Obama’s Backdoor Amnesty

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The Obama administration’s new immigration amnesty is a purely political calculation intended to shore up the president’s sagging support among Latino voters.

President Obama has a habit of not enforcing laws he doesn’t like.

He doesn’t like the Defense of Marriage Act so he won’t defend it in the court. He doesn’t like energy exploration so he has ignored court order after court order that would allow deep-water oil drilling. He doesn’t like the free speech protections in the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC so he’s planning an executive order to undermine it.

Now we can add immigration laws to the list.

But Obama cannot come out and state baldly that he is ignoring the law of the land, a move that diminishes respect for the rule of law and shows prospective illegal immigrants that America doesn’t care if they respect the nation’s borders. He has to try to convince the American public that his refusal to enforce the law is somehow in the best interests of the nation.

That’s exactly what he’s done.

Justifying the new, thinly veiled immigration amnesty, President Obama continues to draw on the teachings of Rules for Radicals author Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky, the neo-communist father of modern community organizing whose tactics Obama taught in college, wrote that “you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments.”

According to Alinsky’s tenth rule “of the ethics of means and ends,” all great leaders lie and use moralistic propaganda in order to accomplish their goals. They invoke “‘moral principles’ to cover naked self-interest.” They must do this because “[a]ll effective actions require the passport of morality.”

It irritates President Obama that Congress has not passed his beloved Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act so he has decided to bypass the nation’s lawmaking body, ignore existing law, and simply decree it.

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  • Jim

    And where are the Republicans during all this illegality. Are they asleep or do they go along with him.

    • Pat

      Unfortunately they are going along, you said it correctly republicans, not Conservatives…..they just like being part of the problem as long as the Liberals let them in the sandbox!!! Sickening isn't it!!!!!!!!

    • Josh Brewster

      As usual, the Republicans are a total failure with re illegal immigration.

    • Pointblank

      Do you actually think Republicans or Democrats are on our side?

      The Republicans gave these menacing Mexicans their first amnesty. Watch how stupidly aggressive they will be when they dig in further.

  • Alert

    So what if American citizens are murdered, looted and raped? Why close the border and stop the gravey train of 'votes'?

  • davarino

    The legal immigration community has to be aware that their chances for a job are being eroded by the flood of illegals and those that will receive amnesty.

  • jacob

    I guess the system has been rotten to the core long ago.

    If the rotten media in search of stuff to discredit rightist candidates for public
    office (GOD forbid lefties or "fellow travelers") doesn't mind examining even
    their used toilet paper containers, how come CLINTON's exploits didn't
    deserve his impeachment ????
    OBAMA has proven so far to be worst than CARTER and counting which
    is a lot to say but the Republicans seem to play along with his policies
    and even the remote idea of impeaching him doesn't ever crossed their
    Save for rare exeptions, the people we sent lastly to Congress have done
    very little compared to what we expected from them and just to mention one
    example, may I ask what has been doing so far senator BROWN (R-Mass)
    in Congress, specially after falling under the spell of OBAMA after his visiting
    with him ???
    I swear I will be voting for whoever the TEA PARTY chooses, even another
    "parachutist" like OBAMA

  • http://civilcandor.com Civil Bob

    The administration has done quite a job of tying up the loose ends on federal control of immigration enforcement. Suits were filed against Alabama and Arizona for defending their citizens. When states tried to withdraw from Secure Communities, they were told their participation was irrelevant, and that the Federal Government would continue the program with or without their consent. Now we have de facto amnesty, again a federal prerogative that skirts Congress. The president would never get an amnesty bill past the House, so he made our representation in Washington irrelevant.

  • StephenD

    Jim is right. Where is the opposition?
    What is it about Illegal that these folks in D.C. don't get? Nobody is against legal immigration. Most of us are from immigrants ourselves. Do it the right way. Why should an illegal, who has essentially stolen an education (our taxes pay for the schools/teachers, etc.) now be rewarded for it? Especially when the border is still porous? Do you think the word won’t get out to get your butt in here now while “amnesty” is being granted? Secure the border FIRST. Then we can talk about what to do with those that are here. Nothing else will work for the good of America. But this never was the concern of the Administration anyway.

