Blame Obama

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President Obama, the Democrat party and their members of Congress have spent years blaming former President George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, which is akin to blaming the bank’s tellers for a bank robbery, or for the dishonesty of their bosses, the bank’s executives who were looting the till.

Nobody in the left-dominated media bothers to note that in the last years of the Bush presidency Democrats controlled the Congress and thus had a death grip on the nation’s economy, having complete control over the nation’s purse strings. They spent and spent and spent the yet-uncollected taxes of future generations — as well as our own — as if there were no tomorrow.

It wasn’t a Bush Congress that jammed the incredible costs of Obamacare down the throats of the American people and their children and grandchildren — it was our spendthrift president and his allies on Capitol Hill doing their classic imitation of the legendary drunken sailors on shore leave.

It’s simply common sense to understand that spending money one doesn’t have in the hopes that the future will provide the needed funds is something like believing that some beneficent tooth fairy will come up with the money in the future.

Now the president and the national Democrat party have suddenly discovered a scapegoat for the latest economic mess they have thrust upon the American people. They insist that the credit-rating downgrade was the fault of the tea party trying to control the nation’s purse strings. I’m not kidding. They really expect us to swallow this whopper as the gospel truth.

They expect us to ignore the fact that the millions of tea party members are simply Americans deeply and sincerely concerned about the nation’s economy and the tendency of the government to spend their hard-earned tax money on whatever scam strikes its fancy.

It’s time to place the blame for our economic malaise where it belongs — on the shoulders of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.

Tea party members have been the voice of reason, not the wild-eyed terrorists portrayed by the left’s crazy spin doctors.

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  • BLJ

    Obama is a joke and the curtain has been pulled back to show his true colors. The kool-aid drinking wackos will still stand behind him, but he has lost the majority of the naive bloc who thought voting for him in 2008 was the (right, cool, guilt ridden etc) thing to do.

    The MSM still is covering for him mainly to hide the fact that they were wrong (what's new?) as well. What the Republicans need to do is make this clown run on his record. He knows if this happens he is toast.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The dems have lied so much about our current situation that there are those that will now believe any lie presented to them by the party.

  • tanstaafl

    To the Obama administration, the truth has been always been inconvenient.

  • mad

    Obama is a true joke. We need to run him and his administration out of leadership.

  • norton

    What a bunch of delusional tripe. They really are taking plays form the Nazi playbook. Take an absurd lie, say it often enough, and soon everyone will believe it.

    These people make me sick.

  • Dennis X

    bush blamed Clinton seven years into his term until people quit listening. Remember 911 was all Clintons fault.

  • Kostya

    I've read recently somewhere that fools elected a fool no wonder they do all these foolish things!
    So you wanted a change? You got it!
    Unless America, including Omaba and others, repent, it will be destroyed. Turn to God for forgiveness while there is still a time.
    Kostya, St.Pete, Russia

  • alexander

    Dow Schmow, Nasdaq Schmasdaq– minus well show Chinese companies and brag how good they are doing, e.g.China Telecom, China Mobile Limited, Sinopec…
    Some companies are making profit selling in USA goods made by Chinese people, while Americans cannot find a job.. :( Every economic index is a sham…

  • Wesley69

    After your $1 trillion Stimulus and your cash for clunkers & other programs which did not turn the economy around, the the current state of the economy belongs to you.
    Because of your Green Energy, anti-oil, gas, coal policies that have lead to high fuel prices belong to you.
    The huge unemployment numbers belongs to you.
    The increased number of people on food stamps belongs to you.
    The lack of busines investment belongs to you.
    The decline in housing values belongs to you.
    The higher deficit belongs to you.
    The regulations that restrict business belongs to you.
    The unions trying to force card check on industry belongs to you.
    The situation where Arizona was sued by the US government because Arizona was trying to protect their citizens against an illegal invasion belongs to you.
    The immigration crisis and lack of border security belongs to you.
    Trying to make the war on terror a law enforcement belongs to you.
    Trying to bring the terrorists in Gitmo to trial in US courts where they have American rights belongs to you.
    The fact that terrorist have been Mirandized belongs to you.
    The fact that terrorists are killed or let go, but not incarcerated in Gitmo belongs to you.
    The groping of children & insane searches which clearly violate privacy that takes place at airports belongs to you.
    The fact that countries no longer respect the US belongs to you.
    The fall of Egypt belongs to you.
    The destruction of the Egyptia-Israeli Peace Treaty belongs to you.
    The empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood across the Mideast belongs to you.
    When, not if, Iran develops nuclear weapons belongs to you.
    The destruction of the peace process in the Mideast, where you backed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians based on the 1948 Armistice Lines, causing the Palestinians to demand more belongs to you.
    The destablization of Iraq and Afghanistan belongs to you.
    The end of the manned space program belongs to you.
    Increased racial tensions belongs to you.
    The corrupting influence of George Soros in US policy belongs to you.
    The enemic growth of the economy belongs to you.
    The decline in the value of the dollar due to quantitative easing belongs to you.
    The coming hyperinflation belongs to you.
    Guns being sold, in the operation called Fast & Furious, that wind up in the hands of Mexican drug lords and the murder of border guards belongs to you.
    The coming rationing that will accompany Obamacare belongs to you.
    The stimulus package that added about $1 trillion in spending to the deficit belongs to you.
    The socialist takeover of one-sixth of the economy by way of ObamaCare belongs to you.
    The use of Czars that do not answer to Congress, but only to you, belongs to you.
    The policies of demoralization of the armed forces belongs to you.
    The delay in the surge, but the immediate announcement of the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan belongs to you.
    The unfriendly treatment of alliles belongs to you.
    The appeasement of Iran, Syria, Russia, Venezuela and other dictators belongs to you.
    The unequal Strategic Arms Treaty, where you gave the Russians a veto over a US defensive shield belongs to you.
    The failure to win the Olympics for Chicago belongs to you.
    The continued funding of the criminal enterprise called ACORN belongs to you.
    The threat to shut down or control Fox News and Talk Radio, the dream of Mark Lloyd, belongs to you.
    The apology tour and the debasement of the US in the eyes of the world belongs to you.
    The desire to tax the rich in a recession, or the second recession belongs to you.
    The debt crisis and threatened default belongs to you.
    The threat to push Granny off a cliff by making threats about checks being suspended or delayed belongs to you.
    The politics of transparency, that in truth, is deception belongs to you.
    The fact that bills such as ObamaCare & the Stimulus were rushed through Congress belongs to you.
    The demonizing of your enemies belongs to you.
    The shutdown of drilling in the Gulf belongs to you.
    The money sent to Brazil to help them drill off their cost belongs to you.
    The Libyan war, where you didn't even consult Congress, belongs to you.
    While you intervened in Libya to save rebels lives, the lives lost in Iran and being lost in Syria belongs to you.
    The decline of the US both militarily, economically belongs to you.

    Believe me, Mr. President, there is much more that you have done to this nation that will take a generation to fix. I would not be pointing fingers. I can guarantee you, Sir, Mr. Bush will not be running for reelection, you will be. I would recognize that reality.

  • Inez Bureau

    I did not say anything could not be falsified

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