Memo to Arnold and the Media

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When I returned home, I went to the library where Mom kept a huge leather-bound Bible. She’d once told me that the Bible had all the answers. I was seven years old and had never read the Bible on my own, so I turned to the back of the Bible to see if there was an index. Sure enough, I found the concordance.

I looked for the word “bastard” — and there it was. The concordance directed me to Deuteronomy 23:2, where I read: “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.”

My heart froze. I thought those words meant, “A bastard can never go to Heaven. A bastard is damned to Hell, and so are his kids and grandkids, down to the tenth generation.”

I snapped the book shut — and I didn’t open a Bible again for more than 25 years. Of course, that verse had nothing to do with Heaven or Hell — but how could a seven-year-old understand such things?

I thought, “That’s why my birth mother got rid of me! Nobody wants a child who’s going to Hell! And Mom’s so religious! If she finds out I’m going to Hell, she won’t want me anymore!” So, at age seven, I began to hate myself — and God.

The story of my spiritual and emotional redemption is in my book “Twice Adopted.” But the story I’m thinking about now is the painful story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.I keep hearing chattering heads on TV referring to the boy as Schwarzenegger’s “illegitimate” son. It makes my blood boil. Listen, there’s no such thing as an illegitimate child. There are only illegitimate parents.

And Arnold, I hope you read this: Your son is not the bastard. You’re the bastard. You’re the illegitimate parent.

I don’t say that to insult you. I say it for your own good. I say it because you need to face these facts. You’ve been a bastard up till now, but you can change that. You can man up. You can sit down with your son, acknowledge him, apologize to him, admit that you failed him, promise to love him, and begin to protect him from ridicule.

That boy is going to need a lot of love and affirmation from his father. Why? Because the bastards in the media have gone after him, publishing horrible, humiliating stories, putting his picture on the Internet and subjecting him to ridicule at school.

Arnold, you’ve always played a hero in the movies. But now the whole world knows it was just an act. How would you like to be a real hero for a change?

It is time to stop being a bastard and start being a father.

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  • Moshe

    Ya, that's just genius… And he was also supposed to own up to his real family… and expect them to remain with him? Give me a break.

    • asdf


      Arnold's first mistake was fathering a child out of wedlock. His second mistake was apparently to abandon his offspring.

      These are both selfish acts. You seem to have no problem with that. I pity you.

  • Michael

    This son is his real family. I hope and expect that he'll step up to the plate. Arnold's used to being liked and no one likes a deadbeat dad.

  • Lfox328

    This is personal with me – my grandmother's parents weren't married. Like you, she heard the scornful words, and they scarred her soul.

  • sodizzy

    Thanks for taking this up and making the plea for adopted children everywhere. May people remember to be kind.

  • Lisa Richards

    So true. No child is illegit. That makes children sound like mistakes by God. all children are special and a gift. Those who cannot have children do in fact consider their adopted child a special gift, because that's true. Parenting is about love and teaching and giving to the child what is needed to grow. It's not about how you were conceived or who you were born to, but, does the child receive the love all children should get no matter the circumstances.