both you and Flipside's anti-Jewish tirades are as tiresome as they are appalling.

  • aspacia

    LMFAO, let AJ start using its own private funding that is vetted. I doubt if it would last long if competing on the open market and sued for libel or slander, depending.

  • Anamah

    I can see 2012 election from my kitchen window!!!

  • Disabled Veteran

    One can tell Hillary Clinton is a leftist fan of AJ.

    Surely she can't be our Secretary of State…

  • David Baccie

    Al Jazeera is relatively mild, next to Iran's "Press TV".
    Press TV is evil — a slick lying machine.
    In terms of anti-American propaganda, Russia Today is more damaging than Al Jazeera.

  • Mike

    Go away Muslims! I can't wait for a revolution in this country. Along with it, we should cleanse America of this disease that is Islam.

  • FlyanSosser

    Yes, we need a 24-Hour anti-muslim TV show. The name of the show could be something like "Muslims Go Home" (a politically-correct name). But, just to make sure the show is politically-correct in every way, shape, and form–a good idea for the show's theme song might be the song from the 50s TV show "Leave it to Beaver". I don't know why but it just seems that muslims leaving the United States and the song to Leave it to Beaver go hand in hand in some weird way. There are probably better theme songs for the show out there.

  • livinginfearsucks

    Yall are a bunch of pussies. You are scared of a news network owned by brown people coming to America. Jesus, how paranoid has this country become.

  • hisdivineappointments831

    livingfearsucks…better do your homework infidel