Miley Cyrus, Occupier Poster Girl

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Will Miley put her Louboutins where her vocal cords are? With an estimated net worth of $120 million, the radical chic poseur is no dummy. While her video stokes anti-police hostility and anti-bank rage, she and her managers can safely raise their figurative fists with one hand while inking new corporate deals with the other.

One YouTube commenter decried Tinseltown’s “cynical ploy”:

“This is disgusting. Another celebrity cashing in on the Occupy movement for their own profit. First (rapper) Jay-Z selling T-shirts and giving no money to the movement and now this. It might be different if she was giving all the profits from this song to the movement, but she’s keeping all of it for herself. I am an active member of Occupy — and on behalf of the movement I would like to say f**k you Miley Cyrus and f**k you Jay-Z. You are blood-sucking scum!”

That’s just a bit harsh. After all, diehard Occupiers themselves are hawking photos, documentaries and all manner of assorted swag from one coast to the other, while live-streaming their nocturnal, police-obstructing parties over corporate airwaves. They’ve opened bank accounts with the same companies their masked peers have vandalized. Their union elders are cutting deals with the same retailers they besieged on Black Friday.

In so many ways, Miley and the Occu-mob are a match made in heaven. Vacuous. Hypocritical. Entitled. Vain. Nihilist. Exhibitionist. Coddled. Forever adolescent, treating life like an endless “Party in the U.S.A.,” and demanding that everyone else pay for it.

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  • Observant Man

    good lord…who broke Miley's arm and surgically attached the left side of her body to that blonde-haired woman?!

  • Jim

    Miley has got it right. This article might be persuasive to people who know nothing about the Occupiers.except what Limbaugh,Fox, Michael Savage and and pro Wall Streeters tell them.
    Crude hatched jobs are better aired in the tabloids.

  • Dan Ryan Galt

    Jim, you have got to be kidding. A multimillionaire 1%er is the new poster girl for the OWS movement? Come back and comment when Miley shares her wealth with the rest of the country and helps pay down the national debt.

  • Guy Fawkes

    Few can match the standard of vacuousness established by Anchor Baby. Even Palin has more gravitas.

  • Flash Political

    Saw this coming long ago. It's written on that Achy Breaky Heart.

  • Hype

    Why Miley is called a 'wild child' but by fact she's not! She is just being herself, no hypocrites! She still has her parents with her and watching her closely. Aren't this people aware that they are talking bad about someone's daughter? This world is free, she is free to think what she thinks and free to choose on how she likes to contribute to the community .. Give her a break ..