Darby Made Them Do It?

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Apparently Mother Jones has better lawyers than The New York Times. The magazine’s new article by reporter Josh Harkinson studiously avoids direct language to the effect that Darby encouraged the terrorist plot.

On this issue Harkinson writes only that “Better This World” presents “a compelling case that Darby, with the FBI’s blessing, used his charisma and street credibility to goad [defendants] Crowder and McKay into pursuing the sort of actions that would later land them in prison.”

Harkinson suggests that Crowder and McKay, after going through all the effort of making the Molotov cocktails, suddenly decided at the last minute not to follow through. “The reality is, when we woke up the next day, neither one of us wanted to use them,” Harkinson quotes Crowder telling him. How convenient.

The prosecution of the two would-be bombers is driven by neo-McCarthyism and an ongoing vast right-wing conspiracy, the writer implies.

Darby’s entanglement with the feds is part of a quiet resurgence of FBI interest in left-wingers. From the Red Scare days of the 1950s into the ’70s, the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program, a.k.a. COINTELPRO, monitored and sabotaged communist and civil rights organizations. Nowadays, in what critics have dubbed the Green Scare, the bureau is targeting the global-justice movement and radical environmentalists.

Yeah, sure. Anti-leftist sentiment must explain why President Obama’s Justice Department refuses to investigate labor union violence and ACORN and why it let New Black Panther Party members off virtually scot-free after they attempted to intimidate voters in Philadelphia.

And Harkinson doesn’t express any concern that if the two terrorists had succeeded police officers and Republican delegates may have been killed. That would be going off-message.

In an interview with this writer, Darby detailed a few of the distortions and inaccuracies in the Mother Jones article.

Crowder and McKay can’t be trusted because they have changed their storyline no fewer than four times so far, Darby said. In the end “they admitted that they would have made the bombs with or without the FBI or me having been involved.”

The two leftist criminals “just can’t accept responsibility for being wrong and doing wrong – it’s always someone else’s fault,” Darby said.

And the left-wingers at Mother Jones and The New York Times are only too happy to blacken a hero’s name to give two terrorists cover.

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  • Ken

    Does anyone read the New York Times anymore??? Just curious.

    • kafir4life

      I tried to use it to line my cats' litter box, but they just thought it redundant.

  • tanstaafl

    We don't hear about this from the mainstream media because…………

    The Democratic Party hasn't cleared the story yet.

  • alexander

    and now they will praise Bloomberg for not permitting Christian prayers at the 9/11 anniversary – it might offend that muslim, you know, our Destroyer in Chief….

    • Lisa

      How can Bloomberg no permit Christian prayers at the 9/11 anniversary? That is against our Constitutional Rights!! How can we let this happen? I say, "Gather and pray, anyway!!"

      • Fred Dawes

        HOW CAN IT HAPPEN, no Balls

    • Fred Dawes

      people need to see what this country has become and act like Americans and the left understand one fact people will always do nothing against evil.

  • Fred Dawes

    Rivers of blood coming from the left real soon