Radical Rage: Marxist Mob Plans to Occupy Wall Street

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The artwork associated with a political movement says a lot about that movement.

The US Day of Rage’s Twitter feed features a photo of a defaced ten-dollar bill. Someone has added black hair and a Hitler moustache to Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, whom Congress honored in 1999 as “the man who more than any other designed the Government of the United States.”

The Founders as Nazis: that’s what the leftists who plan to occupy Wall Street tomorrow think of the American experiment. It’s not as if the media-savvy organizers of the US Day of Rage don’t understand the significance of the Founders. The event’s website constantly invokes the name of Publius, the pseudonym that Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay shared as they wrote The Federalist Papers.

Organizers of the event swear up and down that the mass protest will be nonviolent in nature. This raises the question of why they named their event after the original “Days of Rage” that took place in Chicago in 1969. That tumultuous year, members of what was later to become known as the Weather Underground provoked four days of riots and demonstrations against The System.

The September 17 protest comes months after ACORN founder Wade Rathke wrote of an “anti-banking jihad” and SEIU operative Stephen Lerner promised to “bring down the stock market” through a campaign of disruption. Sociologist Abby Scher said she was bullish on the potential of Lerner’s plan to cause massive upheaval. “As Frances Fox Piven and [Richard] Cloward taught us … poor peoples’ movements are successful when they create conditions of ungovernability. And then you win victories.”

It’s not entirely clear what will transpire in Lower Manhattan, but don’t believe US Day of Rage organizers when they say their event will not turn violent. They claim they are “fighting a war for the soul of our nation, its people.”

At the event Saturday, organizers vow to conduct a “horizontal mesh protest” by occupying public spaces on Wall Street itself and throughout the “entire island of Manhattan.”

Echoing radical lawyer William Kunstler’s infamous observation that the police can be “an army of occupation,” the US Day of Rage website makes it clear that members of the New York Police Department are the enemy. “Citizens have been prevented from exercising their right to peaceable assembly in New York City because the force established to serve and protect civil society, the NYPD, has become a counter-intel paramilitary force.”

At the Manhattan-wide protest, which will be accompanied by companion protests in Portland, OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Austin, Texas, legal observers from the pro-communist National Lawyers Guild will be available.

The guild helpfully advises would-be demonstrators not to cooperate with members of the NYPD’s intelligence division or with any police officers. Participants should arrive “with legal contact information written on your wrist or ankle; there is no guarantee that information written on paper will be accessible in the event of arrest.”

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  • http://www.dailydoofus.com/ Peter

    Let's hope it's nonviolent. The author agrees that nonviolence is the best choice.

    Corporate use of our political system has made individual votes simply tools to further the corporate takeover of the U.S. Anyone who wishes that every aspect of our society ought not to be directed by corporate interests is, whether they think they are or not, a believer in this protest.

    • welldoneson

      those squawking about "corporate" whatever show themselves to be on the side of tax-and-spend government. you're in favor of looting the economy and handing it over to your poltical buddies; that's socialism. it's criminal.

      • LandOfTheGreed

        welldoneson your as ignorant as they come…..

      • http://www.dailydoofus.com Peter

        Being upset about the financial institutions getting a multi-billion dollar bailout is the opposite of being in favor of looting the economy.

        Just because someone's rich enough to get away with it doesn't make them any less of a looter. If you despise those who seek to loot the economy, there's a protest on Wall Street full of people who share your belief.

    • "gunner"

      so we should replace the "corporates" with a horde of apparatchiks even less accountable to the public at large? "new czar, same as the old czar" as in soviet russia, when the czar and boyars were replaced by the nomenklatura and apparat of the communists. nyet spasebo, tovarisch.

  • Michael

    After viewing the Adbusters website, I find myself surprisingly in agreement with many of the goals of this demonstration. One would be hard pressed to find anyone on either side of the political spectrum who feels good about the direction that the US is headed. Our political and economic systems are broken and failing, and as much as I may disagree with lots of these people, I’m ready to dig out my tent and head to NYC.

    • davarino

      Ya, but what other bright ideas do they have? The American capitalist system may not be perfect but I sure as hell wouldnt want to go down their path to destruction. Its been tried before many times and it doesnt work. So nice try, acting like your not one of their trolls sent here to represent this movement as benign.

    • Common Sense

      I hope you get what you deserve which is giving up your freedom for everything because my friend you deserve it.

    • Ellman

      Hey Michael,

      I will be selling Bismarck sausages at the corner of Broadway & Exchange Place for a very reasonable price. Stop by and we'll talk. What's Bismarck sausage? It contains ground liberal and communists meats but tastes surprisingly good!

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    Who are you kidding? The stock market has already been brought down by pseudo-pegging to the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Our bankers and the fuel cartel have had us stuck in a deliberately constrained low economic bandwidth since 2006. You don’t have any right to stop people from getting mad about it. Our economic leaders are killing the American people. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of that one.

    • john

      well one has a right to put a stop to it if they start a riot and start causing damages to building! Funny how its always the corporation but never the government that is in cahoots with them.

    • welldoneson

      "you don't want to be on the wrong side"? Is that a threat?
      socialism= mob rule. democracy does NOT equal mob rule.

