Obama’s Social Justice Army Spared the Chopping Block

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With billions poured into the welfare state at the local, state and national levels and enrollment at an all-time high, why should taxpayers be underwriting make-work jobs for future Democratic flacks-in-training? Shouldn’t it already be the job of the vast network of existing social services and welfare agencies to publicize and assist food-stamp applicants?

More troublesome: AmeriCorps workers are themselves being encouraged to sign up for food stamp benefits — giving new meaning to “hands-on” (or rather, “hands-out”) experience.

An AmeriCorps blogger provided a thorough advice manual on working the system: “Plenty of jobs come with perks,” the worker wrote. “For some these come in the form of company cars, dental insurance, or a spending allowance. For VISTAs, it’s food stamps.” The step-by-step guide tells AmeriCorps workers: “If you apply for food stamps after you become an AmeriCorps VISTA member, you will have a decreased food stamp allotment. So if you’re debating applying, you should do it now.”

Another AmeriCorps tip for those preparing for their in-person eligibility interview with food stamp administrators: “These social service agencies are only open during regular business hours, so you will probably have to take the day off (some sites don’t count it against your 20 vacation/sick days).” Oh, and don’t forget to “bring a book.” Says the wise AmeriCorps welfare-system expert: “While food stamps are handled by a different agency in every state, they all generally have a reputation that mirrors that of the DMV: too little staff, too high demand, and wait times that can border on extreme. While my own wait was only three hours, I’ve heard some VISTAs waiting as long as eight. Yes, I know you may have an appointment, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to see you at that time. So bring a book, an iPod, that screenplay you’ve been tinkering with — whatever, because you’re going to be waiting a while.”

Make no mistake: Americans are suffering as a result of this profligate administration’s job-stifling and anti-economic growth policies. No one questions the need for a basic safety net to care for those most in need of help. But the community-organizer-in-chief is squandering billions on failed Alinsky-ite rackets that are geared toward ever-expanding service not to the individual, but to the insatiable state.


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  • umustbkidding

    Well, look at the up side. This is just going to motivate us. In a way it is a good thing. If congress had really cut the budget even the $38 billion that was originally reported then we might of thought to sit on our laurels. Now "we the people" who value freedom have no doubt that the fight is not over and we must remain mobile.

    Please consider folks that the fight is not just in Washington. We must also take back our states. Get to know your state constitution and your state congress representatives. Ask your congress people if they know the constitution. Seriously, they may not. The reason is that ultimately it is the states job to keep the Feds in their rightful place.

    Pick your pet peeve, seat belts, smoking, cameras at all of our intersections, welfare, hunting, gun control, exorbitant traffic fines, need of licenses for everything – what ever. Find the tea party for some items and private clubs for others. Take a night a month out to start to get active about something you care about. The more you reach out to those that are like minded the more purpose you will find.

    One more thing, to exercise your liberty you should not need to have a license.

  • julie eaton

    this is the most ridiciulous thing i have read about americorps since it was compared to hitlers youth. most people who hve a postion with americorps don't make enough money to eat decently. the wages are at or below the poverty level in most cases. and when you are working for 10-12 hours a day you need to eat well. just to let you know. in my time with nccc when i broke down hourly what i made it came out to about 4 dollars an hour. now try to feed yourself on that. just more hype to make the program look bad.

    • Rifleman

      You volunteered for it, and nobody’s forcing you to do it. If you don’t like it, or can’t afford it, you need to get a real job doing something productive. It doesn’t take much effort to make spoiled bums with no self-respect, wasting a lot of time and taxpayers’ money, look bad. Like your post here, you do a fine job of it yourselves.

      • Tre

        I agree with Julie. The AmeriCorps is a program that supports the infrastructure of America while promoting education. If you want to cut funds to program that are wasted, start looking somewhere else, because America is getting one a lot of work done for very little money.

        • Rifleman

          . If America was getting a lot of work done for very little money the democrat party and the unions would be dead set against it, and wouldn’t rest until they’d shut it down, like they are here – http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2
          -and elsewhere citizens and companies volunteer to ‘get a lot of work done’ free of charge.

          Americorpse was created in the 90s by wild bill, and has been a boondoggle ever since. We got along fine before it, and we’ll do just fine after it. If one wants to do something for America, join the military, or go to work in the private sector and support oneself.