Like Charlie Sheen, Anthony Weiner Thinks He’s ‘Winning’

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In Weiner’s barrage of defiant yabber-jabber, the incident has morphed from a “hacking” to a “prank” to “spam” to a “goofy thing.” And in the political circumlocution of the year, he can’t say for sure if it’s his package in the pic (Maybe it’s “Randy’s”?), but he adamantly maintains he didn’t deliver it.

Just a few months ago, this Ick-arus of Capitol Hill was the toast of the Beltway at the White House Correspondents Dinner in D.C. — cracking off-color jokes about his name, making nasty cracks at his GOP congressional arch-nemesis Rep. Michele Bachmann and boasting (again) about his cable-TV combativeness. Echoing the many fan-girls he follows on Twitter, the media elite gushed that Weiner “killed it.”

The party’s over, but he’s still yukking it up while his political credibility and public dignity are on the line. Washington Times editor Emily Miller reports that Weiner indulged in repeated, bizarre phallic jokes with Beltway reporters on Wednesday afternoon, joking that he was “a little bit stiff” and that the story was “the point of al-Qaida’s sword.”

He then turned on his heels, sat down for the cameras and played the role of chivalrous knight for his wife, extolling his own virility in doing all he can to “protect her.” But his disrespect of women (the obsession with Bachmann is downright creepy) and his disastrously flippant response to the controversy are — as with everything he’s attempted this week — doing far more harm than good.

Like the mythical jerk who ignored common sense and flew too close to the sun, Weiner keeps flapping his lips while the brouhaha’s heat melts the wax off his sullied wings.

He’s falling and he can’t shut up.


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  • Truther

    What a wiener.

  • jasonz

    for all thoes who remember the tx show "the young ones" this guy reminds me of a cross btw rick and mike. weeeeener is completly convinced of his own "intelligence and popularity" . but he is the only one. His "girl followers" are frankly fugly cows who would take to any guy sweet talking them. his 'intelligence' is only smart azz remarks because he has no other arguments. thats why he hates bacjman so much. He thought that she would cower from his jabs. instead she not only knows more than him about any given issue. but she can and has shredded his ego at any given time. he is like that idiot former congressman from florida. a jerk that nobody likes and convinced of his own superioity

  • Ann

    Is it just me or are all these guys on the left just plan ugly—have not seen any that are in the least bit,even if you were drunk or on drugs that would even look good at closing time—not one,I am no beauty but come on. What 21 year old would be with this guy! Doesn't even look like he would be funny or can hold a conversation —what's up with these chicks?

  • Steve Chavez

    Barney Frank: "Even I wouldn't do that wiener!"

  • Jewish woman

    What goes around comes around… when a Jewish man sells out his people and marries a Muslim, rumored to be the lesbian lover of Hillary Clinton, he shouldn't be surprised at finally getting caught with his pants down.