Death of a Venezuelan Storm Trooperette

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Ron controlled a once-powerful network of violent, government-funded, government-armed “Bolivarian Circles,” similar to Cuba’s Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. In order to identify citizens worthy of governmental persecution, the neighborhood-based militias reported on Venezuelans deemed to lack the requisite enthusiasm for Marxism. In true Sturmabteilung fashion, these groups also broke up opposition meetings by force.

Such groups are useful to Chavez because they “do the government’s dirty work without having formal ties,” according to Luis Christiansen of the Venezuelan polling firm Consultores 21. “They use violence to spread fear and intimidate. The government needs these types of activities from time to time but doesn’t want to have responsibility.”

Ron was perfectly happy to play the role of freelance revolutionary enforcer but she sometimes went so far that even her desperado of a boss could get a tad squeamish.

Drunk on her own power, Ron –whose surname happens to be the Spanish word for rum— led a reportedly unauthorized 2009 gas bomb attack on Globovision, an opposition TV station detested by the regime. Sounding like a less eloquent version of President Barack Obama discussing Fox News, Chavez had said Globovision “poisons the mind.” The channel’s sin was daring to show the civil unrest produced by his socialist policies.

But because Chavez didn’t think this particular attack was strategically sound, Ron was jailed briefly. Chavez gently scolded his biggest fan, calling her “a good woman, but she tends toward anarchy.”

Ron could be excused for jumping the gun because the regime had been bashing Globovision for some time.

It was no coincidence that before the assault, government officials had blasted Globovision for generating “panic and anxiety” by covering an earthquake and criticizing rescue authorities for their bureaucratic dawdling.

El Presidente himself had called television executives “white-collar terrorists” and threatened the media. Sounding like a more articulate version of George Soros discussing Fox News, Chavez told the fourth estate, “You are playing with fire, manipulating, inciting hatred and much more.”

Ron’s raid could easily be attributed to gangster miscommunication.

Ron, who is surely now surrounded by the smell of sulfur, also led a group that forcibly occupied the Caracas offices of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See. The reason why the papal legate’s workplace was invaded? Because someone in the Roman Catholic Church apparently said something critical of the regime.

In another moment of honest self-reflection, Ron embraced her inner harpy. “If I’m a monster, then it’s because I believe firmly that the poor should have the same rights as everyone else.”

Ron was indeed a monster, but that’s not why.

Matthew Vadum is an award-winning investigative reporter. Vadum’s book, Subversion Inc., on ACORN and its infiltration of the Obama administration, will be published in mid-2011.

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  • AL Gagne

    America has more of these crazy people than Americans realize. America will not wake up unitil it falls to its knees. Not far from it now. Obama is trying real had to Kill America and reinvent it as a Communist Nation. WAKE UP AMERICA. Democrats are the new Communists.

    • The_Lord_Regent

      New? They've been communists since the 1930s.

    • Ron Brydges

      If Democrats are the new Communists then perhaps the Republicans are the new Nazi's. This line is so ignorant.

      • john cho

        I think the only one ignorant about communist and nazis are you and the left wing wakos… both groups were socialist—dictators…

  • kafir4life

    Makes ya wonder if Sean Penn was having a thing with her. Did he attend her funeral.

  • Amused

    yea , I can see that too Al , and pretty soon they;ll be coming to round you up and put you in a "re-education camp "….loookout Al , there already in your backyard now !!! RUN MAN RUN !!!!

    • GKC

      Naw, he's probably too old for our public school system.

    • Ollie North fan

      Code Pink ring any bells? Nancy Pelosi? Other than Elisabeth Hasselbeck, how about the rest of the cast of The View – or their target audience for that matter.
      In Canada there is the Ontario Nurses Union.
      Soccer moms on cocaine…

  • The_Lord_Regent
  • Questions

    Ms. Ron wasn't "nihilistic." I can think of a better word: "Communist." In any event, I regard revolutionary women as every bit as lethal as the men. You don't have to visit a dominatrix website to realize this. Unpleasant and overrated as Nelson Mandela is, for instance, he's benign compared to his horrible ex-wife, Winnie.

    Women. Can't live with 'em. Can't ignore them.

    • Matthew Vadum

      I didn't think of Winnie Mandela when I was writing this. Damn! You make an excellent point.

  • Atikva

    Well, that's the first time a heart attack is good news, although it is hard to believe that this harpy had a heart at all. She is getting her reward now, tough luck!

  • mah29001

    I wonder why are Hugo's Red Guards not turning on Hugo for not redistrubting the wealth like he promised to his people…Hugo like Karl Marx is a wealthy spoiled brat with a silver spoon in his mouth.

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