Darby Made Them Do It?

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As I write in my new book Subversion Inc., Brandon Darby has been a target ever since it was publicly revealed that he saved the lives of innocent Americans by thwarting the planned fire-bombing of the 2008 Republican Convention by two anarchists.

Left-wing activists have harassed Darby in his hometown of Austin, Texas, threatening cafes and other businesses he frequents for committing the sin of serving him. Some activists have issued death threats against him. As David Horowitz, Andrew Breitbart, and Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore can attest, this is often standard operating procedure when a person turns against the Left.

For his apostasy Darby, formerly a far-left community organizer who made a name for himself in post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans, is vilified across the Internet. A new documentary film called “Better This World” portrays Darby as a charismatic master manipulator who somehow forces two idealistic young progressives to manufacture Molotov cocktails. (Predictably, the movie was funded by radical philanthropist George Soros. It airs on PBS next month.)

Within the radical community, being accused of acting as an agent provocateur is probably the worst charge that can be leveled at a person.

In February, The New York Times reported that Darby, an FBI informant, had “encouraged” the violent conspiracy. This is not a minor mistake. The implication the newspaper made was that the two terrorists weren’t really to blame for what they did because Darby manipulated them into doing it.

The newspaper published this report even though one of the perpetrators, David Guy McKay, admitted to the court that he lied about Darby’s role in the plot. “I embellished – I guess actually lied – that Brandon Darby came up with the idea to make Molotov cocktails,” McKay told a federal court in Minnesota in 2009.

At McKay’s sentencing hearing, U.S. District Court Chief Judge Michael Davis made a specific finding that the defendant obstructed justice at his trial by falsely accusing Darby of inducing him to manufacture the incendiary devices. The court slapped extra time onto McKay’s prison term for the lie.

For its slander, Darby filed suit against The New York Times earlier this year. The case is in the discovery phase.

Currently, the money-losing newspaper is trying to use the case to conduct a fishing expedition that could undermine law and order and the national security of the United States. Times lawyers are trying to force the FBI to divulge the names of those targeted by the bureau’s investigators.

Now, Mother Jones magazine is attacking Darby. It’s not hard to figure out where the publication stands politically. Its namesake refers to a radical labor activist known as “the grandmother of all agitators.” A few years ago, it ran a sympathetic portrait of John Walker Lindh (aka the American Taliban).

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  • Ken

    Does anyone read the New York Times anymore??? Just curious.

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    We don't hear about this from the mainstream media because…………

    The Democratic Party hasn't cleared the story yet.

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    and now they will praise Bloomberg for not permitting Christian prayers at the 9/11 anniversary – it might offend that muslim, you know, our Destroyer in Chief….

    • Lisa

      How can Bloomberg no permit Christian prayers at the 9/11 anniversary? That is against our Constitutional Rights!! How can we let this happen? I say, "Gather and pray, anyway!!"

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        HOW CAN IT HAPPEN, no Balls

    • Fred Dawes

      people need to see what this country has become and act like Americans and the left understand one fact people will always do nothing against evil.

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    Rivers of blood coming from the left real soon