  • StephenD

    The way I see it is for the vast majority of these folks (not those behind the scenes), they are fed some altruistic crap about how they are helping to bring justice for the poor or some other nonsense. Why is it they never see themselves as the useful idiots they truly are? You want “justice” for the poor? Teach them how to become not poor. If you take their stance to its ultimate end you find a boot on the neck of every free thinking individual under the name of “for the common good.”
    I am not overly concerned with this movement though. It is like watching a once powerful beast cornered and in its death throws. It tends to get loud and ferocious…just before it cowers down and breathes its last.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Stephen, I remember these ignorant bastards from the" sixties anti-war movement". They still spew the same tripe and poison they did back then.It is too bad that Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and Mark Rudd were not shot by the police or hanged for their war crimes thirty years ago. However Wall Street is still functioning along with the corporate entities that the left still hates.

      • casualobserver

        how about the american pilots who dropped napalm and other horrible weapons on literally hundreds of thousands of vietnamese civilians during that war. what of their war crimes? oh, right. the weathermen were certainly bad guys but don't pretend like their rage was based on nothing.

        • Steeloak

          John Kerry – is that you?

        • davarino

          Yes and what of the attrocities committed by the left over the last century. Millions of people have to die in order to save them, right?

        • johnnywoods

          Casual, you make a good point about the bungling and criminal stupidity of the U.S. government handling of the VietNam War. However the "weather underground" was about more than correcting abuses of the government. They planned to collapse the entire economic-political system. They were mostly over- in-duleged "boomer brats" who were never or rarely ever corrected or rebuked for their selfishness and temper tantrums.For some reason they grew to hate America and rather than moving elsewhere they decided that they should just destroy the country instead. They then became the "useful idiots" that Lenin spoke about. I knew several people like them so I know a little bit about what I am telling you. They are spoiled children who never grew up. I stand by my earlier statement about "the police shooting them or the government hanging them" for war crimes.

      • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

        We got thicker tripe and more beef tendon now. And the poison us much more poisonous.

    • Jeremy

      Thanks for your input StephenD. The way I see it, you don't actually know who's there and therefore can not judge these people. The way I see it, Since you still want your opinion known on the internet, you created a straw man (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man) and then knocked him down, For the Good of America. The way I see it, you don't understand that being poor is not something you 'become', but rather something you are born into. That's just the way I see it though, for all I know StephenD is completely right in the way he sees it.

      • davarino

        Yes the banking system isnt perfect, but you want to make all of us poor because you hate the rich? The banking system can be fixed, but you dont revamp the whole system just because you dont like the banking system. But I fear its not just the banking system they dont like, its everything. Seems like a lot of bored people looking for something to destroy in the name of resurrecting the '60s. The funny thing is that you dont have enough "disenfranchised" people in America to start an all out revolution. Hmm sounds like we have a pretty good system here if there arent enough "down and outers". May not be perfect but its better than anything else in the world. Go fix the worst systems in the world and then come back and we'll talk.

    • Timon

      The people on Wall Street stole from ALL of us. Yet you sit there rambling about all this nonsense that has nothing to do with that fact. You don't share the leftist ideology…OK…so what. Get a grip on your emotions and think for a second: were the bailouts moral? Is it moral to be a private business that's "too big to fail"? If you answer "no" then you agree with the protesters. Which is OK. I'm sure you agree on many, many things and this is probably one more.

  • Robert

    Any neart me here in MI? I want to kick some commie ass.

  • Asher

    Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals in play here. Top Down, Bottom up, Inside Out. They will try to create chaos and scare everyone into staying home and not living their lives, everything will collapse. They have created a Wellfare poverty state in which the criminals will go after go honest hard working Americans.

    • Jeremy

      Pardon me, I might have read this wrong, but did you just say that stock traders and hedge fund managers are "hard working Americans"? That is one of the most blatant, pompous, downright ignorant things I have ever read. Shame on you for perpetuating such vile on to public airwaves, and may god have mercy on your soul.

      • davarino

        I think I hear the union thugs calling for you. Its time for the demonstrations

    • Iria

      Remove the word Welfare, replace They with Corporations and the Rich, and you have it right. Why is the Middle Class fooled? It's a rape of the Middle Class, oh and by the way looking at the author's "book" I hope he realizes Acorn was around long before Obama.

    • Timon

      No that's retarded. These are people that are DOING WHAT THE TEA PARTY SAID IT WOULD DO! Remember the bailouts?! What a bunch of cowards. I know you're afraid of chaos; I've seen the studies. It's time to grow some balls and get over it. Change is sometimes chaotic. But it's gotta be done from time to time. You think the American revolution was without chaos? Thought so….

  • Asher

    The Left in New York can spin this election of R. Bob Turner all they want, but Obama and his policies toward Israel and the Economy, Got the Boot but Good. This proves that the Jewish Vote is still very powerful in America!!!

    • kafir4life

      MSNBC "blamed" the Jews for the democrat loss.

    • Ashers Father

      Jews make up 2.2% of America. You have proved that racists are still retarded.

    • John

      Jews only make up 2.2% of America. This proves your both a dumbass and racist!!!

      • davarino

        Ya, 2.2% of America as a whole, but look at the percentage in some of your most democratic states. Now who is a dumbass : ) Or is it just simple minded?

    • "gunner"

      and this is a problem, how? the jews get a vote same as the rest of us, and with the same right to vote as they please. weiner is a putz and a schlemiel and he tripped over his schwanz and got caught. too bad, so sad.

  • Zinnia2

    question is: who would you rather work with, Soros or Trump?

    • Herkule Bombastikus

      Trump, any day. At least we know he LOVES the United States, is not ashamed to admit it, and is not ashamed to admit his own failings AND successes.

