Radical Rage: Marxist Mob Plans to Occupy Wall Street

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The artwork associated with a political movement says a lot about that movement.

The US Day of Rage’s Twitter feed features a photo of a defaced ten-dollar bill. Someone has added black hair and a Hitler moustache to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, whom Congress honored in 1999 as “the man who more than any other designed the Government of the United States.”

The Founders as Nazis: that’s what the leftists who plan to occupy Wall Street tomorrow think of the American experiment. It’s not as if the media-savvy organizers of the US Day of Rage don’t understand the significance of the Founders. The event’s website constantly invokes the name of Publius, the pseudonym that Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay shared as they wrote The Federalist Papers.

Organizers of the event swear up and down that the mass protest will be nonviolent in nature. This raises the question of why they named their event after the original “Days of Rage” that took place in Chicago in 1969. That tumultuous year, members of what was later to become known as the Weather Underground provoked four days of riots and demonstrations against The System.

The September 17 protest comes months after ACORN founder Wade Rathke wrote of an “anti-banking jihad” and SEIU operative Stephen Lerner promised to “bring down the stock market” through a campaign of disruption. Sociologist Abby Scher said she was bullish on the potential of Lerner’s plan to cause massive upheaval. “As Frances Fox Piven and [Richard] Cloward taught us … poor peoples’ movements are successful when they create conditions of ungovernability. And then you win victories.”

It’s not entirely clear what will transpire in Lower Manhattan, but don’t believe US Day of Rage organizers when they say their event will not turn violent. They claim they are “fighting a war for the soul of our nation, its people.”

At the event Saturday, organizers vow to conduct a “horizontal mesh protest” by occupying public spaces on Wall Street itself and throughout the “entire island of Manhattan.”

Echoing radical lawyer William Kunstler’s infamous observation that the police can be “an army of occupation,” the US Day of Rage website makes it clear that members of the New York Police Department are the enemy. “Citizens have been prevented from exercising their right to peaceable assembly in New York City because the force established to serve and protect civil society, the NYPD, has become a counter-intel paramilitary force.”

At the Manhattan-wide protest, which will be accompanied by companion protests in Portland, OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, Texas, legal observers from the pro-communist National Lawyers Guild will be available.

The guild helpfully advises would-be demonstrators not to cooperate with members of the NYPD’s intelligence division or with any police officers. Participants should arrive “with legal contact information written on your wrist or ankle; there is no guarantee that information written on paper will be accessible in the event of arrest.”

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  • Cool Jay

    Amused – I'm sure you don't own a car, take public transportation everywhere, and never been a store (yep, owned by a corporation). Can you spell hypocrite…lol… Just messing with you, I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a fine member of society.

    • Amused

      Jay this whole discussion was already over your head before you typed in your first letter .Don't hurt yourself son .

  • mario

    The author describes this group's activities as an "exercise in Marxist mobocracy" and his very first sentence is also very telling, something about "artwork associated with a political movement says a lot about that movement." I wonder what he thinks about the Tea Party? Take away the Marxist adjective and leave the rest, and I would say the writer is right on all counts. But this is the left, therefore these demonstrators are thugs and their artwork more offensive than say, portraying the president of the United States as an African witch doctor…oh hell, what did I expect at a website with Ann Coulder ads…lol…

  • hairpinandarrow

    Well on Google Earth I saw some pedestrians walking around and a few cars and trucks parked on Wall St, but ABC News had nothing to report about it and I saw nothing that looked like people carrying signs while demonstrating. No groups were anywhere to be found.

  • Amused

    The suckers got served a bucket of steam . No ooooooohhhhh "rage jihad " to be found anywhere except in the authors mind . Investigative Reporter ? WHERE ?? Yellow Journalism at it's best .

  • Amused

    Wit a minute !! Over There ! There it is …it's a ….it's a …group of jihadi,commie ,marxist ……consumers going into McDonalds . Damn TERRORISTAS !!

  • Amused

    but….but ….ain't Coulters Demons invisible ? That's it !!! there was a jihadi mob!!!! They were just invisible . Damn tricky lefty/commie /marxists !

  • Amused

    Ok , what can we create next ?

  • Amused

    Sorry Matt , I'm not letting you off the hook that easy , you set out to incite the pack , and you accomplished that . But I love the use of key words like "rage " -"jihad " – MOB – "OCCUPY " , "operative " .

    Is that what makes an investigative reporter ? Or a comic book storeyteller ?
    Keep your day job guy .

    • Steeloak

      Forget your meds today Amused?

  • Dispozadaburka

    I guess these folks will have to compete with the muslims for "THE SOUL OF AMERICA.'

  • ian

    why are the CORPORATE PUPPETS so angry?!

  • bitterweed

    Why is it that Jews are always the fomentors of revolution..? And why they are over represented in every aspect of government and commerce here in the U.S.?

    I'll defend Israel because we need them in the Middle East..But they are not our friends..and I wish the Jews in the U.S. would join them there. That is where their allegiance lays anyway..

  • bump

    Have you even investigated what this organization stands for? The ideals that it is rallying for are much the same as the readers of your site wish to put in place.
    Mainly that elections are corrupt and are decided by corporations and must be overhauled to truly represent the people.

