The Accountability Charade

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Sound familiar? It was the leitmotif played in last week’s Fast and Furious hearings with Attorney General Eric Holder.

Despite a raft of briefing memos with his name on them, Holder claimed he never received or read them. Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse ran interference, sanctimoniously explaining for all the non-career government attorneys in the audience — including the family of murdered Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry — that nooooooo one in the top echelons of the federal lawyers’ bureaucracy actually reads memos addressed to them. It’s merely a “convention” for junior staff to feel better and more important about themselves.

Taking his boss’s lead, former Holder Chief of Staff Kevin Ohlson — who is seeking a federal judicial slot — explained away his failure to do anything about the festering Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal. He had “been informed that routine courtesy copies of weekly reports were forwarded to me that referred to the operation by name, but that did not provide any operational details and did not refer to gun walking or anything similar.”

Although his name was on the documents, Ohlson just didn’t bother to read them because they weren’t marked important or sensitive. Imagine an ordinary small businessman or taxpayer trying that one out on the IRS.

Situational unawareness in the private marketplace or on the battlefield will cost you your livelihood or your life. In the Age of Obama, however, such willful ignorance is a job prerequisite. The less you know the better.

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  • SMeloche

    Over and over and over again it happens. Caught stuffing incriminating secret documents into your socks? "whoops!". Caught with thousands of confidential FBI documents of political opponents in your living area covered with your own fingerprints? "I don't recall". Caught with illegal and/or unethical finances? Censured and then praised, then still in office years later. Member of KKK? "I'm better now". Cheating in the White House with interns, lying and rape? "Most respected president ever!"
    Accountability? You couldn't parody real life – it's too unbelievable now!

  • Lfox328

    They learned from the Nixon people – don't lie, develop a missing memory.

    • Rifleman

      And Nixon tlearned the hard way form the kennedys. Physician, heal thyself.

  • leestauf

    The only remaining question that should have been ask of Chu but wasn't was, "Mr. Chu, your own testimony leaves us with a choice between only two possibilities. Those two possibilities are that you have been criminally incompetent in the position you were assigned to, or that you are a liar. Mr. Chu, which is it?".