    • Phantom II

      I'm against legal immigration the way it is. As with every department in the government, there is an agenda. It started with Kennedy by limiting immigrants from western Europe to ensure that the Democrats will form a one party state eventually. China picks the cream of the crop as their priority for their immigration policy. Witness the capital flight from America, Germany and Japan to China. Our immigrants vote Democrat and learn to milk the system before they even get here. Chain 'Legal' immigration will result in the demise of our culture in the near future. No medical checks are destroying our medical system. Immigrant are allowed into our country with pre existing ailments which range from leprosy to Parkinson's. Visit any immigration department and you will find few Americans as employees. Visit your local hospital for the shock of your life. Especially the maternity ward. Each baby Democrat is worth $1500 per month.
      I would like one of the Presidential candidates to say that he will prosecute these traitors for ignoring the constitution and other crimes against the sate, starting with the current occupant of the White House should he or she become president.
      What really intrigues me. is that all this is happening without impunity to the culprits. The military is sworn to defend us from the enemy both out and within our land. Obama and the Democrat Party are our the enemy of the United states and wish to do more harm to us than Germany and Japan ever intended to do. We stand by and watch our demise without firing a shot. God help us.

      • Phantom II

        A few typos. I wish there was a way to edit my post. That should read, 'with impunity'

  • http://imataxpayertoo.wordpress.com kathy

    It occurs to me that since the Obama administration is hell bent on ignoring, disobeying and defying both the congress and the laws and traditions of the United States of America, instead attempting to create his own version of "utopia", that perhaps the republicans are picking the best battles. Otherwise, they would be battling him incessantly. He reminds me of the character Ishmael in the Bible. It was said of him that "his hand would be against everyone, and everyone's hand would be against him". I seem to be watching this occur every single day since his inauguration. He knows his time is short…that is why he rushes things through.

  • mrbean

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Toa

      What you just posted can't be overstated, and must be shouted from the housetops.

    • zsqpwxxeh


      • Cuban Refugee

        This quote has been making the rounds for over a year-and-a-half; it was attributed to the writer of a Czech newspaper article. As it turns out, the quote originated in an American blog in December 2009, not a Czech newspaper in April 2010. The original blog has been removed from cyberspace … why should we not be surprised?

        • Jim_C

          I guess some things are just too dumb to stand the test of time, even in cyberspace…

  • dodo

    Black American citizens have no jobs. The illegals will first and formost steal jobs from minority America, besides bankrupting local communities' social services.

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc.org Richard Ahern

    President Obama has no authority on Immigration-Congress has the authority Article 1 Section 8

    • mackd.

      yes. articlo 1 section 8

  • Cuban Refugee

    This is all a part of Obama's agenda, which he is implementing apace, and one of the reasons why he was "selected" to occupy the Oval Office. He has morphed from a savior complete with a halo around his head to a de facto dictator who treats the laws of our country with contemptuous disregard, and does not give a whit about popular opinion as was proved in his ramming of socialized medicine through Congress against the will of the people, and in this latest transparent ploy for open borders. There are enough impeachable offenses under this fraud's Alinskyite belt to start the process … is there anyone in the House of Representatives with the testicular fortitude to do what it takes? Calling the real savior to step forward …

    • Bobby

      Good points. I don't think there is anyone with the will to do what it takes. I think, sadly, that's how far down Congress and this whole nation have gone.

  • Crystal

    “Today is a victory not just for immigrants but for the American people as a whole …." stated Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.). How so? I have heard many DREAMers make the most anti-American statements. Also, they have every intention of replacing OUR culture with their Latin American culture.

    He can spin his statements as much as he wants. This is NOT good for our country.

  • stan

    When the American people decide enough is enough, what then? Martial Law?

