Our White House Bully Problem

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A left-wing Washington Post writer immediately scoffed at concerns about the administration’s heavy hand because the Ford fiasco “is being denied by the parties on both sides.” Must be nice to mainline White House talking points for a living. For the rest of us, reality intrudes.

This is the administration that threatened health insurers for candidly tying Obamacare mandates to rising premiums.

This is the administration that pummeled companies such as Deere, Caterpillar, Verizon and AT&T for speaking out about the cost implications and financial burdens of Obamacare — and then cheered from the sidelines while Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman attempted to haul the firms up for a congressional witch-hunt inquisition.

This is the administration that has seized Gibson Guitars’ instruments and has threatened whistleblowers who exposed bloody corruption and incompetence behind the Operation Fast and Furious gun-walking racket.

And lest they need a reminder, this is an administration that has clamped down on mainstream media reporters, too.

The Pleasanton (CA) Weekly was bullied by the White House press shop over a benign article that irked the administration because it made Michelle Obama look snooty.

The San Francisco Chronicle was punished by the White House because a print pool reporter used a cellphone to record video of protesters at an Obama Bay Area fundraiser.

A WFAA-TV Texas reporter was dressed down by the president for having the audacity to interrupt.

The Boston Herald was spanked by the White House for running a front-page op-ed by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The White House denied any pressure in all those cases, too.

Before his campaign finance-grubbing swing ended, Obama met the pop singer Lady Gaga. She lobbied him to combat bullying across America. It was a little like Red Riding Hood lobbying the Big Bad Wolf to promote vegetarianism.

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  • Maxie

    With an administration that sets up a Snitch Site (aka Attack Watch) you know Big Brother is Listening. The result is fear and implicit intimidation – the stuff of which totalitarianxxx is made. Sites like this forum will slowly disappear as the price for keeping the Attack Watchers off FPM's back. Fascxxx is in the air. You have to speak and write in code.

  • BLJ

    The best way to deal with a bully is punch him right in the nose. I would love to get a crack at Comrade O and his Amazon wife. They are both poster children for bullies.

    • Dennis X

      BJ wants a shot at the First Lady. My money is on the First Lady tough guy.

  • guest

    obamas america is very frightening. this man cannot be a true american. he is empowering americas enemies domestically and abroad. he is simply not right for this job. the nation may crack if he is allowed play internal saboteur again next term. vote wisely

    • kateyleigh

      He isn't, ideologically anyway. Look at his upbringing and his influences during the most impressionable stages of his life…they say it all.
      And what is so sad and aggravating, it was becoming quite obvious even prior to the nomination. People didn't pay attention, chose to ignore, or simply couldn't conceive a Presidential candidate or nominee as anything other than American in values.

  • Datou

    You know it's pretty simple to put in a spambot filter…

  • Justamom

    I thought I knew what malignant narcissists the Obamas are. This article has educated me as to some of their other tyranical abuses of power!

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    (For the three people who haven't seen it)

  • http://www.alongaboutmidnight.com/study/THOMSON/J/THECASTLEOFINDOLENCE/ Axe

    (above would have made sense without a keyboard fumble, but too late now :)

  • kateyleigh

    The Gov't pulling this ad is …well, appalling. In this country, that is an act that seems inconceivable, something I don't believe we, in America, have ever seen happen.
    I'm not in the least surprised this administration would do this, but I'm shocked at the same time that it would happen here.

  • StephenD

    "It was a little like Red Riding Hood lobbying the Big Bad Wolf to promote vegetarianism."

    Michelle Malkin…you are brilliant!

  • Dexter Collins

    Remember British Leyland? The british government took over all domestic british carmakers
    and with the unions, drove them out of business in 20 years. I expect the same thing will
    happen with Obama Leyland. After everyone is forced to admit they can only survive with
    massive (continual) infusions of taxpayer borrowed money , they'll finally be divided up and sold off and quietly disappear