      Soros? The commie behind the Obama ThugOcracy? THAT Soros? There's a unique spot in Hell prepared for him and his ilk. I just hope that 'spot' is large enough – it will be a large crowd destined to be there.

    • johnnywoods

      How about"none of the above".

      • imtellinya

        I'm with you – my money is on the fact that they're both playing on the same side. Trump faced bankruptcy in his last Chicago building project and Soros bailed him out. Now Trump owes Soros big…and suddenly, we see Trump entering the presidential race as a third party candidate. He meets with Perry, sees him as a threat and once again threatens to become a third party candidate to split the vote. He is a phony through and through and will do anything for money.

        • hairpinandarrow

          How do you know Soros bailed out Trump in his Chicago project?

  • BS77

    I wonder how many of these idiotic activists and demonstrators are living on government welfare?

    • fuxkoff

      you're an idiot.

      • johnnywoods

        Looking in the mirror again I see.

    • Asher

      Welfare doesn't have anything to do with wall street you dumbass. Unless you are subvertly admitting that politicians are bought and paid for by wall street.

    • Common Sense


  • ClaireSolt

    I well remember the day in 1968 when the protestors went too far. They wanted to shut down the bridges into DC and 30,000 were arrested and incarcerated that day. The more these anarchist push, the greater the liklihood that 2012 becomes a law and order election like the one that elected Nixon in 1968.

    • Lars

      They're not anarchists they're regular humans fighting for causes they believe in.

    • David in Atlanta

      That was 1971 and it led to a very expensive class action law suit that the DC police lost.

  • Carly

    The only reason this demonstration will turn violent is when the NYPD wrongfully attack the protesters. It will happen, and it will be blamed on the demonstrators, as it always is. I fully support this, and wish I could be a part of it.

    • Iron Yank

      Nothing like a good commie beatdown eh? maybe a little tear gas too to <sarcasm alert>

      These people will be left alone if they obey the law, but thenwhen do radicals ever play by the rules? My guess is that if they cause trouble they will get what they deserve.

    • StephenD

      Carly, I wish you could be a part of it too. You can probably guess which part I envision for you.

    • Stephen_Brady

      All you have to do, in order to be a part of the mob, is go there and join it. Problem solved …

      • davarino

        Ya but I dont think the government will provide the funds for her to get there. This nation is so unfair

    • "gunner"

      well, its over, and not all that impressive after all. nypd handled it smartly and professionally, while the "demonstrators" were herded like sheep to the pen, and the citizens of new york city went about their lives as usual. sin loi carly.

  • winoceros

    This is who the Paulbots get in bed with and don't realize they're just commie chow for this kind of anarchy.

    • erik

      Can't wait to meet your fascist ass, after the Revolution, I'll have a nice knuckle sandwich for you.

  • BLJ

    I suspect the usual leftist pinheads will show up. They are all a bunch of phonies and hypocrites. I wish they would pack up their crap and leave this country.

    If they protest peacefully there will be no problems. If they do anything destructive or illegal I hope the NYPD takes some action. A billy club upside the head or in the gut has a wonderful way of making a point.

  • Choi

    So ,now the FAR-LEFT America-Haters think they're going to kick us when we're down.
    In the 1969 Chicago "Days of Rage",the SDS/Weathermen led by Ayers & his wife resulted in the LIFETIME crippling of Cook County Judge Richard Elrod.
    Young Elrod ,in 1969 ,was a "City of Chicago" attorney who ,in attempting to help the Police,attempted to stop an SDS/Weatherman named Flanagan from putting a brick through a State Street Department Store window.
    Elrod tried to tackle Flanagan, who managed to slip the tackle in such a way that Elrod went down in a way that PARALYZED him from the neck down.
    After a lengthy and arduous rehab,Dick Elrod,ran for and was Elected Sheriff of Cook County in 1970 , Re-Elected to several terms, and went on to a Judgeship and has been a living example of OVERCOMING. DISABILITIES while leading a full & productive life.
    If NOT for the SDS/Weathermen "Days of Rage" ,Judge Elrod would have lived a normal life,probably would have been Elected to office as a HEALTHY person,and not lived in undescribable personal physical HELL.

    • Jimmy D

      Call me crazy but.. maybe if Dick hadn't tried to act like a superhero and tackle a guy (incorrectly), he wouldn't be paralyzed?

      How come we only believe in personal consequences when it's convenient to us?

      • welldoneson

        jimmy, you're right; you're crazy.
        and so is every other braincrampedd fool who voted for the Ayers-led Obama cadre.

      • kafir4life

        Ok- you're crazy, on that we agree. I've been wonderiing just how stupid you'd have to be to support the Commie in Thief. That's for that, Jimmy!

  • S. Petersen

    Religious Jews and Israel have no better friend than I. However, I think you might be misinformed about what is going on with this demonstration. In any case, be careful not to find yourself allied (actually or sentimentally) with the Banksters. They are the reason behind our financial crash–they've fanned empty comsumption and irresponsible deft for three generations. Now the debt cannot be managed or hidden but the banksters, individually, control the recession proof assets. There were plenty of plutocrats who continued to be such all the way through the great depression. Wall Street is no friend of Israel.

    • anonypolitics

      The banks have been doing what the government told them to do.
      Look to Congress, to Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac – Barnie Franks/Frank's significant other, Raines, etc.
      Please – don't fall back on what the media says – look at the timeline.

