Crazy in California

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I also wonder how his so-called “parents” can legally obtain Hormone Blocking Therapy to prevent nature from taking its course. If a child is born male, he’s a male. Period.

The whole affair boggles the mind. How in the world can the state of California justify allowing a so-called “lesbian couple” to adopt a child who will be raised in an unnatural setting by two people who cannot possibly be seen as “parents” — roles for men and women, not for women and women or men and men?

In a saner world, this episode would provoke equal amounts of scorn and hilarity over the extent to which the roles of men and women have become so distorted as to obliterate the differences between males and females in the sovereign state of California.

Finally, gay couples should be outraged by this!! This will bolster the Christian argument against gays adopting and therefore leave more children in a broken foster-care system. Children are children, they are not for experimentation.

Except, of course, in California.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Yes, exactly!

    How in the world can the state allow a so-called "lesbian couple" to adopt a child who will be raised in an unnatural setting by two people who by no means can be seen as "parents"?!

    Homosexual adoption is a crime against children no less than if children's upbringing were commissioned to prostitutes, pedophiliacs, criminal gangs, or Comprachicos. If nothing else this alone testifies about grotesque fall of our society!

    And again: the author and everybody!

    Stop using the "approved" "euphemism" "gay" (which already has its different meaning in English). There are (still) valid terms in English such as

    sexual deviant.

    To speak about stooges supporting homosexuals, there is a neologism "liberast" (invented in Russia).

    The civilized society will not be safe until homosexuals are back in their closets. Otherwise the rest 98% of us will be forced into closets, as it is happening right now.

  • parkypundit982

    Does Pat have pictures of MSNBC President Phil Griffin in a compromising position? It would be a good idea to just come out and admit it. It would be less embarrassing than allowing this racist, doddering fool to continue to spew his vile garbage on that network. I'm sure Fox can find a place for him.