Bringing Tahrir Square to Washington

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A coalition of leftist groups is promising to occupy part of downtown Washington, D.C. “with the intention of making it our Tahrir Square, Cairo” next month.

This exercise in Marxist mobocracy is just one of many scheduled nationwide in coming months. It will take place nearly three weeks after the Left’s “Days of Rage” occupation of Wall Street scheduled for Sept. 17.

The Washington protest is modeled after the demonstrations that brought down the Egyptian government earlier this year. It is being organized by an umbrella group called the October 2011 Coalition, which is run by David Swanson, a former spokesman for ACORN and the International Labor Communications Association.

Swanson said the event was timed to overlap with “October 2011 when the next year’s budget kicks in, in the United States which includes cuts for just about everything useful but again a larger budget for the military.” Of course through the magic of the federal government’s baseline budgeting, there probably won’t be any actual reduction in federal spending, but the Left needs to pillory a villain in order to rally its troops.

The October 2011 Coalition is asking activists to pledge to show up at and remain in Washington’s Freedom Plaza “if any U.S. troops, contractors, or mercenaries remain in Afghanistan.” It is urging protesters to “resist the corporate machine” by occupying the plaza “to demand that America’s resources be invested in human needs and environmental protection instead of war and exploitation.”

In a promotional video for the group, wild-eyed playwright Karen Malpede seemed to suggest President Obama was Paul von Hindenburg and that Nazis were poised to take over America.

I will be in Washington on October 6 because it seems more and more a Weimar sort of moment where we have a nice, well-intentioned, weak, and mealy-mouthed president and lunatics on the right wing who would rather destroy the country than do anything productive. And we’re in how many wars, six now, and counting. We have the biggest military budget in the world combined. All other countries in the world do not spend as much as we spend on our military and it’s driving the country into bankruptcy and moral bankruptcy which is more important, I think, or as important. So it’s a time for citizens who value democracy and care about the country in which they live to step forward and say no.

Malpede, incidentally, seemed to be one of the more sane individuals appearing in videos promoting the October 6 event.

Swanson said Monday that his supporters will occupy Freedom Plaza, “the name of which is very similar of course to Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, and from there we are going to expand to shut down offices, buildings, streets, hallways, to nonviolently, strictly nonviolently resist what our government is doing.”

Swanson didn’t bother to address the glaring contradiction in his statement. The protesters at Tahrir Square to whom he alludes were anything but nonviolent. It is far from clear how the gargantuan government of the most powerful nation on Earth could be shut down without the use of violence.

The suggestion that nonviolent civil disobedience will be practiced that day seems to be merely an opening bid offered by the organizers, a public relations bait-and-switch calculated to appease the authorities and maximize attendance. In the world of radical activism the line between nonviolent protest and violent protest is often so thin that it might as well not exist. Unless all the demonstrators have the discipline of a Mohandas Gandhi, violence is virtually inevitable.

With few exceptions, the groups pledging to take part on October 6 aren’t exactly known for Weather Underground-caliber violence, but they’re also not known for reasonableness and restraint.

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  • The Infidel

    I for one would suggest to combat this would be, gas masks and stink bombs. retrofit half a dozen radio controled helicopters carrying 3 or 4 waterballons filled with stinking water, fly over and drop them, fly back to a van and disapear into the ether. but that would be nasty so I would never personaly do this, but its fun to think about.

    • effemall

      Yeahhhhhhhh! It would make a delightful video to go viral on Youtube!

    • MinnieM

      Ronald Reagan put an end to this kind of foolishness when he was governor of CA.The National guard, wearing gas masks and with fixed bayonets, surrounded the thousands of demonstrators and slowly closed ranks until they were contained in one down town Los Angeles city block. He then dropped nausea gas on them from National Guard helicopters while the guard prevented them from leaving. Nobody died but the experience was so unplesant all such activities ceased immdiately all over the country. It take only one man with wisdom and the balls to do what is necessary to contain these disruptive and treasonous activities. Their rights cease when their actions infringe on the rights of others. .

    • Don't Mess With US

      I was thinking more along the lines of cs gas cannisters, or at least high-strength pepper spray.
      Of course it wouldn't hurt to drop an assortment of pig parts, just for the jihadists.