    • Allen Sharp

      Wall Street did what it did, because the govetnment passed laws that let them do it. If I'm following the law how can I be wrong?

    • Michael

      Looks to me like the banks have done exactly what the government told them to do. The government wanted more home ownership so it told the banks to lend money to people that had no chance of repaying the loan. You might want to really think about who you want to blame.

    • winoceros

      Capitalism is not moral or immoral…it is amoral. The banks, whose sole currency is currency, are rational actors on that basis. It makes no sense to lionize nor demonize banks on a basis of morals.

      They will make money in an up market, and make money in a down market. Some can even make money with Obama in charge.

      We should align ourselves with those who espouse moral positions and strive against those who espouse anarchic and evil positions. Whomever the banks align themselves with at any given juncture should be an irrelevant consideration.

  • mrbean

    The problem with the entitlement state is not simply that it is bankrupting this country–the problem is that it is morally bankrupt. The basic principle behind the entitlement state is that a person’s need entitles him to other people’s wealth. It’s that you have a duty to spend some irreplaceable part of your life laboring, not for the sake of your own life and happiness, but for the sake of others. If you are productive and self-supporting, then according to the entitlement state, you are in hock to those who aren’t. In Marx’s memorable phrase: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” What made America the noblest nation in history was that it was the first country founded on the idea that each of us has a right to live and work for our own sake, that it’s our own job to try to make the most of our life, and that the government’s sole purpose is to protect our freedom to do so.

    • Steeloak

      Not to mention that in old Karl's utopia it is the state that decides what your abilities are & how much "from" you are required to give, and the state which tells you what you "need"

  • Dispozadaburka

    Soros is probably wringing his hands with glee
    with the thought of collecting all the gold and hard earned money
    from the American taxpayers.
    Maybe he will lead the way
    to round up all the people who work in Wall Street and
    send them to FEMA camps for all their greedy sins.

    • smashkeyboard4name

      This doesn't even make sense. You just said a bunch of words that conservatives hate. Hey! You should run for office! You probably got a good chance of winning!

  • Moishe Pupick

    F., 09/16/11 common era

    There will likely be video camers aplenty at this upcoming jihad. Any slight overreaction by police will be recorded and used as evidence in federal civil rights lawsuits brought by the National Lawyers' Guild and the ACLU. These spoiled punks are trying to "Bring it all down, man!"

    • Moishe Fupickyou

      If "bringing it all down" will stop pitiful insults like these that don't even make sense (Jihad? I know your racist but that doesn't even matter right now), than I'm all for it

  • wpmartin

    The charge of "fascism" has become so predictable and banal in its errant historical use by the Left that it has lost all current meaning and application other than to defame and incitet. To characterize Alexander Hamilton and the other Founding Fathers as fascists, or as the progenitors of a "fascist" America, is simply laughable. To enage those who make such a charge I fear is like arguing with those who still believe that the Moon landings were staged on a movie set. Accepting this risk, I would draw their attention to a (nearly) contemporaneous and parallel event in France where the "victors" enacted laws and tried to implement a form of government (much more akin to what the "Radical Rage" folks appear to want) which in hindsight looks a lot like "fascism" (i.e., guillotines, internecine bloodletting, etc.), and produced a totalitarianism which filled the void created thereby. If there were "isms" at work in creating the America we have (yes, with all its imperfections), it was not fascism or communism, but republicanism and capitalism.

  • olustee

    These people can be "useful idiots" precisely by putting left-wing hatemongering and violence on display. Is there anyone who doesn't know Obama's links with these people? It's like the unions in Madison, WI this past spring: get out there, get vicious and bullying, let people know who's boss–and guess what? You get–snap!–a lot more instant enemies than you had before.

    These lefties are devoid of any strategic savvy whatsoever. Put yourself out there, I say! Let's ALL see what pieces of human trash you are. You have to do this, because–you can't help yourselves! Self-destructive to the last.

  • Sodoff

    You conservative clowns are absolute jokes.

    Go believe in the American dream some more you capitalist scum. It is working out great for you, assuming you are one of the 400 families running the show.

    I guess as long as the brown people or women don't get any power and you get your pittance in taxes back right? Idiots.

    • welldoneson

      wow, sodoff, you're full of leftist boilerplate and misdirected hatred.
      and your claims of racism and sexism only make you look more the twit.
      those claims usually show more about what is going on in the head of the accuser.

    • johnnywoods

      Hey Sodoff, Why don`t you just sodoff?

    • kafir4life

      Sodoff…..Have you looked in the White House lately? True, he's not descended from slaves, and true his opponent in 2008 and current Secretary of State doesn't really look like a woman, but how can you make that claim?
      I'm not one of the 400. I have only a high school diploma. I have two homes 2 cars and a 6 figure income that I EARN. So whatchu talkin' about Willis? Best to just be lazy, complain, and be the perpetual victim. Enjoy!!

    • Graydog50

      Sad to be you when you people on the left sit at home watching free tv on your free cell phone getting free money from me and others. The left is the virus that plagues the US and it will be stopped in due time.

    • Michael

      I do believe in the American Dream. It is alive and well in spite of what the leftists, statists, socialists, communists and freedom haters have done or are doing. Am I rich? By no means. Am I free? Absolutely. I would rather be free and poor than taken care of and be a slave. If being a slave is your idea of utopia, go somewhere else in the world.

  • Ben

    Sodoff! You leftist clown will be happy if I take you in USSR . You are standing in vodka-queue and boiled sausage-queue and live in the communal flat. After a year of this living you will kill president Kennedy. This capitalist -haters-idiots know nothing about their paradise.

