Land of the Freeloaders

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Welcome to the land of the freeloaders and the home of the depraved. No image captures America’s regressive ethos better than that of 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr., self-proclaimed “Adult Baby.” Profiled on a recent National Geographic reality television show, Thornton claims to suffer from a bizarre infantilism that leads him to wear diapers, lounge around in an oversized crib and seek constant coddling.

The nappies may be extreme, but let’s face it: Thornton Jr. — let’s just call him Junior — is a symptom of our Nanny State run amok, not an anomaly.

Junior came to Washington’s attention this week when Oklahoma GOP Sen. TomCoburn challenged the Social Security Administration to probe into how the baby bottle-guzzling 350-pound man qualified for federal disability benefits. A former security guard, Junior is handy enough to have crafted his own wooden high chair and playpen.

Junior can drive a car and has sense enough not to go out in public in his XXL footie pajamas. Yet, welfare administrators treat him as an incurable dependent. Also collecting taxpayer-subsidized paychecks: Thornton’s adult roommate, a former nurse, who has indulged Thornton’s baby role-playing for the past decade.

Junior, naturally, threw a tantrum when his government teat-sucking was called into question. He wiped his nose and un-balled his fists long enough to type out an e-mail to The Washington Times: “You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care,” Junior threatened. “I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”

Not from nowhere has this stubborn, self-destructive sense of entitlement sprung.

As I reported last month, a record-breaking 12 million Americans have been added to the federal food stamp rolls over the past two years, and the bloated $6 billion AmeriCorps social justice army has been converted into a publicist corps for the welfare machine.

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  • scum

    Maybe, just maybe, the 12 million Americans added to the food stamp rolls are victims of the deregulation, massive greed and corruption of the 8 Bush years, and the decades of damage done by Greenspan. Just sayin'….

    • coyote3

      Maybe, just maybe, Tejanos will become Negro minstrels, too. Just sayin…

    • kafir4life

      I'll have a longer answer for you, but I'm on hold with Abe Hooper, the Bar Mitzvah coordinator over at cair.

    • Ann

      ya, that's the ticket more poverty because of the new dictator—soooo, people making money and not living on food stamps is "greed and deregulation,corruption —and soooo printing useless dollars is good, so you can what live in poverty and get food stamps is the ticket for a better life — just asking — did you take to many drugs and are you on crack?— just saying!

    • Neebs

      Nope. They're just unskilled and/or unmotivated. It's not anyone else's responsibility to give them skills or get them a job. If they really aren't able to take care of themselves and make life decisions (like the rest of us), then maybe they shoud be judged incompetent and not allowed to vote.

    • gray man

      not thinking. just sayin"…

    • Jim

      you are absolutely right.
      You want thumb suckers look at corporate America, the bail out Queens of America.

      It is their greed and control of congress that created this mess.

      They have borrowed money for free from the Gov, turned around and bought bonds and now live off the interest. They beat even the trust funders.

  • amy

    Obviously Stanley has experienced some sort of trauma that causes him to live like this-until we take things like PTSD and mental illness seriously, we just shift health problems to crime problems.

  • akbass

    “I have no problem killing myself." I have no problem with that either, and I imagine I'm not alone. Let him do it……one less bottom-feeding social parasite to live off my tax dollars.

  • Marcus

    Nothing scum said above is applicable to people being on food stamps (nor does it make any sense whatsoever). Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? Hell no!

  • Gman

    Ive got news for the big baby and his "I will kill myself" temper tantrum…they don't make body bags that big. They will just wrap in in swaddling clothing aka "tarp" and cremate his fat ass

  • Mustaffa Moohammed

    We had a 24 year old girl staying with us while going to college. She had applied for disability because she could not keep a job. Everyone was an "ass hole", we know who owned the problems. She actually received her SSI while she was working full time and going to college. She immediately quit her job so as not to jeopardize her payments. So the morale of the story is, come to Santa Fe where being healthy, smart but bitchy will get you disability.

  • alexander

    Any discussion about our Prez is shut by: "You are a racist"!!!
    And here is the answer – READ IT—> REPUBLICANS:
    "only a total imbecile could say such an idiocy"

  • Foolster41

    threatening to kill himself? Isn't that extortion? Funnily enough, it's like the kid who threatens to hold his breathe if he doesn't get the candy he wants. Yeah, I think Stanley really is a big baby.

  • Guest

    Kill yourself? Go ahead. Don't forget to bequeathe your playpen to somebody…

  • Ann

    this guy just wants to live off the system — nothing wrong with him — so you will kill yourself if the taxpayer stop paying you — uh-what you say— please don't threaten us with a good time! one less fool to take care of—call us when you do it!

  • coyote3

    The article talks about his social security disability benefits. That is what they call SSD. It is not means tested. Donald Trump could collect SSD should he become disabled. It is computed on a number of thing, including, but not limited to work history. It is often confused with SSI. SSI j"is" means tested, and it is for people who have never worked, or at least not worked enough to accumulate enough time for SSD. The two are often confused. It would be interesting to confirm which type of social security benefits are being collected. If it is SSD, then he would have had to have worked for some extended period of time. Likewise, the article does not mention how long he has been receiving these benefits. A lot of people on SSI, were never able to work in the first place, which is why they don't qualify for SSD. In either case, there must be medical evidence that supports the claim of inability to work. . I am not criticizing the a author. It would just be nice if we had a little more information. These benefits do warrant a look. Everyone also knows people who are genuinely disabled, and have had to fight, sometimes for years, to get SSD, if they are ever successful.

  • Nutty lady

    If this guy is such a "baby", why doesn't he live with mommy and daddy and let them pay for his upkeep?

  • frank

    We have become a nation of beggars and useless idiots who think they are "entitled". At every intersection there is someone with a sign and a plastic cup just waiting to separate people from their money. Wether it's the homeless or some soccer mom collecting so her child can go to the state final, it's a pathetic display. Liberals and the democrat party have succeeded in brainwashing people that they are somehow victims and they deserve to be given something. Vote for me and I'll make sure the government sends you a monthly check that will guarantee you will stay miserable and dependent all your life. Remember the stupid black woman in Florida who said that she would not have to worry about paying her rent or her car once Obama was elected? Let's see how she is doing today.

  • Max

    If one is on generational welfare and has made no attempt to better themselves – those persons should not be allowed to vote in Federal elections where they continue to vote for the person that promises them care from cradle to grave. Why would they vote against their lifestyle?

  • actionjksn

    Junior, Please Please Please kill yourself! And do a really bad job at it so you suffer for a while first you big fat looser. I also bet the first poster [scum] is a big fat free loader too.

  • Rob

    What's worse are people that go to "work" and do very little or nothing at all, they simply show up, mozie around acting like bigshots sticking their noses in the real workers jobs , talking on their iphones being a know-it-all and getting paid more than those that actually do the real work. Why do so many companies allow this to go on? At least the big fat baby is honest about it.

  • FredOhno

    It is often confused with SSI. SSI j"is" means tested, and it is for people who have never worked, or at least not worked enough to accumulate enough time for SSD. The two are often confused. It would be interesting to confirm which type of social security benefits are being collected. If it is SSD, then he would have had to have worked for some extended period of time.Guia sitios