  • StephenD

    One of the problems becomes them recognizing that without resorting to violence they are merely noise makers. This is a concerted effort by the Marxists in our midst. I don't know how, but we ought to be able to stop any such movement whose goal is the overthrow of our government. When what is advocated is in opposition to our constitutionally governed way of life it is anathema and should be outlawed.
    I would suggest that now is a good time to petition for a Constitutional Amendment to create and pass just such a law. There should be no room for Socialism, Communism, or Sharia governance in America.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Absolutely no room, they will resort to violence to the chagrin of the student idiots
      that have been taken in. Every year there is a new batch of students who follow
      the Maxist leaders, they start trouble, disappear and the gullible get their lumps.
      Life sentences for Marxists as traitors to America would be just the right example
      in cleaning them out of America………………………………………William

  • Brujo Blanco

    The left may be testing the waters foenother action. They may do something bizarre it qn attempt to get the authorities to “compromise” with them. This type of thing may happen in Mexico where certain people want to establish a truce with the cartels to stop the violence. It is the old leftist strategy. Create unrest and get the authorities to compromise.

  • Cogito ergo tuebor

    They will push to the point where real Americans begin to push back. They have a black (well, half black) President, and they are angry because he hasn't paved their entitlement streets with gold. He hasn't opened up his "stash" as they wanted him to do. He hasn't been a radical leftist favoring them above all else, as they thought he would. To the commies, he is commie enough. To the blacks, he isn't black enough. It is clear what they wanted: Not democracy, but an upside-down caste system, with the top caste being made up of the welfare recipients, and the "rich" being trod upon.

    Sorry … it is not going to happen that way.

    • Peter

      Maybe if multinational corporations didn't steal the U.S. government away from its citizens, these protests wouldn't occur.

    • Amused

      Oh so you favor a "right-side -up " caste system ??

  • Nanook8

    I found this interesting take on President Obama in the White House. I know some is true, like he prefers the upstairs to the down stares of the White house and the no shoes thing. But this so called insider thing gets pretty bad.
    Hears the link.
    His statement about black riots confounds me and makes me want to discredit him. What is your take on this?

  • Stephen_Brady

    Neocoms on the march …

    We've seen them, before. We've defeated them, before. We will defeat this brand of Commie-Lite …

    • WilliamJamesWard

      If we vote in a truly patriotic Constitutionally oriented government of the people, it
      may happen one day in the not so far off future that these vermin will be rounded
      up and tried for their anti-American and subversive activities……………William

      • Stephen_Brady

        You've nailed it, Wiliam!

      • T.Paine

        There will not be enough rope available in the U.S. to serve justice for those who have committed treason upon us…

  • tagalog

    Six wars?

    1. Afghanistan, soon (within months) to end;

    2. Iraq, also soon to end;

    3. Libya, Obama's adventure, which OUGHT to end soon;

    4. the Balkans, Bill Clinton's adventure, which should have been over for us a decade ago;

    Where else for 5. and 6.?

    • Michael

      I found a lefty article. They count Afghanistan and Pakistan (tribal areas) as two wars. Covert action in Yemen and the global war on terrorism are two more. Iraq and Libya are the other two.

    • mrdrawingguy

      5. Drone missile attacks in Pakistan.

      6. Drone missile attacks in Yemen.

      I suppose if one were on the receiving end of a drone missile you would consider it war. Perhaps the question should be "where else for 6. and 7." Ron Paul 2012!

  • keoke888

    When you want to take wearing a keffiyah and pretending to be Arab to the next level, get together at the Fantasy expo and pretend you are in the Middle East!

  • nightspore

    Marx once said that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce. The Left has also repeated itself, first as ruthless fanatics and then as spoiled brats.

    So it looks like Marx was right.

  • Ben

    American protest psychopathy that have draged Obama to power keeps its destructive influence in the World.From Islamic spring in M E to leftist actions in America and Israel and anti-Muslims activity in Europe.

  • Gunner57

    Why isn't anybody else covering this?

  • angel

    The Tea Party is ready for you. I will speak ONLY for my self and I will say you start it I will end it.

  • Amused

    Dissent is a double -edged sword . Foolish talk as the statement above , is just that . Teabagers intentionally planned and disrupted town hall meetings .It was organized , and instructions were diseminated to participants .Were they exercising free speech ?
    Free Speech , and The Freedom of Assembly , are GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL AND LEGAL …… know …and they are for EVERYONE . The door swings both ways ..BTW -the Wall street Rage deal , included ALL Americans ….you know , that group we refer to as "main street " ….or , are you willing to call them leftists ?

  • Amused

    In America , people DISSENT , Disagree , Assemble ….and VOTE ….all done freely according to their own political views .The ludicrous connection attempted by the author to the "Weathermen " , is red meat for people like "angel " , and there are many , but none will abridge those rights .Watching this Three Ring Political Circus for the past 3 years , you tell me , where there have been threats or suggestions of violence .

