David Horowitz at UC Santa Barbara

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Reprinted from Santa Barbara News-Press.

It all comes down to defending freedom of speech, conservative activist and speaker David Horowitz told a theater full of students Thursday night at UCSB.

“The First Amendment is absolutely the foundation for all your other rights,” he said. “If you don’t have the ability to express your dissent, in as fair a way as possible, to reach other people, then you can’t defend any of your other rights.”

In spite of controversy that swirled around his appearance, Mr. Horowitz addressed a respectful crowd of more than 400 in Isla Vista Theatre 1 with a presentation titled, “Infantile Disorders at UCSB: Why the Muslim Student Association is Afraid of David Horowitz.”

He addressed how liberal bias on campus stifles free speech, as well as the threat of radical Islamist and the National Muslim Student Association’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Mr. Horowitz called out the university’s faculty, Associated Students and administration, all of whom he said fought to suppress his right to express views they disagree with.

Opposition to the appearance began as soon as the visit was proposed. Students stated that Mr. Horowitz’s statements constituted hate speech and his presence made them feel uncomfortable.

During his last visit to UCSB in April 2008, Mr. Horowitz challenged members of the Muslim Student Association to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, which it would not do, according to Mr. Horowitz.

The original MSA was founded in 1964 by a group with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations, but Elliott Bazzano, the group’s spokesman, said the UCSB MSA was not the original and is not formally affiliated with the national MSA.

The group touts its autonomy from the National Muslim Students Association, Mr. Horowitz told the News-Press, but members recently attended the national MSA conference where they heard from an imam who supported the destruction of the Jews.

Mr. Horowitz presented a different idea of “hate acts” on Thursday night, describing the radical Islamist mission of wiping out America and annihilating Israel.

Yet for all the cries of racism and hate speech he has received for speaking on the threat of radical Islam, Mr. Horowitz said, the real hatred is that of the Arab states in the Middle East against Jews.

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  • george

    "while others said they came for extra credit.": so the profs gave them class credit for attending? disgusting

    • Yaakov Watkins

      It happened at the University of Colorado during the Vietnam war. Lefties are like that.

  • george

    Evan Goodman, director of Santa Barbara Hillel; George Lipsitz, a professor of black studies at UCSB; and Paul Amar, an associate professor of global and international studies: the attendees of the anti Israeli counter to Horowitz. We are use to traitoryoust Jews like Lkipsitz, but a Hillel Rabbi – just great.

  • Lezli Hammon

    David Horowitz has amazing courage. He is an inspiration to stand up and refuse to allow the assualt on freedom. Thank you Mr. Horowitz

  • Monty Lasovsky

    At last David Horowitz is starting to dent the "Armour" of the bigots and the sworn enemies of the freedom of speech. I was encouraged and elated to see his fight for the right to speak on an American campus is starting to bear fruit at last. Mr.Horowitz, keep the momentum going and the change of attitude to The Wall of Lies" and the truth of it all will shine through thanks to your courage and fortitude.Perhaps the Jewish students will now be encouraged to start fighting their own battles at last on campuses all around the US thanks to the battle cry "Don't step on me"! that they must now understand, the meaning of.Thank you so much.

  • Max

    I agree with a number of points that David Horowitz makes in general but I think it is retarded how many people on this site blindly support him no matter what. When the Jewish community at UCSB strongly disagrees with Horowitz's assessment that "there is a movement for a second holocaust of the Jews being supported at this campus by the [UCSB] MSA", it should be a pretty strong indicator that he's in the wrong. Then again, maybe they're all traitors who secretly hate Israel. Lol.

  • Max

    I agree with some points David Horowitz makes in general but I think its absurd how many people on this site blindly defend him and agree with everything he says. When the Jewish community at UCSB publicly disagrees with his assessment that, "there is a movement for a second Holocaust of the Jews being supported on this campus by the [UCSB] MSA" it should make it pretty clear that he's in the wrong. Or maybe they're all traitors who secretly hate Israel and want it to be destroyed. Lol.

    • Martin

      You need to research the historical beginnings of the Muslim Students Association. They go waaaaaaaaay back. You would be surprised to find out what MSA and CAIR have in common! I'll connect the dots for you……… Muslim Brotherhood does not hide their support for another Holocaust……. MSA and CAIR are fronts/were started by/are funded by MB……….UCSB supports MSA and CAIR/MB by default ……sooooooooo……..! Is he in the wrong! I think not young Max!
      Let's see how much money UCSB gets from "Muslim oily sheiks"…………..? Get back to me on that one, OK!!

      • Max

        Gladly, the links between MSA National and the Muslim Brotherhood do exist, you are absolutely correct in that. The problem is a) that the UCSB MSA is not affiliated with MSA National (you can check MSA National's website, UCSB isn't listed as an affiliated chapter) and b) that the nature of the organization should be judged by its actions. The fact is that UCSB MSA does not take any stances or put on events about political issues in the Middle East. It remains completely neutral as an organization. The UCSB group which more resembles other MSAs around the country in terms of politics is SJP. SJP is not affiliated with the MSA in any way and in fact most of its members are not Muslim. Their last president was Hispanic. Last year one of MSAs co-presidents publicly defended American Students for Israel when the organization was accused of vandalism by SJP. You're gonna need a lot more evidence than you posted just now to prove that the UCSB MSA has any ties to terrorism.

        • ConservInCali

          If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this at UCSB? This young brain-washed, brain-dead young woman is a member of the MSA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYtQ_oFQ6nk

          • Max

            That was at ucsD as in San Diego. ucsB is Santa Barbara. Very different places. I think if he said the same thing at UCSD at least the Jewish community would be relatively supportive.

  • Rick White

    The other group sounded very reasonable on the whole. So why do they have such a big problem with David? Perhaps because they didn't attend his talk but had their own meeting at the same time based on preconceptions?

  • Asher

    David, You are a force to be reckoned with because you tell the truth! The truth will stand, we have to keep hammering at the radicals and the liberals…