Union Gangsters: Jimmy Hoffa Jr.

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He grew disenchanted with the union his father had dominated for so long as it drifted away from some of its past radicalism. Teamsters had flirted with Republicans for years. President Nixon commuted the father’s prison sentence for jury tampering and fraud. The union alienated others in the labor movement by endorsing Ronald Reagan for president in 1980 and 1984 as well as his successor George H.W. Bush in 1988.

Teamsters had embraced Republicans decades before in an act of self-preservation when then-Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, a Democrat, went after corruption in the union in the early 1960s.

But by 1995 the younger Hoffa was urging Teamsters to return to the Democratic fold. “American labor is confronted by a crisis — a crisis of lack of militancy, and what we want to do is to get our union moving again, to start rebuilding it from within.”

By 2005, Hoffa led the Teamsters out of the AFL-CIO and into the more radical breakaway labor federation, the SEIU-endorsed Change to Win Coalition. A key criticism of the AFL-CIO was that it was not aggressive enough in recruiting new members. “In our view, we must have more union members in order to change the political climate that is undermining workers’ rights in this country,” he said. “The AFL-CIO has chosen the opposite approach.”

In fact the AFL-CIO had become increasingly radical in the years leading up to the split. Then-president John Sweeney, a member of the neo-communist group Democratic Socialists of America, rescinded a longstanding rule preventing Communist Party members from holding leadership positions within the federation and the unions belonging to it. Sweeney also instituted the “Union Summer” training program which required its young participants to regurgitate Marxist boilerplate “that we produce the world’s wealth, that we belong to the only class with a future, that our class will end all oppression.”

But none of this is radical enough for James P. Hoffa.

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  • Jim

    Thug or not No Hoffa has destroyed as many lives as our corrupt congress and president.

    No Hoffa ever destroyed as many jobs for Americans as Microsoft, GE, and the Welfare Queens of Wall Street.

    You forget business also used thugs against American workers.

    In that great business failure called Germany the boards of the large companies are 50% union occupied. Maybe Germany will bail the US out after it saves Greece.

    • james storm

      It's time for us!!! We have watcged over the years, starting with that god awful Reagan, works rights and jobs just thin out to a non exsistance status. The unions have been week and powerless because they have bought into this global economy. Mr. Hoffa knows the history of labor and he knows the American people. He is so right when he bellows the unjustified situations in the country and what has happened to the middle class while the good old boys, congress and ceo's just take what they can get and turn there b acks on the people of this country. It's time to join Hoffa. It's time to send the message that the greed is over. It's s time to stand and be counted. Raises us up Mr. Hoffa, this is one who will listen. Thank you for loving this land so much.

  • Herman Caintonette

    "Well-practiced in the art of Saul Alinsky-style vilification…" David Horowitz and Team Alinsky do not have standing to criticize.

    • Western Canadian

      Your comment is at most, semi-coherent…. Which is about average for you. ‘and team alinsky’??? You are an uncommonly ignorant lout, and have no standing to comment on any subject.

  • Herman Caintonette

    MV: "After the event, Hoffa invoked the Mother of All Leftist Cliches, telling ABC News that conservatives “want to roll the clock back to about 1900.”

    It's true. Paul Ryan's plan would eviscerate Medicare, and the Republicans have shown that they want to obliterate Social Security. The war on workers has been a one-sided class war, http://www.businessinsider.com/15-charts-about-we… , but the sociopaths at Team Horowitz refuse to recognize this self-evident fact.

    • Kal Kenett

      Well Herman, here we go again. The only thing you have is this "blanket whine," for all things that don't suit you. I might find an ounce of respect for you if, just once, once you could come up with an idea to HELP solve the problems your adolescent cries derive.

      Instead of complaining that your rosebush is full of thorns, try being happy that your thorn bush has a rose.

  • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

    The Tea Party is an astroturf organization.