  • Herkule Bombastikus

    The only reason all these rad/lib/left folk are upset is because their Chosen One has so miserably failed.

    The total bankruptcy of the Obama administration can no longer be ignored, can no longer be "spun" and can no longer be hidden.

    The evidence of incompetence, all the way to the Oval Office, cannot be argued by anyone – from the left or from the right. It is a simple and all-too-easily observable fact.

    There's someone in the White House who is completely incompetent.

    THAT is the problem. THAT is what folks should be protesting.

    Barack Obama is an embarrassment to Liberalism, to the Democratic Party, and to ALL Americans, not just African-Americans.

    The man who preached Hope has brought Despair as his legacy.

    The man who preached Change shall only bring about that change upon his leaving office, a day which cannot arrive quickly enough.

    For there can be absolutely no meaningful progress toward repairing our economy, be it unemployment, increasing prices everywhere we look, the national debt, or the real estate and mortgage dilemma until we remove Barack Obama as President of the United States.

    Obama may not be what the lawyers would call the "proximate cause" of some, or even all, of these problems, but he most certainly IS the impediment standing between us and the solutions required.

    He has proven to be what I said he was back in 2008:

    * an incompetent administrator with absolutely no executive-level experience either in government or in the private sector.

    * a thinly disguised Marxist socialist with publicly proclaimed goals which, on their face, can only lead to a disruptive and negative impact on the general economy – namely his stated goal, during the campaign, of intentionally moving fuel prices significantly upward.

    In addition:

    * he has governed with complete disregard of the will of the American people, forgetting that our Federal Republic is firmly constructed on the concept of the "consent of the governed" and, therefore, has completely sacrificed the historic legitimacy of his administration. Over 60% of the American people opposed his health-care proposal while it was still being debated in Congress, and since it was forced into law by a piece of legislative slight-of-hand of dubious legality and totally void of ethics, now almost two years later that 60% opposition has grown to exceed 75%.

    * he has willingly and publicly associated himself with persons of questionable background and questionable loyalty to the United States and has refused to disavow those past associations.

    * he has knowingly allowed his campaign and his administration to become complicit in illegal activities directly violating the Federal criminal codes – specifically the attempt to manipulate the Democrat primary in Pennsylvania in 2010 through attempted use of a clearly criminal "quid pro quo" arrangement; an impeachable act at least, and an indictable one in the ultimate analysis.

    This has absolutely nothing to to with Liberal or Conservative.

    It CERTAINLY has nothing to do with Black vs White.

    Just ask yourself this:

    What would be happening to him, right now, if he were RICHARD NIXON?

  • Ron

    things are as they are because that is the way our legislative and executuive branches of government want them to be.

  • Linda Rivera

    America has big problems and the Marxists and super wealthy, spoiled BILLIONAIRE Soros, want to take advantage of those problems to DESTROY our freedom and human rights. Communists have murdered millions of their own nations' peoples. They HATE people and are consumed with seeking absolute power and control over people. Hypocrites and haters!

    • Karl Marx

      Do you even know what year you're living in? There's no Marxists anymore you dumbass. Please seek therapy.

    • Marie

      Oh, Linda.

      You've got it all mixed up, honey, and it always makes me sad to see an otherwise intelligent and rational individual fall prey to the forces behind these non-factual beliefs.

      I will pray for you.

      • awsharp

        What non-factual beliefs? Like communists didn't kill millions of their own people. That would be a non-factual belief. And if you think its bad here then please try your protest in the Middle East see how far you get.

        • alexander

          commies killed "only" over 100 million people, mainly their own citizens. We are 3x that number here, so it will take them 3x longer…or, 3x faster? Idiots everywhere.
          Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Denny

    Call your Congressional Representative (I called Wally Herger) and DEMAND that they hold hearings into the violence and mayhem that this Movement does and its many ties to Barack Hussein Obama.

    • Darrel

      It hasn't happened yet you dumbass.

  • rationalhuman

    and i bet you believe in fairy tales about talking snakes. who is insane now?

    • dfw234

      obviously you are. Read the book.

    • voted against carter


      You are a disgusting pervert if you believe in islam. PERIOD.

    • Snitch-in-Time

      Snakes? Multiple talking snakes? Another so-called “rationalist” proving he doesn’t know what he is talking about. The snake trying to get your attention, the one speaking to you, is the one on the yellow flag.

  • Russ Winter

    You need to dig a lot deeper on this one, from the Day of Rage website.

    Wall Street is a huge contributor to the political machine, which in turns enables Wall Street’s corporate plunder of our nation. Both the Democratic and Republican parties set the bankster agenda because of the MONEY. When we at US Day of Rage speak of ‘taking the MONEY out of politics’, we have no choice but to focus on the sources of the MONEY.

    Bought by hard and soft dollars, disloyal, incompetent, and wasteful interests have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to liberty and national security.

    As Americans we may bang our head on other matters, but on this we surely agree. In a democracy: progressives; unions; conservatives; tea party; and unaffiliated Americans can govern and work things out. In a kleptocracy, controlled by the banksters, we cannot. We must stop their influence, their motives, and their tricks, from continuing to destroy our democratic republic, and together we can do it.

