The Debt Panel’s Queen of Pork

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Everything that’s wrong with the so-called debt “super-committee” can be summed up in the person, partisan hackery and policy ignorance of Washington Democratic Sen. Patty Murray.

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid named Murray co-chair of the dog-and-pony deficit-reduction panel tasked with identifying $1.5 trillion in spending cuts by late November. Murray, an unrepentant Nanny State cheerleader and patron saint of the Washington lobbyist, is a double-exclamation point on the debt deal’s rotten joke.

Charlie Brown had Peppermint Patty. America has U.S. Mint Patty. This is a career politician who has never met a special interest that shouldn’t be supported by taxpayers. Derided for her earmark addiction by both conservative and liberal civic groups, she has cemented her position as the Senate Queen of Pork over 18 gluttonous years in office.

Murray takes perverse pride in increasing debt limits on pet projects in her home state. Her solution to our fiscal crisis: Spend, borrow, spend and borrow some more! In 2009, she stuffed the Obama porkulus with a $3.25 billion provision benefiting the federal Bonneville Power Administration by massively expanding its spending authority. Murray then claimed to have spurred immediate job creation. But the left-leaning Seattle Times countered that “even without the new stimulus package, BPA was expected to begin construction of some new transmission lines this year. And, despite claims the added spending power will quickly create jobs, construction of many of the new power lines wouldn’t start for several years.”

The real impediment to construction progress? Onerous regulation, regulation, regulation. BPA insiders acknowledged that no one was actually pushing for the debt-limit increase. But Murray has an old habit of forking over unsolicited pork. National Review’s Andrew Stiles reports that she once inserted a $4.5 million earmark for a Naval speedboat it didn’t want: “The Navy ended up giving the boat to the University of Washington, which couldn’t find a use for it either. Top executives at Guardian Marine International, the company that built the boat, later gave $15,000 to Murray’s campaign.”

Profligate Patty is a slavish adherent of federal entitlements for every American (and illegal alien) from cradle to grave — except, of course, for the unborn targets of Murray’s fanatical sisters at Planned Parenthood.

When House Republicans challenged public funding for the $1 billion abortion industry giant (which rakes in one-third of its budget from government grants and contracts at both the state and federal levels), Murray led the defense.

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  • zsqpwxxeh

    New teen series pilot: M&M! A Bipartisan Welfare State Pork Sleepover with Lisa (Murkowski) & Patty (Murray). The beauty secrets fail to work, but they do get to wreck the economy. Cool!

    Tonight at 11.

  • MokaJoe

    Thank you for summarizing again the Patty Murray story, who became what she said she would not….a high functioning Nimrodian
    From Washington State

  • BS77

    It's the idiot voters who put candidates like this in Congress……libs would vote for a rotten eggplant if it ran as a Democrat.

  • StephenD

    Murray just doesn't matter. All she has to do is sit there.
    This public gesture, in an attempt to portray real concern and effort on the part of Congress, is a LIE form both parties. I can't get over the Republicans giving into such an arrangement. It is in the Democrats best interest to DO NOTHING on this committee. If they don't come up with spending cuts they MUST cut from Defense or RAISE TAXES. How can the Democrats loose?!?
    Prediction: They resolve to do…NOTHING. They all should be ashamed of themselves. I hope I get to eat my words…but I doubt it.