    • Western Canadian

      Not really. But flip(pedout)side does play a role in the growing of mushrooms.

  • StephenD

    Someone wrote: “The Tea Party is an astroturf organization.” As if name calling accomplishes anything. Wait….”it does” you say? Well then…You’re a…a Poopy Pants! I guess I should give you credit there Flipper, I do feel a little better.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      OK. I guess it’s not enough for you that a reform third party is really a giant con put on by the Koch Brothers and Karl Rove, and has no true interest in a new American Revolution.

  • StephenD

    The problem is that Union Officials openly affiliate themselves with Socialists and Communists and nobody questions it. The general membership usually has very little influence in the undertakings of the leadership. A close look at the functioning of the unions and you get a glimpse of what it is to live under the thumb of the elites that run a Socialist or Communist Government. You either toe the line or you don't get work. You follow orders…or else.
    If this is truly what you want; I certainly don't, you can have it.

    • John A .Gwinn

      I retired 3 years ago this DAM pepole took my retirment from me, cause I have to work my wife is very sick, then DAM pepole do not care what to there retired members. I was working and they made quit, and then they my retirement, this is the thanks you get when you then,I was helping then organize pjax, and this is thanks I get . I will vote for right to work, plus they will never organize auto parts dc, AUTO ZOME, ADVANCE, O'REILLY,NAPN,and PET BOYS,there will be the they sent me hanging in ever one of the dc.

    • derek taylor

      when u say work u have no callous on your hands u have no right to diminish the working man in this country we have what we got by the hands of the hardest workers in this country, and they are all union teamster, correction officer ,ironworker ,pipefitter,concrete finisher, ie, the real working man, we get what comes to us by hard work and dedication jimmy hoffa made that easy for the working man to make an honest living by putting in what needed to be be put in so every man that wanted a good job could keep a good job with all the bullcrap put aside for u ignorant protesters to fight over, say what you will but if all the union workers took a month off where would your economy be ? ask yourself that then get back to me … or hire a million non americans to do the hard work….. im a liberal and i support jimmy hoffa jr. for him we have a decent country where we can make a living instead of working for wal mart or some evil empirish clan of non decent paying companys……thank you derek taylor washington state hope everyone reads this and says im wrong…..

  • Coachwkr

    God, why do leftist morons come onto the site and spew their nonsense? Go to one of the liberal sewers on the internet and leave us decent folks alone.

    • Steeloak

      Flipper is one of the resident trolls. Without FPM he would be homeless.

    • http://www.contextflexed.com Flipside

      I’m not a leftist. I am an independent, a libertarian, a constitutionalist, and a centrist.

      • StephenD

        Wow…do you sing and dance too?

        • Western Canadian

          I’d say we just saw an example of his song and dance routine…. rather poorly done, at that.

  • BLJ

    Hoffa Jr is a tool. His old man was a crook who got what he deserved in the end.

    • JokerRigger

      Yea he should join his Dad at the Pig Farm. I know that the Teamsters are Broke, cause I got that from a Teamster Here in texas, he not getting his retirement because of it. So Hoffa is a great F**King leader, so why is he not paying his people?

  • myohmy

    Jimmy Hoffa was brilliant and if he were alive today he would literally disown this scumbucket thug his son has become.

    • JokerRigger

      No he wouldn't because he was the Same, Like Father Like Son

  • I_Fletch

    James P. Hoffa and the teamsters union are a totally owned subsidiary of the DOJ.

    Since the teamsters signed off on the Consent Decree the DOJ effectively runs the union under a federal trusteeship

    Hoffa Lite doesn't sneeze without an OK from DOJ
    James Riddle Hoffa was the father … James P. Hoffa is there now after Government stooge Ron Carey was caught swaping cash for campaign contributions with leftist groups like Project Vote,The Tides Foundation, ACORN, Rich Trumpka and Andy Stern ….