    US Day of Rage (usdayofrage.org) demands that money be removed from the buying of politicians who feed the Wall Street beast. We demand that the resources of our nation no longer be used to coddle and benefit banksters and their minions. We demand that the US Government diligently reign in the parasitic destruction wreaked by Wall Street. We demand that our nation no longer be held hostage to ‘too big to fail’ banks. We demand that solutions be found that stop the Federal Reserve from stealing our future.

    The American Revolution is alive and well. It’s a group of non-violent citizen nobodies who believe in the radical notion that Americans have a right to freedom of speech and the right to peaceable assembly, in deed the right to engage in politics through free and fair elections unsullied by disloyal, incompetent, and wasteful special interests that are destroying our democratic republic and preying on the resources and spirits of citizens.

    • Steeloak

      If that's what you really believe, then quit being a tool of the communist party and join the Tea Party. There is a classic book that can still be found called "Masters of Deceit" that exposes in detail how communists use front groups to advance their agenda, an agenda which is radically different from what you wish for, I suggest you read it.

      • Steeloak

        And just so you know – the domain registar for the website took great pains to use phony information to hide who they really are. "Publius Adams" & a PO box in Philly. Examining the site closely, I could find nothing about the people or organizations behind the events – a RED flag if I ever saw one. Go to any Tea Party site & full info is available. Local organizers are identified & supporting organizations are listed. Be very carefull who you choose to get in bed with – they may be telling you one thing, but their true agenda is something they don't reveal.

  • Eliza

    Really? The same Israel that slaughtered over a 1000 civilians recently in the name of retribution for a few Israeli soldiers, the same Israel that routinely-illegally robs people of their land and resources, the same Israel that conducts illegal chemical warfare on the Palestinian population and disregards lose to every convention on warfare, the same Israelis (7 out of the 10) that brought about the economic crisis we are dealing with now, the same Israel that brought us Bernard Maddoff … Should I continue? Wow, I think it's about time to start airing Schindler's List and retros on Anne Frank – got a keep the people feeling sorry for you. You hypocritical jokes need to pipe down and come to grips with your own base behavior.

    • voted against carter


      You are a disgusting pervert if you believe in islam. PERIOD.

  • Ellman

    The Day of Rage tactics are typical of the ones the Communist Comintern used during the 1920's and 1930's around the world, but most effectively in pre-Nazi Germany. Like the Communist Party members back then this new incarnation of revolutionaries is totally dedicated and open to any means to achieve their ends. If the mainstream media covers the Day Of Rage protests correctly and honestly the event will backfire on the radicals, especially in 2012. Americans have had enough of Obama and his sympathizers. The Day of Rage will become the Day of Regret!

  • Ricky Stixx

    The guy that wrote this article is an idiot. He literally just made half of his article up out of thin air. Ignore his fearmongering and wake up!

  • Jesus Christ

    I STAND….with you being absolutely insane. Please seek medical help

    • voted against carter


      You are a disgusting pervert if you believe in islam. PERIOD.

  • Amused

    Dang , where's that " jihad mob " supposed to meet ? Man I hope they don't blow up anything !!! Oh wait ! This was just another bullshhheeeet article …. red meat for the dimbulbs , and some like Linda sucked it up .But to my surprise , a good number of posters saw through it …..there are indeed some functioning brains here .

  • Amused

    ….lol….maybe the author forgot , that the accompanying protest photo was BEFORE the Obama Admin . I guess ALL those average American investors who got shagged [ again and again ] by Wall Street are " Marxists and commies " huh ?
    The DUMBING-DOWN of America would be a more appropriate title for this non-sensical article .
    It's no wonder that blithering idiots like Bachman and Palin are even considered to become POTUS !!!

  • Amused

    LOL…."ignore it " says Ricky Stixx ? Au-contraire my freind , the article evoked the expected Pavlovian Respones ….as usual .

  • American Amused

    BTW ELLMAN , this sort of protest is as AMERICAN as APPLE PIE , people like you are beginning to sound more like fascists everyday , and people like this author will be your Goebbels .

  • American Amused

    Linda's off her meds AGAIN …….just the mention of the word "left " sends her into a frothing -at-the-mouth , bible thumping ,HATEFULL "christian tirade " . Linda you are living proof that the Pavlovian Response applies equally well to many humans .
    EXACTLY the results the author of this mindless article expects .

  • swizzle

    i see the hate and lies from the right wing is alive and well, lmao.
    So is the hypocrisy.

  • Steve Chavez

    CODE PINK is one of the organizers and Medea Benjamin, and the Communist Party USA, recently led the "Audacity of Hope" flotilla that sought to break the Gaza blockade to be in "solidarity with Hamas" A TERRORIST GROUP!

    The CPUSA has its finger prints all over the Rage with their front "Peace Action" which is led by Judith Leblanc who has sided with Hezbollah and Hamas and the "real freedom fighters" who are killing our American Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These groups are the ones that brainwashed Cindy Sheehan to even call the insurgents/terrorists who KILLED HER SON, "the real freedom fighters" too!

    Why did this author leave out the main groups who organized this? The CPUSA, and their front followers, were the most bitter when the Soviet Union, a country they loved more than their own, FELL! Now, they seek REVENGE and OBAMA, who was also in CPUSA/KGB front groups in the 80's, IS ON THEIR TEAM!

    If these groups cause riots, they will create the conditions for a CIVIL WAR, which will give Obama the excuse to declare Martial Law and will use that to go after the Tea Party "SOB's" and any dissent that is a threat TO HIM!

