Obama’s Ministers of Culture and Agitprop

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It means using the power of government to turn artists and entertainers into Obama policy lobbyists. And it means buying access not for “ordinary Americans,” but for the out-of-touch elitists who use all public channels and platforms to denigrate traditional values and principles.

The Creative Coalition is the group that threw the swankiest inaugural parties for Obama, studded with producers, actors, directors and writers. The Creative Coalition/Obama galas included a lavish inaugural party sponsored by Moet & Chandon, which passed out big fat bottles of pricey wine sporting customized “Obama is the Man” labels. (Quick, someone alert that crazy Rutgers professor who attacked GOP Rep. Paul Ryan over his beverage choices.) They clamored for $50 million in stimulus pork and still want more.

Members of the Creative Coalition were also entangled in the 2009 NEA/White House campaign to recruit 75 artists, musicians, writers and poets as political “counter-narrative” creators during the health care takeover battle. Then-Office of Public Engagement top officials Tina Tchen and Buffy Wicks urged participants to “sustain energy from the election process” and “think through how their networks and organizations can participate in areas such as the arts in education, health care and preventative care, energy and environment, or economic opportunity.”

In other words: Not art for art’s sake. But art for Obama’s sake.

The White House and its “Champions of Change for the Arts” are flirting dangerously with an Orwellian-style Ministry of Arts Agitprop akin to Europe’s and China’s. America doesn’t need ideologically skewed keepers of the culture in government-sanctioned positions espousing what’s best for readers’, viewers’ and listeners’ consumption — and using tax dollars to shape our tastes and politics. The best way for this White House to stimulate free, unfettered conversation about the arts is to butt out of it.

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  • zsqpwxxeh

    The arts are already part of the Democrat Propaganda Department (DPD)–along with 90% of TV, stage, and screen actors, journalists, writers, government employees, and teachers at every level from kindergarten to grad school. Most public institutions in this country will put themselves at the disposal of the Left to help promote the Obama campaign over the next year. Their devotion to incremental socialism and its Dear Leader pervades all their public behavior now. The chance that the White House will not utilize this enormously effective propaganda resource is about the same as the chance of your finding a straight waiter on Key West.

    2012 is not just about defeating Obama and the liberal Democrats. It will require defeating the DPD as well. And we are determined to do just that. Stout hearts, my friends. Fight for your freedom.

  • Steve

    Check out the Bill Maher show on HBO for your thirty minutes of hate (as described by Orwell in 1984). All coming to us courtesy of Obama.

  • StephenD

    "as part of Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative, the president designated members of the liberal activist group Creative Coalition as official “America’s Champions of Change for the Arts.”"In 1933 Joseph Goebbels was designated "The Reich Minister of Public Enlightenment and…Propaganda."You'd think by now they could be more original than to copy those that promoted the same philosophy back in the 30's.

  • jerry

    cut all funding for this and foriegn aid ,nafta, wto and department of education , farm subsidies,Go back to the constitution and live within our means. We don't need a big government and cut the salries of all senators and congressmen to resonable levels for the work done and fire their butts if they can't do the job. period, Balance the doggone budget now.