How Obama Protects the Teamsters

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While he calls for shared sacrifice, Obama has zero to say about the exclusive Obamacare waivers he has awarded to Teamsters chapters, including:

— the Western Teamsters Welfare Trust in Seattle

— the Teamsters and Employers Welfare Trust of Illinois in Springfield

— the Teamsters Local 485 Health and Welfare Fund in Brooklyn, N.Y.

— the Teamsters Local 617 Welfare Fund in Ridgefield, N.J.

— the Teamsters Local 734 Welfare Fund in Chicago.

While he regularly lambastes Wall Street salaries, Obama has zero to say about the bloated salaries and benefits of Teamsters brass. According to internal data compiled by Teamsters for a Democratic Union, 120 top Teamsters officials made more than $150,000 in 2009 — the largest number ever. Forty made more than $200,000 — also an unprecedented number. Hoffa pulls down nearly $400,000 a year, including an exclusive housing allowance and cost of living raise.

While he rails against “special interests,” Obama has zero to say about the executive orders he signed in the first days of his presidency to give unions a leg up. Executive Order 13502, for example, essentially forces contractors who bid on large-scale public construction projects worth $25 million or more to surrender to union representation for its employees. This codification of so-called project labor agreements significantly raises the cost of highway and school construction projects (by as much as 15 percent among California public schools, according to a new study by the National University System Institute for Policy Research).

The Obama protection order shuts out the vast majority of contractors in America. As I’ve noted before, 85 percent of the construction industry workforce is nonunion by choice.

Instead of putting Americans to work, the Teamsters have been busy yanking members off projects and idling construction projects from California to Indiana to New York in order to shake down employers.

Now, you tell me: Who’s waging “war on workers”?

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  • mrbean

    Obama is a silver tongued thug from Chicago.

  • Sound&Fury

    "As a court-appointed watchdog determined this spring: “The conduct revealed in this investigation reflects a culture, or mind-set where elected union officials do not clearly distinguish between their fiduciary responsibilities to the union and their separate political objectives of achieving election.”

    Bottom line… the Obama administration & the Teamsters are cut from the same cloth. Obama is using the American taxpayer just as Hoffa is using the Teamsters to fund his own political interests. No wonder they get along.

  • Amused

    Just bas big Oil is using Perry , and Perry using Big Oil …..did someone say " pay for play " . What happened with "the watch dogs " in the Bush appointed SEC ? Or hows about he Koch brothers and Walker ?
    There's another word for this when Republicans and big buisiness do it …..LOBBYING .
    But if labor or Democrats do it …it's called racketeering ?
    You hypocrite !
    And here we Floridians sit with a Governor , who's firm was convicted of Medi-care Fraud ….the money from which , probably paid foir this BUM's campaign . Oh , did I mention …..our felon governor is a Republican .

    • StephenD

      Just curious…does your charges of "They do it too" justify ignoring the crime now? IF the shoe fits; on whomever it fits; wear it!
      Now, back to the charges…are they or are they not legitimate? If so, what would you propose apart from your call to ignore it initially?