  • Marie


  • BanksCantLose

    Haven’t seen this blog b4. Amazing to see someone actively defend a system of Marxism when banks lose (losses are socialized) and capitalism when they win (banks keep allthe the cash tax free).

    This is not free markets guys, it’s grand theft. Capitalism should reward winners and punish losers. This is why we have the rage.

    • Marie

      My first time here as well, and I am absolutely gobsmacked.


  • tommyzax

    The enemy is to be met. I say, place speakers all across Wall Street (high up where they can't be sabotaged) and blare out patriotic music and religious sermons the entire time. Like garlic to vampires.

  • Amused

    Hey Chavez , what in the heck has that got to do with protest on wall street ? you're like a wind-up doll , turn the key and you get the same old "i hate obama " diatribe .
    What's the matter with you man ?

  • Amused

    Gee , ya think ! LOL…..BanksCantLose , you noticed the blatant hypocrisy to huh ?

  • BS77

    Read about the robotic leftist mob in Ann Coulter's DEMONIC….get educated about the liberal left and their "shout down" style of behavior.

    • Amused

      you mean like the teabaggers goiing to Dem. Town meetings ? that kinda shout-down ? Better take you hypocrite blinders off 77 ,cause you are just BS

  • up yours

    it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they all brought guns and gas and burnt down the exchange.

  • Virgil

    These are the same yutz's who will complain when Starbucks is out of their favorite blend, when the ATM machine is out of cash, when they can't get their size while mall shopping, will complain how bad the US is but won’t exercise their freedom to leave because they know what is waiting for them in any other country, who will be the first on the news to cry why it took so long for police to respond to a break in at their house, and then will hop in their Lexus, or Caddie SUV, or Beemer to drive home after their 'rage' is spent.

    • Amused

      Gee you got it backwards Virgil….lol;…no surprise there eh ?

      • Carrie

        Nah, I think virigil got it right on. You must be one of the yutz's

  • -Anon-

    One person, one vote. Get the money out of politics.

  • Amused

    Ha ha , not according to the activist Bush Appointed Supreme Court Judges …..Corporations are people too , with alota bucks to get alota votes for their pals in Govt.

  • lottagu

    If there is violence it will most likely come from agent provocateurs. Police and other government agencies have used the tactic on G8 protests and other demonstrations. They infiltrate protest groups provoke or start the violece themselves giving the SWAT teams an excuse to react. It's been used since the days of the Tzars.

    • Steeloak

      Another worn out lie from the communist left – most famous example is the old "Tommy the Traveler" lie from the late 60's. He was the only known example of such a provocateur, and he worked for a local sheriff in rural New York state. He is only known to have influenced 2 college students to initiate a firebombing.
      Compare this one known example with the thousands of black hooded radicals who regularly appear at protests and you will know how silly you sound.

  • Cool Jay

    Amused – I'm sure you don't own a car, take public transportation everywhere, and never been a store (yep, owned by a corporation). Can you spell hypocrite…lol… Just messing with you, I’m sure you’ll grow up to be a fine member of society.

    • Amused

      Jay this whole discussion was already over your head before you typed in your first letter .Don't hurt yourself son .

  • mario

    The author describes this group's activities as an "exercise in Marxist mobocracy" and his very first sentence is also very telling, something about "artwork associated with a political movement says a lot about that movement." I wonder what he thinks about the Tea Party? Take away the Marxist adjective and leave the rest, and I would say the writer is right on all counts. But this is the left, therefore these demonstrators are thugs and their artwork more offensive than say, portraying the president of the United States as an African witch doctor…oh hell, what did I expect at a website with Ann Coulder ads…lol…

  • hairpinandarrow

    Well on Google Earth I saw some pedestrians walking around and a few cars and trucks parked on Wall St, but ABC News had nothing to report about it and I saw nothing that looked like people carrying signs while demonstrating. No groups were anywhere to be found.

  • Amused

    The suckers got served a bucket of steam . No ooooooohhhhh "rage jihad " to be found anywhere except in the authors mind . Investigative Reporter ? WHERE ?? Yellow Journalism at it's best .

  • Amused

    Wit a minute !! Over There ! There it is …it's a ….it's a …group of jihadi,commie ,marxist ……consumers going into McDonalds . Damn TERRORISTAS !!

  • Amused

    but….but ….ain't Coulters Demons invisible ? That's it !!! there was a jihadi mob!!!! They were just invisible . Damn tricky lefty/commie /marxists !

  • Amused

    Ok , what can we create next ?

  • Amused

    Sorry Matt , I'm not letting you off the hook that easy , you set out to incite the pack , and you accomplished that . But I love the use of key words like "rage " -"jihad " – MOB – "OCCUPY " , "operative " .

    Is that what makes an investigative reporter ? Or a comic book storeyteller ?
    Keep your day job guy .

    • Steeloak

      Forget your meds today Amused?

  • Dispozadaburka

    I guess these folks will have to compete with the muslims for "THE SOUL OF AMERICA.'

  • ian

    why are the CORPORATE PUPPETS so angry?!

  • bitterweed

    Why is it that Jews are always the fomentors of revolution..? And why they are over represented in every aspect of government and commerce here in the U.S.?

    I'll defend Israel because we need them in the Middle East..But they are not our friends..and I wish the Jews in the U.S. would join them there. That is where their allegiance lays anyway..

  • bump

    Have you even investigated what this organization stands for? The ideals that it is rallying for are much the same as the readers of your site wish to put in place.
    Mainly that elections are corrupt and are decided by corporations and must be overhauled to truly represent the people.

