Like Charlie Sheen, Anthony Weiner Thinks He’s ‘Winning’

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How long before Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner conducts his next meltdown press conference flanked by two adult-movie “goddesses” a la Charlie Sheen? Like the delusional bad-boy actor, Weiner actually thinks his self-destructive act is winning, too.

The tweetaholic congressman spent the week dodging and deflecting questions about what he called a “randy” image that appeared in his official, verified Twitter account last Friday. The Fruit of the Loom torso shot in his social-networking stream was addressed to a 21-year-old Seattle college student. She’s an ardent fan of the cable TV-hopping lawmaker and a member of the fawning generation that unabashedly asks its political idols “boxers or briefs”?

Curiously, one of Weiner’s non-deleted tweets made reference to the Seattle time zone the same night the junk photo turned up. Weiner wrinkled his nose at a question on Wednesday about that inconvenient allusion, dismissing it as “pure, pure coincidence.” He refused to explain why he gave Seattle of all places a Twitter shout-out. Weiner, if I may helpfully point out, represents New York’s 9th District, not Washington State’s.

“Frankly” — (red flag!) — he protested, he had “no idea.” He then segued into relentless self-promotion of his “feisty” Twitter messages and started braying about the debt limit and health care reform.

It worked on cowed CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer. But did it work on his wife? Would it work on yours?

Sending creepy photos to another adult on Twitter is not a crime, of course. But it is abjectly embarrassing for Democrats to be caught with their double-standard pants down — especially given how liberals hyperventilated over former GOP New York Rep.

Christopher Lee’s shirtless Craigslist photo. As always, it’s the cover-up that’s worse than the original transgression.

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  • Truther

    What a wiener.

  • jasonz

    for all thoes who remember the tx show "the young ones" this guy reminds me of a cross btw rick and mike. weeeeener is completly convinced of his own "intelligence and popularity" . but he is the only one. His "girl followers" are frankly fugly cows who would take to any guy sweet talking them. his 'intelligence' is only smart azz remarks because he has no other arguments. thats why he hates bacjman so much. He thought that she would cower from his jabs. instead she not only knows more than him about any given issue. but she can and has shredded his ego at any given time. he is like that idiot former congressman from florida. a jerk that nobody likes and convinced of his own superioity

  • Ann

    Is it just me or are all these guys on the left just plan ugly—have not seen any that are in the least bit,even if you were drunk or on drugs that would even look good at closing time—not one,I am no beauty but come on. What 21 year old would be with this guy! Doesn't even look like he would be funny or can hold a conversation —what's up with these chicks?

  • Steve Chavez

    Barney Frank: "Even I wouldn't do that wiener!"

  • Jewish woman

    What goes around comes around… when a Jewish man sells out his people and marries a Muslim, rumored to be the lesbian lover of Hillary Clinton, he shouldn't be surprised at finally getting caught with his pants down.