  • Asher

    Top Down, Bottom Up, Inside Out. If the Republicans don't wake up they will become extinct over night. The illegals and minorities will overthrow elections of legal American voters and we will have a one-party Democrat system..This is what is in store with Back door Amnesty!

  • Brujo Blanco

    Perhaps the guy from Kenya is testing the water for dixtatorship. My solution to illegal immigration is to deport all of them regardless of their situation. When they enter the country illegally that act is a violation of law. The current amnesty by executive order is likely to accelerate the rate of illegal immigration. Human smugglers, Mexican drug cartels, and mideast terrorists are now aligned with one another. For those that say we cannot deport all of the illegals I say we should do our best.

  • http://www.wastewatchersinc.org Richard Ahern

    President Obama-Illegal Immigration is a Crime, Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the US Code. "Improper Entry by Alien" any citizen of any country other than the United States.

    President seems he can do anythng he wants without the consent of the Congress. The Constitution does not give the President unlimited powers, he just thinks he can. Both Parties for years have taken an end around the Constitution. The Piower of Corruption

    The Constitution in Exile

  • ObamaYoMoma

    I call for the Republicans in Congress to grow a pair by starting impeachment proceedings against Obama on the grounds that Obama is refusing to enforce and uphold the constitution.

    • Pointblank

      Wouldn't that be wonderful? I hate President Obama now.

  • Marti

    We have people out there who not only doesn't know who the Vice President or Secretary of State is they do not even know what goes on day to day.
    I had a 20 year old ask me what was going on in Libya, I asked him where he's been for 6 months?
    These people VOTE!!!!!!!!

  • Brittanicus


    Millions were given Amnesty under the Simpson/Mazzoli bill, with an outcome of 6 million and a path to citizenship. A good many had rushed processing, with major problems they way it was originally performed. On top of this was CHAIN MIGRATION, which added even more family members, which ended up eating away at Social Security safety net, with not a dime came from their pockets. Each year taxpayers are forced by the court to care financially for illegal aliens and their children. Over a 100 billion a year is drained from the US treasury and States, with no end in sight. President Obama cannot survive the 2012 election campaign, without the vote of maximum number of minorities, legal and illegal.

    The Democratic parties, with Liberal undertones are unconcerned that–ONLY—U.S. citizens can vote? Learn about widespread voter fraud, that the US government pretends is negligible–it’s not? More is available to read at "Judicial Watch" that illustrates that both Washington and certain states are rife with corruption. Our last hope is the TEA PARTY, THE PEOPLE'S PARTY of all Americans, who will turn the tide of Obama's executive order to limit the flow of illegal alien deportations. Just like the President Obama's health care program, his executive order is full of gaping loopholes, so there convincing probability of illegal aliens being returned to the streets.

    Rest assured the word is already out about Obama’s clemency campaign that will invigorate millions to arrive from around the world; but mostly from countries south of the US border. Taxpayers are already being forced to pay for the education, medical care and welfare for illegal migrants and immigrants? So how much more money is citizens and residents expected to pay from their dwindling wages? Illegal alien children are well taken care of with your tax dollars that includes food stamps and cash payments. While many American citizens live in dire poverty. Something is seriously wrong with this picture?

    The TEA PARTY has become a mammoth grassroots movement of tens of millions of one- minded Americans from all racial and religious backgrounds, political parties, no matter what the Leftists party blabber? The TEA PARTY members have the shared focused values of limited government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, "fair" free markets and above all else returning authority to the States and the people. We need a flat tax system, so that everybody whose domain is the United States-pays. No more IRS loopholes to escape through? The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and control, so the key principles of our US Constitution, once again is the foundation on which this nation stands.

    MY EARLIER BLOGS: http://brittanicus-enoughisenough.blogspot.com/

  • Jim_C

    Not being familiar with Alinsky, I Googled, and saw this quote:

    "Power is not only what you have, but what the enemy thinks you have"

    Perhaps y'all are falling right into this trap?