    If we can all fight together we have a better chance of making positive change. The founders of this movement DO NOT represent any wish to move toward socialism, no matter what some of the rally attendees might have said.

    From the organization's web site: ( http://www.usdayofrage.org/about.html )

    “Bought by hard and soft dollars, disloyal, incompetent, and wasteful special interests have usurped our nation’s civil and military power, spawning a host of threats to liberty and our national security.

    Corporations, even those owned by foreign shareholders, use money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.

    We demand that Citizens United versus FEC which deems corporations to be people when it come to political contributions be overturned.

    Thanks for listening!

  • Ellman

    The more things change the more they remain the same. These 'activists' are marching under a different name and banner but they are the old Comintern groups of Stalin's Soviet Union. Like their Comintern counterparts they are dedicated revolutionaries whose primary principle is to establish communism as a way or life here in the US. The only factor that's different in 2011 versus the 1920s and 30s is that there is not monolithic Communist Party directly controlling them. Today they are driven by a Leftist Coalition of many groups. Reagan killed the Evil Empire but its damnable philosophy persists to this day. It needs to be eradicated! It is pernicious and dreadful!

  • Amused

    No , I didn't forget my meds today steeloak , just trying to keep wannabee "reporters " RESPONSIBLE for what they write . And make a point …..which the denizens of this blog so easily confirm . You got your redmeat phony B.S. story , with all the trimmings , and as usual the pavlovian response came , as sure as the day is long .
    Pathetic !

  • Fred Dawes

    Who cares? the place is totally in the hands of our enemies anyway?

  • Amused

    Well Fred , you must think ALL investors in Wall Street , large AND small ,must be "leftists " , whose only concern is to "destroy America " . Because those I have mentioned and yes that includes the right , all have a stake in the American Stock Market . And those are the one's who should have a bone to pick with Wall Street , and those are the one's if any , who are protesting . To brand those fellow Americans , who are fed up with the behavior on Wall Street ,and wish to protest , as " a jihadi mob " , marxists , or commies out to occupy Wall Street , is just utter B.S.
    So what do you propose Dawes , ya know, now that "the place is totally in the hands of our enemies " ?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Sloth, greed, envy, dishonesty, perversion, idiocy, insanity, bed wetting, it will all
    be on display, something for everyone except the cop on the beat, just more work
    and for the sanitation worker one hell of a mess. This must be a variation of Obamas
    shovel ready job, it will be deep, smelly and a waste of time, effort and civility.
    Orderly society is something to strive for and appreciate. Thugs from the left will
    have a field day, I hope Bloomberg gets the message, his leftist friends are nothing
    but trouble and deserving of jail time, maybe put them out on chain gangs cleaning
    up the City………………Leftists never do anything for the good, they are neck deep
    in evil and should be excised from American society………………………William

  • Amused

    Hey Ward , you oughta get a room with Linda , you could also share the costs of a good therapist .Tell me , who are the good guys in your sick little world ? The BUMS in the Wall steet firms that these people are protesting about ? The ones who payoff the politicians to let them run amuck and lose the savings of millions , but bthyen gert the big bailout ?
    "Evil " you say ? "Excised " ?
    You're insane dude , and should be institutionalized before you hurt someone or yourself .

    • WilliamJamesWard

      You are amusing in a penny for your thoughts kind of way. When your leftist
      cronies stop sucking the life out of our once prosperous Nation and the
      conservative, sober minded people put the brakes on tolerating their
      wasteful conduct, then we will have a good start at a return to prosperity.

      It is your wild disconnected thinking that you should focus on and as
      Psychiatrist to the World, it is my opinion that it is you who needs their
      marbles polished. Hoping to see you demonstrating, wave to the camera
      as you burn your bra…………………………………………………William

      • Amused

        get professional help William …..as soon as you possibly can .

        • WilliamJamesWard

          I will help myself as always and am happy with all of my outcomes, where
          as your disassociated twaddle is atherapeutic in it's selfserving, dissolute
          impertinence. Have a nice day……………………………..William

  • Amused

    This is where the money went and why ….and will continue to go .Smarten up Ward

    To date, the United States has spent more than $2.5 trillion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon spending spree that accompanied it and a battery of new homeland security measures instituted after Sept. 11.

    How have we paid for this? Entirely through borrowing. Spending on the wars and on added security at home has accounted for more than one-quarter of the total increase in U.S. government debt since 2001. And not only did we fail to pay as we went for the wars, the George W. Bush administration also successfully pushed to cut taxes in 2001 and again in 2003, which added further to the debt. This toxic combination of lower revenues and higher spending has brought the country to its current political stalemate.

    There is only one other time in U.S. history that a war was financed entirely through borrowing, without raising taxes: when the Colonies borrowed from France during the Revolutionary War…

  • alexander

    only a few thousand had shown…YO!!! socio-commies! No need to create "workers' paradise" here – save your energy and go to Kuber… and take "him" with you. And Chompski and Mr. Taxcheat too, threee, foooo

  • Steeloak

    Seems this "Day of Rage" was much ado about nothing, even most of the usual rabble couldn't be bothered to show up. It's just not the same when Soros & the Democrats aren't paying the rent-a-mobs to show up.

  • "gunner"

    someone at another site quoted a demonstrator proclaiming that they were "revolting", of course they're revolting, they haven't bathed in months, maybe even years.

  • noyb

    Goldman Sachs makes ACORN look very ethical!

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