Our White House Bully Problem

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Spin, baby, spin. Throughout his frenetic jobs tour across the West this week, President Obama tried to seize the narrative. Republicans, he told champagne-sipping, tea party-trashing Hollywood moguls and tech titans, are intolerant bigots, know-nothings and thugs. They’ve made his hair “grayer” and left him “all dinged up.”

But who’s battering whom? Since Day One, Obama has been the Chicago bully in victim’s clothing. The mask is wearing thin.

On Tuesday, Detroit News reporter Daniel Howes reported that White House officials leaned on Ford Motor Company to yank a popular TV and Internet ad critical of competitors who took federal bailout money. According to Howes, “Ford pulled the ad after individuals inside the White House” questioned the firm’s CEO Alan Mulally (who had earlier supported the bailout despite his company’s refusal to participate). Howes concluded: “You’re not allowed, in Obama’s America, to disparage the Auto bailout, or — indirectly — Obama. Especially during the election cycle.”

Both Ford and the White House officially deny any political pressure received or applied. But White House press flack Dan Pfeiffer refused to answer when I asked him whether anyone at the White House had ever contacted anyone at Ford to complain about the bailout ad. Ford’s social media director told me he personally “had no knowledge” of any contacts. While he disputed the gist of Howes’ report, the Ford official would not call for a correction or retraction.

Chris McDaniel, the real-life Ford customer who starred in the offending ad, told BigGovernment.com editor Larry O’Connor that he was exasperated when he heard about the Ford fiasco: “Now we have the federal government butting their nose into this TV ad. Another example of them getting involved in things they have no business getting involved in. Where is the free speech of American citizens?”

He better watch out for the Obama campaign’s official snitch brigade at AttackWatch.com.

After a curious hiatus, the online speech monitors are up and running again. Coincidentally enough, the site (run by several George Soros-trained operatives) targeted conservative auto bailout critics just two weeks ago.

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  • Maxie

    With an administration that sets up a Snitch Site (aka Attack Watch) you know Big Brother is Listening. The result is fear and implicit intimidation – the stuff of which totalitarianxxx is made. Sites like this forum will slowly disappear as the price for keeping the Attack Watchers off FPM's back. Fascxxx is in the air. You have to speak and write in code.

  • BLJ

    The best way to deal with a bully is punch him right in the nose. I would love to get a crack at Comrade O and his Amazon wife. They are both poster children for bullies.

    • Dennis X

      BJ wants a shot at the First Lady. My money is on the First Lady tough guy.

  • guest

    obamas america is very frightening. this man cannot be a true american. he is empowering americas enemies domestically and abroad. he is simply not right for this job. the nation may crack if he is allowed play internal saboteur again next term. vote wisely

    • kateyleigh

      He isn't, ideologically anyway. Look at his upbringing and his influences during the most impressionable stages of his life…they say it all.
      And what is so sad and aggravating, it was becoming quite obvious even prior to the nomination. People didn't pay attention, chose to ignore, or simply couldn't conceive a Presidential candidate or nominee as anything other than American in values.

  • Datou

    You know it's pretty simple to put in a spambot filter…

  • Justamom

    I thought I knew what malignant narcissists the Obamas are. This article has educated me as to some of their other tyranical abuses of power!

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    (For the three people who haven't seen it)

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    (above would have made sense without a keyboard fumble, but too late now :)

  • kateyleigh

    The Gov't pulling this ad is …well, appalling. In this country, that is an act that seems inconceivable, something I don't believe we, in America, have ever seen happen.
    I'm not in the least surprised this administration would do this, but I'm shocked at the same time that it would happen here.

  • StephenD

    "It was a little like Red Riding Hood lobbying the Big Bad Wolf to promote vegetarianism."

    Michelle Malkin…you are brilliant!

  • Dexter Collins

    Remember British Leyland? The british government took over all domestic british carmakers
    and with the unions, drove them out of business in 20 years. I expect the same thing will
    happen with Obama Leyland. After everyone is forced to admit they can only survive with
    massive (continual) infusions of taxpayer borrowed money , they'll finally be divided up and sold off and quietly disappear