    How else to reconcile your opposing viewpoints that 1. "Obama is a clueless, incompetent, teleprompter-reading bumbler in way over his head" (the 'Bush II' paradigm) with 2. "Obama is a ruthless would-be dictator whose plans are all starting to come together perfectly" (the 'Soros' paradigm)?

  • Ghostwriter

    And how do you think legal immigrants feel about this? I doubt very highly that they're very happy about it.

  • DelawareBob

    AMAZING! We have 18 million Americans out of work, a stock market ready to crash, a possible depression, a $14 TRILLION debt and obama wants amnesty for the illegal aliens and all their anchor babies. I think it is time for this disgraceful president to be IMPEACHED!

    • Bobby

      Bob, I agree, but where is Congress on all of this? We already know the democrats are open borders traitors, what about the Republicans? Same crap.

  • ZOO

    It may just be that Mexico's taking of America has succeeded. Obama timed this announcement perfectly while Congress was recessed for vacation. Of course, this will get him the third world vote in 2012, and if the GOP makes any move to stop him, "racists" will be plastered all over the air and web by the feces-eating media, and cost Republicans votes in 2012. The bleached-out dryed-up hag, Sandra Day O'Connor, ruled last year that states cannot require proof of citizenship to register to vote. Chamber of Commerce checked-pants Republicans are rallying around Rick "amnesty-on-a-stick" Perry just in case Obama's re-election fails. It IS the perfect storm.

    • Pointblank

      Where I live Mexicans are being very quite! And very polite. It's like they expect another Oslo at any minute.
      And that is what is scary—-that someone will go trigger crazy!

  • Bobby

    How clueless are Americans? Obama was put into office, so the neo-cons and elite could continue what Bush Clinton, and Bush Jr. started. Now we don't have the good old white boys that the liberals could blame. Because they sure as hell won't blame Obama. See how it works? He'll be in for another 4 years. Count on it.

    • Pointblank

      Bobby I sometimes wonder if this was done so that it would ensure another Republican in the White House?

      And we all know how destructive Republicans are! Neither party is any good.

  • Pointblank

    There is something very wrong with this new Presidential amnesty.
    Only a Constitutional attorney would know how to stop it!

    This stinks for ALL AMERICANS!

  • Pointblank

    President Obama is totally destroying THE AMERICAN EXPERIMENT.
    But what can one expects from a jerk who was born in Kenya??

  • Carol

    But the illegal immigrants are already living here and working, etc. but they are not paying the taxes! so, if you bring out of the shadow, they will not become educated Professors overnight to take you job! they will start paying the taxes which means you will not have to pay on their behalf anymore. And by fining them you will get a good amount of money instead of spending a lot of money on getting rid of them. You will also have scarcity on general labor jobs that normal Americans are not used to, or would not do.

  • downisland people

    american people are to byus. think about u enterin someone elses country and they treat u de same u would not like it. obama is just lookin out for de needy.america stand for in god we trust. where is ur trust people. this amnesty is just to help people just like you becuz there country is not as fortunate as your.so maybe obama knows what it like so he is reacin out a helpin hand as de lord did when he died for us all.t he put obama there for a reason so let him do his job.( just becuz his black you all aready to put him out of office)

    • Cuban Refugee

      Was Obama white when he got elected in 2008, and do people repudiate him now because they suddenly discovered his true skin color? Wake up, downisland people! How dare you compare this malevolent Marxist Usurper Alinskyite to Jesus Christ? Jesus was selflessly looking out for the needy; Obama is looking out for himself and his cronies. By the time you figure out what happened when it all comes down, downisland people, you will be a slave again, and your hero will be taking yet another vacation on your dime.

  • http://www.womenformarriage.net Bok Laughon

    Possibly jealous. Or maybe it’s payback. Maybe she was cheated on, and is doing it back to the women in society. I don’t care, I don’t want it done to me, (which it has been), I would never do it to another woman. Do onto others.

  • http://www.medicarehawaii.com/ julie stephanie

    Rather then making a decision of not enforcing laws he doesn’t like, he should concentrate on what actually people like and expect from him !