  • Wesley69

    Show me the violent Tea Party protests???
    Contrast them with what took place earlier this year in Wisconsin.

    So now the Lefties are coming to town to make their voice heard whether we want to hear it or no. Rather, the Lefties want to impose it on us because they know better. Are we suppose to live in fear of their threats??? That's not the way it works. This is not Russia, November 1917. If I remember, that revolution was extremely bloody. Try modeling it after that one, and YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS.

    Peaceful demonstrations, debate, supporting campaigns and candidates for office and voting is how we engage in changes here in the US. The changes in 2010, did not happen because the people of guns and Jesus were in the streets tearing things up. These people had legitimate concens about the direction of the government and voted. That is how it is done. Violent uprisings, terrorism and overthrow are not. So get it out of your head, Lefties. The vast majority of Americans WILL NOT let you tear up the Constitution and our Bill of Rights… not without a fight.

  • Bill

    The real threat to the US is how people think and their worldview.
    These protests are just the fruit of a mindset, a way of thinking.
    It people were educated as to the goodness and nobility of the United States,
    rather than the negatives of American society, always contrasting the US with some
    type of Marxist (or other type) of Utopia, then there would'nt be mobs of angry discontents
    threatening this or that. The place to start would be in each home and someone needs to take a good long look at how students are being brainwashed in schools.
    I seen a clip on TV a while back of some typical american college students at a Pittsburgh Pa. university. They were spewing to the news reporter about how rotten and
    evil the US capitalistic system was. Nwo where did they get those ideas?

  • Bill

    The real threat to the US is how people think and their worldview. These protests are just the fruit of a mindset, a way of thinking. If people were educated as to the goodness and nobility of the United States, rather than concentrating on the negatives of American society, and past sins, always contrasting the US with some type of Marxist (or other type) of Utopia, then there would'nt be mobs of angry discontents threatening this or that. The place to start would be in each home. Also someone needs to take a good long look at how students are being brainwashed in schools. I seen a clip on TV a while back of some typical American college students at a Pittsburgh Pa. university. They were spewing to the news reporter about how rotten and evil the US capitalistic system was and how it was the cause of misery. Now where did they get those ideas?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It all starts on the College Campuses where Marxist hold sway and into the
    streets with agitatiors and Community Organizers like Obama facilitating
    the destruction of our free society, making it a workers paradise (Slavery)
    where the elites live the good life and the workers pay the way in
    hand to mouth existences…………………………………………….William

  • YoungPhilosopher89

    We need to hold power accountable at all time, As an Anarchist I believe that all Authority is unjustified by natural assumption, and that it is the responsibility of institutions whom wield power to justify themselves, and if the cant then they should be dismantled. Wall street is another example of unjustified authority and I think it is obvious that the capitalist system which Wall Street represents has failed to justify its authority therefore it must be dismantled. Power in essence in achieved by denying one person's rights in favour of increasing another person's rights. Take the Strauss Kahn or Pal Ceglia case. In the Strauss Kahn case as soon as there was a flaw in the evidence presented by the non-powerful victim , the judge through the case out in favour of a man of power, Take a look at the Paul Ceglia case ! A man with legitimate claims backed up by solid evidence, But because he is taking on a power machine like Facebook he has being personally discredited by the media and power which has resulted in his evidence being discredited in the public eye, even thou he has more evidence to back his claims than Facebook does. It is time to dismantle the institutions of injustice and put the power into the hands of the working people !

    • Stephen_Brady

      " It is time to dismantle the institutions of injustice and put the power into the hands of the working people ! "

      Exactly how does that work without the establishment of government, which you … as an anarchist … abhore? Worker's councils, perhaps? We've seen where that sort of thing leads …

  • Bill

    I think Anarchists and Marxists are working towards the same goal.
    The Marxists know what their goal is.
    The Anarchists either are not clear about their goal or are Marxists under a different title.

  • Justance

    By all means,bring the troops home, right now.Cut off all foreign aid.
    We could use our military to establish and protect our borders,clean up drug infested ghettos, build and man new prisons,monitor demonstrations,observe college classes ,take over for the tsa and investigate terrorist.
    They would be busy with hate groups like Hamas,codepink,BAMN,NOI,CAIR,ACORN,NAACP,ACLU and all those fine groups dedicated to communism ,erm ,liberalism, and free stuff for me ,oops, i mean freedom for all.

  • rhonda

    Oakley sunglasses are lousy. I tried them out on my pet goldfish, and they dissolved in the aquarium. Go with Westley sunglasses!