  • I_Fletch

    James P.'s brother 'Chuckie' was adopted …… and there any number of back stories on that adoption

    It is widely held that Chuckie was involved at a low level in setting up James Riddle's disappearance

    in knowledgeable circles the story goes that Tony Jackolone (sp?) … Jacko … a Detroit criminal …. or Tony Provensano … 'Tony Pro' … JC 73 & LU 560 North Jersey …. facilitated the hit with their goons

    The Detroit story ends with Jimmy as melted into a bumper and the Jersey story has two LU 560 business agents … the Bragollio (sp) brothers … bringing the body from Detroit to their south Jersey chicken farm where he was fed through a chipper and mixed with chicken feed

  • I_Fletch

    UNITED STATES of America,


    INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America, AFL-CIO, the Commission of La Cosa Nostra, Anthony Salerno, also known as Fat Tony, Matthew Iannielo, also known as Matty the Horse, Anthony Provenzano, also known as Tony Pro, Nunzio Provenzano, also known as Nunzi Pro, Anthony Corallo, also known as Tony Ducks, Salvatore Santoro, also known as Tom Mix, Christopher Furnari, Sr., also known as Christie Tick, Frank Manzo, Carmine Persico, also known as Junior, also known as the Snake, Gennaro Langella, also known as Gerry Lang, Philip Rastelli, also known as Rusty, Nicholas Marangello, also known as Nicky Glasses, ……….

    • I_Fletch

      …………….Joseph Massino, also known as Joey Messina, Anthony Ficarotta, also known as Figgy, Eugene Boffa, Sr., Francis Sheeran, Milton Rockman, also known as Maishe, John Tronolone, also known as Peanuts, Joseph John Aiuppa, also known as Joey O'Brien, also known as Joey Aiuppa, John Philip Cerone, also known as Jackie the Lackie, also known as Jackie Cerone, Joseph Lombardo, also known as Joey the Clown, ………………….

      • I_Fletch

        ……………………..Angelo Lapietra, also known as The Nutcracker, Frank Balistrieri, also known as Mr. B, Carl Angelo Deluna, also known as Toughy, Carl Civella, also known as Corky, Anthony Thomas Civella, also known as Tony Ripe, General Executive Board, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and Helpers of America, Jackie Presser, General President, Weldon Mathis, General Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph Trerotola, First Vice President, also known as Joe T, Robert Holmes, ……………………

        • I_Fletch

          Sr., Second Vice President, Robert Holmes, Sr., William McCarthy, Third Vice President, Joseph W. Morgan, Fourth Vice President, Edward M. Lawson, Fifth Vice President, Arnold Weinmeister, Sixth Vice President, John H. Cleveland, Seventh Vice President, Maurice R. Schurr, Eighth Vice President, Donald Peters, Ninth Vice President, Walter J. Shea, Tenth Vice President, Harold Friedman, Eleventh Vice President, Jack D. Cox, Twelfth Vice President, Don L. West, Thirteenth Vice President, Michael J. Riley, Fourteenth Vice President, Theodore Cozza, Fifteenth Vice President, Daniel Ligurotis, Sixteenth Vice President, Salvatore Provenzano, Former Vice President, also known as Sammy Pro, Defendants, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Defendant-Appellee, Vincent Sombrotto and Edwin Gonzalez, Local 116, Production and Maintenance Employees' Union, Appellants.

  • I_Fletch

    Four Million 'Harry Becks' Voted In 1996

    In 1988, the Supreme Court determined that 79 percent of telephone lineman Harry Beck's
    compulsory union dues were spent on political and other activities unrelated to collective
    bargaining or union organizing.
    His union, the Communications Workers of America (CWA),
    was required to return that portion of Mr. Beck's dues. Despite the Beck decision, however,
    millions of union employees are still forced to pay dues as a condition of employment while their
    union bosses continue to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on politicians and political causes
    that their rank and file members do not support.

