Left-Wing Media Has No Shame

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Ask yourself: If similar accusations were aimed at any liberal candidate would the mainstream media, aside from condemning the charges, give them much publicity? Ask Paula Jones, harassed by the media for daring to accuse President Clinton of sexually abusing her. They smeared her mercilessly. Mr. Clinton got off unscathed. Miss Jones is left with Mr. Clinton’s advice to “put some ice” on her lips after he had allegedly bruised them when forcing himself upon her.

Not so with Herman Cain. He’s a conservative Republican who is ahead in the polls for the GOP presidential nomination and enjoys widespread support from the public. As far as the media are concerned, he’s guilty of sexually harassing two unidentified women, known only to Politico, whether or not the accusations are true.

A lot is known about Herman Cain. And what is known is that he has proven himself to be an honest and decent man who is obviously not capable of the behavior with which he is charged. To the left wing-dominated media that’s inconsequential. What matters is that as a conservative Republican leading his rivals in the GOP presidential sweepstakes he is a menace to their socialistic agenda and must be destroyed.

The media’s double standard is once again exposed inasmuch as President Obama’s clouded background is carefully ignored.

Mr. Cain, who is obviously qualified for the office, is challenged on what appear to be the most specious of grounds. Given his superb background as a good, decent and honest man, the accusations ring hollow — except to the Stalinist segment of the media which insists that conservative politicians are always guilty regardless of the merits of the charges.

It’s no wonder decent men and women avoid getting involved in elective politics. It’s not worth the trouble.

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  • Guest

    This article is so hypocritical it twists all facts and logic on their head:

    Fact Check: It's not the "liberal" media creating a scandal: it's a leak about two actual events that occurred in Herman Cain's past, by two WOMEN victims (and it seems like, more). Everyone on the "Twitter" and social network circuits are talking about it. everyone is blogging about it. It's the topic that gets the most "hits" from all users. Unless you want to claim the Internet is some big scam the "liberals" have invented for the propagation of their ideas, I'd reconsider this whole "lamestream liberal media" defense. Media has changed (as you should know since you seem to be in the business of it).

    Fact Check: It looks like the "leak" to the media was from a Republican camp… no democrats are really saying anything about it, it's the republicans that have pounced on Herman Cain to release women to speak, etc.

    Hypocrisy Check: So if there were two "allegations" like these in the media about Obama, you are saying you would defend him against the "liberal" media? Um… I would say, when allegations like this come up, you would be MORE than happy to pounce on any democrat. Yet you defend a republican? As a woman, I stand highly offended: what's party affiliation got to do with protecting victims of sexual harassment? And please don't tell me the media protects Democrats when it comes to sexual harassment: Edwards is facing jail time and Clinton was impeached.

    • Jim

      They accused ,yet you are saying to be accused is proof of guilt. Protecting a person of being presumed guilty because he was accused protects the legal rights of every one.

      Accusations are easily made. When the state presumes that guilt is proved by accusation then families can be destroyed. In recent times men have been jailed and even women have been jailed just on accusations. The court system has been educated.

      The McMarten preschool and several other cases where the accused were eventually found to be innocent and the accused were found to a victims of a vindictive person(s) eventually educated the courts.

      Perhaps you have heard of the New England witch trials

  • Atikva

    Look, we are familiar with the Alinsky tactics and it was unthinkable that our leftist media would not use them and disappoint us. Personally, as I boycott them, I don't even read or listen to this garbage – once you know for a fact what their motives and tactics are, who cares what they say? Those conservatives who will pay any attention to the left's efforts, current and future, to smear Herman Cain deserve another 4 years of M. Obama.

    But really, if all they can come up with after all this time is an old unverifiable, anonymous and petty story, then this presidential candidate must really be, for once, as respectable as he seems.

    On the other hand, maybe we could play their game and brand these leftists with racism, for a change.

  • Jim

    Shall we balance accusations with the record of either Bush or Obama.

    Which is the more important issue "squandering the nations resources by crony capitalism"
    or run of the mill accusations common to almost any organization with resources to pay
    off the accusers rather than go through an expensive trial that the organization would win

    Would you prefer a candidate who engages in tabloid attacks on his opponent?

  • Ivan

    Accuse a Democrat politican and wind up dead – Clinton's henchmen killed at least someone exposing him; it is also alleged a gay accused Obama of intimacy. Where is the gay? Dead! Accuse a Republican, and be made larger than life by the Main Stream Media, the Mass Saboteur Mongrels, while the Republican's candicay is killed by the same media.