    If we can all fight together we have a better chance of making positive change. The founders of this movement DO NOT represent any wish to move toward socialism, no matter what some of the rally attendees might have said.

    From the organization's web site: ( http://www.usdayofrage.org/about.html )

    “Bought by hard and soft dollars, disloyal, incompetent, and wasteful special interests have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to liberty and our national security.

    Corporations, even those owned by foreign shareholders, use money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.

    We demand that Citizens United versus FEC which deems corporations to be people when it come to political contributions be overturned.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Ellman

    The more things change the more they remain the same. These 'activists' are marching under a different name and banner but they are the old Comintern groups of Stalin's Soviet Union. Like their Comintern counterparts they are dedicated revolutionaries whose primary principle is to establish communism as a way or life here in the US. The only factor that's different in 2011 versus the 1920s and 30s is that there is not monolithic Communist Party directly controlling them. Today they are driven by a Leftist Coalition of many groups. Reagan killed the Evil Empire but its damnable philosophy persists to this day. It needs to be eradicated! It is pernicious and dreadful!

  • Amused

    No , I didn't forget my meds today steeloak , just trying to keep wannabee "reporters " RESPONSIBLE for what they write . And make a point …..which the denizens of this blog so easily confirm . You got your redmeat phony B.S. story , with all the trimmings , and as usual the pavlovian response came , as sure as the day is long .
    Pathetic !

  • Fred Dawes

    Who cares? the place is totally in the hands of our enemies anyway?

  • Amused

    Well Fred , you must think ALL investors in Wall Street , large AND small ,must be "leftists " , whose only concern is to "destroy America " . Because those I have mentioned and yes that includes the right , all have a stake in the American Stock Market . And those are the one's who should have a bone to pick with Wall Street , and those are the one's if any , who are protesting . To brand those fellow Americans , who are fed up with the behavior on Wall Street ,and wish to protest , as " a jihadi mob " , marxists , or commies out to occupy Wall Street , is just utter B.S.
    So what do you propose Dawes , ya know, now that "the place is totally in the hands of our enemies " ?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Sloth, greed, envy, dishonesty, perversion, idiocy, insanity, bed wetting, it will all
    be on display, something for everyone except the cop on the beat, just more work
    and for the sanitation worker one hell of a mess. This must be a variation of Obamas
    shovel ready job, it will be deep, smelly and a waste of time, effort and civility.
    Orderly society is something to strive for and appreciate. Thugs from the left will
    have a field day, I hope Bloomberg gets the message, his leftist friends are nothing
    but trouble and deserving of jail time, maybe put them out on chain gangs cleaning
    up the City………………Leftists never do anything for the good, they are neck deep
    in evil and should be excised from American society………………………William

  • Amused

    Hey Ward , you oughta get a room with Linda , you could also share the costs of a good therapist .Tell me , who are the good guys in your sick little world ? The BUMS in the Wall steet firms that these people are protesting about ? The ones who payoff the politicians to let them run amuck and lose the savings of millions , but bthyen gert the big bailout ?
    "Evil " you say ? "Excised " ?
    You're insane dude , and should be institutionalized before you hurt someone or yourself .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You are amusing in a penny for your thoughts kind of way. When your leftist
      cronies stop sucking the life out of our once prosperous Nation and the
      conservative, sober minded people put the brakes on tolerating their
      wasteful conduct, then we will have a good start at a return to prosperity.

      It is your wild disconnected thinking that you should focus on and as
      Psychiatrist to the World, it is my opinion that it is you who needs their
      marbles polished. Hoping to see you demonstrating, wave to the camera
      as you burn your bra…………………………………………………William

      • Amused

        get professional help William …..as soon as you possibly can .

        • WilliamJamesWard

          I will help myself as always and am happy with all of my outcomes, where
          as your disassociated twaddle is atherapeutic in it's selfserving, dissolute
          impertinence. Have a nice day……………………………..William

  • Amused

    This is where the money went and why ….and will continue to go .Smarten up Ward

    To date, the United States has spent more than $2.5 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon spending spree that accompanied it and a battery of new homeland security measures instituted after Sept. 11.

    How have we paid for this? Entirely through borrowing. Spending on the wars and on added security at home has accounted for more than one-quarter of the total increase in U.S. government debt since 2001. And not only did we fail to pay as we went for the wars, the George W. Bush administration also successfully pushed to cut taxes in 2001 and again in 2003, which added further to the debt. This toxic combination of lower revenues and higher spending has brought the country to its current political stalemate.

    There is only one other time in U.S. history that a war was financed entirely through borrowing, without raising taxes: when the Colonies borrowed from France during the Revolutionary War…

  • alexander

    only a few thousand had shown…YO!!! socio-commies! No need to create "workers' paradise" here – save your energy and go to Kuber… and take "him" with you. And Chompski and Mr. Taxcheat too, threee, foooo

  • Steeloak

    Seems this "Day of Rage" was much ado about nothing, even most of the usual rabble couldn't be bothered to show up. It's just not the same when Soros & the Democrats aren't paying the rent-a-mobs to show up.

  • "gunner"

    someone at another site quoted a demonstrator proclaiming that they were "revolting", of course they're revolting, they haven't bathed in months, maybe even years.

  • noyb

    Goldman Sachs makes ACORN look very ethical!

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