    According to Department of Labor statistics, 80 percent (8.2 million employees) of all private
    sector workers covered by a union contract are required under that contract to pay union dues as
    a condition of employment. Like Harry Beck, nearly 4 million of these workers are forced to
    devote a portion of their paychecks to political activities they may not support:

    • I_Fletch

      In the 1992 presidential election, 45 percent of these workers voted for a candidate other
      than Bill Clinton, yet it is estimated that their union bosses spent as much as $300-$500
      million to get Bill Clinton and other Democrats elected.

      In the 1996 elections, unions spent an estimated $400 million to promote their
      while exit polls revealed that a majority of their own union members supported
      Republican policies (e.g., welfare reform, a balanced budget amendment, tax cuts) that
      the AFL-CIO and other unions actively opposed.

      • I_Fletch

        Ex-Teamster Official Puts Price Tag at $400 Million in 1992

        F.C. "Duke" Zeller, who for 14 years served as director of communications at Teamsters
        headquarters in Washington, D.C., estimates that unions spent about $400 million in the 1992
        election cycle. Moreover, in his book, Devil's Pact: Inside the World of the Teamsters Union,
        Mr. Zeller quotes former Teamsters vice president Gene Giacumbo who states that he was
        present at an executive board meeting in which union president Ron Carey boasted of spending
        $56 million in Teamster funds to help Bill Clinton get reelected.
        If Mr. Giacumbo's
        recollection is correct, that figure represents more than 20 times the $2.4 million in PAC
        contributions the Teamsters reported to the FEC for the 1992 election.

        • I_Fletch

          Rutgers Economist Also Puts Price Tag at $300 to $500 Million in 1992

          In March of 1996, during testimony before the Committee on House Oversight, Rutgers
          University economist Leo Troy also estimated that unions spent between $300 million and
          $500 million during the 1992 election cycle.
          This amount includes both cash contributions
          from union PACs and "in-kind" or "soft" money contributions consisting of such activities as
          voter registration drives, telephone banks, transportation to polls, and campaign "volunteers."

          In a letter to the committee chairman, Professor Troy stated, "According to figures reported by
          the FEC (reproduced in the Statistical Abstract of the U.S. of 1995), in 1991-2, union political
          action committees spent just under $95 million. I estimate that "in-kind" expenditures could
          reasonably be a multiple of 3 to 5 times that amount."

  • I_Fletch

    Nothing "Soft" About Big Labor Money

    By their own admission, union leaders place a high premium on in-kind political expenditures,
    making it easy to understand why soft money greatly exceeds PAC money. The following are
    excerpts from union newsletters and press accounts of soft money in action:

    Paul Patton for Governor Campaign (Kentucky 1995)

    According to the November 20, 1995, AFL-CIO News, seven staffers were transferred
    from the federation's Washington, D.C. headquarters to Kentucky, where they "directed
    the work of nine activists released for the campaign by the Steelworkers, Teamsters,
    Operating Engineers, Musicians, Food and Commercial Workers, and the
    Communications Workers."

    The November 16, 1995 Louisville Courier-Journal reported that local union officials
    "used buses and vans to haul voters to the polls."

    • I_Fletch

      Ron Wyden for Senate (Oregon 1996)

      According to the February 6, 1996, AFL-CIO News, the union "sent Deputy Political
      Director Richard Walsh and 12 staff members to Oregon, supplemented by 25 staff
      members from affiliates," including, "Boilermakers, Bricklayers, Government
      Employees, Laborers, Letter Carriers, Postal Workers, Roofers, Sheet Metal Workers,
      Transportation Communications Union, and Teamsters."

  • Canuck

    Face it, your whole society is disintegrating, and you know why? Because it is based on greed: the theft of land from Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans, and the slave wages of minorities. America is just a figment of your over-blown imaginations. I hope you are all brushing up on your Chinese.

  • josie

    Did you write this for The Onion? haha